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Haha! No need to bribe me, LAdies! I am already fleshing out chapter one. Just don't want it to be a rehash of everthing I've already done.
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Title: Unchosen fate- Chapter One
Author: Sherina
Rating: PG
Characters: Same old cast, with a few new additions I will introduce as we go!
Category: LOTR, post Fellowship
Summary: New arrival in Minis Tirith

The tall young man entering the lower gates of Minas Tirith should not have caused any stir at all. Indeed, he was of the same coloring as the average Gondorian- dark haired, curling just around his collar, with a few days growth of beard, and crystal clear blue eyes. True, he was handsome enough, but that was not what caught the eye. It was his bearing. He was muscular, large for his 24 years, and he walked tall, with his head up and shoulders back. In fact, he bore himself as if he were riding the finest steed to be had, instead of merely walking with a large pack on his back. That tough leather sack held all his worldly possessions, and should have by rights had him stooping like an old man. Yet his shoulders did not hunch, and his stride did not slow. It was as if he owned the streets he has climbing. No one would have guessed this was the first time he’d ever even laid eyes on the White City. It was this proud demeanor that had the streets buzzing with gossip. “Who was he, and what purpose did he have here?”

And Minas Tirith was famous for it’s grapevine of gossip. After all, this was no sprawled out community whose inhabitants only met once a week for market day. No- the narrow, winding streets made it very easy for each little cluster of homes to stay connected by neighbors, and then the wife who lived in the last of the first string of dwellings was also part of the next group, so there was a never ending chain of news. In fact, King Eldarion had once tested this chain as a means of getting news to the lower guards. True, they had gotten the word in only a half day, but the message had been horribly garbled, and so had proved unreliable, and so the lower gate guards had all gone around with cleanly shorn chins for a few weeks. The message they had received had said, “The King’s orders are “Shave beard if your sweaty” instead of “Save bread for the needy”, which is what he had actually said.

This gossip too, would be exaggerated, so that by the time the young man actually did arrive at the upper courts, the people would be expecting an eight foot tall giant. His strong, thick legs had carried him to the top just a little behind the gossip anyway, and so there wasn’t much time left for disappointed speculation. The first person that he stopped to talk to, a young girl, did not look disappointed at all. Instead, she blushed to the roots of her hair and looked at her shoes the whole time she was answering him.

“A blonde man named Tally? I…I don’t know, sir.”

A deep chuckle brought her eyes up to meet his. “It might help to know that he came here with his mother and a red-haired elf, this would be about…eighteen years ago?”

At the mention of the elf, the little girl grinned. “Oh, Master Brendolas! Yes, he and his family live in the palace keep, just a few more streets up. You can’t miss it- that is as far up as you can go!” He gave her a gallant nod and moved on, never slowing his pace, though in truth, he was exhausted. The walk from Esgaroth was many, many days after all.

*Edit* I just realized this category says "Completed STories", so I will start a new thread for this one. Please check FAnfiction thread for new updats to this one, Okay? Thanks.

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