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Talking POTC and E-Town crossover fic: Confused (PT)

As promised here is the first chapter of the Confused the swapping Orlando roles fic that i said i'll write. Its a bit strange but i hope that you like the ideas i have come up with! Here you are!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!

Title: Confused
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters belong to Disney and Paramount Pictures
Rating: Pre-Teen
Category: Set post E-Town and somewhere in the three pirates movie.
Characters: Drew Baylor, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow, Claire Colburn, Ellen and Phil
Genre: Action, romance
Summary: Drew and Will wake to find that they have both switched places. Their only communication is through dreams. Will they be able to find their way back?

A/N: I’m not sure which pirate movie this is set in, it may well be that I deviate from the third movie and Will didn’t die, but him and Elizabeth are still married. This is simply because if Will had the scar it would be too easy for Elizabeth to realise that it wasn’t him.

Chapter 1
Drew opened his eyes and wondered where the hell he was. The bed he was lying on was swaying. He sat up and discovered that it was the unfamiliar cabin that he was in that was actually swaying. He held his head and closed his eyes again. The last thing he remembered was crashing out on the sofa drinking himself silly after yet another argument with Claire. He tried to convince himself that this was all a bad dream, but the more he looked around the more he realised that it wasn’t a dream.
The cabin looked like something out of a pirate film. All wood, with a desk complete with a half drunken bottle of rum on it. As he was still taking in all his surroundings the door was opened and light flooded into the cabin. He winced and held his hand in front of his eyes to shade them against the light. A man strutted into the cabin. And he was the strangest man that Drew had ever seen. He was short, with long black dreadlocks and a moustache and a small beard. Around his head was wrapped a red bandanna. He wore pirate’s clothes and had a sword strapped to his hip. ‘God where the hell am I?!’ Drew thought as he watched the man. He walked as if drunk and swayed unsteadily on his feet every time the room moved. He looked up and saw Drew looking at him.
“Sorry to wake you William, but I believe I may have left something of mine here last night.” He spotted the rum bottle on the desk, “ah, there it is.” He made his way over to the desk and plucked the bottle off the table; he took a long drink and sighed happily. Drew was confused. The man was acting like he knew him and had called him William. He cleared his throat and the man turned to look at him. He frowned as if seeing him for the first time.
“Two things, what have you done with your hair? And what the hell are you wearing?” in his drunken state it took Drew’s brain a moment to process the information. When he had he looked down at himself he saw he was still wearing his shirt and trousers from the night before. Before he could say a word, the door was flung open again and this time a woman entered.
“I’m so sorry Will!” she cried before flinging herself on him and kissing him. The force of her jumping on him caused him to fall backwards onto the bed with her on top of him. He could only lie there as she continued to kiss him, her hands unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it back over his shoulders. Suddenly she broke away and removed it completely. Then she stopped. She frowned and turned to the man who had been standing behind them watching them with a look of pure delight on his face.
“Jack, do you mind?” she said. The man looked at her and shrugged, and then without a word he left the room. As the door closed the woman turned back to him and kissed him softly. Taking him by the shoulders she pushed him back on the bed again.

As Drew lay next to the woman later, he wondered what the hell was going on. His brain seemed to be running on autopilot and had just gone along with what she had been doing. All the way through she had murmured one name. Will. Who the hell was Will? And wasn’t it obvious that he wasn’t him. Next to him the woman stirred in her sleep moving closer to him. Now that she was asleep he could actually study he properly. She was beautiful and had long hair that flowed down her shoulders. He raised his head and looked at the clothes that had been strewn on the floor. Like the man, the woman had called him Jack; the clothes she had worn were very piraty. She also had a sword and a knife, which he had come across in a place that he would rather not think about. Even as he took all this in one question still burned in his mind. Where the hell was he?

Will was woken by someone slapping him in the face. He blinked and groggily opened his eyes. a mass of blonde hair bobbed in front of him.
“Not now Elizabeth!” he muttered and went to roll over.
“Who the bloody hell is Elizabeth?!” a voice sounded above his head. It made his head ring and reminded him of the many bottles of rum that he had consumed the night before with Jack. He was slapped again and this time his hand shot out and caught a wrist. He opened his eyes fully. A woman was glaring at him. She had blonde hair and a pretty face. She was dressed in a funny dress thing that had a gold plate on it; there was a name on the plate. Claire Colburn. Not releasing the grip on the wrist Will sat up.
“Drew, who the hell is Elizabeth?!” the woman said again. Will frowned.
“Who the hell is Drew!” the woman looked at him for a moment. Then she laughed and to his utter surprise kissed him. He was so taken back that he instinctively found himself kissing her back. She pulled away and smiled.
“I have to go to work. But I’ll be back at three and I want you here, I haven’t finished with you yet.” With one last lingering kiss she went across the unfamiliar room, she opened the door and closed it behind her. Leaving Will sitting on the sofa wondering what the hell had just happened.

It was a while later as he was still sitting on the sofa that he needed to clear his head.
“some coffee should do it.” Said his brain. “What the hell is coffee!” he said to himself. None the less he found himself making a drink that he had never heard of as if he had been making it all his life. It seemed weird; he knew exactly what to do. He sat down and took a sip. Then he lay back and closed his eyes. He was asleep almost instantly.

He’s standing in a room. It’s divided. On one half is the room he woke up in, the other, his cabin onboard the Pearl. A man is standing in his cabin. He looks like Will. he frowns and studies him.
“You must be Will,” the other man said. “you look like me. She thought I was you.” he turned and gestured behind him. Will gasped. Lying naked in his bed was Elizabeth. He looked at the man who shrugged. Will swallowed.
“You must be Drew.” He said levelly. Then he grinned. “Claire’s a good kisser!” Drew’s face darkened. He clenched his fists. Then he relaxed.
“Fair play.” He said. There was a silence as the two men stood observing each other. Finally Drew cleared his throat.
“Well, I don’t know about you but I have no idea what is going on here.” Will shrugged.
“Neither do I. But it seems to me that you are … me.” He paused. Drew looked thoughtful and scratched his chin in a way that Will recognised. It was what he did when confronted with a problem.
“I know. I picked up your sword just now and I knew exactly how it was made, how you folded the steel and everything. But I’ve never even held a sword let alone made one.” He shrugged and spread his palms out. “What about you?” Will nodded.
“I made a cup of coffee. What is coffee?” he asked. Drew looked surprised.
“It’s a drink that keeps you awake.” He explained. Will nodded.
“So who are you exactly?” Drew asked. Will gestured to a chair.
“You’d better sit down.”

Will awoke with a start. He was lying on the sofa again. And as he gazed around the room he was able to name all the objects with ease. It was if after he had woken part of Drew had been left inside him. he looked at the clock on the wall. 2:30. The conversation had taken longer than he had thought. From talking to Drew he had found out all about him, he had been surprised to find that a lot of what Drew told him sounded familiar. Like he already knew it and he had just needed prompting. He took a deep breath and ran over the main facts in his ‘new’ life. Drew was a failing shoe designer, desperately trying to get his career back after a disastrous incident with one of his designs. He was living with his girlfriend of nearly a year Claire. But they were having problems. ‘huh sounds like me!’ he thought. He picked up his coffee mug and discovered that it was cold. He sighed and got up to make a new one. As he was stirring it he heard a key in the lock. Claire was home.

Drew on the other hand was woken by soft lips gliding up his chest. He blinked and waited a few seconds for his eyes to focus. When they did he saw the woman that he now knew as Elizabeth smiling up at him.
“Hello, sleepy head.” She said. He smiled.
“To much to drink last night.” He explained. She nodded and snuggled up to him her head nestled under his chin. Not really knowing what to do he put his arm lightly around her shoulder. She sighed and closed her eyes.
“I’m really sorry about yesterday.” She said. Panic flashed through Drew. He had no idea what they had even fought about.
“It’s fine, I’ve already forgotten what we even argued about.” He said, giving her shoulder what he hoped was a reassuring squeeze.
“I know. But I’m still sorry.” She snuggled up closer and fell asleep her breath whispering across his chest.

Will was distracted from what he was doing by the phone ringing. Claire groaned as he rolled off and reached for it.
“Drew Baylor?”
“Drew!” a voice barked down the phone. “It’s Ellen.” Will’s mind went blank as he vainly tried to remember who Ellen was. Then he remembered. Drew’s old girlfriend.
“How can I help?” he asked.
“I want you back!” she said. Will was silent. This was way to complicated for him. “Will you meet me at least?” she asked. Will looked down at Claire who ran her finger down his back, he shivered before turning back.
“Where?” he said.
“Local park, ten minutes.” Came the reply and then she hung up. Will replaced the phone and reached for his trousers.
“Where are you going?” Claire asked.
“Business meeting. Really urgent, could kick start my career again.” He said as he pulled on his shirt. He leaned down and kissed her. Might as well play the part, he thought. When he pulled away she smiled. He grabbed the set of keys from by the door and went out the door.

He had one small problem…he had no idea what Ellen looked like. He was standing in the park hoping that she would come to him. luckily she did. And she was stunning. She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Her hand stayed on his arm as she looked him up and down.
“Have you changed your hair?” she asked. Will ran his hand through his shoulder length hair and shrugged.
“Maybe.” He smiled. Ellen removed her hand and they stood for a moment. Then Ellen reached up and kissed him. Will froze as soon as her lips came in contact with his. This wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be doing this; he should be in his cabin onboard the Pearl rebuilding his relationship with Elizabeth. He placed his hands on Ellen’s shoulders and gently, but firmly pushed her away. She looked at him confused
“What? Isn’t this what you want?” she asked indignantly. “You agreed to meet me!” Will nodded.
“I agreed to meet you, that was it!” he replied. Ellen looked slightly taken aback.
“What has she done to you?” she asked. Will frowned.
“What do you mean?” he asked. She shook her head.
“Claire, you never snapped when we were together. Where has the calm Drew gone.” She was silent for a moment, then she smiled and slid a hand inside his shirt, fingers caressing his skin. “But I do think this new snappy Drew is rather nice.” Will frowned and opened his mouth to say something but before he could she was kissing him again. This time he didn’t back away.

It was dark by the time he got back to the apartment that Drew shared with Claire. He felt dirty as he slotted his key into the lock and quietly pushed the door open. This was the second time in the space of a day that he had done something with a woman that wasn’t Elizabeth and he shouldn’t have done it to either of them. He slipped his coat off and laid it across the sofa. He took a deep breath as he stood outside the bedroom door. He slowly pushed the door opened and put his head round the door. Claire was curled up in bed. Will tried to ignore the feeling of guilt that welled up inside him. Not just guilt for what he had done with her, but what he had done with Ellen. He removed his shirt and trousers and slipped into bed as quietly as he could. He had just settled down when Claire rolled over and threaded her arm round his waist. She kissed his neck and rubbed her hands over his chest. he turned his head to look at her. She blinked at him sleepily and smiled,
“Where have you been all this time?” she asked yawning. Will shrugged.
“Here and there,” he smiled. She sat up slightly and looked at him.
“What do you mean?” she asked. Before she could ask any more questions he kissed her. She pressed herself against him and sighed. He deepened the kiss. She pulled him on top of her and tangled her fingers in the hair at the base of his neck. She broke the kiss and smiled.
“You’re hair is so much longer, when did you grow it?” Will laughed.
“You know, maybe you just didn’t notice.” He smiled, kissing her again. She smiled again and rested her head on his chest. He smiled and closed his eyes.

Hope you enjoyed it and always comments are very welcome!!!!!!
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wow, well there's a premise! My head was spinning a bit the same as his- I giggled at Jack being slow to leave.
Poor man he is going to have to get his head round all these women insisting on kissing him huh?!
looking forward to seeing how he works it out.

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Nice work! Vivid characters!
But way too much sex in my opinion. (I must be kidding )
I just can't imagine how Will would cheat on Elizabeth and how Drew would cheat on Claire. (It is cheating, right? Anybody?)
But looking forward to seeing how this would evolve.
Again, nice work! Thanks!
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I love it, although I always like your work!!.

Jenni I don't know if it's cheating or not, if I found out I would be very pissed off but I don't know how this would develop...
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thanks for all the comments, Jenni am taking what yous said into consideration and am working on it. chapter 2 up soon!!!!
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All my fan fiction friends!!! Here is chapter 2 of the crossover story. I'm really excited about this story, but i'm juggling writing about three or four different dtorys at the moment!!! Enjoy!!!

Chapter 2
Drew sat high in the rigging mending a sail. His brain was trying to process the information but he had no idea how he was doing it. He looked around at the ocean, a wide expanse of blue that stretched out as far as the eye could see. He heard someone calling his name, or more accurately Will’s name and looked down. Jack was standing on the deck, looking up at him, shading his eyes with one hand.
“William. Elizabeth wants you.” Drew nodded and as quickly as he could scampered down the rigging. Jack winked.
“God, she really must be trying to make it up to you.” he said, nudging Drew and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Drew shook his head in contempt and walked off.

Drew and Will don’t get to see each other again until much later that night. Drew keeps yawning,
“Coffee?” Will asked. Drew frowned.
“Watch it, you may get addicted to it.” Will swallowed a mouthful from the cup he was holding.
“To late!” he replied with a smile. Drew yawned again and rubbed his eyes, “Why are you so tired?” Will asked curiously. Drew rubbed his eyes again.
“Elizabeth, she keeps waking me, I’ll be just about to drop off and she won’t let me.” Will chuckled.
“She can be rather persistent.” He said. He took another swig of coffee.
“So, how are things with Claire?” Drew asked. Will nodded.
“You know, getting better. We don’t do much talking.” Drew nodded. Will looked uncomfortable. “What?” Drew asked. Will took his time answering.
“I saw Ellen.” He said finally. “We met, she wants you back.” Drew frowned.
“You didn’t…?” he left the question hanging. Will hesitated then slowly nodded. Drew slammed his fist into the desk.
“That’s just great!” he steamed. Will stood and apologetically spread his hands.
“My hands were rather tied, she wouldn’t let me leave.” Drew turns with a fire in his eyes, he makes to run across the room to hit Will, but before he’s halfway an invisible wall stops him. He falls to the floor with a shout of pain. Will relaxes and lets out a sigh of relief. Drew clambered to his feet and rubbed his head.
“You’re lucky!” he growled. His expression cleared and he sat down heavily on a chair. Will took this opportunity to look around his cabin that Drew was sitting in. he drank in the familiar sights of the desk and the chair. Last of all he turned his gaze to the bed, dreading and excited at seeing her. And there she was, lying asleep, his heart ached as he watched her, wishing that he could be back there with her. Drew looked up and turned his gaze to what he was looking at. He saw the look of longing and sadness on Will’s face and regretted his outburst. As he watched Will walked forward until the barrier stopped him. He placed his hands on the invisible wall and rested his forehead against it.
“I didn’t even get to say sorry.” He whispered. Drew swallowed tried to think of something comforting to say.
“What for?” he asked finally. Will shook his head and reluctantly tore his gaze from Elizabeth and looked at Drew. He looked around before pulling a chair up and sitting opposite Drew. He sighed and pulled the bandanna that restrained his hair. He ran his hands through the locks that fell down past his face before replacing the bandanna. He rubbed his face with his hands before speaking.
“We argued.” He looked up. “I didn’t explain properly the first time. Elizabeth and I are married.” He held up his left had and Drew saw a plain gold band resting in his ring finger. “The day before we switched…we’d been having problems, the usual arguments that couples have. But that time I got so annoyed I brought up the time she kissed another man.” He grimaced. “It was a low blow, I should never have said it, but I was just so angry.” He turned and pulled up his shirt to reveal a large bruise. “She threw the barrel she was drinking from at me.” He sat down again and took another sip of coffee. Drew raised his eyebrows.
“A barrel?” he asked. Will nodded.
“She’s stronger than she looks.” He replied. He finished the coffee and looked at Drew again.
“So what’s the problem with you and Claire?” he asked. Drew thought for a moment.
“It’s been stressful.” He said carefully. “I’ve been trying to find a job and you know couple problems.” He snorted, “she’s never thrown a barrel at me though, a book maybe.” Will was about to answer when he noticed movement. On the bed behind Drew Elizabeth stirred and her arm slung round the bed. Drew stiffened and Will guessed that he could feel Elizabeth’s arm. She leaned up next and kissed where Drew’s cheek would be. Drew looked at Will, sighed and faded slowly away. A moment later Will closed his eyes…

And opened them again to find himself lying in the dark staring at the ceiling. Unbidden tears pricked at his eyes as he thought of his wife. As quietly as he could without disturbing Claire he slipped out of bed and padded barefoot across the carpet of the bedroom and slipped out into the living room. The moonlight streamed in through the window set into the far wall. He rested his forehead against the cool glass and closed his eyes.

Claire woke and blinked. She reached across the bed for Drew and was surprised to see that he wasn’t there. She sat up and looked around confused. She threw back the covers and went across the room. She opened the door and looked into the living room. There he was, standing by the window, the moon shone through the window and illuminated his figure. She opened her mouth to say his name, but something stopped her. As she looked at him he didn’t look like Drew, she looked at him properly for the first time since the morning and she saw that although he looked like Drew there was something about him that wasn’t right.
“Who are you?” she whispered.

Elizabeth watched Will as he ate that night. Something was niggling at the back of her head and telling her that something was wrong. If he wasn’t sitting there in front of her she wouldn’t have believed that it was him. but there was something different. And she couldn’t put her finger on it. As if he could sense that she was watching him he looked up, his dark eyes boring into hers. Elizabeth frowned slightly. The eyes only increased the doubts she was having. Will’s eyes were always twinkling whenever he looked at her, as if he was looking at her for the first time all over again. But his eyes at the moment were dull, sullen.
“Who are you?” she whispered.

Sorry this chapter is shorter than the others, I’ll start work on chapter 3 as soon as I can. But my sechedule is rather busy at the moment, all this work to do. But I hope you enjoy this chapter. If you don’t, please feel free to tell me where to improve!!! Enjoy and keep commenting as it is for you lovely people that I write.

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Good!! They've found out!!! It's getting SOOO interesting!!!!
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An interesting story. I can't imagine where they'll end up. I've never seen Elizabethtown so I wouldn't know much about Drew's character but you portray Will's awkwardness well.
Telcontar Rulz
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