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Go get her, Legolas!
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I stood in front of the tribe, looking at most of the members, their faces angry and bitter as I felt about the news. We were trying to decide who shall replace the so-called princess and we were currently at a standstill. At least 10 of the tribe members wanted to role and their immediate family back them up, not willing to give up their say. The elders normally decided on the issue, but since I had arrived and told them about Illissia, they had dissapeared and were nowhere to be found.

"We should take another vote," One member suggested.

"Votes aren't working, no one will change their minds," I replied frustrated. I couldn't believe Illissia had forced us into this situation.

"Can we go without a princess for awhile until the elders decide?" Another asked.

"No, the longer Illissia stays with the title, the more chance we will let her back in as our princess," I explained.

"Isn't forgiveness the key Shalamar," One of the elders replied as she entered the throne room. She was followed by the other elders and the shamaness.

"She broke a strict rule! She betrayed us!" I exclaimed. I was enraged of how they acted calm about this.

The shamaness approached me then. She was the oldest member of the amazons to this day, surviving many of our generations. She placed her hand on my shoulder before she spoke.

"We have too long stayed in our old ways. This has been our mistake. Julianna died because we turned our backs on her once she fell in love; and now her daughter suffers the same fate."

"We will not start accepting men into the tribe!" I exclaimed, outraged. She smiled at me calmly, which frustrated me even more.

"No, we won't. Our strength is from our sisterhood. But it does not mean that all amazons should cut themselves off from all men. After all, the only allies we can get are from the male side of each race."

"We do not need any men in our lives," I retorted.

"You forget your roots child. You are standing here today because of a man. No contact with men would mean the end of the amazon lines."

"And what do you think will happen once we allow men into our lives? The ones who will want to share a life with us will also want to control us."

"Our society will remain matriarchal, they will have no power or say in amazon decisions. Besides, most of us prefer to stay amongst ourselves."

"So we let her be with the male elf! Just forgive her for her sins?" I asked.

"Illissia is not exactly like us Shalamar. She comes from a long line of amazon royalty. Her attraction to royale male elves is not by coincidence."

"How do you know it's not by coincidence? None of us heard of this before?"

"We refused to accept it before, we now know that this information was not merely a rumour but the truth. Illissia's family line dates back to the beginning of our tribe. Our queen swore off all men once her own husband, an elf, passed away. She was a powerful witch and we heard of a rumour that she had cast a spell on her future family line that all her children would fall for a royal elfin men. The last 4 generations of Illissia's family has suffered the fate of abandonment because they chose to follow their hearts and spend their lives with a royal male elf."

"We regret now what we did with Illissia's mom and her mother, and so on. We cannot correct the past but we can change the future," One elder added.

"If she is with him, I do not think she will have time to be our princess," I said.

"The title of princess will be given to another, decided by Illissia, who will now be our new queen. With her new title, she will be able to travel and find us allies. She will be like our ambassador," the shamaness replied.

"We might not even have a chance to have an ambassador if we don't hurry," I heard a voice behind me. Thalia stood there, sweat dripping off her brow. My squeezed at her presence, I still loved her despite everything. I beckoned her over to me as she started to tell us her story.



The sun had gone down by the time I had reached Killer's peak. It took 3 full days but I was glad I finally made it. The journey was long and agonizing and everything reminded me of Legolas. I got off moonshine and was about to let him go free when a voice spoke.

"Tie him up, we will need him later," the voice replied. I knew it was the evil entity because he would be the only one to use the horse besides me. I tied moonshine up to a tree by the foot of killer's peak and turned around to him.

He was cloaked again, standing in the middle of the clearing. He stuck his hand out, as an invitation for me to approach him. I did it slowly, looking around for any signs of attack.

"We are alone Illissia, do not be afraid," He replied. His voice was actual sweet, warm and sensual.

It was strange to think this man had destroyed the lives of many elves.

Once I was about a foot away from him, I stopped. Even up close, I still couldn't see his face.

"Are you afraid I won't like your features? You always hide your face from me," I replied.

"No, in fact, I could look like anyone you want me to look like." As he said this, he removed his cape and I stared into the face of Legolas. "I can look like your lover if you would like me too." The voice that came from him wasn't Legolas' at all and I knew right away it was an illusion. But illusion or not, the sight of him brang fresh tears into my eyes.

"I do not want to see his face," I replied. "Just show me who you are." He looked at me with the blue eyes I looked at not too long ago and I was trying hard not to sob again.

"As you wish," he replied and passed his hand in front of his face. I now stood in front of a complete stranger.

He was handsome, surprisingly. Tall, lean muscles, a masculine face with beautiful green eyes and long dark hair. His ears were pointed. I gaped at him.

"You're an elf?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes. You were expecting someone else?" He asked.

"Why would you curse your own race?" I asked seriously.

"My race is what made me this way, what made me turn to evil. They have all betrayed me." He said it bitterly, biting off each word. He took a deep breath and calmed down before speaking again. "Not that it matters anymore, once you will give yourself to me, I will release them all from this bitter curse."

"So what exactly do I have to do to give myself to you?" I asked.

"We will each cut ourselves on the arm and you will place your cut on mine, binding the blood together.

Once that is done, you must chant the spell to give away your soul. It's rather long, but you do not need to memorize it for once you connect your blood to mind, you will automatically know the words.

That is all you need to do," He replied. It sounded simple enough.

"Could you give me a moment?" I asked. "I just want to say goodbye to everything."

He nodded his head. I proceeded to turn around and look at the trees and nature. I closed my eyes and took in one last breath of the smell of the woods. Goodbye all, I hope this works, I love you all' I said in my head and then turned back around to face him.

"I'm ready." I replied. I could feel the tears falling down my face. I knew the pain would go away

but I also knew this man was whom I was to spend eternity with.

I approached him as he took out the dagger and sliced his forearm. Blood started to trickle down his arm as he took the dagger and passed it to me. I recognized the Lothlorien symbol which confirmed me that he was truly an elf. I grabbed it and took a deep breath and looked away as I sliced my arm. He smiled at me as I did it. He advanced on me fast, I did not understand his hurry, but it was only moments before he connected his arm to mine.

I was about to ask him why he had done it so quickly, when I realized I couldn't talk anymore. My eyes widened as I looked at him, smiling in triumph. I felt a cold chill down my back, I had a feeling he was not going to keep his end of the bargain and now I was trapped. Before I knew it, a foreign language escaped my lips. I did not recognize any of the words, but I knew it was the binding spell.

It would only be moments now before I lost my life and the entire population of Mirkwood.

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Nooooo! Save her Legolas!
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And here ends my beautiful story lol,....im thinking of writing a sequel, i will see....I plan on publishing another book so please give me any feedback on my writing style, such as what I could add or remove to make it better.

Thanks for reading!!


I could see a fire burning near Killer's peak, I knew it was where they were. I had lost Aragorn on the second day to rest. My horse surprisingly hadn't stopped since we left. It was almost like he understood that lives were at stake if he would. I also knew that I had enough time. I had tracked 2 of Illissia's camp fires where she rested for the night. It was nice to breath in her scent, but I knew I had to keep moving. Now that I was here, I was sure she had arrived only moments before, and I charged my horse to the foot of the peak.

I jumped off once I was close enough to the fire and ran the rest of the way into the clearing. I stopped to see who I recognized as Gaellan. He was in the middle of the clearing with Illissia in front of him. I could feel the evil emanating from him and it made my skin crawl. Illissia had her arm attached to him. She was chanting a weird spell, unmoving, yet in her eyes I could see panic.

"Illissia stop!" I replied running to her. Gaellan started to laugh as I approached them, Illissia continuing her trance like spell chant.

"It's too late loverboy, it won't be long until she is mine!" he laughed.

"What have you done to her?" I demanded looking into her face, realizing that now tears were falling down her face, yet she still was unmoving.

"I put a spell on her...or more like on me. Once her blood touched mine, she automatically activated the spell to bind her soul to me. No one realized how special her blood is, how powerful it can be, not even her." He smiled again. "And once she's finished, I'll have enough power to destroy every elf in middle earth, starting with you." He cast a look of pure hatred at me.

"Not if I can help it," I replied, running towards them. My goal was to tackle her away from him, disconnecting their arms, but I was soon surprised because I was hurled back once I was inches away from them. Gaellan laughed at me.

"You fool! You think this spell doesn't protect itself. So many people could die in the process. You cannot stop it Legolas, you're too late."

As I smacked into the ground, I closed my eyes. There was no way I was too late, there had to be something I could do to stop the chant, especially since the spell could be over any moment now. I could feel the tears sliding down my face, I had failed her.

"There he is!" I heard a voice behind me. I opened up my blurry eyes and looked up at Shalamar running towards me with about 10 other amazons. I blinked in surprised.

"Get him up," she ordered as some of the amazons grabbed me, bringing me up off the ground.

"I tried to stop her from saying the spell, but I can't, they have some sort of force field around them," I replied to Shalamar.

Suddenly an old woman came up from behind them. She approached me carefully and placed her arm on mine.

"Use your blood elf prince," she replied. I frowned at her confused. "Your blood can break the spell." I looked over to Gaellan and Illissia and knew time was running out. I didn't quite understand what she meant, but I had to try something.

I reached over for my dagger and sliced my arm, letting blood fall from the wound. I approached Illissia with great speed and I saw Gaellan's face fall. It confirmed to me that I was on the right track. As I reached the barrier, I carefully used my hand that was covered in blood and pressed against the force field. Instead of pushing me back, it gave me a little bit of a push, but I managed to break through. As I got to Illissia, I let my blood drop onto their combined wound.

Illissia stopped chanting. I thought it was over that I had lost her and he had won. My heart felt like it tore in pieces, I could not lose her now. But then I saw her turn her face towards me slowly me. Confused, I prayed that it had worked.

"Legolas?" she asked me, blinking herself awake.

"Nooooo!" I heard Gaellan scream. He tried to grab Illissia's arm again and I took the opportunity to punch him in the face, distracting him. His eyes blazed with fury towards me, as Illissia stepped slightly back, still dazed. I saw his hand change then, a bolt of electricity forming. I tried to react, to turn around and escape, but he was faster than me and soon he had thrown the ball of light towards me and I fell on the ground a few feet away and blacked out.



I felt a little disoriented as I woke up from my dream-like state. I turned slowly to see Legolas standing there. Was I dreaming? Could he really be here to save me?

"Legolas?" I asked, trying to convince if it was truly him. That was when I heard Gaellan scream. I watched helplessly as he tried to reach for me, but then was stopped when Legolas connected his fist to his face. I started to slowly back away from him and didn't have time to react when Gaellan knocked Legolas off his feet with his electrical power. My eyes went wide as I saw Legolas hit the ground, his eyes closed. The memory brought me back to my mother and how this evil creature had done the same to her. Now Legolas suffered the same fate, as he laid there dead on the ground.

I let a sob escape my lips, continuously backing away from the evil creature, who now turned to look at me. His face wasn't as beautiful as it was before, it was now filled with anger and jealousy.

"I refuse to give my soul to you," I managed to choke out between cries. Gaellan screamed again, approaching me quickly.

"If I can't have you then nobody else can," he replied as he grabbed onto my throat and picked me up off the ground. He was squeezing tightly and I tried to gasp for air, my hands clawing his, trying to get him to let go. It was hopeless as I struggled for air. I had no idea this was how I was supposed to end. I started to see stars as i felt my life drain from me.

And then suddenly I was dropped to the ground, sweet air reaching my sore lungs. I turned to see Legolas on the ground, bow in hand, and turned back to see that Gaellan had received the shot in the arm.

"Run!" I heard someone scream, and I turned to see Shalamar and my tribe, encouraging me to get towards them and Legolas. I happily obliged as Gaellan was holding his arm screaming in pain. Once I got to them, I dropped down next to Legolas, who was eerily still. I watched as my amazon sisters formed a circle around me, hands linked.

"Do not break the circle!" Our shamaness yelled. "He cannot get to Illissia if we stay together."

I picked up Legolas head, placing it in my lap. I stroked his face, hoping he would open his eyes. I felt for a pulse and there was a weak one and it seemed to be slowing down.

"Please wake up," I cried softly, my tears falling down onto his face.

"Illissia," I heard someone call. I looked up and saw Shalamar smiling down at me, her hands linked to other amazons. "Mix your blood with his. The shamaness figured it out, you can heal him with your blood." I was surprised to see her smiling at me, but at the same time, it felt comforting.

I looked down at my arm, the blood had stopped flowing. Seeing his dagger on the ground near him, I took it and re-sliced open my wound. It hurt worse this time, the feeling of electricity coursing through me and I thought that the evil entity had gotten me too.

"You and Legolas are bonded, as an elf prince, he is your destiny. The pain will go away with time," the shamaness answered my unspoken question.

I looked back down and placed my arm on top of his still bleeding wound. I winced as the electricity hit my skin, but held on. I remembered the first day we met, I had a wound on my hand from splinters. The feeling we had was a connection, he must have been bleeding as well. It made it clear that Legolas was right, it didn't happen by coincidence, it happened by fate.

I held my eyes onto his face, waiting for any kind of reaction. It felt like eternity that he hadn't opened his eyes or moved a muscle. I could feel my tears streaming down my face, my mind begging that he recover.

"You will not get away!" I heard the evil entity yell as he ran towards us. He forced himself into some of my sisters, but they held on, despite the fact that he had brought one down on her knees.

"You can be lieing on the ground, but as long as you stay linked, he cannot pass us. We protect her through love and forgiveness, please my sisters, hang on," the shamaness replied.

"Go to hell you scum," Fernalia snarled, the one crouched on the ground.

I looked over at my sisters and Shalamar's smiling face and I knew they had forgiven me. I suddenly felt light-hearted and happy. I looked back down at Legolas and my smile faded, he still hadn't opened his eyes. Why wasn't this working?

"Oh goddess, what do I do?" I asked, new tears falling from my eyes.

I saw that the evil presence had managed to kick down another few of my sisters, his rage increasing with every minute. The circle wouldn't last much longer and I did not want to leave Legolas here to die. I closed my eyes and prayed with every fiber of my being to bring himself back. Suddenly a sharp pain hit my arm. I cried out in pain. It felt like my skin was burning into Legolas'. I closed my eyes again and grit my teeth, wondering if it was worth it.

Then I felt him twitch. I snapped open my eyes and looked down at him. His face was as still as it was before. I slowly let my arm go away from him, I had failed. I crushed my face onto his neck and cried out for the pain of his loss. I could hear my sisters being kicked and punched, losing the fight and all I wanted to do was let him kill me.

I sobbed softly into him, and then felt a hand on my back, stroking me. One of my sisters must be comforting me, I thought. It won't be long until the entity will have slain her and then me. And then I felt a warm breath on my hair and cried some more, I didn't want to hear her words. I then realized that no one could be whispering to me over me.

I lifted my head to see Legolas' blue eyes wide open, looking up at me. The sight of him made me sob again as I threw my arms around him. I felt him hold onto me tightly, whispering words into my ear, but I was too incoherent to understand.

"Illissia, there's only one way to get rid of him for good," the shamaness replied.

I sat up and wiped my tears, facing her, as Legolas slowly did the same.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Marry him," she replied, nodding towards Legolas.

"Shamaness we don't have time, he's winning," I replied, watching as he kicked Thalia in the head, I winced for her.

"We have all the time in the world, as long as they don't let go," she replied.

"Hurry," Legolas replied softly.

She went through the fastest amazon wedding ceremony I had ever seen. The I do's were said quickly and thoughtlessly by me, but I knew it was the only way to get rid of him.

"I pronounce the queen of the amazons married, she may now kiss her man," she replied.

I heard a cry then and turned to see shalamar being kicked so hard, her hand let go of the sister beside her. I saw the evil entity lunge out at us, but didn't see what happened after because Legolas had turned my face and crashed his lips onto mine.

"No!" I heard him yell out in frustration. We both turned around as we saw him preparing a fireball. I opened my mouth to scream at my sisters, but suddenly a dagger shot through the air, stabbing him in the heart.

I looked over to see Aragorn there, his hand up from releasing the dagger. My amazon sisters had also thrown a few spears at him, his body falling to the ground.

"You can't kill me you fools!" He laughed wheezing. "I will come back for her, I will not stop until she is mine or dead." I suddenly felt an extremely dark energy emanating over us. I felt Legolas wrap his arms around me, probably feeling the same thing.

"Gaellan," a voice said, as a dark cloud went to him, surrounding his body. The voice gave me chills as it sounded like it was disemboweled.

"No, I need more time. I almost got them," he replied.

"You have failed, I have helped you, and now it is your turn to repay me," the voice replied.

"No, not yet. You promised I'd have her," he replied.

"I promised to help as much as I can, now it is your turn."

I heard Gaellan then scream in pain as the black smoke swallowed up Gaellan and floated away from the forest and up into the hills before it dissapeared. somehow, I had a feeling it wasn't the last time we would see him.



It was a night of celebration for all. Everyone in Mirkwood had gathered into the great garden and were talking, laughing and dancing.

On our way back from Killer's peak, I rode with the shamaness, Shalamar and Thalia. They had filled me in on my new title, which I gratefully accepted. They also explained that one drop of my blood was potent enough to remove the curse off an elf. So I spent my entire week back at the infirmary curing the sick and helping them recover.

Ara was the first to be healed and we all blew out a sigh of relief when he shrunk back down to his original size. The rest of the other elves bounced back as if they never had been sick at all.

They were all now celebrating, Ara running around Aragorn, Arwen and Legolas. Despite the happy mood, I felt alone. I never once passed Legolas's bed chambers, afraid I might catch a glimpse of his real wife. So I slept in the infirmary.

Tonight, everyone was better and I had nowhere to sleep. The festivities would go on all night so the garden would not be free.

I stepped passed the gate of the garden and started walking around the silent castle. My mind was distracted about what to do now. I knew that I needed to form alliances, so I had earlier asked Gimli if I could go back with him to visit the dwarfs in the mountains, and he told me it would be his honor to do so. Now if only I could convince him to leave tonight.

I reached what looked like the back of the castle. A long corridor stretched to the other end, one wall had a candle lit every meter. The other side had large windows that showed off the forest in the back. I went up to the second window, leaning on the sill and took a breath of fresh forest air. If only life was always as beautiful and peaceful as this.


I picked up Ara and tossed him into the air. He squealed with laughter, which made me laugh myself. I caught him and placed him on the ground, ruffling his hair. Arwen approached us and took her little boy in her arms, promising him cake.

"It's good to see him laugh again," Aragorn replied, walking towards me.

"Yes, we were lucky everything turned out ok," I added.

"Legolas," he started, placing his hand on my shoulder. "I want to thank you. If you hadn't gone after Illissia to save her, he might still be dieing."

"Aragorn, I would've done it for any reason. The person you should really thank is Illissia." I turned around and started to scan the crowd for her face. I frowned when I couldn't find her. "Have you seen Illissia tonight? She's been so busy at the infirmary that I haven't seen her all week."

"I saw her earlier with Thalia but I have no idea where she is now," he replied.

I could feel my brow furrow at the thought. All week my bed remained empty of Illissia. I was wondering when we would have a chance to truly enjoy our new marriage.

"She left not long ago, she seemed extremely distracted by something," Arwen replied, joining us again. Ara was on the floor next to her eating his cake.

"Lissa sad," Ara replied after taking a bite, looking right at me.

Now I felt really worried. Why would she be sad? I turned around, heading to the direction of the garden gate.

"Maybe you should give her some time," Arwen replied, grabbing my arm. I turned around to face them.

"She's had the whole week to think, I need to talk to her now," I replied and I turned back towards the castle and entered the castle.

I looked for her in the obvious places, but she was nowhere to be found. I started to slightly panic, did she leave Mirkwood without telling anyone?

I finally did find her to my relief. She was all the way in the back of the castle. She was sitting on a window sill that faces the back woods and she looked like her thoughts were miles away. I could feel her sadness resonating from where I stood. Since we had mixed our blood together, I came to realize that I could feel her every emotion. I approached her carefully, not wanting to startle her.

"Illissia, talk to me," I replied, when I just a few feet behind her.



"Illissia, talk to me," I heard Legolas' voice speak behind me. My heart squeezed at the sound. I turned around to look at him and was encountered by his worried blue eyes. I didn't exactly know how to tell him how I felt.

"Shouldn't you be with your wife?" I asked him, he gave me a puzzled look at the question.

"I am with my wife," he replied, sitting next to me, taking my hand. Despite my anger and sadness, I let him take it.

"What about Dranei?" I asked him coldly.

"She left, my father sent them away once I took off to save you. I did not marry her." He told me.

"Then you should hurry and get your father to bring her back," I replied, getting up off the sill and walking further down the corridor, my anger and pain growing inside of me. I couldn't even look at his face at that moment.

"Where is this coming from?" He asked. I reluctantly turned around, tears stinging my eyes. I noticed he had stood up and taken a step towards me.

"You told me yourself you were using me," I replied. He approached me, but I refused to let him touch me.

"Illissia, I was lieing. My father had blackmailed me into marrying her, but I didn't. Why else do you think I would come and rescue you for?" He asked.

"I thought you felt guilty, that your words had driven me to go to Gaellan and that you had to do anything to stop it, including marrying me."

He was silent for a moment, thinking. He looked up then, his eyes slightly filled with tears.

"Oh Illissia. I never thought you would believe that I would marry you out of guilt. I truly love you, and to marry you was a dream come true, despite the situation we were in. I just couldn't lose you, not after I just found you."

"But you were so convincing," I replied, remembering his face as he told me he used me.

"I am almost 3 centuries old, I have had a lot of time to practice my lies."

"And how do I know that you aren't lieing to me now?" I asked.

He took a hold of my arms as I asked and it was almost like I could hear his heart beating. He looked down at me, his eyes only inches from my face.

"You don't feel it?" He asked. I looked into his eyes, slightly puzzled. "Since we exchanged blood, to save me, I can feel your emotions when I'm near you."

"I'm not sure if I do feel it. But right now, I can feel your heart beating," I replied.

"Maybe you just need to concentrate. Close your eyes." I gave him a look at his request. "Just trust me, please," he begged. I sighed as I gave in and shut my eyes.

"Now listen to what you feel as I say this. I love you Illissia," he replied.

I focused all my energy on his words and I felt the blood rush through my veins, I was feeling something that I knew wasn't coming from me, but felt just as strong as any emotion I experienced. I felt love, love for myself that was coming from him. I opened my eyes, looking up at Legolas in surprise.

"I never married you out of guilt, even though it was rushed. I love you and only you," he added.

I felt it again, his love, his trust, the fact that every word he said was real to him. My eyes filled up with tears at the realization and I pulled him to me and relaxed in his arms. I could feel his relief as he held me. It was strange to feel exactly how he did.

"I've missed this," he replied softly.

"I kept picturing you, in bed with her," I replied. I felt a slight pain remembering the image.

"I would never do that to you," he answered.

"I didn't know that then..."

"I'm sorry I had to make you suffer that way," he apologized.

"Good thing everything turned out ok," I replied.

"Not everything," he said.

"Is it Ara?" I asked, looking up at him nervously.

"Ara? Oh no no, my godson is fine," he answered and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Then what is it?" I asked, slightly worried.

"Well, according to your amazon rituals, you are married. But for me, as an elf prince, I need a ceremony from my people."

"Ok, so what's the problem?" I asked.

"I want to be your husband in every way," he told me softly, suddenly looking down at his hands.

"Yes I get that, and I'm ok with it. But I don't understand the problem?"

"You are?" He asked, looking back into my eyes.

"Well why not? We're already married, what's one more ceremony? At least all of our friends will be there." He looked at me relieved, almost like he was afraid I would refuse this request from him.

"Ok, well then, would you like to see your ring?" he asked me.

I was shocked at his statement, he already had a ring for me? I nodded numbly to his question.

He grasped something in his front pocket and pulled it out. He opened his hand to present me the ring placed in his palm. It was white gold, leave engraved around the band and there was a heart shaped diamond, mounted by two roses on either side. It was absolutely beautiful.

"Oh my goddess," was all I could say.

"I found it when I was about 10 years old. I know it was ages ago. My mother took me to this garden in the woodlen realm, that I still haven't found again to this day. And I took it. There was something about it, and it just took me almost 3 centuries to find out who it belonged to," he smiled at me.

"Legolas," I started, planning to refuse the ring completely.

"No," he replied before I could go any further. "I have made my decision, do not insult me by refusing my offer." I nodded.

"But you keep it until the ceremony," I replied, closing his hand on it. He placed his hand on mine and I looked up into his eyes as he himself leaned down for a kiss.

It was our first kiss since we had separated and I slightly trembled in anticipation. He slowly connected his lips to mine before drawing a more passionate one from it. I felt tingly all over and little sparks passed throughout my body.

"This connection is going to be interesting," I replied as we drew apart and he nodded at me.

"Now, how about we go give the others a real reason to celebrate," he replied as he offered me his arm.

We linked our arms and walked all the way back to the party to tell everyone the good news.

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Brilliantly done! I'm so happy that Legolas and Illissia got a happy ending!
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