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No one has written anything for a while, & I need the practice, so here we go...

TITLE Friends For Eternity
RATING ? Dunno-G I guess
WARNINGS None whatsoever except for the fact I haven't written anything for over a year, so will apologise for glaring mistakes now, oh & please excuse the timeline..
SUMMARY Two friends on a journey.
DISCLAIMER I am only borrowing these characters from Prof Tolkien except for my own O/C who doesn't really make an appearance. Her name 'Ninniach' means 'rainbow' in Elvish. Legolas' quote is directly from ROTK
Boringly canon I suppose and the whole thing was screaming out to be 'slashed' but I decided to carry on how I started- with a friendship .

Banner by me

Friends For Eternity

Flick!... Flick!... Flick!

The yellow-green feathers of the fletchings slid lightly through long, slender fingers. It was a distinct sound disturbing the quiet morning air. Quickly & skillfully he wound the sinew around the quills, threading it through & running his fingers along them once more to test their strength.

Flick!... Flick!...Flick!

The bundle of furs stirred by the dying embers of the fire, as delicate hands…graceful even…their deadly capabilities for a moment hidden-ran up the length of the arrow shaft, reaching the cold steel arrowhead. A finger tip pushed into the sharp point & he winced as his flesh yielded. Loud snores & grunts fell on his elven ears, as the dew from the cold morning air hung like a blanket of stars on the plaited, wiry beard of the Dwarf.

Legolas smiled. He had already recovered twelve arrows that morning from the Orcs they had slain last night in the nearby copse of trees, & he had cleaned their foul flesh & blood from the lethal tips, & still the Dwarf slept. Carefully he wiped two curved bone-handled knives on a cloth & slotted them back in to his belt. The quiver, full once more; he leaned against the smooth bark of a tree along with his bow. He paused for a moment to admire the Elvish carvings etched into it’s curves. He couldn’t resist flicking the quills again.

It had its desired effect, more stirrings & grumblings as Gimli groaned & rolled over, his pudgy face squinting as the sunlight danced through the forest leaves.

“Arrgh, it’s freezing, I’m hungry & you have woken me Elf!” As the massive bulk of furs moved, droplets of dew flew hissing into the remaining heat of the fire.

“Ahh, mellon, it is a delight to hear you on this wondrous morning. Alas-most of the forest heard you also. You snore loud my friend.”

“Hrrrmph! For an Elf, you were rather loud yourself.” He rolled about & Legolas smirked as the Dwarf struggled into a seated position. “Anyway, I always sleep well after disposing of such filth as those servants of Mordor. Tell me Legolas…how many of those mangy beasts did we get?”

“Twenty-six from my count. Twelve of them took arrows, the rest from my knives & your axe.” He refrained from mentioning exactly how many from his knives.

“Twenty-six you say, well Aragorn will be pleased but that doesn’t sound right to me. Surely I must have slain at least twelve of them myself?” ‘The Elf got more than me?’ he muttered to himself. “Impossible! Hah! On to the Golden Woods I say-after we’ve eaten of course!” He pulled the furs tighter around his shoulders.

“You seem eager to get there Gimli, would you not prefer to take your time & dwell in the beauty of this forest?” Cerulean eyes twinkled as he looked up at the trees surrounding them.

Gimli’s eyes narrowed. “Dwell here? Don’t tease me Legolas there is only one beauty in the forest & she lives in Lothlorien.” His hand reached into his breast pocket & he withdrew a tiny silver box inlaid with precious stones & Dwarf runes. He popped the clasp, inside on the softest dark silk; lay a single golden strand of hair. Lifting it out carefully, he admired its luminous beauty in the sunlight. He felt his heart jolt & a stirring through every nerve in his body. He was thankful he had set the other two in crystal & had left them as an heirloom in his house &… as a pledge of goodwill between the Mountain & the Wood until the end of days.

“Ah, Lock-Bearer, your love for Lady Galadriel is strong & true, I will take you there soon so you may speak with her once more & rest your eyes upon her fairness.” Legolas beamed at him. In a few swift movements, he released his braids, running his fingers through the silken tresses before deftly braiding them tight once more.

“I doubt she will even remember me Legolas” He stared up at the Elf’s obvious beauty. “I wish to be tall & fair like you so I might stand some chance but I have no luck in these things, besides she’s and Elf & a Royal one at that. No Dwarf stands a hope in Mordor at making an impression on the Lady.”

Legolas stood before him. “Not so, the Lady Galadriel remembers well ‘Gimli, son of Gloin.’ She is aware of your courageous heart, your love & your loyalty. Are these things not of great importance?”

“Ohhh, I should forget such foolishness & marry a She-Dwarf, & craft things of beauty from the Great Glittering Caves.”

“That, I fear, would no longer bring you happiness mellon. You once told me ‘Lady Galadriel is above all the jewels that lie beneath the earth’. Strong words from a Dwarf.”
He smiled kindly as he handed him breakfast consisting of Lembas bread, fruit & cool water from a bubbling spring. Sighing, Gimli accepted the offering from his friend. His gruff voice muffled as he took a bite of bread.

“You’re right Legolas, to hear her musical voice again would bring much joy to this old Dwarf.”

“Old? You are but a child in an Elf’s eyes, but to see you so happy before we return to Gondor would please me so.”

“I’m ready then!” Fruit & Lembas flew out his mouth in his eagerness to roll up his blanket and move on in their journey. He stomped on the remains of the fire, grasped his axe & winked at Legolas. “You know, I’m glad there is so much goodwill between our two races now, & we have each other to thank for that.”

Legolas thumped him on the shoulder. “I’m honored to call you friend Gimli.”

Gimli’s laugh rumbled out. “Anyway Legolas, the sooner we deliver this message from Aragorn, the sooner you can return to Ninniach.”

Legolas’ features softened. “Ninniach & I will have many times to share together Gimli, you on the other hand, & it saddens me to say it, will not see Galadriel for a long time after she leaves for the West.” Gimli’s eyes lowered for a moment. “But mellon, no matter how our lives unfold here in Middle Earth, the final journey will be the two of us, sailing across the sea to the Undying Lands, & my heart will truly celebrate when that day is here.”

Gimli looked fearful but then his eyes lit up. “Right then, we have many years until that day, I suggest we find Lothlorien & then hunt some Orc!!”

They both laughed & ran into the forest; Legolas’ soft voice could be heard singing as he moved swiftly through the trees with Gimli stumbling along behind him.
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Tc this just made me smile. I love that friendship and love between these two and their interaction has always been one of my favourite parts of these stories.

Wonderful and I feel a need to put the DVD on again....

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Thanks Ki I had forgotten all about this wee story!
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Is just lovely TC- tender and gentle and kind of knowing. The dialogue is just great!

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