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forbidden love pg 13

Author: lintusflower, Jasmine (me!)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters protrayed from the lord of the rings novels, this is purely fiction made for entertainment purposes
Category: Based on LOTR after LOTR movies
Type: romance, drama
Rating: young adult
Characters: Illissia, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Shalamar,
Warnings: There are some violence and sexual content (though nothing descriptive or graphic)
Brief Summary: True love has always eluded the heart of Legolas, until he has to plee to an amazon princess for help in saving his fellows elves....what will happen once they both discover forbidden love?
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Welcome to Ol Jasmine! As you see I have approved the intro of your fic- I expect you will be back to post it

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Hi everyone!
Yup here's the first part. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was a little guilty pleasure that I had to do, after all, we all know Legolas is sexy I might post other fics soon and even working on an original piece to get published which was inspired by Orlando, so we will see. Anyway, enjoy and please comment!


Title: Forbidden Love
Author: lintusflower, Jasmine (me!)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters protrayed from the lord of the rings novels, this is purely fiction made for entertainment purposes
Category: Based on LOTR after LOTR movies
Type: romance, drama
Rating: young adult
Characters: Illissia, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Shalamar,
Warnings: There are some violence and sexual content (though nothing descriptive or graphic)
Brief Summary: True love has always eluded the heart of Legolas, until he has to plee to an amazon princess for help in saving his fellows elves....what will happen once they both discover forbidden love?

"Three strangers approach. All males of seperate races: man, elf and dwarf."

I looked up at the message from one of my devout tribe members. I was a member of one of the only amazon tribes in middle earth. We were based only of female members based on mankind.

I was the princess and leader of the amazons. The role was given to me, passed down from my mother. The role could always be granted to another, if one were to challenge me to my death, but not one member wanted to see me dead.

"Who goes there?" I heard Feralia ask.

"We come in peace fair lady," I heard one man speak.

"How can you come in peace if peace does not exist in men?" She asked.

I got up and stepped out of the hut that was built for my throne room and into the crowd of my fellow amazons. They parted as they saw me and I walked up next to Feralia and faced the visitors.

I looked at the first man carefully. He was mid-aged, tall broad shouldered. Chocolate shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and a thick strong beard that started showing white with age. He wore royal garb and I recognized easily the crest he wore on the chest plate of his armor.

"King Aragorn," I replied, bowing in front of him. "to what do I owe the pleasure?" I asked and turned to see the other amazons had bowed and given him the same respect.

"I assume you are their leader?" The king asked to me.

"Yes, my name is Illissa, Princess of the amazons," I replied.

"My lady, we come in ask for your help. This is Gimli, son of Gleim, and also leader of the dwarfs. And to my right is Prince Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood."

I watched the dwarf with curiosity. He was as small as a child but with tight and strong muscles, and a large beard. His face was worn and rough, and he had a mean look to him. The elf on the other hand was much the opposit. Tall and lean with a face as smooth as a newborn child. A body as strong as the Dwarf, but the beauty of a young angel.

"What is this help that you seek your highness," I replied, looking back to the king.

"Please," Legolas approached me, looking directly into my eyes. "My people have come down with a deadly virus. We have lost many already. It doesn't seem to affect neither Gimli or King Aragorn. We heard of your potions and spells that help fight disease. You must help us," He replied.

"Why should we help you? You have never helped us, you men are all scum," Feralia snarled at the elf. I raised my hand to quiet her.

"And how exactly do you expect me to help you?" I asked.

"Come with us to Mirkwood, examine and if you can, heal them," the king replied.

"You do realise that you will be leading yourself to slaughter if I step foot off this land,"
I replied to them.

"We are aware," Gimli replied.

"Are you? Do you know that more than half of the men in middle earth have asked for my head. That they have sentenced death to all who is seen with me?"

"I cannot believe so many people against a little lass like you," Gimli replied.

"I wouldn't talk about my height dwarf," I replied. He grumbled slightly at my reaction.

"Our princess has proved many times that we are just as strong as any many man, elf, orc or dwarf in the kingdom."

"Yeah enough that everyone wants me to die," I muttered bitterly.

"We will escort you to mirkwood. We will protect you with all of our powers and bring you back safetly once you are done, " the king replied.

"May I bring others with me?" I asked.

"Illissia, you are not thinking of leaving the land!" Feralia replied.

"I refuse to cower behind my land Feralia. I have enough of being caged like a rat. I shall go to help you King Aragorn. Give me until day break to get my things ready," I replied.

He nodded to me.

"Your help will not go unnoticed, I promise you that."

"Feralia, please show our guests to a room to spend the night while I ready." She looked
at me with surprise, but nodded before showing the three men off to find some sleeping
quarters. I turned to the rest of the amazons, who all waited for instructions.

"Please treat them as guests, I shall not tolerate any improper abuse or stealing of any kind. Shalamar and Thalia, you shall come with me on this journey. I trust that you will be ready by dawn?" They both nodded and rushed off to pack their things.

"Princess, shouldn't Feralia or the shamaness come with you. I think they would be better suited," One of the younger ones replied.

"Fernalia will take place of leadership once I am gone. She is best placed here, as the
shamaness, who will stay here in case one of you get sick. There is no guarantee that this virus is safe from all non elves."

"Remember, my absence does not change things. You will protect your home if invaders should appear, and you treat guests with respect. I expect you all to do me proud. Now please, go back to what you were doing."

They all nodded as they took their leave into their shelters as I turned around and entered the throne room to pack.


I was up and packed by the break of dawn. My black stallion at my side, ready for the long journey. Thalia and Shalamar had already embarked on a horse they decided to share. A golden brown stallion who was fit to carry the whole tribe if he could.

We wore our leather made skirts and tops, a bear fur cape over our backs and our feet bare. As I tighten the straps to my horse moonshine, I felt a presence near me. I looked up to notice the elf standing beside me, with boots in his hands.

"They are maybe a little big for you, but it might be best to travel with these on," he
replied, pushing forward the long black boots to me. I looked back to my other companions with the same predicament. "Do not worry, we have enough for them as well."

I smiled and nodded as I accepted the boots. I went to sit down on a log by my horse and proceeded to put them on. They were slightly large but I immediately felt warmth spread through my toes. I wriggled them freely in the boots before getting back up.

Legolas offered me his hand as I was standing and I reached out to take it. The feeling of his skin coursed through me, and I gasped as it sent an electrical shock through my body.

I looked up into his eyes, who were wide with surprise. Obviously I wasn't the only one
who felt it. I realized then that I was completely erect yet I was still grasping his hand.
I let go walking away, as my face flooded with heat.

"Illissia," I heard him reply, as I continued to walk. Never had I felt anything so intense
before, it made no sense at all. He was not the first elf I had seen or even touched, so
what had just happened?

I climbed onto the horse as King Aragorn arrived on his horse. Gimli walked next to him, horse reins in hand.

"Come on laddie, I don't want to be waiting here all day," Gimli replied.

I watched as Legolas approached him, passing by me ever so close. I turned my horse as he passed and signaled for Shalamar and Thalia to follow behind. I rode up next to King Aragorn and nodded to him.

"We are ready," I replied. He nodded and looked behind to make sure Gimli and Legalos were properly installed on the horse and took off. Moonshine took off like a shot, and I had to control his reins not for him to surpass the speed that King Aragorn's horse was riding.

We had made a bit of road, riding through the thicket of the forests and through the meadows surrounded by large mountains. It was all as beautiful as I remembered it years ago. I was starting to relax and enjoy the scenic route, when I heard a horse whiny a distance in front of me.

I pulled on the reins and halted my horse, while King Aragon and Legalos stopped their horses a few feet in front of me. I heard Shalamar take the reins of the horse behind me. I closed my eyes and concentrated. One skill that I was taught from a child was how to hunt. We could smell and hear our prey from miles away, it was one reason that man hated me so much. I was a challenge that was never caught.

"About a dozen men up ahead, all on horses," I replied. Aragorn turned around and nodded before removing his sword and turning back.

"Much blood has been shed, they are looking for something," Legalos replied.

"Or someone," Gimli added, looking at me.

We heard the thunder of the hoofs as the men approached the field. Once they arrived at the clearing, they stopped at our presence. One of the men at the front galloped his horse towards us and stopped a few feet away.

"So it is true. You are stupid enough to crawl from under your rock," he replied, showing
his gap filled teeth.

I watched as Legolas placed his horse to block his view from me and pulled out his bow and arrow.

"You don't scare me boy, I probably have clothing older than you," he replied to him pulling out his sword.

"Let us pass," King Aragorn spoke. The man took one look at him and bowed.

"My gracious lord, we do not wish to harm any of your companions. But the lady you are with is no lady."

"She is with us," Aragorn replied.

"I am sorry your graciousness, but our orders are not to let her live, please step aside so
I may fulfill my duty."

Aragorn stepped next to Legalos' horse, sword retracted.

"You let us pass, or you will die," he replied.

"No!" I suddenly heard Legolas scream. He twisted around towards me and shot an arrow that went right passed my head. I turned like a whip and noticed a man a few from me on the ground, his horse nervously whinnying, an arrow straight through his heart. As I watched him, I heard the clash of swords and noticed that Aragorn was fighting with the man he had just momentarily spoken to.

I saw Gimli drop down from the horse and run up to a few men charging towards us. Sword drawn out, he stabbed the first man like he was a lamb to slaughter.

Feeling left out, I dropped from my horse and pulled out a large staff I kept with me. It
might not be as sharp as a sword or an arrow, but strike someone the right way, and it can be a lethal blow.

I turned towards a cry coming from Shalamar. I noticed she had retracted her spear and was fighting with a few men. I was going to help her, when another stepped in front of me, his dagger drawn and a smile upon his lips.

"I'm going to enjoy this," he replied lunging at me. I backed up quickly and rammed my staff into his gut. He fell down to the ground quickly, clutching his stomach and I took the opportunity to strike my staff on his temple where he crumbled to the ground dead.

I ran towards Thalia and Shalamar, outnumbered by two, and struck the sword of one out of his hands. He charged towards me but stopped seconds later when an arrow shot through his heart. I turned to see Legolas bowing to me before turning back, bow and arrow ready for the next shot. It was hard not to look impressed at his swiftness.

I turned back to get immediately struck in the face. I dropped to my knees and watched as Thalia grabbed the man by the hair and sliced his throat.

"Illissia!" She exclaimed, kneeling down next to me. "Are you ok?" I felt a bit dizzy from
the suddeness of the attack, but I knew I was ok.

"I am ok, just a little stunned, I am normally not the one to be surprised," I replied, knowing full well what had distracted me.

"They're all dead," Shalamar replied approaching us. I looked around and noticed that we were all unharmed and all other men were lieing dead on the ground. I shook my head and lifted myself off from the ground.

"Good, let's keep going," I replied dusting myself off. I reached up to climb up on the horse and started feeling slightly light headed. I closed my eyes and felt someone grabbing my arms, trying to adjust me.

"You shouldn't be riding alone," I heard Legolas reply from behind me.

"And who am I to ride with?" I asked turning around and facing him.

"Gimli will ride with me, you go with Legolas," King Aragorn replied.

"I would rather be with Shalamar or Thalia thank you," i replied, attempting to walk towards them, but suddenly felt weak in the knees. Legolas grabbed by arm, trying to steady me.

"Go with the elf," Thalia replied. "He will protect you more than we ever could princess."

"No, it's alright, I'll manage on my own," I replied. I turned to the horse to climb on when
Shalamar appeared in front of me, blocking my way.

"I know Ilissia, you should not be that close to a man. We know the rules, but you were hit pretty hard on the face. Fernalia is not here and we cannot protect you like she can. Please just go with him, it won't be long before you will be riding moonshine anyway."

I looked at her, with her serious face and nodded.

"Good," she replied as she mounted Moonshine and gave sign to Thalia to follow on their horse.

While i leaned on moonshine, Legolas mounted his horse and trotted it to my side. I looked up as he reached his hand down. I looked at his hand, remembering the feeling I recently shared with him for the same action. I looked up at him hesitantly but he just nodded and smiled. Hesitantly, I reached up and grabbed his hand. I braced for a weird sensation but nothing came. Legolas pulled me up onto the horse and placed me in front of him. He grabbed the reins of the horse, his arms circling my body, and I tried not to cringe away.

"Lean back," he whispered in my ear. I hesitated at his words. "If I take off, you might slam into me, I believe leaning back is the better option."

I sighed in frustration and leaned until I could feel his body pressed up against mine. I
looked around as he took off on the horse, trying to keep my mind focused on anything but the closeness of his body. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me. Never had I been so distracted and nervous before, and by a man at that.

I looked to my left into the thicket of the forest as we follow a long road path. I could
make out the faint smell of burnt wood. I searched for something and found nothing. A
few feet further and I could pick up the scent. I tensed as I recognized the odor of the
man that had recently passed the woods.

"What is it?" Legolas asked in my ear, I tried not to shiver as his warm breath touched my face.

"Someone passed through here recently. Someone I was hoping never to meet again," I replied. I tried to push away the painful memory trying to climb it's way out of the back of my mind.

"We will protect you," He whispered back.

"I'm not sure if it's possible to protect me from him," I replied, as a flash of memory flooded through me. A bolt of lightning running through this man's fingertips, killing off my mother. I shuddered at the thought. I felt Legolas squeeze me slightly in his arms.

"I think I sense him," He replied. "There is a darkness in these woods."

"Yes, he is friends with darkness."

"You think he is following you?" He asked.

"I think so yes...I'm just not sure when he will show himself."

I looked back into the woods again and then closed my eyes, listening to the sound of the horses hooves, trying to ignore the omen of a dark future to come.


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Hey Jas great start - I have just added in the story details at the top of the chapter

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Lovely beginning!
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Hi there,

Thanks for the comments, here's some more from my story.

thank you!

We finally stopped once the sun went down and the chill set in. We found a spot in the woods with a big enough clearing to make a fire. Everyone had picked a corner to fall asleep. And I watched as Thalia and Shalamar cuddled together. It was very commonly known that amazons became lovers amongst themselves, and they were definately one of them. I felt a slight pang of envy looking at them.

Being leader was not always the easiest role. Always being judged by what I did or did not do. And I had to remain impervious to temptations. I did not love any of my people in the manner of romance, so I stayed alone. It was better than to be seen as an unfit leader. My mother had always told me that the tribe grew from a strong leader, someone that they could look up to.

Gimli was snoring in another corner, leaning up against a tree. King Aragorn had set up a tent and was sleeping soundlessly inside. I stepped passed them and crouched down on a tree away from the warmth of the fire, away from the supposedly sleeping eyes. I closed my eyes and sighed. And then took a deep breath, placing my face in my hands. The quiet was quiet rare, but it was always something I enjoyed the most.

I suddenly heard something and looked up to see Legolas in front of me.

"Coast is clear," he replied taking a seat by the tree next to me. "Can't sleep?" I shook my head in reponse. "Is it ok if I keep you company?" He asked. I didn't reply, and he kept silent, leaning back on the tree.

As he leaned in, his arm brushed mine. I looked up to notice his eyes were closed. I leaned in, not knowing what I was doing and inhaled his scent. I remembered riding on horseback with him earlier today and noticing his scent. It was sweet and clean, like the scent of fallen rain and freshly cut grass. I opened my eyes and realised that he was watching me.

"Oh, sorry," I replied, my cheeks burning with heat. I looked through the woods, my mind wandering back in my memories. "Your scent reminds me of when I was a child. It brings back good memories of my mother, my aunt, when life was more simple."

"You don't have to apologise. I feel something too," He replied softly.

"I didn't say I was feeling something for you," I muttered.

"You cannot pretend that you did not feel that when I touched your hand this morning."

"I'm not denying I didn't feel that, but what makes you think it has to do with us?" I asked.

"I may look young to most, but I have lived for 2931 years," He started. "Not once did I had a similar experience when touching someone. And you felt it too. I don't not believe that things just happen by coincidence."

"Maybe it just means that I'm the right person to heal your kind," I replied.

"Maybe," he replied, looking as if he was far away in his thoughts.

"I need you to promise me something," I asked Legolas.


"The man I sensed today. If he comes for me, I want you to take everyone and leave." I replied seriously.

"No," he responded.

"Legolas..." I started.

"I have sworn to protect you, and neither me nor anyone else here will leave you, even if you ask."

"You don't understand, if you stay, you will all die. He wants me, not any of you." I warned.

"Then I shall die protecting you," He replied.

"Are all of you elves this stubborn?" I asked him. He laughed at the comment. "Maybe I should go find a spot to sleep."

"Will you actually sleep?" He asked. I sighed and wondered if I should be telling him the truth.

"No probably not," I replied, looking over at Thalia and Shalamar.

"What if I promise to keep you safe while you dream?" He asked me. I turned to him and looked into his eyes. There was no hint of malice, no sense of trechory.

"We are all sitting ducks, how can you promise me that?" I asked.

"I'm the one on watch duty remember?"

"And you think you can reach me in time to warn me?" I asked.

"If you sleep here," he replied, patting his knee.

"I shouldn't," I replied, slightly blushing from his intention.

"I am not asking for anything, just guaranteeing you the rest you need."

I looked at him again, searching for some hidden motive but saw none.

"I will wake you before they see you as well, you will not be seen as vulnerable."

I nodded reluctantly. I sat a bit farther from the foot of the tree before laying down on the hard ground. My head reached his knees and I hesitated.

"It's ok," he whispered to me, and I proceeded in resting my head. I could smell his scent off of him once I was lying there. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something besides the worry that was eating at my concience. As I took a deep breath to calm my nerves, i took more of his scent in. It made me instantly relax, memories of my childhood floating around me and I snuggled in closer to him unconciously. And before I knew it, the unimaginable happened, I fell asleep.


I woke up in complete blackness, I tried to move thinking I was blind, but realised that I was being held in a firm hold. I tried to scream, angry that someone had tried to kidnap me and that my companions had let them. Suddenly, a blast of light shone threw and I blinked a few times before making out the pale blue eyes of Legalos.

I was about to yell at him for trying to suffocate me when I noticed the look of panic in his eyes and he quickly placed his finger to his mouth to quiet me. I nodded, wondering what was going on, before he wrapped me back into his arms. I laid still and listened to the muffled noises.

"We were told she was with you," I heard someone ask.

"She was, she left back to her tribe," I could make out Aragorn's voice perfectly.

"Then why are they still here?" He asked, I assumed he was talking about Shalamar and Thalia.

"We are keeping Illisia's promise to help them. She could not stay, there was too much danger." Shalamar replied.

"Please leave," Aragon commanded.

"We were told to inspect the area of your camp grounds," Another replied. I felt Legolas' arms tighten around me.

"Yes and I am the king, and I order you to leave. We must depart quickly, the elves are in need of help," Aragon replied.

"Very well, we apologise for the inconvenience your highness."

I listened carefully to hear the sound of the horses riding off. After about 5 minutes, Legalos pulled his cape from over my head. I blinked a few times to adjust my eyesight to the light and looked around. Everyone was looking at me. I looked over to Legolas, who was still holding me and i quickly jumped up and dusted myself off.

"I was umm...well he was..." I stuttered trying to explain.

"We know princess, he wanted to hide you. You don't need to explain anything." Thalia replied.

I smiled at her at the explanation though felt completely guilty inside that I was not telling her the whole truth. But knowing full well that if I told them, that they would probably think less of me.

"So I think we should be off. Do you feel to ride on moonshine today?" Aragon asked.

"I definately feel better, but i'm starting to think that after what just happened, I should not be riding alone. That is, if Legolas is ok with me riding with him," I replied looking at him.

"Of course, it will be my pleasure to escort you," he replied.

"Alright," Gimli replied, appearing from a clearing. "They seemed to have left, and the forest is clear, let's go."

I grabbed onto Legalos' hand and hopped onto the horse, while Shalamar hopped onto moonshine. As soon as King Aragon took off, we followed behind. I drew up the hood from my cape and twisted myself so that my face was not visible to the outside.

We journeyed for hours, travelling through more mountains and rivers and thick forests. The sun was starting to set when King Aragon stopped.

"It will be sun down soon. We are only a few hours away now. We should rest and arrive at Mirkwood by mid morning," he replied as he dismounted from his horse.

Gimli jumped off from the horse as well, and said he would go hunting for dry twigs to create a fire. Thalia and Shalamar helped me down from the horse, and Legolas followed behind. We were all gathering the horses when I felt an ominous presence around us.

My head snapped up and I started to smell the air. There was something unfamiliar around, definitely not man, but not full beast either. Panic gripped me as I tried to figure out what was out there. As I traced the scent I realised that one of our party had been walking in the direction of the
ominous presence.

"Gimli!" I screamed, running after him in the woods.

I could hear the footsteps running behind and soon Aragon passed, sword drawn out. I kept running, screaming Gimli's name, afraid of what might have happened to him. The farther we ran into the woods, the stronger the evil sense was. I suddenly felt a pair of strong arms pick me up and hold me back from the ground. I struggled, the fear inside me growing, my breath growing ragged.

"No, let me go," I cried, struggling harder. I stopped in my tracks from struggling when a new scent reached my nose. It was a scent all too familiar, one of darkness and evil, the one that had destroyed my mother's life. "No," I replied softly.

"Illissia..." my namely softly whispered through the words.

"What is that?" I heard Legolas behind me, his arms still wrapped around me, holding me back. I felt a cold sweat run down my back as I realised that the creature was coming towards us, to destroy us.

"Go," I replied to anyone who would listen. "Go! Run!" I screamed.

"No," Legolas replied, "Not without you". He said as he started pulling me back towards the clearing. I struggled back and tried to release from his grip, but he was stronger than me and managed to drag me off on his shoulder.

Once at the clearing, he threw me on the horse and climbed on. I tried to get off but he locked me in his arms.

"Don't do this," I replied to him.

He kicked off the horse and it took off like a shot into the woods. I tried to focus in front of me but he managed to get his horse and hyper drive and it was hard to make out anything in front of me. It was already getting dark and I had no idea how he could make out anything in the darkness. I covered my eyes when I saw the branches come right at my face.

"Illissia..." I heard the voice again and shuddered.

"Please stop Legolas, you can't escape him. He will always be there as long as I'm not back on my land," I replied, turning to face him. He was serious and worried but it was set as if nothing could change his mind.

"Then we will ride back to Mirkwood, the guards will protect you there. I am not giving up on my people, nor on you."

He continued to ride at an amazing speed, I was starting to wonder how long the horse would be able to last. I could feel the evil all around me, and I knew however distance he would go that he would find me. I looked back at him into Legolas' eyes. They were as determined and fierce as moments before. I try to get him to look at me, but he ignored my stare. I turned
back and gasped as I saw his horse slightly miss a tree trunk and swerve to the right.

"It's too dark, you're going to get us killed!" I exclaimed, trying to move his hand from the reins but failing to even budge his tight grip.

"I am elf, we are one with nature, I can feel the trees that I cannot see," He replied.

Suddenly the horse reared and whineyed. As he rose for the second time, I felt Legolas lose his grip on the reins, falling off the horse. The horse kept bucking until he threw me off as well. But instead of landing on the hard ground, my body scraped up by the side of a cliff and I realise why the horse had acted that way, the bridge crossing to the other side of the water had been cut down.

I tried my best to cling onto the jagged rock wall, with no sign of Legolas nowhere. I could feel my fingers slipping, I cried trying to hang out. Before I could even more another muscle, the rocks slipped from my hands and I started falling down the side, my arms and head occasionally scraping the sides of the cliff. Before I could grab control of the wall, my body connected to a part of the cliff jutting out. Pain shot through my arm and everything went black.
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Very thrilling Jas ,I almost can smell Legolas scent ...you evil...end the chapter in the best part...he he he...

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Hi girls,

No i'm not evil, I've always imagined that Legolas would smell like a forest lol Anyway, this is by far one of my favourite chapters, enjoy!!


I remember waking a few times in a day. I would hear a voice like it was miles away and feel slight touches to my arm which made me feel uncomfortable. Everything seemed to echo in my head and I was wondering if maybe my mind had gotten stuck and couldn't make sense of my surroundings anymore.

I woke up with pain shooting through my arms all the way up to my head. I groaned slightly trying to move from where I was. I opened my eyes to look up at what seemed like a grey ragged ceiling. I tried to move my head to look around but only felt more stabbing pain around my neck. I moaned
as I laid my head back down. The light of the fading sun stabbed me in the eye and I winced in pain.

I closed my eyes, thinking that if I slept longer, i might be able to move more. But as soon as they were closed, I felt an arm go around my shoulders, and a hand under my head to bring me up. I opened my eyes immediately to see Legolas staring down at me, his face all scratched up and

"You're alive," I told him, relief flooding through me.

"Yes, and so are you. You had me worried for a bit. You hit that ledge pretty hard," he replied, as he sat me up against the wall of what seemed to be a cave.

"Is this why everything hurts?" I asked, attempting at a smile, as I looked over the blotches of bruises that covered my arms and legs.

"I'm sorry but I don't have anything on me to help you, everything was on my horse and he ran away after we both fell. While you were sleeping, I attempted to climb back up without any results," he replied.

"You fell too? But you just have a few scratches?" I asked curious.

"Elves are very fast and swift, I had enough time to react when the horse bucked. I couldn't avoid falling, but I landed rather softly".

"Great and now we're stuck, no one has any idea where we are so we will die of starvation," I replied bitterly.

"No. My horse will have tracked the others. I'm sure he's found Aragon by now, it's only a matter of time before they find where we are and get rescued."

"And how long will that be?" I asked. He looked up into my eyes and held it for a few seconds before looking back down. I noticed the anxiety he had at my question.

"Hopefully by today, but it could be a few days," he replied silently. I felt nervous at his lack of confidence that he always seemed to keep with him.

I knew I had to be strong. This wasn't the first time I was in a situation like this and had to wait. And this definately wasn't the first time I faced danger. Yet for the first time in my life, I could feel a tear falling down my cheek. I was surprised to feel fear. Legolas looked up from the wound he seemed to be dressing with part of his cape, and looked at me. He tied the knot in what he was doing and came to sit down next to me, I tried not to
face him, embarassed at my new found weakness.

"No, I'm alright. I just had a moment of weakness," I told him.

"And when does crying show weakness?" He asked me.

"Amazon women do not cry, especially their fearless leader, if they were to find me like this..." I trailed off, thinking of Thalia and Shalamar.

"You want to uphold the front that you are always strong..." He started.

"But I am! This isn't fake, I have always been courageous and strong; but since I've left home, all I've been is a big weak mess!" At that, the tears starting flowing from my face, making me more frustrated than I was moments ago. Legolas placed his arm around me, rubbing my arm softly, it was very strange to feel him comforting me.

"You're tired, you're hurt, it's normal to feel like this. No one is perfect, and showing others that you are isn't helping. How can your followers relate if they can't see that you can feel too?" He asked.

I looked at him with a frustrated look, wiping my tears with my hands. He didn't understand, it was not normal; Amazon life wasn't anything like any other society in middle earth. It took strength and courage to survive, and as leader, weakness wasn't allowed.

"You know, this is all your fault," I sniffled, willing anyone to share the blame at the moment.

"How is this my fault?" He asked.

I looked away, trying to hold back more tears that were trying to escape. I really didn't know how it was his fault, but I knew it was. Ever since yesterday when he touched me and a shock passed through me, I changed. I felt weak and vulnerable and for the first time in my life, I felt like I needed a man to help me. The thought frightened me to the core.

"I don't like being weak, and you seem to have that affect on me." I replied. He reached up with his hands, and wiped the tears from my face. I slightly jumped at his touch and looked up at him into his eyes.

"I doubt this weakness will last forever, you just need to heal. And maybe, I can be strong for the both of us until we get rescued," he replied, his hand still lingering on my face. His voice was soft and his hands were warm and gentle as he stroked his thumb over my cheek. I suddenly realised that I was enjoying his comfort a little too much.

"What are you doing?" I replied, backing away from him. I winced in pain from the effort it took to move a foot away from him.

"I just want to help," he replied. He leaned in and tried to reach for me, which made me back away farther; causing me more pain.

"Don't touch me. I can't and I won't let you or any other man seduce me into their lies," I replied. He stopped in his tracks and looked at me confused.

"I wasn't trying to seduce you," He explained.

"Then what were you trying to do?" I asked him.

"I don't know, it just felt natural to me, to touch you," he replied. "Don't you feel it too?"

"No, this is not natural for me. Nothing that comes from any man is."

"So your lovers are women?" He asked. I stayed silent at his question, embarassed to tell him I never had a lover.

"No," I finally answered silently. "They don't attract me."

"And you have never wanted a man all this time? I don't believe you're made out of stone, you must have some desires for someone."

"Desires are the root of evil," I muttered, looking at him darkly.

"So you stay alone? You cut yourself off from any man in middle earth because it's against the rules?" He asked.

"I have no choice!" I replied, yelling at him. "I was born into the world of leadership, and for that, I am duty bound to stay strong and pure for my people."

"And what about you my lady?" He asked. "What are you doing for yourself?"

"Whatever I do for the tribe is for myself," I replied. "I am happy to serve my sisters."

"Then why is it since the minute you met me, you've been miserable?" Legolas locked his eyes to mine when he asked. "It's what you meant isn't it? The reason that this is my fault."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I replied, looking away from his gaze.

Legolas approached me rapidly, pinning my arms lightly to the wall of the cave, his face so close I could feel his breath on my cheeks. My body instinctively wanted to cling to him, but I shoved them down all deep inside of me. I felt like my insides were going to melt at his presence so close to me. The feelings I had were strange yet attractive, everything that was so new to me.

"Tell me right now that you feel absolutely nothing," he whispered in my ear. "Tell me that my breath isn't intoxicating, that you feel no shivers running down your spine, that your body does not want this. Tell me and I'll go away."

"Desires are evil, only the pure can conquer desires," I replied to myself, as I shut my eyes. I couldn't give in, not now, not from all these years I remained faithful to my kind.

"Tell me that this isn't what you're mind has been consumed by the last couple of days. That I was never on your mind, that you've never thought of me," he continued. I opened my eyes and saw him leaning in towards me.

Slightly panicked, I placed my hands on his chest to keep him away. It was hard to hold him back, my body shivering from just the pain of it. It was hard to contain my hold because of the emotions running through my head. Anger, frustration, and desire coursed through me. How dare he try this on me, especially after he knows what I am? How dare he try this on me now that I'm weak and vulnerable. How dare he look so beautiful.

Legolas reached out to me again, one hand wrapped around my waist, the other stroking my face. I closed my eyes, I had to clear my mind. I couldn't do this. My arms had to stay strong, I had to refuse this intense passion that was burning inside of me. I didn't know what magic he had but it was not something I was accustomed to, and these new feelings were wearing me down.

"It's up to you princess, you have the power now," Legolas whispered, releasing his tense grip on me, but keeping his arms around me. "Let yourself go."

I released my hands from his chest, making him pull me closer to his body, onto his lap. I kept my eyes closed, but i could feel his breath near my face. My heart was pounding so loud, I was wondering if it would break. I felt his soft lips as he kissed my forehead and it made me open my eyes. I looked up at him into his brilliant blue eyes, filled with an intensity so strong it was almost like I could see flames in his eyes.

He leaned into me, and this time I didn't stop him. I was weak, a failure to my kind, but there was no way I could resist a desire this strong. I tried to pull away at the last second, realising I could maybe manage the unavoidable, but was pulled back in as Legolas held me as close as he could and crashed his lips onto mine.

I tried to pull away from his contact, unsure of what was happening to me and how wrong it was that I was doing it. But something inside me changed and instead I found myself kissing him back. A long burried desire, something that was hidden way inside me away from the light, emerged in the few seconds it took to form a bond with our lips. It created fear and tension but it also released a world of pain that clinged to me since I was a teen.

A slight moan escaped my lips, and he let me go, both of us out of breath. Purely acting upon my internal instinct, I snuggled into him as he pulled me close again.

"That wasn't so bad now was it?" Legolas asked, as I buried my face into his neck. I couldn't deny that the experience was absolutely unbelievable, but I couldn't face him after what I had just done.

"Ouch," I suddenly replied when I noticed that my action had created sharp pains throughout my body. He realised what he was doing and placed me back carefully on the wall of the cave. "Maybe I should get more rest," I replied, feeling suddenly extremely exhausted.

"Ok," he replied, shifting himself over to me and placing my head on his chest. I sighed slightly at his welcoming scent, and snuggled back into his arms, ignoring all the warnings my mind was sending me about doing this. He placed my cape laying on the floor over me and I instantly felt warm and peaceful.

"I think this is the first time I feel great in the last two days," I replied, feeling my lids heavy. "Even if my entire body feels like a giant bruise."

The sun had set by the time we were settled in and I found it easy to close my eyes and fall fast asleep.
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It's impossible for anyone to resist Prince Legolas!
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Hi there,

Do I really only have 2 readers? Anyway, this chappie is a bit long,


I woke up with the sound of yelling outside. I yawned and stretched slightly, opening my eyes. I noticed that I was lying on top of Legolas, who was fast asleep. I quickly got up without causing too much pain; shaking my head, trying to make myself believe that I was only dreaming what happened yesterday.

I heard the voices again and could make out a familiar voice calling Legolas out. I hurried up out of the cave, trying to avoid bumping into the walls.

"Hey!" I called up. "Down here!"

I looked up, searching for a figure until I saw a small figure to my right. It was a small man with red hair and a long beard, viking hat on his head, armor covered his short body.

"Gimli!" I yelled, relieved to see that he was still in one piece and was here to our rescue.

"They're here!" I heard him yell and soon I saw King Aragorn, Thalia, Shalamar and a few elves on horses. "Is the lad with ya?" I heard him ask in his thick accent.

"I'm here!" Legolas yelled, coming out of the cave. He came to stand next to me and wave and I moved a foot away from him as he placed himself next to me.

"Hold on, we will help you guys up!" Aragorn yelled.

"Illissia, are you ok?" Thalia asked.

"A little bruised, a few broken bones, but i'll survive," I replied back.

"Legolas, catch!" Aragorn tossed down the rope as he spoke the words, and Legolas caught it.

"Can you hold onto the rope alone?" He asked to me. I knew it was going to be tough, but I didn't need more reasons to have him close to me.

"I'll manage," I replied, as I tried to grab the rope.

"I better do that," he said, approaching me. He tied the rope around my waist and around my thighs, ending with a big knot in the front. I couldn't help but notice his hands lingering a little longer as he ajusted the ropes. "Ok, you can pull her up!"

As he lifted me, I winced a few times from the tug of the rope, and I used my legs to prop myself away from the jagged rocks. As I reached the top, Shalamar took me by my safe arm and brought me up into her arms.

"Thank the Goddess you are safe!" She replied.

"Excuse me lass," Gimli replied, as he pulled me away from her embrace to untie the knotted ropes. It took him a few minutes of struggling before he got them undone, cursing elves everywhere while doing it.

He tossed the rope down and Legolas proceeded to tie himself onto the rope. It wasn't long before everyone was pulling him and he was untied.

"Thanks, we had no idea if and when you were going to show up," Legolas told Gimli.

"Everyone's been worried about you," King Aragorn said. "We reached the village and when we saw you hadn't arrived, we went in search for you. Luckily we found your horse, I don't think we would have been able to find you any other way."

"What happened? To the darkness? You aren't hurt," I asked surprisingly.

"It was the weirdest thing, dark clouds around me until king Aragorn showed up. We heard your horse take off and then suddenly the darkness dissapeared," Gimli replied.

I nodded at the explanation, relief flooding through me. It was only me he was after, I now knew my friends wouldn't be harmed if he managed to get me.

"Son," I suddenly heard someone say.

I turned around to see an elf standing in front of Legolas. He looked the same, long pale blond hair, crystal blue eyes, but he was slightly shorter and was wearing a type of crown on his head.

"Father," Legolas replied, bowing to him. "Yes I am well, I have brought you our healer." He smiled, presenting me. "Illissia, this is my father King Thranduil."

"Your highness," I replied, bowing in front of him. I stood up again to notice that he was giving me a once over with a slight look of disgust.

"Well then, let's see what this young lady shall do. We have a horse and carriage ready to take you back," king Thranduil replied.

I was escorted by a few elves towards the carriage and settled inside. Thalia joined me saying that shalamar would bring the horses in. We sat down facing the front with two elves facing us. They reminded me of guards and the thought of them being there made me feel uncomfortable.

"Are you ok? " Thalia asked. I nodded in response. "Are you sure? You look badly beaten up, maybe I can use some of our herbs," she replied, opening her bag of medecine. I stopped her by placing my hand on hers.

"No, this isn't for me, it's for the ailing elves," I replied.

"But your wounds..."

"Will heal with time. If there are any remaining after we help these people, I will use them then," I explained to her. She closed back her bag, nodding at me.

"You look better," she continued. "Ever since we left our home. You are more bruised, but you seem to be glowing." I smiled at her, trying my best to hide my embarassment. I also knew the elves were watching and listening to our every word.

"I guess I just needed a good night's rest," I gave her as an answer.

"Legolas treated you well I hope. I mean you guys were stuck there for almost 2 whole days."

"Well I wouldn't know much, I was sleeping for most of the time," I replied, feeling the eyes of the elves bore down on me. "I did remember him splinting my arm." I hated lieing to her, but knowing what the truth would do, I kept quiet.

"He's great, we should maybe consider an alliance with the elves. If all other men of his kind are as nice as him, it might be good for the tribe."

I was surprised at her statement. I didn't expect anyone inside our beliefs to think that any man was capable to fight by our side.

"It isn't what our ancestors did. We became strong because of our independence from men. But, life is ever evolving and changing, you are still young. Maybe one day, amazons will be different than what we are now."

We rode the rest of the way in silence. Once we reached our destination, I took a deep breath. Not once did I sense any evil around me. I stepped out of the carriage to be greeted by king aragorn and thranduil.

"Please, follow me," Thranduil replied as he turned around and walked into a large castle carved out from the large trees.

I followed him silently, looking around for a sign of any other familiar face. I could not see Gimli or Shalamar or even Legolas. I felt a hand grip me and turned to see Thalia giving me a confused look as well.

"Here we are," he replied, moving away from a door so I could look in. It looked like a bedroom with a young elf maiden.

"This does not look like the infirmary," I questioned, looking at the king.

"Of course not. You are in no shape to take care of our sick. You must be bathed and dressed accordingly," he replied. I looked at him in shock.

"Legolas said your people are dieing, I assure you my hands will be clean when I treat them."

"My son likes to exagerate, it's not so bad, and we have to follow procedure. Please," He replied as he pointed me to the door. I simply nodded, entering the room with Thalia. I tried my best to hide my anger. I was pretty sure that Legolas had not exagerated.

I tried to be polite to the young elf maiden who took her time bathing, brushing and clothing me. When I was done, I felt like I had been polished in every place possible. My long black hair was tied midway, placed with pins. I wore a simple flowing pale blue dress that reached all the way to the floor, and I was rid of every speck of dirt I had on my body. Thalia's red hair was washed and recurled, and it fell on her beautifully. She had a similar dress
as me, but it was a pale green.

"Am I alright to go see them now?" I asked. She nodded towards the door and I turned to see that Thranduil had returned.

"Now, that's much better," He replied smiling as he entered the room. I noticed that Legolas was standing next to him. He wore a long pale green robe and a crown on his head, that was much more simpler than the kings. I couldn't help but notice that he was staring right at me.

"Father, you took this time to clean them up when you know our people are dieing?" Legolas asked.

"I had to be polite son, they are our guests and they said they wanted to be cleaned," the king replied.

I tried not lose my temper as he tried to blame the delay on us. Thalia was about to speak but I grabbed her hand silencing her.

"We are clean now, may we go see the patients?" I asked.

"Of course, my son will take you, I have many things to do. Let me know in regards to their illnesses, I will be waiting for your news,"he replied, walking off with his guards in tow.

I turned toward Legolas who's face was impassive.

"Lead the way," I replied. He took off in the opposit direction of his father. I was trying not to fume on the way there, thinking of how his father might have ruined any friendship between me and Legolas.

"My father lied about the clean up, didn't he?" Legolas asked after a few minutes of walking. we seemed to be alone, just me, Thalia and Legolas walking down a large empty hallway. I didn't want to respond, afraid of what might be if I answered either way.

"Yes he lied," Thalia replied for me. It made Legolas stop in his tracks and turned to look at her. He took a few moments before turning back around and continue walking.

"Yes that's what I thought," he replied silently.

We reached the door of the infirmary and he walked in. Thalia and I followed behind, looking at all the patients lying in tiny single beds. I approached a patient that Legolas had decided to sit next to. It was rather confusing because the elf looked like he could be an elderly human male.

"I thought elves didn't age?" I asked curiously. Legolas looked up at me.

"They don't, this is one of the symptoms of the virus. The elves die of old age," he explained.

I sat on the bed next to the man, and I gave sign to Thalia to pass me the bag she was carrying. She obliged and I opened it up and took out a smudge stick. It was small and shaped like a cigar shaped with leaves and twigs and other herbs found around our land. I light the tip with a bit of kindling and slowly blew the fire out until only smoke remained.

I passed the stick over his body, chanting a small prayer that my grandmother had taught me. I closed my eyes, concentrating on the thoughts of peace and healing. After my prayer, I opened my eyes and looked directly at him. I said another few prayer word and I passed
the stick of every limb of his body. I then opened his night gown to see his body. I stopped the incantation when I noticed a mark on his chest over his heart.

I recognised the mark and suddenly everthing was clear. I looked up at Legolas as he stared back at me.

"What is it?" He asked me.

Could it be? Could he be behind this? After all, he was the one who asked for my help. I turned back to the elf laying before me, not sure what to do.

"I can't help him," I said out loud.

"What?" Legolas asked. "But, you have to! You are our only hope!" He exclaimed, standing up.

"This is not a virus. Medecine will not help them. They have been cursed," I told him truthfully. When certain symbols appear when a smudge stick is passed can it mean something that isn't naturally caused. I was pretty sure if I passed the stick in front of the other patients, that the answer would be the same.

"Can you uncurse them?" He asked me. "Why would anyone curse our people?"

"To remove the curse, you need the exact spell from the person who cursed them."

"Do you know who did it?" He asked.

"I do, but he's not as easy to find as you think. He is the evil presence in the woods."

Legolas' skin paled as I explained him the cause. He knew that this threat wasn't anything that was going to be easy to face.

"But there is another way," I added.

"Tell me," he requested, sitting next to me and taking my hand. I tried not to think about the fact that he was touching me and Thalia was in the room.

"Well, you felt his presence when we were on the white horse, didn't you?"

"I did, it was really strong too," he answered.

"Well if he was the one who directly cursed them, he would've been detected by you or anyone else who can sense evil," I explained.

"So it's not him who did it?"

"Not directly, no. But it's his symbol. He must have a spy in these walls," I replied.

"A traitor? Among elves?" He asked.

"Unless you know someone who's been vising inside the walls since the beginning of the symptoms who isn't an elf, I'm afraid it would be one of your people." He looked away from me. His face seemed filled with pain as I explained one of his own could be a traitor.

"Could they have been posessed? Taken over by this evil being?" He asked.

"It's only possible if the person let him in," I replied sadly. His face looked betrayed and sad, it almost hurt to watch him. I squeezed his hand absentmindly, trying to comfort him and he pulled me close and brought me into a hug.

I looked up panicked at Thalia's face, but she seemed more sympathetic to the fact that he was hurt, than to the fact that he was physically touching me. I couldn't let him go, I knew he was hurting, and the last thing I wanted to do was reject him after all he did to help me.

"We must tell my father," He finally stated getting up from off the bed. He walked off through the door and Thalia and I followed quickly behind.

We tried to catch up to Legolas, but it was a lost cause, so we decided to slow down to a walk.

"Illissia? Can I tell you something if you promise not to get mad at me?" Thalia asked me.

"Of course, patience is something that I have mastered in my training. It's alright, you can tell me anything."

"Ok," she started, taking a deep breath. "I think Legolas likes you." she replied. I looked up at her, wondering how this news would make me mad.

"I don't see how someone liking me would upset me," I replied, confused.

"well, the thing is...I think you like him too. I think if you weren't the amazon princess that you'd be lovers," she stated.

The news of her concious of our connection hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to think about how I would've reacted a week ago when not one meant anything to me; but it was hopeless.

"But I am the princess Thalia, I don't see how an idea like that would pop into your mind."

"I see a lot of things that others don't want me to see. I'm older than my years, or that's what my grandmother tells me. I know you princess. Strong, powerful, a great role model. You were proud of who you are and what you'd accomplish....but...." she stopped in her tracks.

"But?" I asked, stopping to face her.

"But there were nights where you took off, and I would see you up in the hills looking at the sky. You were lonely I could tell. Sometimes you'd look at Shalamar and me, and you'd get this distant look in your eyes. I tried not to be close to her in front of you, I knew it was hurting you. And then the last couple of days, you've been so emotional until we got you out of that cave. You were glowing Illissia. I don't think I've ever seen you glow in my entire life."

I bit my lip at her statement, feeling a lump in my throat rise, and my eyes welling up with tears. I tried to turn away, to hide what I was feeling inside, but Thalia grabbed my arms, keeping me from moving. I looked up at her as a tear rolled down my cheek. I suddenly crumbled to the floor and started to cry. Thalia crouched down by me and took me in her arms. It felt weird to be held by a younger member of the tribe, but at the same time, it was very comforting.

"I'm weak Thalia," I confessed. "I kissed him, in that cave, when we were alone. And now, I can't get him out of my head. And once this is done and everyone is ok, he'll be out of my life and i'll be back at home with everyone hating me for what I did," I sobbed.

She brought me close and started to stroke my hair, trying to hush my cries. I couldn't help it, I somehow knew that my futur was not going to look so good once i left Mirkwood.

"Didn't you always tell me nothing is set in stone? Who knows what lies ahead for you my princess. And I have a feeling he's not planning to go anywhere. And you aren't weak. The fact that you haven't weakened to a man in all these years just shows me how strong you are. But you aren't
perfect or inhuman, you have the right to feel."

"Say that to all the elders in our tribe, or to Shalamar. She would throw a fit. Or what about Fernalia? You see how she reacted to them when they came to our village."

"And what makes you think they need to know right this minute? Let me be your personal confident, and you have every right to keep my voice quiet to anyone else." she replied.

I wiped away a tear and sat up, looking at her smiling face. I had never considered a confident. All theses years with pain and sorrow and fear, hidden behind my pride and anger. Thalia was always someone I trusted.

"Thalia, as princess of the amazons, I hereby grant you the honor to be my confident, do you accept?" I asked. Her smile grew wide at my request.

"I would be honored to be your confident your highness. Now I hate to kill a joyful mood, but we have an elf king we need to talk to."

With that, I got up and we both ran all the way to the throne room to talk to the king.

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I love this interaction with Legolas and King Thranduil!
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An here is some more, enjoy!!


"An evil entity? Now that's ridiculous!" King Thranduil said in a loud voice. "Why don't you admit you're a sham and that you simply can't heal them."

"Father!" Legolas exclaimed, eyes wide with surprise.

"And you keep asking me why we shouldn't form an alliance with them. There's your proof my son. A lieing manipulative little witch."

"Father, she didn't come to con us, we invited her to help us. She isn't a fraud, in fact what she says makes sense," Legolas replied in my defense.

"I don't see how this makes sense at all," he continued. I tried not to fume at his accusation, his father was definately not one of my favourite people.

"Magic, good and evil exist. You know that. We must find this traitor before he harms any more of our kind. Please father, just humour us for a few days," He requested.

The king thought for a moment silently, watching me and then looking into his sons' eyes. I could tell he loved his son, but for some reason didn't trust me at all. He then took a deep breath and sighed.

"OK, I'll give you one week. If this so-called traitor is not caught at the time, I am asking for these female mongrels to leave," He replied and then got up from his throne and stalked off.

"Intense isn't he?" Legolas asked to both of us. He looked at me and his smile suddenly faded away. "You've been crying." He stated approaching me.

I placed my hands up to avoid him from coming closer.

"I'm fine, I just had a little break down," I replied honestly.

"You're tired, you haven't rested since the cave and I know you're still bruised. I should take you to a guest room, both of you," He replied.

"We need to start looking, I can help," Thalia offered.

"That's fine, but you are resting Illissia," He replied seriously.

"I can't sleep yet, but I could use a bit of relaxation," I agreed. "Do you have a place in the forest that's still in mirkwood that I can rest?"

"Yes, I will show you," He replied. "Thalia why don't you find King Aragon and Gimli and meet me back here in 20 minutres?"

"Of course, you take care of my princess ok?" Thalia replied, smiling and winking at me.

He nodded to Thalia and then showed me the way out the door. I walked next to him as he took his stride towards what seemed like a gate. We were both silent, I had no idea what to tell him since the last time we were alone we had kissed.

He opened the gate with a key and opened the door for me. I passed by him and walked into what was one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. The leaves on the trees were blueish green that fell down every branch. the tree trunks were large and strong and almost reached up to the sky, and the flowers that bloomed made a beautiful contrast to the green and blue hues everywhere. I smiled as I heard the birds singing in the trees.

"Wow," I replied in awe.

"It's a garden that was made years ago from the king at the time for his wife," He replied. "We have kept this garden locked up since then."

"So who has acces?" I asked.

"My father, me and the royal guards of my father. We can invite others in, everyone in Mirkwood has seen it. If ever you want to come back to relax somedays, just ask me and i'll give you my key."

"Not sure your father would be too happy about that," I muttered.

"I have the right to decide who has acces, it's law that I am allowed to have equal power. Don't worry, he cannot kick you out," He smiled.

"Well I can see why it's so sacred, I'd love to sleep here if I could," I replied, looking around at the flowers near my feet.

"You can," he responded.

I looked back up at him and noticed that he was offering his hand. I hesitated nervously and looked behind me to see if anyone was watching us.

"We are alone," He replied smiling at me, and I reached out and took his hand.

As we walked along the path to the forest, I inhaled the scent in the air. It smelt almost like Legolas and sighed in content. This was absolutely the most unbelievable place I had ever seen and I hoped Thalia and Shalamar could be able to view it as well.

Legolas stopped by a space of grass that stretched out passed a small waterfall running through a river near our feet. It was absolute paradise. I noticed that right by a tree, a large blanket with many pillows were filled, and a few feet further was a hammock tied between two trees. I gave him a questioning look.

"I sometimes come here to think, when it's just too much in there," he explained.

"And the hammock?" I asked. He laughed.

"The hammock is a friend of mine's. He comes to sleep sometimes when everyone's gone. I like it too at times."

"It's so beautiful here, I can imagine why you would want to stay here. Do you ever swim in there where the falls are?" I asked.

"I have, though it was more to bathe," he explained. I turned slightly red thinking of Legolas completely naked in the water.

"Ah, well I guess that's a good idea too," I said. "Well if it's ok, could I stay here for a little while?" I asked. He smiled.

"Take your time, normally this place is only used during times where the work is done. with everyone sick, no one is really around. You should be alone," He replied.

"So you don't think anyone would be around if I go swimming in the falls later?" I asked.

"It's always possible, you should wait for me, i'll bring you back a swim suit," he replied.

"I'll see," I answered. Amazons were used to being naked in the water, we didn't believe much in clothes, I doubt I was going to get caught. Even if I did, I knew how to protect myself.

"Ok, well I'm going to go back to talk to the others. If we find out anything, I will come back and get you. You can leave anytime you want, the door only locks from the outside."

"Thanks," I replied, smiling up at him.

"No thank you," he replied taking me into his arms.

At first, I was a bit awkward, still looking around to see if anyone was spying on us. But it didn't take long to relax, he always smelt so good. I removed myself from the embrace after it was getting a bit long and he waved as he left the garden.

When he was out of sight, I went to lie down on the blanket, my eyes up at the sky. It was so beautiful and peaceful here. I watched as a butterfly passed by my head and smiled. It wasn't long before my eyelids felt heavy, I closed my eyes and soon I was asleep.


I woke up feeling better than I felt since I fell off the cliff. I stretched out and notice the sun was still shining. It must be the afternoon, I thought to myself as the sun seemed to be the highest in the sky. The shadows that had covered me from the trees had changed and now I bathed in the sun.

I stood up and looked around and noticed that indeed I was still alone. I inhaled the air around me and closed my eyes a moment to just enjoy the peaceful silence of the garden. I walked over to the water's edge and sat down. I had my feet bare since lying down on the blanket and I dipped my toe in the water to test it. It was nice and warm, I almost laughed, even the water was perfect.

I placed both my feet in water and moved them around. I looked down and noticed big red fish in the pond.

"Wow, where did you come from?" I asked laughing, as one of them passed himself over my foot. "I wonder how you guys would be if I jumped in?" I asked to them, though I knew they didn't understand.

I looked around, trying to see if anyone was snooping, but there was total silence and no one in sight. Once confirmed, I slipped my dress over the top of my head and placed it safely on the blanket along with the undergarments I was given. I took one more look around and giggled as I ran to the water and jumped in.

The water was even better submerged. The water cooled down the heat of my skin, but was still warm enough that I wasn't shivering. I noticed all the red fish around me. I reached to touch one and it scuttled away. I swam all the way to the waterfall and got out from behind it.

I stepped into the waterfall and let the water wash over me. Luckily it was small and the pressure of the water didn't hurt. I could feel it fall over my back and I felt like all the tension was washing down with the waterfall.

I submerged myself again under the water and looked around. It was just as beautiful underneath as it was above. I wondered how long it took the king to make this garden, it was almost like a magical fairytale. I closed my eyes again, letting myself float for awhile in the water. I was lucky that I could hold my breath pretty long because the feeling of being completely underwater was extremely relaxing.

I was suddenly snapped back into reality when I felt someone pull my arms up over the water. Surprised, I gasped for the air and looked up to see Legolas, fully clothed, in the water with me.

"Oh thank God you're alive," he replied, bringing me into an embrace.

"What are you doing?" I asked, still breathing ragged from the shock he gave me.

"I thought you were drowning! You were so still. What happened to waiting for me?" He asked angrily.

I suddenly realised that I was completely naked in his arms. I looked down than looked back up to see his face slightly soften at the situation.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked him as his eyes lingered slightly on the rounds of my upper body.

"I would be if I could see more," He replied, trying to remove my clinging to his body.

I placed my hand on his eyes and let go and rapidly jumped back down into the water. I swam all the way back to behind the fountain and surfaced to take a breath. It wasn't long before he resurfaced next to me. Luckily it was dark here so as long as I stayed in the water I was covered.

"So, the search finished early? Did you find him?" I asked.

"No," he replied seriously, moving closer to me. "We called it a day,we all need rest."

"So you decided to take a swim with your clothes on?" I asked.

"Well no, why? would you like me to take off my clothes?" He reponded, inches away from me. I felt my insides turn to liquid at his comment. My cheeks grew hot and i looked away from him completely.

"I really don't think that would be appropriate," I replied softly.

"You think so?" He asked.

"It's going way too far. Already the cave was too much, but this," I told him, feeling a lump build in my throat.

"What are you afraid of?" He asked me.

"This is just fun for you, a moment that will come and go in your very long life. But for me, you've seen how I am. Once I go back home, I will already have a broken heart..but anything more might completely destroy me," I said, a tear falling down my cheek.

"And what makes you think I plan to leave you?" He asked.

"All men who I have met always have wanted to challenge me...never has anyone stayed for me or tried to obtain me. So what says you won't feel like that eventually?"

"I think the only person I've ever challenged is Gimli, and that's mostly his fault," he laughed. "I am not in competition with you. In just under 3000 years I have never found anyone who really made me feel anything like you do. I do not care if you are stronger than me, if you want, I can let you protect me," he smiled at me.

"It seems like you're the one who's always protecting me..." I muttered.

"For now, I don't believe that will last forever," he said, approaching me and putting his hand on my face.

I closed my eyes and let his fingers run over my face, his fingers gently stroking my cheeks and lightly touching my lips.

"So beautiful..." he murmured really quietly. I shut my eyes and turned my head away from him.

"Even if you want me. Where will this go after we find who's behind this? I can't stay here, I need to go back to my people. And you can't come with me, they would never allow it. Let's face it, it's hopeless."

Legolas took a hold of me and turned me so I could face him. He lifted my face up to meet his and kissed me on the forehead. I was going to pull away but his hands kept me there, just inches from his face, his eyes looking into mine.

"I will follow you and sleep 10 miles outside of your border for the rest of my life if it meant I could be with you."

"What about your people? You're a prince. You need to be here for your people."

"I've been here for my people for over 2000 years, I think it's time I make some sacrifices. I will live forever...I think your lifetime is worth the sacrifice. Let me show you a life of happiness and love. The one I think only I could give you."

He stroked my face again with his thumbs, I could see him lean in and this time, my heart grew to twice it's size. I closed my eyes and made a wish all he said to me was true and pushed up on my feet and kissed him. I didn't care that I was naked and he was totally soaked to the bone, it didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was that I was in the most beautiful place in the world, with the most handsome man I have ever met, and he wanted me.

I put my hands into his hair, something I had wanted to do since I had first seen him. His hair was wet, but it was still soft. I entwined my fingers into his strands. I heard him moan softly as I massaged the nape of his neck.

We broke off then as he placed his forehead onto mine.

"You're going to catch a cold," I replied as I placed my hands on his soaked shirt.
He chuckled softly as I slid my hands to the top hook and undo it. I continued all the way down and slowly slipped it off his shoulders. He took the shirt in his hands and tied it onto a tie in his pants so he wouldn't lose it in the water. I looked at his naked torso,the contour of the muscles on his arms and chest and I reached out, almost afraid to touch him. I placed my hand nervously over his heart and could feel it beating. His skin was warm and soft, yet strong. I noticed his skin started forming goosebumps at my touch.

"You're cold," I described to him, and brought myself into his arms. He wrapped his arms around me, and I felt him place his head on top of mine. It felt nice to feel his naked torso meshed with my equally naked body.

"Legolas!" I heard a familiar voice scream. "Where are you lad?"

"Gimli?" I asked looking into Legolas' face. "How did he get in here?"

"I told him I was coming here, and the guard was with him," he replied closing his eyes.

"He can't see me like this!" I whispered in a panic.

"Here," Legolas replied, pulling out his shirt from his belt loop. He put the shirt
around me and took his time tieing the buttons in the front. "Hurry, I'll try and stall him. I put your bathing suit by the blanket" He replied and took off under the water.

Moments later I heard him climb out of the water.

"Gimli!" He screamed at him. "I'm here."

As I heard this, I dived into the water and back towards the blanket where my clothes lay. I stripped off his shirt the instant I was there and slipped on the dress. I pulled on my undergarments quickly, and ran to the water to dump the dry swimsuit. I ran back just in time to throw Legolas' shirt under the blanket and close my eyes lieing down.

"Ah there you are lass," I heard Gimli reply. I opened my eyes and saw him and a still shirtless Legolas in front of me.

"Came to join us in a swim?" I asked sweetly. "Though I'm already done."

"No. King Thranduil asked me to come to get Legolas. He told me you were here resting and I didn't want to leave ya here alone.

"That's very kind of you Gimli. I appreciate all that you, Legolas and King Aragorn have done for me. The amazons will take this into consideration. And you're right, I should go and rest. I hope it's ok to show me and my other amazons a room Legolas?" I asked.

"Yes, come along, let me take you upstairs to the guest rooms and I'll come see my father after."

I got up and followed them both out of paradise and back into the castle where evil lived.

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Interesting...thanks for posting. Ah Legolas bathing....the stuff of many dreams I think!
I did wonder if there would be such things as swimsuits in Mirkwood though?

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A lil fun chappie, just a little violent, just giving a head's up. And in my story, elves do wear bathing suits in Mirkwood...well most of the time.


Chapter 4 - Worth Fighting For

It was warm in his bed. Comfortable pillows everywhere. The tall bedroom posts filled with beautiful sheer white curtains that surrounded us. Silk sheets covered the bed and our bodies. The sun had risen and was glowing on the ivory skin of his back.

I placed my hands into the soft silken blond locks of his hair and pulled him in for a kiss,
our bodies entangled together. My hands rubbed his back, already wet with perspiration.
His kisses were warm and tender, and his touch sent shivers through me.

He leaned up on his elbows and looked down on me, his blue eyes sparkling.

"I'm so glad you asked me to your bed prince," I replied, as he leaned back down for a kiss...

"Illissia!" someone yelled at me. I opened my eyes to see Shalamar over top me, shaking me to wake up.

I jumped up out of sleep, holding my hand to my heart. I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to remember the blissful dream I just had.

"Princess," Thalia replied, and I reluctantly opened my eyes back up to look at them.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Something is happening downstairs, you have to come and see," Shalamar replied. I noticed that she too had undergone the king's makeover, only was wearing a light pink pant suit made of silk. "Here, put this on," she replied, handing me a brand new pale gold dress robe and my staff.

I looked at her questioningly as she gave me my staff.

"Trust me, we might need this," Shalamar replied and I hurried up to get dressed.

We all headed downstairs in a hurry.

"Over here," Thalia replied. "Quietly."

I was brought to the walls surrounding the front of the palace walls. I could hear many people outside, talking, shouting. I smelt the air and noticed that there were not only elves out there but many men.

I started to walk towards the entrance of the castle, when Shalamar took my arm.

"Just listen," she replied. And I nodded going back to them and standing in between them.

"We ask you to deliver her this once!" One of them men shouted.

"She is a guest and not up for discussion," I heard Legolas spoke. My heart skipped a beat, remembering the dream I just momentarily had.

"She's a wh*re who deserves to die," One mentioned laughing. I then heard gasps and went to sneak a peak in the entrance.

I saw about 20 elves, King Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas standing down about 100 men. Legolas had pulled out his bow and arrow and was aiming it at a man, who I assumed was the one who insulted me.

"You do not speak of a lady that way," Legolas replied.

"Legolas," Aragon replied, putting his hand on Legolas' bow, making him put his weapon down.

"He's crazy, and he's a prince here?" One man I asked.

"Well I don't blame him," Aragon replied. "You are ready to start war for one single woman."

"She's no ordinary woman, don't be fooled by her innocence. Once she is done with you, she will kill you in your sleep." I gasped at the accusation and realized my mistake before it was too late.

"There she is," One of them pointed at me, removing his sword. Legolas took out his bow and arrow again.

"Come any closer and this goes through your heart," he threatened.

"In case you haven't noticed prince, you are outnumbered."

"No, I feel that you are wrong, more like you are surrounded," One man replied, approaching the front of the gathering. He had hair red like fire and a beard to match. His eyes looked more welcoming than any of the other threatening looks.

"Faromir," Legolas replied, a smile forming on his lips.

"Now let me look at this dangerous amazon princess that people have been spreading word about the last few days," He replied, looking at me and reaching out as if to invite me over. I stayed back, knowing full well about 2 dozen men had their arrows pointed at me.

"I'm afraid the view from over there is more deadly," I replied.

"Well yes of course," He replied and approached me. He bowed in front of me and took my hand and kissed it. I was too surprised at his actions to say anything. "Me and my men that surround this forest, swear to protect you princess in the name of King Aragon."

"What are we waiting for? Get her!" The leader of the other party of men suddenly replied.

Faromir let out a certain cry that made his men advance, and so the battle commenced.

A few men advance on me and I backed up, staff in hand ready. I saw something to the right; Shalamar was standing next to me, spear poised and ready.

"Let's show these men how to fight," she replied to me and I grinned back at her.

Faromir was right in front, trying to hold them off. But he was alone, I suddenly felt like I hadn't felt in day. My body was almost healed and I was itching to hit something.

I ran towards the crowd and slammed my staff into the back of a man who was about to stab Faromir. Two others came at me and I smiled. I jumped up between them and turned around to knock them down on their knees. I then smashed my staff on the back of one of their necks, snapping from the power of the blow and knocked the other across the temple.

"That's my princess," Shalamar smiled as she stabbed a man with her spear. Thalia seemed to have joined her and were now back to back.

I looked to see Legolas busy with his bow, not realizing someone was sneaking up on him. I ran towards them and threw myself on top of the man. He struggled, trying to get up, but I pinned him to the ground with my knee. I cracked the bones in his hand, grabbing his dagger and stabbed him in the heart as he was screaming in pain.

I looked up to see Legolas looking at me. I shrugged and then got up from the body. He then smiled as he retracted his bow back and shot another arrow. I tried to ignore the butterflies in my stomach as I continued to knock people around.

Faromir seemed to be surrounded by five men trying his best to knock them out. I whistled to Legolas who turned to look at me. I made a gesture that I wanted to get in the middle of that. He ran towards him, hitting people with his bow as he moved and formed a step with his hands. I immediately understood and ran to him, jumping on his hand and I flipped up landing behind Faromir in his tight circle. I immediately reacted, knocking two of the men back and into the arrows of the elf prince.

I think hit one of the men facing Faromir, cracking his nose. He started to bleed profusely.

"Just close your eyes, it'll be all over soon," I replied as I rammed my staff into his neck and he dropped dead at my feet.

Faromir looked at me. A large smile on his face. He seemed impressed. I pulled his sword toward me as I felt an enemy approaching behind and let it stab through him. Legolas looked at me and winked before running off to help Aragon.

It wasn't long before the fight was over and the rest of the men retreated.

"You may hide behind your friends for now, but this isn't over!" One yelled running away.

We were all silent for a few minutes until everyone starting to cheer.

"Let us dine tonight in celebration!" Legolas replied, as all the other men continued to cheer.

I smiled at his response and then turned to see a female elf beside me. She smiled as she saw me. She was beautiful, long hair cascading down to her back, pale porcelain skin and blue eyes as dark as the night sky.

"Illissia, I would like you to meet my wife, Arwen." King Aragorn replied, approaching us.

"Wife?" I questioned him. "But he is mortal. He will die," I replied, thinking of Legolas with me.

"Yes I know. But my love for him is strong and he will live on through our son," She replied smiling up at him.

"Since we are having a celebration tonight, I asked for Arwen to help you and the other
amazons be ready," Aragorn replied.

"Yes you will be our honored guests," Arwen replied. "You have come from far to help us, and you must deal with the constant fear of death; and for that, we are grateful."

"And of course, we must celebrate for Faromir's help too," King Aragorn replied, as Faromir approached us.

"Always a pleasure to serve for you my king, and of course to protect such a fair and beautiful maiden," he replied, bowing towards me again. I tried not to blush at his comment, not used to any kind of affection.

"Come now Illissia,I will take you to my chambers to prepare," Arwen said, turning around and walking towards the castle. I took one look back at Legolas, who was talking with Faromir's men and walked back into the castle to follow Arwen.

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Man, Illissia kicks butt!

Now I don't blame her for having dreams like that!
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hee hee ok.. as long as its not red speedos ;p

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Many men had come to Arwen's bed chambers, asking to be treated for their battle wounds. Thalia and Shalamar went to their request, saying it was I who represented the amazons and therefore should be the one to attend this celebration. I let them leave as I was pampered and primped by Arwen. It was a nice change but I was still going to be happy once I could be back to my amazon clothes and bare feet.

"There," she replied, as she set her brush down and turned me around so I could look in the mirror.

It was weird to see myself so different. My hair had been brushed and rebrushed until it looked like silk, soft curls forming at the bottom. The top part of my hair was tied back and a silverwjeweled headpiece was put in place, lines of silver floating down the sides of my face and across my temples and forehead. My dress was light silver and white, flowing down to my feet, my sleeves were capped that reached my fingertips. And a pair of flat silver jeweled shoes. It was hard to recognize myself. Arwen was also a vision with a beautiful dark blue velvet and gold dress.

"Wow princess," I heard behind me and turned to see Thalia and Shalamar at the door. "You are a vision of beauty, we hope you have a great time tonight. Gimli has agreed for us to continue looking outside around the party for the traitor, so we will be around princess if you should need us.

"Yes, thank you Thalia, I will do the amazons honor," I replied and walked towards Arwen who led the way. We entered a large banquet hall. People were sitting at tables, eating drinking and laughing. It was very different from how the amazons celebrated, but also in a way very much the same.

I looked at Arwen, who I noticed was looking in a certain direction. I followed to see that she was watching King Aragorn. My eyes though went directly to the elf standing next to him talking. Legolas looked handsome in his blue silk print shirt and pants. The crown on his head appeared to have been shined, and he was smiling, as he talked.

"I do believe he is quite smitten of you," Arwen replied.

"Who?" I asked, pretending not to know.

"Faromir of course," she replied.

I looked over to them again and did see that Faromir, who was also part of the conversation, was indeed staring at me. I tried not to look disappointed that she had said nothing of Legolas.

"He should be warned that we do not romance with men of any kind," I replied slightly bitter.

"I am sure he knows, does not mean he won't try. Come, let's talk to them," she replied as she led me across the room.

"Arwen, you are a true vision of beauty my queen," King Aragon replied as she approached him to give him a kiss. "I must say that you are just as breathtaking princess Illissia," he replied to me bowing. I tried not to blush at his comment.

I looked over slightly to Legolas and noticed that he was staring right at me with a pleasant look in his eyes. This time I could not hide my blush so well.

"You are all very handsome tonight," I replied, looking directly at the King, trying not to make eye contact to Legolas, who the message was for.

"No one beats the vision of you Illissia," Faromir replied, bowing to me. "I shall be very grateful if you sit next to me to dine," he replied. I bit my lip, trying not to look dissapointed at his request and attempting to find a way to refuse him.

"Of course she would," Arwen replied for me, and I noticed that Legolas's eyes had grown wide at her acceptance.

Faromir led me the way to the table as I tried not to look dissapointed. I smiled as best as I could, trying to be polite. He pulled out my chair and I sat down. Looking up I noticed immediately that Legolas had taken the seat on the other side of me, where Arwen was about to sit. I noticed Arwen give Legolas a slight weird look before sitting down on the seat next to him.

I sat and listened to Faromir talking about his story of war, some were interesting, but most only promoted his own personal achievements. I wanted to tell him to go away and go find another maiden to fall for. I could feel Legolas' presence next to me, trying my best not to look his way. It was hard knowing he was so close, yet so out of reach.

"Faromir!" One of his men shouted. "Come tell this elf here the story of how you conquered that giant dragon."

"I will return my fair maiden," He replied and stood up, bowed to me before leaving to his men.

I was relieved once he left and I placed my head in my hands for a few seconds, breathing in relief. I heard a chuckle as I sighed. I looked up to the right of me to see Legolas smile at me. I felt my cheeks grow hot at his attention. I looked around to see that King Aragorn and Arwen were off chatting to some of their elf friends.

"Alone at last," Legolas whispered to me, as he reached for my hand under the table and started stroking it.

"I thought he would never leave," I sighed.

"I can understand him. Looking at you, I wouldn't leave your side either," he replied. My face felt more hot than it did a moment ago.

"I do not feel for him," I replied, looking into his eyes. He smiled back.

"Of course you do. Though I'm thinking it is more annoyance you feel," he replied. I shot him a look and he smiled.

"Illissia," I heard Arwen say my name and I looked up at her, who was looking at both of us. "Faromir wanted you to come hear this latest story. You are more than welcome to come Legolas," she smiled at us.

"Tell him we will be there soon, I am discussing an important strategy with the princess," He replied to her.

"Of course, I will relay my message to Faromir," she replied and walked off.

"Thank you," I whispered to him. I felt his thumb trace a pattern on my hand.

"I do not enjoy the thought of sharing my lady with others, especially since I cannot make it public to anyone," he replied.

"I just hope he does not try anything, for he will meet with my left hook," I grumbled.
Legolas looked at me smiling.

"It is very hard for me to look at you like this and not be able to touch your face," he replied softly.

"Will the garden be empty tonight?" I asked him.

"Yes, it should be. Most people will be here until the break of dawn. Elf celebrations are always long."

"Once I take my leave for the night, I will find my way to the gate," I told him, looking around to see if anyone was paying attention.

"Ok both of you, this is no time for war strategies, come here this my lady, you will truly love this story," Faromir replied, heading towards us. Reluctantly, Legolas let go of my hand, but not before slipping the key to the gate.

I looked at Legolas nodding before getting up and taking Faromir's hand so he could walk me towards the waiting crowd. I found myself for most of the evening listening to Faromir's war stories during the time of the 3rd age. Occasionally I could smell Legolas' scent as he would pass behind me, sometimes leaving a slight touch on my back, sending me shivers.

As I told them all that I was going to rest for the night, since I was still tired from my injuries, Faromir asked if he could walk me to my room. I refused him gently, telling him I had a headache and needed to be alone. He looked dissapointed but bowed to me gracefully before returning to the others.

I went up to my room quietly and walked in. Shalamar and Thalia were no where in sight, so I assumed that they were still looking for trouble with Gimli. I slipped off my shoes and shrugged off the dress, carefully placing it on a hanger so that the beautiful gown would not tear. I then proceeded in attempting to remove the headpiece. I took a bit of time but I had finally managed to remove it and place it with the shoes.

Once that was done, I slipped on a light pink sleeping gown and a beautiful dark pink robe with a hood. I pulled up the hood and slipped the key into one of the big pockets. I went to the door and slipped out of the room quietly. I walked softly on the floor with my bare feet, not wanting to wake anyone up.

When I reached the gate, I took a look over my shoulder before unlocking the door and walking into the garden. It was dark outside but I still managed to see fairly well with the fireflies flying around. In the dark, it seemed sensuously beautiful. I hurried quickly to Legolas' favorite spot. Once I reached there, I could make out a single rose lying on top of the blanket it. I picked it up and inhaled the sweet fragrance.

"It's beautiful," I whispered, looking at the flower.

"It does not compare to you my lady." I turned around to see Legolas standing inches away from me. He wore a similar suit to the one before only it was cotton and beige. This time he didn't hesitate as he took me into his arms and kissed me.

Feeling light headed from the party and the fatigue of my almost healed muscles, I closed my eyes and tried to hang on to his soft warm mouth. I knew he could tell that I was weak, because he picked me up off the ground and kneeled down to place me on the blanket. He placed himself next to me, his arms placed on each side of me looking down. It made me think of the dream this morning.

"Do you happen to have white silk sheet?" I asked absentmindedly. He gave me a puzzled look.

"Yes I do, but currently the ones on my bed are golden, what makes you ask such an unusual question?"

I looked down and away from him, not really wanting to confess my morning dreams.

"No reason," I replied. I lifted my eyes from the ground and looked up to see his face serious. "I had a dream..."I finally admitted.

"That you were making my bed?" He asked, a smile catching his lips. My eyes narrowed at his response. I suddenly felt very scared and looked away again. "What is it?" He asked me as he dropped his body next to mine on the blanket. I turned my body towards him, but instead of looking into his eyes, I placed my head on his chest, and he brought me close in an embrace.

"My dream was wonderful, I wish I hadn't woken up just then. But..." I replied, taking a deep breath.

"Tell me," He replied in my ear.

"It's something I know nothing about. I am not sure if this dream will represent it's reality."

"Making love is never exactly what anyone expects at first. But it also the most wonderful experience, even better than any dream can imagine."

"Women have told me stories. About the pain, the suffering, the agony of it," I replied. "That is another reason why amazons stick together. They do not believe man knows how to be gentle."

"If ever you accept an invitation to my bed, I promise that it will be nothing like the stories you have heard.

I knew he meant it. There hadn’t been once where he’s lied to me or used me. He was in every way the opposite of what a man was supposed to be for me.

“I believe you, it’s just to wait for the invitation,” I told him.

He adjusted himself that he was lieing mirror image to me, his eyes looking into mine.

“Illissia,” He whispered softly.

“Yes?” I asked, my pulse racing. It was very hard to even breath.

“I would be honoured if…”

“Illissia? Are you here?” I heard Shalamar call my name. I shut my eyes and cursed.

“Are you sure she would be here?” I heard Faromir ask. It was Legolas’ turn to curse.

“If she isn’t, we would have to find everyone else and start a search party,” she explained.

“I knew I should’ve insisted on walking her home,” Faromir replied.

“Wait here,” I whispered, kissing him on the lips before getting up.

I walked out of the area and almost ran into Faromir.

“Ah, I thought I heard voices,” I replied, looking innocent.

“Princess, we’ve been worried sick. She’s here Shalamar!: He yelled back. She came running, looking relieved, and brought me into a hug.

"You`re coming with me,"she replied, grabbing my arm. I pulled back.

"No," I replied. She turned back to look at me.

"There`s an evil entity out roaming for your soul. You cannot be alone, you`re still weak."

"I am fine Shalamar. You saw me in battle today, I can take care of myself."

"I can stay with her," Faromir suggested.

"No" me and Shalamar replied at the same time.

“You will not pursue our princess,"Shalamar replied.

"I think she`s old enough to decide for herself", he retorted.

"The punishment for a man pursing an amazon is death," she replied.

"I seriously doubt that", he spat.

"Wanna try me?" She asked fiercely.

“Shalamar stop this!” I cried out. “We are here as guests and we need to show everyone respect.”

“But he is trying to court you!” she exclaimed.

“And when has that ever worked with me? It won’t be long and we will be gone. We will never see them again.”

“Never?” Faromir asked, looking disappointed.

“It is very unlikely,” I explained. “We do not travel unless we need to hunt; and it is in extreme rare conditions that men may visit us.”

“You could always choose to stay here,” He inquired.

“I could, but I will not leave my people.” I replied. “Shalamar, I am safe here in this garden. Legolas has given me permission to stay here as long as I want.”

“I could stay and guard you,” Shalamar offered.

“No, I would like to be left alone tonight. You can come wake me in the morning. Do not worry, I will be safe.” I replied to her.

She nodded and headed for the gate, dragging Faromir by his sleeve. I watched as they closed the gate behind them and rushed back to where Legolas was. I noticed he was on the blanket, leaning up against a tree, his face serious.

“Would they really try to kill me?” He asked. I looked at him with a puzzled face. “If they know that I had seduced you,” He replied. I tried my best not to laugh.

“Can’t say that Shalamar or Fernalia won`t try it, but no, there is no punishment to men who seduce amazons,” I smiled.

“They won’t kill you, will they?” He asked seriously.

“Punishment for pursuing a relationship with a man is loss of rank and banishment from the protection of the amazons. They turn their back on her, treat her like dirt until finally she is thrown off the land.”

He took a long look at me with a very guilty look on his face.

"I'm sorry," he apologized. "I had no idea, if I knew..."

"We still would`ve ended up right where we are now, well maybe without your fierce determination," I replied. "Besides, I knew what I was getting myself into when I kissed you." My answer made him look out into the open woods, his face troubled.

"Is the sacrifice worth it?" He asked. I sat for a moment considering his question. Was he worth the risk of losing everything I had built for the amazons?

"My brain might be saying no, but my heart wouldn't have it any other way," I explained, smiling up at him.

"Please forgive me," he requested. I grabbed hold of him and pulled him into my arms.

"There is nothing to be forgiven for," I replied, stroking my fingers in his hair. He placed his arms around me, his head resting on my chest.

"If we'd never met..." he sighed.

"I might've been in denial for awhile longer about my need for a lover, but I doubt I would've lasted much longer sane as I was. Probably why I met you, after all, nothing is coincidence right?" I asked him.

"You are amazing princess. Strong, smart, kind, loyal and extremely stubborn," he replied, which made me laugh.

"I'm not the only one who's stubborn," I replied. "I have never met a more determined elf to get exactly what he wanted." He kissed one of the arms I was holding him with, as I spoke.

"We should sleep," he replied, climbing out of my arms. He reached over a hidden spot and grabbed another blanket. He sat down next to me and covered me with it and crawled up under it with me. I immediately climbed into his arms and closed my eyes.

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Hi guys,

Here's some more. Hope you're all still reading.


I was woken up by Shalamar the following morning. I looked around to see that Legolas was gone and I hoped he was ok.

"What's on the agenda today?" I asked, stretching in bed.

"Aragorn and Legolas are interviewing the people of Mirkwood. I am to going to go with Gimli and Faromir to make sure no one is planning a secret attack on us or the elves. Thalia said there were some sick kids who came to the infirmary this morning. The parents are worried it might be the curse." I felt myself slightly pale at the comment.

"I'll get it on it right away," i replied, getting up.

"Thalia told me to tell you to meet her in our room upstairs," she replied, as we hurried out of the garden. We separated at the gate and I hurried up the stairs and to my room as quickly as possible.

Thalia was ready for me, a beige and black cotton pants suit on a hanger ready for me to wear. I slipped them on and we were off in a hurry to the infirmary. An elf nurse who was looking after the kids looked relieved at our arrival. I crouched down to one of the little kids and asked him a question. He gave me a puzzled look.

"He only knows how to speak the elf language," she explained.

"Please translate for me," I requested as I sat next to the small blonde boy with pointed ears. It made me think of Legolas and how his son might look.

After asking a few basic questions, I found out that he had symptoms that were unlike the ones who were cursed, a simple sore throat and fever.

"None of these children have aged since they been here have they?" I asked. I asked the nurse, who shook her head in response.

Thalia passed me a smudge stick and I realized after examining his body that he was not cursed. I smiled up at Thalia once I was done and she blew out her breath as if she was holding it in in fear. I checked the other children and realized that they too were just sick with a bad virus.

"It's just a virus, probably from the new plants that have been growing from the season changes. I will just need to gather some herbs in Mirkwood to heal them.

"Are you sure?" I heard a voice asked behind me. I turned around to see Arwen standing int he doorway with a small boy in her arms. She approached me slowly, her face stained with tears and placed him in my arms. He looked up at me and it took only a few seconds to recognize the eyes of Aragorn. I placed my hand immediately to his face and was surprised to see that he wasn't hot.

"Does anything hurt sweetheart?" I asked him.

I was slightly praying that he would point to his throat, but insterad he pointed to his heart. I suddenly felt very nauseous. I reached over to Thalia, who placed the smudge stick in my hand. I passed it over his body but it didn't take long to find the curse mark over his tiny little heart.

"Has he changed at all physically since this morning?" I asked her.

"He only started to feel sick this morning, and well he does feel a little bit bigger in my arms since yesterday," she replied. I shut my eyes and said a prayer to this cute little boy, hoping that the answer we sought would be found very soon.

"Get the king Thalia, his son has been cursed."


"I'm going to skin this filth alive!" King Aragorn roared, as he paced madly back and forth in King Thranduil's throne room. "I will cause him so much pain that he will wish he was never born."

We has all gathered in the throne room to think of something to do. We all watched as King Aragon went from anger to sadness to anger again. It was hard to watch such a great man suffer so much pain. I looked over to Arwen, who was sitting by the front door away from the crowd, her arms wrapped tightly around her son, tears flowing down her face.

"Now will you admit that you can't heal them Illissia? Or maybe you were the one who cursed them and are making sure no one can heal them?" King Thranduil asked me, fury blazing in his eyes. It took all my strength not to go there and strangle him myself.

"Father, stop it! I've had enough of your pointless accusations," Legolas snapped, anger also filling his eyes.

"We need to find this traitor, and we need to find him now!" Aragon replied.

"And what exactly do you think we've been doing?" Gimli asked.

Everyone was tired, angry and upset and we started to take it out on each other. Overnight, a sweet victory party had suddenly turned into a horrible nightmare.


With everyone's mind on fear and death, it was easy to sneak out of the castle grounds and into the forest around Mirkwood. I walked through the thick trees and branches slowly, being very attentive to any presence around. There were a lot of people after me and I did not have time to fight them all.

My mission was simple enough, find the dried root from a certain tree, collect that root and then get back to the castle before anyone noticed I was gone. I knew I needed it and asking others to accompany me while they all worried was out of the question. So I took matters of the sick children into my own hands.

I sniffed the air slightly and found the scent I was looking for finally only a few feet away. I looked around before crouching down next to the tree. I uprooted the roots I was looking for and placed enough in my bag to make a cure for 300 children. I got up then and dusted myself off.

He came suddenly then, taking me by surprise. I felt an evil presence spread throughout me and I turned around immediately to notice that I was no longer alone. A few meters in front of me stood a figure in a dark cape. Normally I would be gripped with fear, but with all the events, his presence only made me feel rage.

"Illissia," he whispered softly to me, which made me shudder. I grabbed my trowel from my bag and ran towards him, hoping to stab him. But just as I reached him, his body vanished. I looked around for him but was too late and suddenly felt him grip my arms from behind. I looked down and noticed that his hands looked quite normal and not of a demons. My blood ran cold as I thought of who this man used to be and how he got to be this way.

"So many sick elves, so little time," he chuckled. I tried not to cringe away as his breath hit my face.

"What do you want from them?" I asked angrily. He laughed again at mny question. I tried to turn around to face him but he kept me in place with his arms.

"Don't you know curiosity killed the cat....or in this case...elf. I have my reasons for their death, but there is something I want more. Some i'm willing to give up their deaths for."

I perked up and turned my ear towards his face.

"Tell me," I requested.

"Give yourself to me. I want your mind, body and soul. Give me that and I set them free." Was he serious? I could smell a trap from a mile away.

"Release them all now and I will give you anything you asked," I told him honestly.

"Sorry princess, I cannot release them without your soul," he whispered.

"Then you will never obtain my soul," I told him, my voice quivering in anger. "As long as you continue to hurt my friends, I will not sacrifice anything to you."

"Such a pity and I was going to make it easy for you. You will give me your soul. When you heart breaks and you have nothing left but despair. When no one will even look or talk to you anymore....just remember, I can remove all pain. When you are ready, meet me a Killer's peak....I will be waiting.' His grip released me. I turned around and saw no one. He had dissapeared.

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Is anyone reading this anymore??
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Yes, I certainly am!
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Here's more, fun parts but I removed the slightly explicit parts, sorry. I'll try to see if I can repost that part in the mature section. Anyway enjoy! Hope i get some responses.



The king was sitting on his throne, his mind replaying the conversation that he has with his son earlier. He never understood why he defended the amazons so fiercely. Gaellen had told him so. Be careful of the amazon healer, he said. She poisons souls and asks for everything in return to heal them.

He was out of ideas. How could he destroy the curse that upon his people? He had done as Gaellan said, place a protection on their hearts, yet they still died. He was sure it had worked on Arwen's son, but now he was sick too. He placed his head in his hands and sighed with worry.

"Things not going your way?" He heard a voice speak. Gaellan stood a few feet in front of him. One of his oldest friends since they were children. He had a very sinister look to him today. The king could feel sweat slightly
pouring down his brow.

"Where have you been? My people are dieing and the health symbol isn't working for anyone. You must help me defeat this evil amazon." He requested vehemently.

"You were always the most gullible Thranduil. To trust an old friend who you haven't seen in years over your own son. That rift will be hard to mend." He replied.

"What are you going on about?" He asked, feeling a dreadful sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"You never wondered all those years ago how our dear friend Nefaru died?" He asked.

"It was the amazon who killed him. The one who used him to bear an heir for her tribe and then disposed of him once she was born.

Gaellan laughed at the king's statement.

"That foolish woman was in love with him! Never really realized that she should've been with me and not him."

"You loved her?" Thranduil asked, his mouth had gone dry.

"She was strong this amazon. Beautiful and quick with a weapon, never let anyone tell her what to do. She could fight any man that came at her. She's much like her daughter Illissia," he whispered the last statement. The king could feel the blood drain from his face.

"Does that mean you killed Nefaru?" he asked and Gaellan let out a hearty laugh.

"You're finally catching on my old friend," he started. "Though you probably don't know that I killed that amazon woman too. I mean she loved Nefaru, I wasn't going to take his sloppy seconds."

"So this protection?" He asked.

"Yes, Illissia was right, it's actually a curse. Another one of my brilliant ideas. And when they find out that it was you who put a curse on your people...well, let's just say your son will never speak to you again."

"Remove the curse from my people immediately!" The king yelled, rushing towards Gaellen. Gaellen, looking bored, simply moved his fingers and the king was thrown back by an unexplained wind and slammed into his throne. He tried to catch his breath, looking at his old friend in shock.

"Sorry old man, this is not how things are going to work," he told him looking bored but a little angry. "I'll remove the curse without a problem, I just need you to do just a tiny favor for me. Think about it, one small favor and I'll go away, no one will ever know what you have done to your own people. And not to mention that they will all see you as the hero who saved your kind." The king felt slightly cold at the offer but saw no other choice in the matter.

"I"m listening," he replied, angry that he had fallen for such a treachery and that one of his most trusted friends in his past was the one to do it.

"Your son, Legolas," Gaellen smiled.

"What about my son? You will not ask me to hurt my son!" He boomed, panicking at what he might be thinking.

"No no, Thranduil, trust me it's nothing like that," He smiled. "Your son is without a partner isn't he?"

"You mean does he have a wife? No no, Legolas hasn't really ever found anyone remotely to his interest when it comes to love. I've always found that strange but it's his choice."

"Well then this favor will be easy to you. All you have to do is marry off your son to a full blooded elf before the end of next week."

The king gave him a puzzled look. Marry off his son to an elf? He did not understand why this had meaning to Gaellen and he told him so.

"What? What does my son marrying someone by the end of next week have to do with anything?" He asked.

"I have no explanations to give you Thranduil! You will do as I ask or I will eliminate every last elf in your kingdom!" He yelled.

"Surely there must be another way. My son isn't exactly 5, he does have a mind of his own."

"I'm sorry Thranduil, this isn't up for discussion. You will convince your son by any means possible to marry an elf. Fail to do so and I'm afraid I will curse him next. Now I must leave you, so many things to do. I will be back by next week's end for the wedding. I so love elfin weddings. Do not disappoint me." He said the last sentence, with a note of menace in his tone.

With that, Gaellen dissapeared from the king's site. Thranduil slumped back into his seat and closed his eyes. He rubbed his temples and then placed his head in his hands. He felt even more frustrated and depressed than he had been moments before Gaellen arrived. What had he done??


I had just finished painting symbols on an elf's door and moved on to the next one. Arwen stood in the door frame looking at me.

"What's the point? He is already ill, what is this going to do?" she asked, her face empty of light and happiness, and filled with tears. I felt my heart squeeze at the site of her.

"It's to protect your room from evil. This may not remove the curse your son has, but it could protect him from getting worse. And I think it's best you're protected from it too. You must stay strong for your son's sake, I don't think that would be much possible if you became ill as well." She nodded her head, wiping a tear from her eye. I proceeded to paint ancestry symbols that were passed down from the amazons to ward off many types of evil. I was hoping that the symbols might also help the curse from progressing. Once I was done and started moving, she grasped me with her hands and pulled me into an embrace. She whispered thank you in my ear and I nodded.

I moved onto the final door on the floor. It was the prince's chamber. Legolas sat against the wall next to his door, his thoughts seemed miles away from where we were. Not wanting to disturb his thoughts, I started to paint the symbols on his door quietly. I was almost finished when he started to speak.

"Why has darkness come over Aragorn's son?" He asked softly. I looked down at his distant face and set my brush aside, before taking a seat next to him.

"Evil has no compassion, it attacks everything it wants to without mercy," I replied solemnly.

"But he is only a child!" He replied exasperated. I reached down to squeeze his hand.

"I promise we'll do everything to help your godson Legolas; and your people." I rubbed his arms softly and squeezed it before getting up again. I picked up my brush to finish the symbols.

"Where are you sleeping tonight?" He suddenly asked me. I looked down at him again and noticed that his solemn expression had not changed from earlier. I frowned.

"Well after this, I'm probably going to head to the garden. I've already told the girls I wanted to be alone to my thoughts tonight," i told him as I placed the last of the symbols on the door, including an extra symbol to represent peace of mind.

He stood up then and looked down at me. His face was set in a hard line, yet he looked like he wanted to tell me something. I reached out and touched his arm again, with a worried look on my face.

"What is it?" I asked him softly. I knew no one was around to listen and I freely asked him to open up to me.

"Well... I," He started. I gave him a small smile, encouraging him to ask his question. "I don't want to be alone tonight." He finally stated. I looked
seriously into his face, trying to decipher if this was some form of way to seduce me. His face was still very grim and sorrowful. I knew that whatever this was, it definitely not one of his many flirting techniques. Instead of excitement, his eyes were filled with worry, fear and sadness.

"Sure," I replied to him. "Let me put my tools away and put on my sleeping robes and I'll be right back." I leaned in and gave him a slight hug before turning around and heading back to my bedroom.

I entered the room to find it empty. I put my tools away and threw on one of the many silk robes I was given to sleep in and a overcoat of berry color on top. I brushed out my hair and then placed a note on the table to re-notify Thalia and Shalamar that I will be sleeping in the garden. After that, I took one look in the mirror and slipped out of my chambers.

As I approached Legolas' room, I couldn't help but feel slightly nervous. I walked up to his door and was about to knock, when the door opened and Legolas stood there. I watched as he gave me a once over, no emotions in his face, and then attempted at a smile as he moved over to let me into the room.

I slipped in passed the prince and looked around. This was the first time I had seen the prince's chambers. The walls were painted light beige with golden fixtures and chandeliers around. His bed was a canopy of beautiful brown wood that towered to the top of the high ceiling, curtains of gold hanging on the canopy and tied to each post. An armoir and drawers were displayed with the same rich brown as the bed. The sheets were of light blue silk and a royal blue down comforter was placed messy at the foot of the bed.

"A room fit for a prince," I replied in complete awe of the beautiful room.

"Doesn't feel so great or deserving right about now," he replied. I turned to look at him.

I noticed that he was facing away from me, brushing out his hair. He had on a pair of black silk pajama pants and nothing else. I forced myself to avoid admiring the contours of his firm white skin. I knew that it would be inappropriate to stare with his mood being so down.

"It will feel right again, once everything will go back to normal. And it will go back to that again, I promise," I told him. He turned then from the mirror to face me. I looked into his eyes, willing my eyes not to linger to any other part of his body.

He then looked away from me, refusing to heed my words and closed the lights before crawling into bed. I stood there in the dark for a moment, wondering if this meant he changed his mind. I decided to stay and that if he did want me to leave, he would request it. I felt my way over to the bed and managed to get to it unbruised. I slipped under the covers once I managed to get there.

I snuggled into his soft sheets ready to fall asleep until I felt Legolas get closer to me. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me over until I was glued next to him. He crawled down until his head was lying safely on my stomanch and I involuntarily starting stroking his hair with my fingers. I could feel him shaking then. I thought he was cold and was about to suggest to bring the comforter over up on us, until I realised that he actually was not shaking, but was crying. I pulled him up off my stomach then and brought him into my arms, softly rubbing his back at the same time.

"It's ok Legolas, it will be ok, I promise," I whispered to him, while I smoothed his hair out and softly kissed his forehead.

As if on a natural response, his lips suddenly moved up to find my own. He brushed them softly against my own and I reached up and drew him more intensly to me. His kiss then became more urgent and passionate. Glad that he was giving me some sort of response, I continued with the same intensity.

He laid down on his back and pulled me on top of him, his arms holding me prisoner of his lips. He started to stroke my back as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I could feel goosebumps forming on my back from his light touch. I could also feel a heat resonating from him in the center of his chest and between his legs. I moaned softly at the anticipation of what was to come.

He turned me around so that now I was under him and he was on top of me. I could make out his eyes in the dark that were sparkling. Afraid that he would fall back into despair, I pulled him down to meet my lips again. I touched his neck and shoulders, grazing them softly with my fingers until I reached down onto his chest. He immediately trailed his hands down, pulling up at the bottom of my gown and passed his hands over my exposed thighs and hips.

He lowered his mouth to my neck, kissing lines all the way to my collar bone. I reacted by pushing my hips up to his and he then put his weight on top of me,
crushing me back down into his bed. His hands continued to lift my gown, his kisses now formed on my naked belly. I ran my hands through his hair, trying not to go insane from all the little nips he was giving me that was creating little electric shocks all through my body.

He climbed back up at me and kissed me softly on the lips before getting a little more forceful. He broke contact from me then, as he stood up on his elbows, looking down at me. He smiled gently, a genuine smile as I felt his hands grasp onto my gown, now just covering my breasts. I knew he was asking permission from me, and I also knew one thing. Tonight, I was not going to deny him anything.


As the next hour finally came to a beautiful end, he pulled me into his arms, both of us breathing hard. He rubbed my back as I listened to his heartbeat slowing with time.

"I love you," he whispered in my ear, holding me tighter. I opened my eyes at his words, shock at his sudden declaration. That's when I realised that me, the princess of the amazons, felt exactly the same way as he did.

"I love you too," I answered back. I looked up into his blue eyes and noticed that he too looked surprised that I felt the same way but also extremely happy. He leaned down then and kissed me and then I snuggled into him again and fell asleep in his arms as he stroked my hair.


I could hear the birds outside when I woke up the following morning. My body hurt in places I never knew but I also had never felt so happy and relaxed before in my life. I could feel Legolas' arms around me. I sighed slightly as I snuggled closer to his body.

I suddenly heard someone scream, I shot up from the bed like a rocket, Legolas doing the same thing next to me. I looked up into the eyes of Shalamar. She had a look of outrage on her face and her spear waas pointed directly at Legolas' heart. He looked shock, breathing hard from the surprise. I suddenly felt cold all over, a knot forming in the pit of my stomach.

"I should shove this spear through your heart!" She screamed at him.

"Shalamar, please," I replied, looking at her face filled with fury, afraid she might do what she threatened. She turned to look at me. Her face was void of any emotion when she looked at me.

"Don't talk to me," she replied, her voice seemed to shake from rage and pain and my heart felt out for her.

"What's going on?" I heard Thalia ask as she walked into Legolas' chambers in a hurry. She froze as she saw me and Legolas in bed together naked and Shalamar at the head of the bed, spear raised to stake him through the heart.

"Oh no," she replied, her face looking grim, as she saw Shalamar. She approached her and placed her hand on the spear, removing it completeley from her hands. I let out a sigh of relief once Thalia had the spear in her hands.

"Give me back my spear," shalamar yelled at her lover.

"You cannot kill the prince of Mirkwood Shalli," she explained to her calmly.

"He has soiled the name of our princess! I mean it is obvious exactly what they have been up to! And don't try the she's trying to have a baby explanation, cause if that were the case, she wouldn't still be in his bed!"

"Come on Shalli, let's let them be for a bit," she tried to pull her away from the room, while I clutched at Legolas' baby blue sheets, covering my exposed body and exposed sins.

"What?! Let them be! Our princess has broken THE cardinal rule. Our leader, the one we've looked up to since we were children! What kind of role model breaks the biggest rule of the tribe! You know what she has done Thalia as you can see, and you cannot stop me from righting this wrong."

"Please Shalamar, don't do this. No one has to know," I pleaded. She whipped her head back around to me, her eyes filled with fury.

"Your brought this on yourself Illissia! As from the time forward,, you are no longer welcome among the amazons. I will leave forthwith to announce to the amazons of your sins and your departure. Show up on our land and face the punishment of a traitor!" And with that she turned on her heels and left the room in fury, with Thalia following behind, trying to talk some sense into her.

When she left, I felt a tear fall down my face. In one instance, I had destroyed my whole life, the only thing I knew. I placed my head in my hands and started to cry. I could feel Legolas' soft hands on my shoulders, bringing me into his arms. He kissed me on the forehead while i cried. Part of me wanted to yell at him, to tell him it was all his fault that I was no longer an amazon and that I hated him. But the stronger part of me, the one that fell in love with him, knew better. It was just as much my fault as it was his and I knew what I was getting myself into when I did decide to come to his bed. And it was one thing I was sure of, rules or not, he loved me for who I was; and for once, it was something that felt extremely comforting.

"She'll come to her senses," he whispered to me. I looked up at him when he said that. His face, marked with pain, slid his fingers over my face to wipe away my tears.

"she has all her senses Legolas, and I know Shalamar since she was a baby, believe me, she won't change her mind," i replied miserably.

"I'll go there myself, I'll tell them it was my fault, we can fix this," he started. I stopped him by placing my lips onto his.

"We can't change fate now, I will have to deal with the consequences. Just as long as you promise that you will stay by my side," I requested.

"Of course my lady, I will always be by your side," he replied.

I looked over and noticed that the door had been shut by Thalia, which gave me the opportunity to grab him and kiss him.

"Now I have only one request," I whispered to him. "make love to me."

He quickly responded by laying me back down on the bed and covering us with the sheets.

"As you wish my lady," he replied, before leaning over and kissing me.

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Oh I hope that Thranduil doesn't hurt Legolas and the Amazons understand!
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Here's some more for my one reader lol


I was sitting in King Thranduil's throne room. Most were off in search of the traitor who, to this day, did not seem to exist. And Thalia was in front of the castle, trying to stop the departure that Shalamar stubbornly needed to take. I didn't see Thalia's point the in the matter since we both knew we could argue a fortnight and still not change her mind. Legolas sat next to me, his hand grasping my own tightly, his mind far away.

Despite Legolas and I's night of passion, we still had dieing elves and a very sick little boy who meant the world to Legolas. Arwen and Faromir were with us, faces mixed with grief and now shock at the new of our new found romance. I could feel the tension in the room resonating from them, it was so thick, it was hard to breathe.

"How could you?" Arwen accused Legolas, finally speaking up. We all looked at her with a puzzled expression. "Faromir is your friend, yet you decided to run off and seduce the princess, even if he was pursuing her. I never thought I'd see you so selfish Legolas."

Legolas stood up then; his face filled with anger, pain and sadness. He approached Arwen, which made Faromir walk in front of Legolas, anger also in his eyes.

"I thought you were my friend," Faromir accused.

"You are my friend," Legolas responded, making Faromir scoff.

"You know how I've felt since I lost Eowyn in battle and yet you do this to me," he replied angrily.

"Stop this!" I yelled, standing up. "Legolas tell them."

"I shouldn't have to," Legolas replied bitterly.

"Tell us what?" Arwen asked. Legolas pleaded with his eyes that I kept quiet, but this wasn't the time to make enemies when elves were dieing left and right.

"Legolas and I have been interested in each other since before I met Faromir. We even shared a kiss before we arrived to Mirkwood, when we were stuck in the caves." Faromir looked at Legolas in surprise.

"Is this true?" Faromir asked. Legolas nodded at him in response.

"So why didn't you guys just tell us the moment you saw Faromir was interested in Illissia?" Arwen asked.

"She isn't supposed to be with any man Arwen, me included. We were trying to keep it a secret."

"A lot of good that did," I muttered bitterly. Legolas turned to look at me. He then proceeded to come over, sit next to me and place his arm around my shoulders.

"This makes no sense, I have never even seen you in love before. I didn't think it was even possible that you would find your match," Arwen replied.

"I know," Legolas confirmed. "I don't understand it myself, but I can't get her out of my head." He squeezed my shoulder as he said that.

"I'm not exactly in the position to say that I've been intimate with any man before Legolas. I guess fate brought us together for a reason, we just don't know what it is yet."

Suddenly, Thalia walked in, a grim look on her face.

"She left, I tried everything to stop her," She replied, talking about Shalamar's departure. She looked deflated from the hopeless effort. I took a long nervous breath at the confirmation that she left.

"What are you going to do now?" Faromir asked.

"She will stay with me," Legolas replied firmly, almost as if he decided that I would stay with him no matter what I said.

"I had a feeling she would, but what will you be doing in Mirkwood now that you are no longer princess?" He asked again. They all turned to look at me. I felt slightly nervous at such an important question, and to be honest, I hadn't even started to think about anything of the sort.

"I don't know to be honest," I answered.

"I'm staying too," Thalia added.

"No," I replied to her seriously.

"I'm not leaving you here alone," she replied stubbornly.

"I"m not alone," I replied, smiling up at Legolas. "Besides you have your mother, your grandmother and Shalamar back at home. I have nothing left there, all my family is dead."

"Shalli isn't talking to me right now. And... you're my family too. No matter what the tribe, you'll always be our princess to me."

I felt so happy by what she said that I let a tear slide down my face as I got up and hugged her.

"I'm touched sweetheart, but the answer is still no. They need your point of view in the tribe, to start to change their way of thinking, You cannot do that if you stay here with me."

"I"ll miss you," she replied, slightly crying herself.

"I will too, but remember I'm only a few days horse ride away. Just because I'm no longer a part of the tribe, doesn't mean you can't come visit me." I answered, and she squeezed me in a tight hug again.

"Ok, I will leave, but only after this nasty curse problem is resolved."

"Of course Thalia, they need all the help they can get. Speaking of which, what are we doing today?"



It was late afternoon. I spent the entire day searching for the guilty party without achieving any results. I was frustrated, and all the familiar faces started to look suspicious to me. It upset me to think that one of my people would do such an evil thing to innocent elves, and that I started to suspect every one of them.

I walked into the throne room, after leaving illissia in the garden to rest up. The guards had told me my father was looking for me so I went off to talk to him. I was hoping he would make this quick so I could get back to being by the side of my new found love.

"It's a wonderful day son," My father started, looking off into space. He had been acting stranger than usual lately and his lies had tripled. I gave him a puzzled look at his statement.

"Our people are dieing father, how does this make the day wonderful?" I asked him.

"Because I know the solution to our problems son; and all it will take is one small favor from you." Excited at the thought of saving our people, I didn't think to realize what might be behind his words.

"Name it," I replied, walking fast towards my father, feeling hope growing in my heart. I was eager to learn of the favor so that I could save my people and most important, my godson.

"Princess Dranei of Evergreen," was his reply, with a smile on his lips. His response made me confused.

"Yes? What of this princess? I do not understand father."

"She will be arriving with her family tomorrow. Our kingdom has long waited to unite both our homes. A sorcerer told me that bonding to this family will heal our people."

"And what favor do you wish for me to do father?" I asked, an eerie chill slid down my spine.

"Well you will wed her son."

He had said it with such ease, that I thought I hadn't heard him right. My face fell, this was the only was to save my people? My heart squeezed at the thought of Illissia standing next to me at the alter, now being replaced by an unknown woman.

"No," I answered him. "There must be another way."

"There isn't Legolas."

"I will not wed a perfect stranger!" I yelled at him.

"This is not up for discussion son!" He yelled back at me. "So you will turn your back to your own people?" He asked. I felt like he had twisted a dagger through my heart with his accusations.

"You're lieing father," I said. "You're up to something, my marriage to this elf I do not know will not help our people. And it would be polite if you not ask me about this again," I turned on my heels and started towards the door, longing to be near Illissia again.

"Then I have no choice," He started. I stopped dead in my tracks. I took a deep breath to calm my rage and turned to face him.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked him harshly.

"You seemed fond of these amazons. It would be a shame if they had to die at the consequences of your actions." My stomach tied in a knot at his words, it hurt so much that I had to grit my teeth to keep from screaming in pain..

"You wouldn't dare," I replied through clenched teeth.

"A blood bath, all thanks to you my son. Could you really live with all that guilt?"

"How can you kill all the amazons? surely you know they are smarter than to be poisoned," I replied back.

"Not if I send the Mirkwood army," He replied.

"And what makes you think they would start a war with these women?" I challenged.

"Because I'll tell them the amazons were the ones to curse our people. That Illissia was sent here to make sure the sick were dead, and the only way to save ourselves are to kill them. Why would they doubt their trusted king?"

I felt the blood drain from my face. He was right, he could spin a web of lies that would get all his men at war with the amazons. And I certainly wouldn't be selfish enough to let them all die, despite the fact that they had now rejected my beloved. I would just have to tell Illissia the truth, that I have to do this to avoid the death of her people, that he blackmailed me. She would understand. I would just have to keep her close and safe until I could annul this false marriage my father was planning.

"Fine, I'll marry her," I responded solemly, my heart feeling heavy.

"Great news son. I will tell everyone about it. The ceremony will be held tomorrow right at sunset. Please be on time and try to look happy."

"I'll be in the garden until then, please do not disturb me," I replied angrily, as I turned to leave. I was ready to run to Illissia and tell her of this new found bad news, hoping she would help me find another way out of this.

"Oh and son, I almost forgot. You will not mention this conversation to anyone. Not one person. Tell anyone of this, and the same fate will rest for the amazons. Now try and have a good night son."

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I hope Thranduil realizes what he's doing!

Illissa and Legolas need each other!
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Since I kept you waiting, here is a long good part.


Thalia and I had slept in the garden the previous night. Legolas had apparently locked himself in his bed chambers and refused to answer to anyone who knocked, including me. I had become extremely worried, and was hoping nothing had happened to him.

"What if he's cursed? He could need my help," I told Thalia.

"We don't know for sure, just wait, I'm sure he will come out of his chambers soon."

I suddenly saw Arwen and Aragorn coming through the gate from the castle, with matching worried faces. My heart fell to my feet at their expressions.

"What is it? Is he cursed? Dieing? Please don't tell me he's already dead, I don't know if I could take that kind of news." I requested. They both exchanged sad expressions which made me feel like grabbing one of them and shaking the information out of them.

"He's getting married," Arwen suddenly replied. I blinked twice, trying to understand what she just told me.

"What?" I asked puzzled. "I don't have a dress or anything? Is this a surprise for me, then why do you look sad, I don't understand..." Arwen lifted her hand up to stop my ramblings.

"Umm...Illissia, he's not marrying you," she replied softly, looking away from my face.

"What?" I asked again, even more puzzled than before. Legolas marrying another? This couldn't be. "Why?".

"We don't know, I've been trying to speak to him since the news of his marriage but he won't speak to anyone," Aragorn added.

"This must be some mistake," I replied, starting to feel slightly panicked. I could feel my breath slightly quicken. Marry someone else, not me? I felt a lump forming in my throat as I fought back tears that wanted to escape. This wasn't possible, he wouldn't do that to me. He would've told me.

"Who is he marrying?" Thalia asked.

"A princess of Evergreen, an elf," Arwen answered. I couldn't believe what she said. He promised to love me forever, was my human life not long enough for him that he had changed his mind and his promise and wanted to marry off with an elf?

"No," I replied softly, refusing to buy into this information. I took off to the staircase, up to his room. I ignored the calls from Thalia. I needed to know the truth. I ran all the way to his chambers and I banged on the door.

"Legolas, open this door immediately!" I yelled, continuing to bang on the door so hard, I thought I would knock it right off it's hinges. But before that, the door opened and Legolas appeared.

His eyes were red and puffy. He had a strained look and dark circles under his eyes, he looked like he hadn't slept in days. I approached him, wanting only to comfort him, but he responded by backing up and turning his face away from me. I felt a slight twinge in my heart at his actions.

"Legolas..." I said softly, my voice slightly filled with pain.

"Don't make it harder on yourself then it should be," he replied, no emotion in his voice. His words felt like I had been punched in the stomach, he was never this cold with me.

"You can't be doing this, marrying yourself off to an elf. You promised me we would be together forever," I replied, a few tears falling down my face.

"I lied," he replied, continuing with his harsh tone. "Just go away, leave me alone. Pretend like you never met me."

I couldn't believe my ears or eyes. The only man I ever fell in love with was telling me our relationship from the beginning was a lie. I couldn't understand how he could have faked every moment we were together.

"I don't believe you," I replied. I could've sworn just then that I saw his face soften and his eyes fill with tears, but it was immediately replaced with a cruel expression.

"It was easy to fool you. Just promise you everything you ever wanted to hear to bed you, and my plan worked. How great am I that I am the only man in middle earth to have bedded the princess of the amazons." His face was expressionless but he said it almost like he enjoyed it.

His words burned me like hot coals. His face was always so serious, no note of sarcasm in his voice. I tried not to sob in front of him, my pride did not want to give him the satisfaction. I let a tear fall, but wiped it back from my face before I turned and walked away from him to my room. I slammed the door behind me and collapsed onto the bed, the sound of my sobs escaping my lips. The pain rained down on me like a downpour and through my eyes which soaked up the pillow my head was resting on. Not only had I been betrayed by a man, who was smart enough to fool me. But I had let him ruin my entire life in the process. I felt helpless in what to do now. The amazons would never forgive me of such a mistake and I no longer had a place in Mirkwood to stay, not that I wanted to be anywhere close to Legolas. I knew I needed to leave, and I needed to do it today. I saw the invitation that it was today next to Legolas' room so there was no way I was going to be here on their first night of marriage. It made me cry more knowing that she would be stroking his soft blond hair and being in his arms that smelt like a forest.

I forced myself up after my sobs died down and pulled out the amazon clothes I came here with. I slipped off the soft silk elf robes and tossed them into an empty drawer, followed by the head piece and the soft shoes. As I pulled on a pair of lion skin pants and a matching top, I almost felt happy. It felt comforting being in my old clothes, despite the fact that they came from my old home. I braided my hair and tied it with a leather band, and slipped the others clothes I arrived in Mirkwood in my bag. I looked back into the drawer to see if I had missed anything and I noticed a pair of black boots inside. My heart squeezed at the memory of meeting Legolas the first time and offering me his boots. I wiped the few tears I shed, and closed the drawer on them. I would never show weakness to any man again, no matter where I went or who I met, I would have to always be strong.

I wrote a letter to Thalia, explaining the procedures to heal the elves, should they find the man behind it and slipped out of the room with my backpack. I had to be careful, there were many elves around dressed in beautiful gowns and silk shirts. These people should've been here for my wedding, I told myself, letting another tear fall down my face. I shook my head then and concentrated and managed to get passed all the guests unnoticed.

I walked into the stables, and when I saw that the coast was clear, I walked over to moonshine in one of the stalls. I stroked his soft black mane before starting to pack the food, clothes and medicine I had in my bag.

I heard a rustle from behind and turned around with quick reflexes. Aragorn's son stood in front of the stall entry, looking at moonshine. I bent down slightly and extended my hand out to Aragorn Jr., which I found out was his son's name earlier that week.

"It's ok sweetheart," I replied. He approached me slowly until he was right next to me and moonshine. "You can pet him you know, he likes it." I watched as he stroked the horse on the head. Moonshine was used to the children of the tribe, so I knew he wouldn't mind this little boy.

'I can make the pain go away,' I suddenly heard a voice whisper in my ear. My head snapped up , looking around to see if anyone else was with us. The rest of the stables were silent and no one was in sight, my senses weren't picking up anyone else either.

Aragorn Jr. took my hand then, and I looked down at him. He was looking at me with a worried expression, pointing to his heart. I crouched down and looked into his scared eyes and touched his face. I watched as before me his face changed slightly and he grew at an inch taller in height. He was aging before my eyes, I tried not to curse when it stopped. He looked terrified so I took the still small boy into my arms and squeezed him tight. 'I can heal them, just give me your soul,' the voice whispered again in my ears. I now knew what the words meant, and I knew what I had to do.

"Ara," I whispered his nickname to him. He let me go to look up at me with his beautiful blue eyes. Aragorn's compassionate eyes. "I will make this pain go away, I promise. But to do this you need to go right back to your mother's chambers and stay there until you feel the pain go away. It might take a few days but you will see the change." I placed my hand on his heart, almost wishing I could heal it with my touch. I knew that Arwen's chambers were not much, but I thought the symbols could at least stop him from growing so fast. I didn't know if the effects of the age reversed once the curse was stopped and wanted to give them as much of his childhood as possible.

He nodded at my request and proceeded to take my hand and draw me away from moonshine and out of the stables, but I just lightly pulled back. He turned around with a puzzled expression on his face when I didn't move.

"I'm sorry Ara, I can't go with you," I replied. He came back over to me and gave me a very tight hug. I wondered if he knew that I would most probably not ever see him again. It was the first time he was holding onto me so fiercely. "But I promise you, where I am going, it will help you and make all the pain go away. Now off you go to your room, don't make your mama worry," I replied.

He took one more look at me and ran to the stable doors, I smiled as I watched him go, feeling a slight pain that I would never experience this type of connection with my own child. I rubbed my sore eyes from the tears that slightly flowed down my face. I took another deep breath and returned to finish packing moonshine.

"You better keep you promise, do you hear me?" I replied to myself, hoping that the evil spirit was listening. "That little boy does not deserve to be sick."

I tied the last of the straps tightly around moonshine and mounted her. I coaxed her out of the stall and out of the stable doors. It was rather deserted the way to the castle door until I reached the entrance that was the exit to the kingdom of Mirkwood. I saw Aragorn, Gimli and Thalia standing together nearby, their faces looking grim and worried. I took a deep breath again, trying to steady myself. I knew I had to be strong. This was definitely the time to not show weakness.

I rode my horse slowly to the gate, pretending I didn't notice them and hoping they wouldn't notice me, but didn't receive such luck.

"Illissia lass, where are you going?" Gimli asked. I shut my eyes and focused on trying to look happy before turning around and facing them.

"Just going for a ride Gimli, need to clear my thoughts," I replied as I attempted at a smile, and knew right away that I had failed it.

"You packed your things and changed into your amazon clothes for a quick ride?" Thalia asked.

"More importantly, where are you boots? You were planning to ride bare footed?" Aragorn asked.

I looked down at my bare feet, remembering the warmth of Legolas' old worn boots, remembering the first time he touched me. It also reminded me of the betrayal that was too soon brought up. As I felt the tears coming, it confirmed me that I was now making the right decision. I didn't look away a sob escaped my lips. Tears came back to my eyes too easily and I felt like they would never really go away.

"You're not planning on coming back to Mirkwood, are ya lass?" Gimli asked, as he watched me cry. I shook my head, confirming that I was indeed leaving Mirkwood forever. "Well I hope it will help, he doesn't deserve someone like you anyway. I always knew elves had a bad judge of character."

"Where are you going to go Illissia?" Thalia asked, with a worried look on her face.

"I know of a place to go, that will most likely guarantee to save the lives of the elves here," I stated.

"You're helping them by leaving Mirkwood?" Aragorn asked, looking confused.

"Well, I have a confession to make. A few days ago, I slipped out of the castle, even if we were asked not to. I was offered a way to save them, only the way isn't exactly very favorable."

"By who?" Gimli asked. I was silent, afraid of the reaction that the truth might give them. I did not need a reason to be stuck here any longer.

"Doesn't prince Legolas look handsome," I suddenly heard a elf maiden state just a few feet away from us. I turned to the direction that she was saying her sentence and regretted it immediately.

Legolas almost shined in his white pant suit lined with a bronze color. His hair had been brushed so many times that his locks shone like spun gold. He had a crown on his head, a little more royal than the previous one I had seen. The sight of him made my heart squeeze, and I turned around to look away from him.

"He has to get married now?!" Thalia exclaimed, looking up at my shattered face.

"No he isn't getting married now. The ceremony is at sunset, this is probably the royal meeting of the two families."

As they discussed and took in the sight of Legolas, I slowly slipped away from them and passed the doors of Mirkwood.

"Just make it to killer's peak Illissia, and this will all go away," I whispered to myself as I shut my eyes.

"What's at Killer's peak?" Thalia suddenly asked. I snapped open my eyes and looked down at her, who had apparently stopped my horse, holding onto moonshines reines.

"Thalia..." I started.

"Tell me who you made the deal with Illissia? No one else is here but me. I'm your confident, whether you're the official princess or not."

"You will try and stop me, I will not tell you." I replied.

"Please, just tell me. I promise, I won't stop you." I knew she was good on her word, despite the fact that I knew she would regret what she just promised.

"The evil entity made me an offer. If I was to sacrifice my soul to him, he would heal all the cursed elves and help my pain go away,"I told her quietly.

"Illissia! You cannot believe anything that evil thing says! He only means to harm people," Thalia replied, trying to talk me out of going.

"You mean I can believe all of Legolas' lies, but not him?" I replied, my voice faltering as I said his name. "I have nothing left Thalia. No home, no love, almost no friends. He promised me an eternity without pain, it's something I'm willing to risk, I have nothing left to lose."

"Please don't do this Illissia," she begged, holding firmly onto the reins, determined to keep me from going. I grabbed her hands and tried to take them away from the reins.

"You promised," I whispered, and with that she let them go, tears flowing down her face. I turned my horse away from Mirkwood and took off. "Goodbye Thalia."



I entered my bedroom chambers exhausted. The meeting with my so-called new in-laws went on forever. I was angry and frustrated and trying to keep up a front that I was happy wasn't easy.

I threw off my royal garments and crashed onto my bed. I groaned as I tried to close my eyes, for every time I did I could see Illissia's broken face looking at me. It shattered my heart to see her in so much pain but I didn't have much of a choice. It was the only way I knew that she would leave me alone and not try and stop this sham of a wedding, which she had already guessed at. I remembering crying for awhile after she left me, behind closed doors. It was hard to face that I had broken her heart and that I would never see her again.

I shut my eyes again, forcing myself to look at her broken face from pure guilt. I shed new tears at the vision.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me my love," I replied. I cried again, my heart as in many pieces as hers, and slowly fell asleep to the sound of my cries.


I opened my eyes at the sound of birds. I looked around to see that I was in the middle of a forest that seemed vaguely familiar. It was night but I could make out every tree around me clearly and everything far away seemed to be covered in fog. I made out some lights and towers of stairs mounted on large trees. I suddenly knew where I was. I then heard a familiar laugh, and it confirmed that my guesses were right.

"Hello Legolas," a voice behind me called out. I turned around to see a blonde elf in front of me. She was tall with her hair cascading down her back, beautiful sympathetic eyes and she glowed compared to the contrast of the dark trees.

"Galadriel?" I asked, only wanting to confirm my suspicions. She nodded. "You are really in my dreams? How can you be here? You are no longer in middle earth?" I asked her.

"You are correct, I no longer reside on your side of the world, but I can travel through the spirit realm to relay messages to others. I have seen your life Legolas, and I must speak with you urgently."

"Is this about Illissia?" I asked.

"Yes, about you and Illissia. It's time that I enlighten you about what's really been going on around you." I looked up at her face, her eyes almost binding me captive to hers, yet I nodded. She smiled back down at me.

"Your father will not take into action his threats, he only says this for he fears your life if you decide not to wed Dranai. Besides, choices have been made and the person who is blackmailing you father will no longer need to blackmail him. He almost has his hands on what he truly desires."

"My father was blackmailed? By who?" I asked.

"By the evil spirit that has followed you since the lands of the amazons. He is actually an elf, named Gaellan, an old friend of your fathers. He lives in darkness and evil, promised by a demon to get exactly what he desires, as long as he does his bidding. He was once in love with an amazon, who shared her love for another elf, an elf prince to be exact. He never understood or got over losing the woman he loved to a friend, so he killed his friend and then the woman he loved, after she refused him from taking her baby, Illissia to be exact. He used your father's trust and then betrayed him, and now because of that he is not far upon getting what he desires the most."

I suddenly had a sinking feeling of dread pass over me. I swallowed hard.

"What is it he desires if Illissia's mom is dead?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"He wants Illissia's soul," she stated. The thought of her soul belonging to such an evil creature made my heart stop. "He refuses to let go of his obsession for her mother, so he takes the only thing in this world left that's meant something to her, her own daughter."

"But why go through all the trouble? Why hasn't he tried to take her away before this?" I asked.

"She must willingly give up her soul. He knew he had to bring her out of the amazon territory, for she is protected by the love of the sisterhood there. That is why he asked your father to place those symbols on your people, telling him that they were protection spells. The sick made you come for her, the only person who could truly help your people, or so everyone thought. And once she was out, he stalked her, finding out her weak spots to use them against her, so that she was willing to give herself up to him."

I shut my eyes and fought back the tears forming. I felt my anger rise out of me as I came to realize what Galadriel had really said.

"He used me?! To get to her?! And more than once!" I was so angry that I started to pace back and forth to bring my temper down. My mood suddenly changed then. "I fell right into his trap, and I hurt her for nothing. My poor Illissia, what have I done?"

"There is no time for regret or guilt Legolas, you must take action before it's too late. You still have a little time left. Illissia is heading to Gaellan as we speak. You must stop this from happening, if he has control over Illissia, he will kill every elf in Mirkwood. You must understand this, you will find something about Illissia, something powerful that she keeps inside her. Do not let yourself draw away from her, you are destined to be together." I nodded my head at her statement.

"I need to leave then, what do I do Galadriel, how do I get out of this dream?" Galadriel smiled as she slowly approached me, she placed her warm hand on my face and leaned in so she was inches from me. 'wake up', she almost whispered in a dream.


"Wake up!" someone yelled out loud, it made me jump in my bed. I looked up to see Aragorn facing me, his face worried. I looked at him for a moment before remembering the conversation I just had with Galadriel, I had to act fast.

I had no idea of the time or how long I was in my dream state, all I knew was that I had to save Illissia and I had to do it now. I jumped out of bed, pushing past Aragorn and took out my travel wear. I slipped my clothes on quickly and went to an armoir to get my bow, arrows and daggers. I slipped my bag of arrows onto my back as I turned around and almost ran into Aragorn, who was standing right in front of me.

"Legolas, talk to me," he pleaded.

"I don't have time Aragorn," I replied, making sure I had some provisions for my horse packed.

"Where are you going in such a hurry? And in your travel clothes?" He asked. I stopped in my tracks as I realized that Galadriel had not once mentioned exactly where I had to go or where Illlissia was heading.

"No, no no..." I mumbled, panicking. I needed to know where she was going. "Aragorn have you seen Illissia today?"

"Yes, she was on her way out of Mirkwood not very long ago," he responded.

"Did she say where she was going?" I asked, grabbing onto both his arms and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Well no, but she did talk to Thalia right before she left, she might know."

Before his sentence was even done, I was out of my chambers, running around looking for Thalia. I could hear Aragorn running after me, calling my name. I needed to hurry, every second that went by, Illissia was closer to her destination, and I was close to losing her forever. I ran out to the front and saw Thalia dressed up in elf robes talking to Arwen. I breathed a sigh of relief as I found her in little time.

"Thalia!" I yelled, running up to them both. She looked up at me and gave me a look that could make anyone go away, but I ignored it. "Where is Illissia?" I asked, slightly out of breath.

"Why do you care?" She asked me harshly. Aragorn had joined us by then.

"Thalia, I don't have time for this. Illissia is going to sacrifice her soul to that evil being who's been cursing my people. I have to stop her," I explained quickly, as Arwen gasped at the information.

"Feeling guilty now aren't you?" She asked. I sighed heavily, I was hoping she was going to get passed her being angry with me to give me the information.

"Thalia, I can't lose her now, not after all we've been through. Please, you don't understand and I don't have time to explain," I replied, as tears of frustration fell down my face. Thalia's face changed at my reaction, it was very rare people saw me cry.

"Prince Legolas!" I heard one of my father chamber maids yell at me. "Why aren't you dressed for the ceremony?! Quickly now," she replied, trying to grab one of my arms to follow her, ignoring the fact that I looked upset. I moved out of her reach.

"You can tell my father that if he wants good relations with Evergreen, he can marry the princess himself!" I replied angrily, wanting nothing more than to be gone, riding after Illissia. I turned back around to see Thalia a little farther away, but this time, she beckoned me forward and I happily obliged.

"Killer's peak," she whispered to me. I let out a breath. I knew exactly where it was. It was a couple of days journey, so I knew that she hadn't reached her destination yet, but I had to hurry.

"Thank you," I whispered back and turned around to run to the stables. I stopped in my tracks as Aragorn stood before me, mounted on his horse. My white stallion next to his, ready to ride.

"You might need some help along the way," he replied.

"I'm not planning on stopping, I'll ride through the night just so I can reach her," I warned him.

"If I have to stop, I will and catch up with you. But I'm not letting you go alone Legolas," Aragorn replied. I knew it was pointless to argue and time was of the essence, so I nodded to him in agreement and climbed onto my horse. We took off slowly in the direction of the gate, not to scare the guests.

"You come back here right this minute Legolas!" I heard my father yell. I turned my horse around to face him.

"No," I replied firmly.

"You know what will happen if you do this," he threatened.

"Tell your threats to Gaellen," I replied. I watched as my father went stark white and then turned back around and headed out of Mirkwood with Aragorn.

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