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Old November 4th, 2017, 11:38 PM
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At Rome Film Festival, Italy, 04.11.17

Lots of pictures of Orlando on the red carpet, and giving his masterclass today, at Rome,while presenting his film "Romans"


some pics:

Find lots more of pics and links on our Twitter!
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Old November 5th, 2017, 01:56 AM
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Looking fine..... but i still miss the curls.
Thanks for the pics Nel!
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Old November 7th, 2017, 04:48 PM
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Thank you Nel!

There are also hundreds (literally!) of hires pictures at Zimbio - follow this link.
(and scroll down)

~ Naz ~

Orlando's Queen of Pixels. - Naz's Gallery - LJ
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Old November 7th, 2017, 04:53 PM
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Thanks for posting.
Looks gorgeous as ever...
Lucky Italian fans.
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Old November 8th, 2017, 12:08 AM
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Yeah,hundreds of pictures,two festivals and a lot of articles in different countries talking about the movie....but still no trailer and no release date anywhere,is frustrating to say the least...
Thank you Nel darling,love that semiprofile one specially.

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Old November 8th, 2017, 01:30 PM
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Wonderful pictures
Thanks !

sig set by Nenya thanks darling
i love you William Turner!
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