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yay! i got to read chapter 6 and i must say that i love this story ! you're doing such an amazing job!
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Thanks for all the comments. Norrington deserved his own chapter and I felt that how he got onto the Dutchman needed explaining.
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Here’s chapter 7. Enjoy and keep commenting!!

Title: Alone: Chapter 7
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son

Chapter 7
Jack snapped his telescope shut and turned to Gibbs.
“Get a long boat ready.” He said. “We’re going ashore.” Gibbs nodded and walked off. Jack looked back at the island. He wasn’t worried so much about Will anymore; strangely enough he was more worried about what Elizabeth would say, or do!

Elizabeth rubbed her eyes and pushed the bed covers back, she yawned and crossed the room to the window, as she did everyday she scanned the sea. Because she was so used to not seeing anything she missed the Pearl the first time around. But then she saw it out of the corner of her eye. The trademark black sails of the Black Pearl. He initial reaction was one of shock. Then she frowned. Who did he think he was coming back here? There was a creak and she turned in time to see a very sleepy William entering the room rubbing his eyes. Elizabeth smiles as he looks at him. He’s so like his father that sometimes it hurt just to look at him.

She opens her eyes and gazes in delight at the unfamiliar ceiling above her. She feels movement beside her and turns her head. Will is lying next to her. In the early morning sun he looks like an angel that has fallen from heaven. She considers the idea of waking him but looking at his sleeping features she can’t bring herself to do it. Instead she turns into a more comfortable position and watches his sleep.
After a few minutes he stirs and opens his eyes. He blinks groggily and turns to look at her. He smiles and sits up, rubbing his eyes he yawned and stretched. Then he sank back down into the pillows. She snuggled up to him and he placed and arm round her shoulder.
“Sleep well?” she asked. Will raised an eyebrow.
“As well as can be said when sleeping next to someone who kicks like a donkey whenever they move around.” He replied. She laughed and slapped him playfully. Will rubbed his chest.
“Ow!” he exclaims. “That hurt!” Elizabeth giggled.
“You big softie.” She said and kissed him. Whatever witty reply Will had been about to say died in his throat. Instead he returned the kiss. Her hands found his neck and her fingers twisted with the stray strands of hair on the nape of his neck. He broke off and kissed her neck. As his mouth found hers again and the kiss deepened they were interrupted by the knocking on the door downstairs. Will groaned and detached himself from her. He made to get out of bed but she pulled him back.
“Don’t answer it” she whispered into his neck. For a moment she thought he was going to, but as the knocking sounded again he sighed and got out of bed. She frowned and followed him as he hurried down into the quiet smithy. He gasps as his bare feet touch the cold flagstones on the floor. He runs quickly to the door and opens it. Governor Swann in standing on the doorstep. . He looks a little surprised when he sees Will wearing nothing but a pair of trousers. He clears his throat,
“Good morning Mr Turner. Have you seen my daughter?” he asks politely. Elizabeth decides this is where she comes in. she steps forward.
“Morning father!” she says brightly. Governor Swann looks even more surprised to see Elizabeth, as she is wearing nothing more than one of Will’s shirts that reaches down to her knees. He coughs and takes a deep breath.
“I think that you should come home.” He said stiffly. At the door Will looks away and sighs. Elizabeth sees the dejected look on his face and decides that enough is enough.
“Oh no, I’m staying here for a bit.” She said. Then she stepped forward and slipped her arm round Will’s back. She softly caressed the soft skin on his back and looked at her father. Will couldn’t help a small smirk.
On the doorstep Governor Swann is puffing himself up. Then he relaxes.
“So be it.” He said as levelly as he could, and then without another word he turned on his heel and marched off down the street. Will laughed as he kicked the door shut. He slipped his arms round her waist and pulled her closer to him. The feel of his warm skin against her made Elizabeth feel safe. She laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.
“I love you.” Will muttered into her hair. He kisses the top of her head and entwines his fingers into hers. She looks up and smiles at him. Then she starts to lead him back upstairs. They reach his room and Will reaches for the shirt she’s wearing. The material falls away easily and falls in a heap on the floor. He slips under the sheets with her and kisses her throat, her hands already unbuttoning his trousers.

William looks up at her with sleepy eyes.
“What are you looking at?” he asked stifling a yawn. Suddenly Elizabeth doesn’t want him to know that Jack is here.
“Nothing.” She said and quickly tried to usher him away, but not quick enough. He’s ducked under her arm and is looking out of the window.
“What’s Jack doing here?” he growled and turned to face her. In that moment he had looked so much like Will and sounded like him that Elizabeth had to take a step back. Without a word William stormed out of the room and towards the door. Elizabeth recovered her senses and hurried after him.
“William, get back here!” she said. He took no notice. Finally she lost her temper.
“William James Turner stop right there!” she barked. William stopped in his tracks and turned to face her. She only ever used his full name when she was really angry. She marched up to him.
“You will stay here.” She said. “I will deal with Jack Sparrow.” And with that she started towards the beach where the rowboats were already moored. William looked after her. Pirate King or not she was formidable and he thanked his lucky stars that he wasn’t Jack.

Jack was looking at his compass when Ragetti nudged him and pointed up the beach.
“Captain, it’s Elizabeth. She’s coming towards you and she doesn’t look happy.” He said. Then he dived back into the rowboat and cowered under a piece of cloth. Jack looked at Elizabeth. As Ragetti had said she was storming down the beach with a fire burning in her eyes that could only mean one thing. Pain.
“Mr Gibbs.” He called. Gibbs looked up from his work. “Stand in front of me!” Jack ordered. Gibbs looked a little confused but then complied. Jack ducked down behind him and closed his eyes as Elizabeth drew ever closer.
Elizabeth stood in front of Gibbs and crossed her arms across her chest. Jack peeked round Gibbs and gave her a dazzling smile.
“Elizabeth! Lovely to see you as always.” He said, the he added in a pathetic voice. “Please don’t hurt me!” Elizabeth arched an eyebrow. An irritating trick she must have learnt from her dearly beloved husband Jack concluded. She didn’t say anything; she merely pushed Gibbs firmly out of the way and slapped Jack full on across the face, so hard that he was sprawled into the sand. As he got up he could hear cheering and looked round Elizabeth to see William standing further up the beach whopping and cheering with delight. Jack frowned and cursed, that child was his father through and through, downright irritating. He rubbed his smarting cheek and turned to face Elizabeth again. She frowned at him, daring him to say something. He did what he thought was the wise thing and took a big step back.
“Look I know you probably don’t want to see me…” he began. Elizabeth cut him off.
“Damn right I don’t!” she said. “Just who do you think you are coming back here…” she was pacing back and forth ranting and cursing, using language that Jack was surprised she knew.
“I’ve seen Will.” He said, cutting her off in mid flow. Elizabeth’s step faltered at the mention of Will’s name and her eyes widened.
“You’ve seen him?!” she gasped. Then without warning she lunged forward and grabbed Jack’s arms so tightly that he yelped in pain.
“How is he?” she asked desperately. Jack swallowed and took a deep breath.
“He knows.” Was all he said. Elizabeth let go of him and stumbled backwards. Then she moaned and covered her face with her hands. She sank onto the sand and started crying. Deep heart wrenching sobs that made Jack regret he’d told her.

William saw his mother sink to her knees from where he was standing. He frowned as he watched Jack take a step forward. The sight of him reaching out to touch his mother made his blood boil and before he knew what he was doing he was sprinting towards the beach.

Gibbs saw William before Jack did, he nudged him and pointed. Jack turned and saw the boy running towards them. He dived behind Gibbs again and hid from view. William skidded to a halt in front of them. His chest heaving from running and in anger, he pointed at Jack.
“You coward!” he shouted. Jack looked around.
“Who are you talking to?” he asked. William looked ready to murder.
“You!” he snarled. “You’re hiding from a nine year old.” Jack peeped round Gibbs again.
“I am not hiding.” He said. “I was merely looking for something that I dropped over here.” William snorted.
“Oh yes, that’s really it isn’t it?” he replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Jack frowned.
“You know, your becoming to much like your father. He was always very sarcastic,” he commented. William smiled.
“Good.” He replied. “He’s a better man than you’ll ever be!”
“But you haven’t met him.” Jack said. William gave a short laugh.
“I don’t need to.” He said. “It’s not hard to be a better man than you Jack.” Jack took a step forward. He was surprised to see that William was almost as tall as him. As the two of them stood eyeballing each other Elizabeth stood up. William turned to her, he opened his mouth but she gave him a look and he closed it again. Elizabeth walked past him and looked straight at Jack who fidgeted under her gaze.
“How did he find out?” she asked. Jack shrugged.
“I don’t know. He said something about heightened sentences.” He said. Then he pointed at her. “Was it you who told him that I hated tomatoes?” he demanded. Elizabeth looked confused.
“No. You hate tomatoes?” Jack looked away and mumbled something incoherent. Elizabeth waited for him to stop muttering before she spoke again.
“Was he … angry at me?” she asked timidly. Jack’s head whipped up, Elizabeth was looking at him, her eyes pleading. Jack thought back to his meeting with Will. Now that he thought about it Will hadn’t actually mentioned his feelings towards Elizabeth.
“He did mention that he loved you,” he said finally. Elizabeth sighed. “Now that I think about it he seemed very angry at me.” Elizabeth hesitated.
“Is he…” she started to make the motion with her hand. Jack groaned.
“Why do people keep asking me that? The answer is no. Your husband is a tentacle free zone.” Elizabeth heaved a sigh of relief.
“Good,” she said. “He doesn’t have the face for tentacles.” Jack smiled.
“What about me?” he asked. Behind Elizabeth William gave a mischievous smile.
“Oh, I think your face would suit tentacles very well.” He said. “No-one would be able to tell whether you had them or not!” he continued impishly. Jack made a grab for him but William skipped out of his way. Jack made to go after him again but Elizabeth threw her arm out and caught him round the chest.
“Pack it in!” she said. William stopped and so did Jack. Elizabeth rubbed her eyes. Jack noticed that she seemed tired. She looked at Jack and he saw nothing but defeat on her face.
“Thanks for dropping by.” She said wearily. Then without another word she turned and set off back up the beach. William and Jack stared after in an amazed silence. Finally William shot Jack a very dirty look and hurried after his mother. He reached her and slipped and arm round her. She stopped briefly and hugged him to her before the pair carried on. Captain Jack Sparrow was left standing on the beach, alone, with no one to hug.
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White Masque
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Lots of drama still going on, I see! Such a marvelous story! I really liked Jack's, "I am not hiding," comment. It sounded exactly like something he would say. Bravo! Keep up the good work!
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That was excellent!! I loved how Elizabeth and William ganged up on Jack, anything he did or said wrong, one of them was right there in his face... Great job! Can't wait for the next bit.
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Very good I like it well done
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Thank's! White Masque there is lots of drama going on. Hell this chapter was more suspensful than the best soap opera! Lol.
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i love it!!!
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Horray for Chapter 8

Here it is! After hours of work chapter 8. Just a note to say that all references to space and time inspired by Doctor Who. As I am an avid doctor who fan! This chapter explores the origins of Tia Dalma's interest in Will. Enjoy and tell me what yout think.

Title: Alone: Chapter
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

It’s night time; in a barren swamp fireflies hover in the air illuminating the dark and murky water. In a small wooden shack small lamps light up the confined space. A woman is crouched over a bowl of water. Her hair is lank and black. Her skin is the colour of chocolate. She leans in over the bowl and breaths on the water. The surface of the water ripples. It swirls into patterns that lap over themselves. Stars appear and vast complexes of light that swirl and cave in on themselves. It’s as if she’s staring into time itself. Eventually they fall away and disappear into the blackness, the water ripples again and a shape forms. It’s a man. He’s standing alone at the helm of a ship. In the blackness of the night his face is in shadow. As if he senses he’s being watched he turns his head.
“Captain Turner.” the woman purrs, her voice low and soft, “a touch of destiny.”

Onboard the Dutchman Will shivers, and not from the cold. He has the unmistakable feeling that he’s being watched. He turns his head and sees nothing. His eyes, sharper than they were before his death pierce the blanket of night like a knife. He saw nothing. But there was something there, the breath of a stolen kiss on his neck. Fingers of wind winding themselves around in his hair. He turns again. The deck is empty.

In her shack the goddess Calypso smiles. She’s always had a soft spot for William Turner. The handsome face and calm attitude always appeals to her. She watched him as he’d dealt with the hand that fate had given him. With reluctance she tears herself away from his image, the water rippled over again, when the picture forms again its Jack and Elizabeth entwined in each other’s arms. She’s looking into the past and present. With a sigh she twirls her fingers around in the water distorting the image. As she removed her finger another image formed on the broken surface of the water. It was Will and Elizabeth. This time standing staring stony faced at each other. As quickly as the image arrives it’s gone. Leaving only a faint disturbed memory in the goddesses mind.

Will is standing at the helm of his ship when the gust of wind ruffles his hair. He closes his eyes and lets the breeze play on his face. When he opens his eyes Elizabeth is standing in front of him. A gasp of shock escapes his lips and before he knows what’s happening she’s crushed him to her, lips finding his, a passionate embrace. But something feels wrong. Will remembers the last time he kissed her, the emotions that had coursed through his body. This time there was nothing. He opened his eyes and understood.
“You should know better than to come to a man in the form of his wife. Calypso.” He said softly. Elizabeth smiled.
“Always were to clever for me.” She said. Will smiled tightly.
“You think I wouldn’t know when it wasn’t my wife.” He replied. Calypso smiled, then before Will’s eyes she warped into Tia Dalma. Will arched a causal eyebrow and shook his head. He turned away and stared out to sea. Calypso watched him; in the half-light of the moon that hung in the sky like an orb he had the look of mystery about him. She frowned; there was something she knew that she wanted to say. But as soon as she tried to remember what it was it slipped out of her grasp like a slippery shadow.
“Why are you here?” Will asked suddenly. The sea goddess was not used to being taken by surprise but this question threw her. She was not used to him being so forward.
“I came to see you,” she said. Will said nothing; he simply stared at the ocean, calm and mysterious.
“Why me?” he asked. Calypso frowned.
“What do you mean?” she said feeling confused. Will turned to face her.
“You’re a sea goddess. You must have some leaning towards peoples fates who are at sea.” He said. She smiled.
“Clever boy.” She purred running her finger slowly down his chest. Will shivered slightly at the touch but held his ground. “I wondered how long it would be before someone worked it out.” She continued. She stepped up and leant on the railing next to him. It was a while before she spoke.
“As a being of the sea I have the power to see what may be.” She paused. “I saw when I left Davy Jones what he would become. Because I loved him I tried to change it. But I left it too late. He was beyond saving.” She sighed and Will nodded. “I didn’t have anyone in mind for the job.” She turned to him. “I saw you when you where 12 and leaving to find your father. I was an old sailor at the time.” Will frowned. In the dark corners of his mind he sees the docks of Portsmouth…

The ships are being loaded up. He’s standing, frightened. Not knowing what waits for him out there. He thinks of his mother, being loaded into a coffin, the coldness of her hand as he grips it. The tears that fell from his face. He sniffs and boldly takes a step towards the merchant ship he’ll be travelling on. As he looks around an old man hunched up on a pile of sacks catches his eyes. He stops and looks at him. Smoke is wafting in small tendrils from a pipe concealed under the mans chin. The man looked up and locked eyes with him. He tries to pull away but a hidden force stops him. Then old man grins showing a wide mouth with gaps and few teeth.
“Destiny.” He hisses. “You’ve a sense of fate and destiny.” He frowns and reaches out a hand. As if in a trance Will gives the old sailor his hand. The man grasps it between his knarled old fingers and closes his eyes.
“Ah yes!” he sighs when he opens his eyes, “Many great deeds revolve around you.” he lets go of Will’s hand then he smiles again. Will shakes his head. The man is gone. He looks around; he’s nowhere to be seen. Already the encounter seems like a far off dream. And like sand slipping through his fingers it fades away.

Will’s eyes widened as in the first time for just over twenty years he remembers. He looks at Calypso again and she smiles.
“Ah, you remember. “ she said. Will frowned.
“Why me though?” he persisted.
“You were one of many. Many boys and men caught my eyes over the years.” She paused again and Will had to wait a while before she spoke again. “I saw you in a vision. On a night much like tonight I was looking in the water and your face materialised in front of me. For reasons unknown I was compelled to find out more about you. So I delved deep into the mysteries of time and space and uncovered your past. And all the while a voice whispered in the back of my head that you were the one. I visited you in the harbour.” Will’s hands were gripping the railing hard. All this time, all these years he’d just been a pawn in fate’s twisted game. Calypso obviously didn’t sense his unease or if she did she didn’t falter.
“I knew that you would be right. I left and waited. Then 10 years later then who should come walking in through the door of my shack?” she turned and pointed a long finger at him. “You.”

The door creaks open. She looks up to see Jack Sparrow creeping in through the door. A smile plays across her lips.
“Jack Sparrow.” She said. “I always knew the wind would blow you back to me one day.” His face breaks into a cheeky grin and he steps towards her twisting to avoid a jar of eyes. She opens her mouth to speak when a figure in the background catches her eye. A young man steps hesitantly through the door. His shoulder length hair is swept back in a ponytail. His handsome features in a frown. His face is familiar, she thinks and then it comes to her. The face in the water. A touch of destiny.
“You.” she said pointing and stepping round a bemused Jack Sparrow. “You have a touch of destiny about you. William. Turner.” the man’s frown deepens.
“You know me?” he asked puzzled. His voice sends shivers up her spine. Deep and sensual. This man has the power to bewitch her without even realising it. It was like meeting Davy Jones all over again. The feeling of passion and desire.
“You want to know me?” she purred softly. Staring deep into eyes, like the voids of space and time they sparkled with a hidden fire.

She shakes her head and the memory fades.
“I must admit over the centuries not many people have managed to surprise me, but you William Turner are full of them.” She said smiling. Will sighed.
“My… my…my death. Did you know about that?” he asked softly. She tries to block it out.

Sitting in the shack. Light breezes making the wind chimes emit sweet music. The water is rippling. Without thinking she looks down. Rain is beating down. A great sea battle rages. She doesn’t pay attention to this. A man is lying spread eagled on the deck of a ship. A sword plunged deep in his chest. Her breath catches in her throat as she realises who it is. William. As she watches he opens his eyes and with the last of his strength looks straight into her eyes.
“Save me.” He mouths.

“I did foresee your death. Along with your marriage.” Will breathed in sharply.
“Could you have prevented it?” he asked.
“I took steps to sidetrack it. Prolong the suffering.” She replied. “I could not directly stop it as fate had already decided on your death. And in doing so you fulfilled your destiny as Captain.” She looked out to sea.
“What steps did you take?” Will asked.
“I influenced Jack to stab the heart. He wasn’t going to. His love for you and his desire to be immortal were the same. But he was leaning towards immortality. I was the voice of doubt that convinced him to give up his dream,”
At the mention of Jack Sparrow Will’s blood boiled. He despised him even more now that he knew that Jack was still another pawn in the game but he would have given up Will’s life to be immortal.
“It’s a good thing he wasn’t immortal.” He muttered. Calypso turned to face him.
“Something wrong?” she asked. Will didn’t answer for some minutes.
“He… he slept with Elizabeth.” He said. Calypso nodded.
“I saw that this evening. And if it makes you fell any better she lives with the regret. But know this it is consuming her. Like a heavy stone forcing her to her knees.
She stroked Will’s face. The touch made Will’s breath catch. Feeling rushed through him and he was ashamed that one of them was desire. She moved her face closer and he took a deep breath. Her lips brushed his. The spell was broken. He pulled away and covered his face with his hands. By the time he dared look again she was gone and the night was silent. And like a bad dream the experience locked itself away in the closets of his mind.

In his cabin Jack stared at the ceiling. He was thinking as he had done so many times since Will’s visit about his death. He remembered the feeling that ran through him. He remembered the voices egging him on.
“Stab the heart! Be immortal!” one had crowed. But then a more mystical voice had spoken to him
“Save him. This is not his time. He’s your friend. Where would you be without him? He deserves a life with his wife.” The voice whispered sweet nothings to him and now as Jack remembered it a worry crossed his mind. The voice hadn’t been his own. It had been the sea Goddess Calypso.

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Elizabeth Turner
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it was good, but for some reason it seemed shorter than it was
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that was so good! Awww. oh poor Will. I really liked it well done!
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Lovely! how neat to tie in Calypso like that!!
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White Masque
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I love how you're weaving characters into the story. First Norrington, then Calypso. Ah, and it was beautifully written as well!
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good good!!! ireally liked that lol
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Chapter 9

Title: Alone: Chapter 9
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 9
When Elizabeth awoke the next morning she wondered why she felt so hollow. She got up and crossed to the window. She rubbed at her eyes tiredly and gazed out of the window. With surprise she saw that the Black Pearl was still moored in the ocean. She felt a surge of anger. Her hands clenched into fists and she considered storming down to the beach and commanding him to leave. But Jack Sparrow was like the sea, harsh and stubborn at times, but as loving and gentle at others. With a snort of disgust she turned away form the window and flopped down on the bed. She wished that Will was here and if she closed her eyes she could imagine that he was, the ghosts of his arms wrapping themselves round her body. Hugging her close. A whisper of wind talking in her ear. She opened her eyes. The illusion was gone. She was alone. She cried then, the tears surging down her cheeks in great floods. Sobs that she thought would rip her heart in to.

William heard his mother crying and his heart ached as he wanted to comfort her. But he didn’t, every time he tried she would dry her eyes. Insist that she was fine and then give him a hug. Since she’d got back the day before after their encounter with Jack she’d been even more distant than usual. She’d sat by the fire staring into space. He’d wanted to make her feel better but he could never think of anything to say to her. It wasn’t him that she wanted comforting her. It was her husband. William sighed. He was beginning to doubt if his mother could last the next four months. So that he didn’t have to listen to her crying he walked out of the house, it was a beautiful morning. He looked down at the beach and saw the boat. He frowned. Jack Sparrow. The man who in the absence of his real father had treated him like a son. The man who had saved his life.

He’s begging with her.
“I can do it.” He pleaded. She shook her head.
“There is absolutely no way that I am letting you dive off that rock. One you can’t dive, two you can’t swim that far.” She looks up at Jack for support. He pushes himself off the rock that he’s been leaning on and kneels down in front of the stubborn seven year old.
“Your mothers right.” He said. “Wait till your older.” He stood up and ruffled his hair. William scowled.
“Why do you never let me do anything?” he whined. Elizabeth shook her head and smiled. William’s mouth was set in a line of grim determination. Jack remembered seeing that look on Will’s face so many times. William stares defiantly at the two of them before running off. Elizabeth laughed and turned to Jack.
“I don’t quite know where he’s got the idea of diving from.” She said. Jack shrugged innocently whilst inside cursing the fact that just the day before mentioning to the young boy how fun it would be to dive off the rock. Suddenly there was a triumphant yell coming from the direction of the rocks. Elizabeth looked at Jack and started sprinting towards the cliff. Jack was hot on her heels. As they reached the cliffs they spotted William standing poised to jump on the edge of a rock. He saw them coming and before Elizabeth even had time to open her mouth he jumped. His yell of excitement suddenly turned to a scream of fear as he plummeted towards the ocean. Elizabeth’s breath caught in her throat, beside her Jack had wrenched off his coat and hat and had hopped up onto the rock he looked at her once and dived gracefully into the water after William. Elizabeth watched frantically. Then she saw Jack surface with William clinging to him. Her son was bleeding from a gash on his head and had his little arms wrapped round Jack’s neck. Jack had the strangest feeling of that he’d been here before. Saving another member of the family from drowning, he kicks for the beach. Elizabeth is there to meet them. She pulls William from Jack’s arms and sobs as she clutches him close. Blood is running down his face.
“I’m sorry.” He said. The tears falling thickly down his face. she shakes her head and buries her face in his body.
“It’s alright.” She takes a hankie from her pocket and dabs at the cut above his eye. It’s on his eyebrow. She puts him down and turns to Jack who’s ringing out his bandanna. She waits until he’s put it back on and then pulls him close to her.
“Thank you!” she breaths in his ear. He blushes.
“It’s nothing.” He said embarrassed. He turned to William who hugged him hard. As if he would never let go.

William fingered the scar that was at the end of the left eyebrow. He sighed and bowed his head. When he looked up again he saw that a camp was being made on the beach. Men were bringing things ashore. He could see Jack tottering around. Probably giving orders but not doing any of the work himself. He tutted and turned back to the house. He knew that if he watched any longer he would probably end up confronting Jack. He stormed into the kitchen and threw himself into a chair. He rubbed his face with his hands and sighed. Not for the first time he wished that he’d grown up with a mother and father both together.

Elizabeth sat up and wiped her eyes. The tears had stopped and the hollow feeling that had been there when she had woken up had returned. She wiped her eyes again and stared at the ceiling. Four months. That’s all there was. She smiled to herself. Heck after 9 and a half years she could surely wait out four months easily enough. She stood up from the bed and crossed to the kitchen. William was sitting in one of the chairs. He looked up as she came in.
“He’s still here.” He said. Jerking his thumb in the direction of the beach. Elizabeth nodded.
“I know.” She sighed. William stood up and walked round the table. He hugged her. She hugged him back clutching at him hard, he looked up at her. The dark chocolate brown eyes that he had inherited from his father looked up at her questioningly. He wanted to help. She smiled down at him and kissed the top of his head.
“It’s all going to be fine.” She said reassuringly. He smiled and broke away from her. He looked back at her one last time as he reached the door. Then he was gone. She smiled at his retreating figure and turned back into the house.

Down on the beach Jack put his hands on his hips and looked around proudly. On either side of him his crewmembers were in different stages of exhaustion.
“That’s excellent.” He said. Pintel looked up from where he was lying and then at the camp that they had constructed.
“What exactly are we doing here?” he asked boldly. Jack looked around bemused.
“What do you mean what are we doing here? I thought the answer would be fairly obvious my simple minded friend.” He spread his hands out and grinned. When no one cottoned on to what he was saying his smile slipped. “Ah, well, we are here to wait it out until dear old William comes ashore to see his dearly beloved wife and child.” He stopped and slapped his forehead. “Knew I forget to tell him something.” Gibbs looked up.
“What was that?” he asked. Jack waved it away.
“Just the trivial matter that he had a son.” He said dismissing the question. Gibbs looked confused.
“You do get what Will meant when he said, ‘stay away from my wife’ don’t you Jack?” he asked. Jack nodded.
“Of course!” he said. “And I’m not near her. She’s up there, I’m down here.” He said smugly. Gibbs sighed and shook his head, for a ‘clever pirate’ Jack could be unbelievably dim sometimes. Jack didn’t seem to notice the crewmembers looking at him in disbelief. He flopped down on the sand and hummed softly to himself as he stared up at the sky. After a moment Gibbs finally plucked up the courage to speak.
“Jack, you do know how long it is until Will comes back onto land don’t you?” he asked. Jack frowned then grinned.
“Course I do.” He said. Then his smile wavered. “A week.” He continued quietly. Gibbs groaned and closed his eyes.
“He’s not coming ashore for another four months.” He said desperately. Jack shrugged.
“Then we’ll wait four months.” He said stubbornly. Barbossa who was sitting on a rock behind Gibbs sighed and got to his feet.
“What do you think you’re playing at Jack?” he asked. Jack looked at him confused.
“What do you mean?” he replied. Barbossa gritted his teeth and counted to ten.
“When someone says to stay away from their wife they mean away.” He leant forward. “You do know who you’re dealing with don’t you Jack.” Jack nodded still looking confused.
“Of course. It’s William Turner. We go back a long way.” He said. “Very good friends.” He added. Barbossa shook his head.
“When Will steps on land in four months time he will not be the same man that you knew ten years ago. He’s the Captain of The Flying Dutchman. He will have changed. Towards Elizabeth, no. But towards you. Most definitely.” He leaned back and retreated to his rock. Jack frowned and looked out to the sea.
That was when the crab crawled over his boot. He looked down at it. He recognised it and took a deep breath. Within seconds crabs were scuttling all up the beach. They formed spirals and strange shapes. Then as if called by some unknown force they all turned and hurtled to a central point. Here they collided and shot upwards to form a twisting column of crabs. Soon the crabs dissipated to reveal Calypso. Her face was incomplete with holes and bone sticking out at odd angles. As was the rest of her body. But the remaining crabs got to work moulding themselves to her face. She closed her eyes and the last crab slotted into placed just below her left eye. She opened her eyes to find the crew watching her. She smiled.
“Jack Sparrow.” She said, Jack laughed nervously.
“Tia Dalma, I mean Calypso. Always a pleasure.” He said. Her grin broadened.
“I see you found the fountain of youth then.” She said.
“WHAT!!” exploded Barbossa from behind Jack. He turned to see all the crewmembers getting to their feet angry looks on their faces. Jack backed away slowly.
“Look, guys, it was when you mutinied against me six years ago.” He said. Barbossa shook his head.
“And when were you planning to let us in on it?” he growled. Jack thought for a moment.
“I saved some for you all.” He said.
“Aye and when were you planning to give this to us.” Gibbs asked fingering the hilt of his sword.
“Birthdays, Christmas.” Jack replied innocently.
As the men got closer and closer Jack began to fear for his immortal life. He was about to turn and run when a slamming door stopped him. they looked up the cliff and saw Elizabeth standing on the cliff face watching them all. Beside Jack Calypso sighed.
“Look at her. Filled with regret.” She said softly. They all turned to look at her. She fixed her gaze on Jack.
“What you did was wrong.” She said.
“Wha…What! She did nothing to stop me!” Jack retorted. Calypso shook her head.
“You took advantage of her.” She looked back up at Elizabeth. “She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.” She turned back to face the crew.
“I have spoken to Captain Turner.” she shook her head. “Not a happy man. And not one you want to anger either.” Jack coughed.
“But when he comes on land he won’t have any of the powers that come with the Dutchman.” Calypso shook her head.
“He will.” Jack looked at her in disbelief. “It’s in his blood now and he carries that over when he comes onto land. What right have you to take away the one thing that he hangs onto. His last touch with humanity and you could have stopped him ever coming on land.” She leaned forward. “Would you want that on your conscious Jack Sparrow.” Jack shook his head.
“Should I leave.” He whispered. Calypso shrugged.
“Events have been set in motion. Who knows what will happen.” She locked eyes with Jack and he heard a voice in his head.
“He hates you Jack, and if you fight him, immortal or not, he will kill you.” he gulped. Calypso broke the eye contact and with a harsh laugh set off up the beach towards where Elizabeth was standing.

A/N: The scar that William has is a replica of one that I have in exactly the same place. Though I didn’t get mine when I dived off a rock. I am ashamed to say that I got mine by running into a wall. As I was writing I thought about it and decided to add it in. Inspiration comes from the strangest of places! Lol.

P.S: Sorry that it has taken so long. This chapter was a lot harder to write. Next one is my favourite though. Will’s Return. Hmm what a good title. Return Of The Will.

As always good or bad comment away
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This was really good. I feel so bad for Elizabeth! Stupid jack *shakes fist* Really well written. I love all the different points of view. I can't wait for Will to come back! it should be interesting! Super excited can't wait!
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That was great! jack doesn't know what he's doing haha, what else is new... I'm so excited for the next chapter.... my heart aches for elizabeth, all that she has gone through and is still going through just waiting for will to come home.
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Return Of The Will: in a sane person's language Chapter 10

Here you are Chapter 10 and the family reunited. Such a nice chapter to write. Had to think of a new way for Will to get his heart back though. Did a lot of thinking about that one. Enjoy!!

Title: Alone: Chapter 9
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 10
Just under four months later…
James woke up and lay staring at the for a moment. He threw back the covers and swung his legs over the side of the hammock. He rubbed his eyes and reached for a shirt. As he slipped it over his head the sound of whistling reached his ears. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. The Captain had been in high spirits for the past week and James didn’t blame him. In a few days time he would see his wife for the first time in 10 years. After a moments thought he hauled himself out his feet and walked out of the room.

Will looked up at the sky. As it had been for the past week the sun was shinning and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. There wasn’t much wind and usually this would bother him as it was harder to sail in no wind. But this week nothing could dampen his spirits. He leant against the railings of the ship and sighed. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t see James until he was standing right behind him.
James tapped him on the shoulder and Will turned to face him.
“Morning.” He said brightly, James smiled.
“Happy Captain?” he asked. Will laughed.
“Yep.” He replied. Then his face grew serious. “I want you to come and see her when I go the day after tomorrow.” James’s eyes widened in shock.
“You want me to come on land with you?” he asked. Will nodded.
“Yes. I want you to see her again.” He nodded and looked away. James felt a mixture of emotions. His heart was bursting to see Elizabeth again, but he didn’t know if her could bear watching her with Will. For some unknown reason he felt that he had to tell Will about their kiss. Taking a deep breath he coughed to get Will’s attention. Will turned to him. James swallowed.
“Will, there’s something I have to tell you.” he began. Will nodded.
“Go on.” James licked his lips nervously.
“Before I died. I was with Elizabeth and I… we kissed.” He said. Will nodded again. James desperately tried to read his emotions but his face was as impassive as stone. He looked like he wanted to speak but words failed him. he turned away.
“You kissed her.” He said quietly. “Even though you knew abut us.” He turned slowly to face James. “After all the times I risked my life to save her, you think that when I’m not there she’s just yours.” This sparked something in James.
“Risking your life? I died for her!” he said pointing at himself. Will gave a snort.
“In case you hadn’t noticed so did I!” he retorted. “That’s why I’m here funnily enough.” He leaned forward. “I haven’t held my wife for ten years. I’ve never woken to find her lying next to me, I haven’t been there to comfort her when she’s alone. So don’t you dare stand there and tell me about dying for her!” he said through gritted teeth. James stared back at him defiantly. Will’s hands clenched into fists by his side.
“Get out of my sight or I’m going to hit you.” he said. James turned and stormed across the deck leaving Will standing by the helm alone.

Elizabeth’s spirits grew with each passing day. In her mind she counted down gleefully the days until Will’s return. Even the presence of Jack Sparrow could do nothing to dent her good mood. William for one was pleased with the change in his mother and was also waiting with great anticipation for his father. Elizabeth spent many hours telling her son tales about his heroic father and William lapped them up.
In her mind though Elizabeth kept replaying the moment when Calypso had come to her.

She sees her walking up the beach after talking to Jack. She feels like turning away but she’s rooted to the spot. The goddess reaches her and gives her a haunted smile.
“Mrs Turner.” she said. Her voice soft and slippery. She nods in acknowledgement. The goddess stands next to her and stares out at the ocean.
“I’ve seen your husband.” She said eventually. Elizabeth tried to ignore how her heart quickened at the mention of Will.
“Is she angry?” she croaked. Calypso turned to face her.
“With you child. No.” but she frowned.
“There’s something I have to tell you. but whenever I try to bring it to mind it slip away from me.” She sighed and shook her head.
“He can’t wait to see you.” she said. Elizabeth smiled her thanks. She blinked and Calypso was gone.

Elizabeth was walking across the sand. Ahead of her lay Jack’s camp. She skirted as far around it as she could. She saw Jack walking towards her but as soon as he caught her gaze he turned and walked in the other direction. As she carried on walking Elizabeth wondered how Jack had managed to stay on land for the whole four months, she hadn’t talked to him in all the time that he had been there. She came to the end of the beach and sat down on a big boulder, she curled her toes in the soft sand. The only sounds were the gentle lapping of the waves on the sand, the soft singing of a bird and the low voices that echoed from the camp.

Ten years to the day. 3650 days the sun had risen and set since they had last seen each other. And now it was here.

The rose slowly into the sky. Will watched it with anticipation. Smiling he turned to his crew.
“Make for the island.” He commanded. The crew nodded and scuttled away. The only person who remained where they were was James Norrington. Slowly and nervously he approached Will. He hadn’t spoken to him since their argument. He reached out and tapped Will lightly on the shoulder.
When he turned and saw James Will frowned.
“Yes?” he asked as politely as he could manage. James took a long time answering. He kept taking deep breaths and wringing his hands together. Finally he managed to form words.
“I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry about what I said the other day.” He paused. “And I was wondering if I could still come and see Elizabeth with you?” Will thought about it. Part f him wanted to say no, that was the part that had joined him since he became Captain. But another part. The blacksmith part of him said that he should. It was with this one that he went with.
“Yes.” Was all he said. Then he turned and continued staring at the waves. James heaved a sigh of relief and walked off. Will was left staring at the sea again. Today was the day.

Elizabeth opened her eyes and knew that today was the day. She grinned as she lay in the bed. This time tomorrow she would wake up and her husband would be lying next to her. She closed her eyes and willed it to be sunset. Today was the day.

Across the hall in his room William sat watching the sea from his window. Even though he knew that his father wouldn’t put in an appearance until the end of the day it didn’t stop him watching the sea. There were butterflies in his stomach that he couldn’t get rid of, and a sense of mystery. With eager eyes he scanned the waves. Today was the day.

Down on the beach Jack to was watching the sea. But with not as much excitement at as the rest. He sat on a rock chewing at a fingernail. His hand kept straying to the hilt of his sword to check that it was still there. He hoped that he wouldn’t have to use it as Calypso’s words kept floating in his head.
“He hates you Jack, and if you fight him, immortal or not, he will kill you.” he bit down to hard on his finger and yelped in pain as his teeth pierced the skin. He watched the scarlet blood trickle down his finger. He cursed and licked it off. With a sigh he resumed his string at the sea. Waiting with anticipation and dread for sunset. Today was the day.

The day dragged by at an agonisingly slow rate for all four of them. Jack took to pacing up and down the beach. He became irritable and snapped at people several times. Elizabeth tried to distract herself by tidying the house. But she couldn’t keep her concentration. Neither could William. Will sat at the helm of his ship watching the still waters of the locker. They had to wait here until sunset and then the flash would take them to the island. He looked around, this was his last day as Captain. He took in every small detail of the ship. The initials scratched into the rotting wood. the limp sails hanging above his head. The crew, he heard footsteps and turned to see his father walking towards him.
“Today’s the day.” He said softly. Will nodded. His father smiled.
“I’m saying my goodbyes now. You’ll be to busy later on and I don’t want to delay you.” he said. A lump rose in Will’s throat and before he knew what he was doing he had pulled his father into a hug. He clutched at him tightly as the tears poured down his face. Bootstrap hugged him close.
“I’m so proud of you.” he said. Will nodded and clutched him tighter. Finally he let go and stood back, he wiped his eyes.
“Thank you.” he whispered. Bootstrap shook his head,
“Don’t mention it.” He replied. Then he walked off.

The sun was sinking below the horizon sending vivid red streaks across the sky. Elizabeth walked through the tall grass and stood at the top of the cliff. William was beside her, his face alive with excitement. She placed and arm round his shoulder and together they waited.
Elizabeth’s breath caught in her throat as the last of the sun dipped down past the skyline. As the light disappeared a green flash erupted across the sky. She squeezed her eyes shut to avoid the glare. She left them closed slightly longer, hoping and praying that it had worked. Finally she opened her eyes and took a deep breath. There it was. There he was. A ship sailing majestically towards them. William grabbed hold of her hand and squeezed it tightly.
“It’s him.” he whispered. Elizabeth nodded. The tears welling up in her eyes. She started walking, then she was sprinting towards the beach. She reached the sand as a rowboat grinded to a halt. A figure hopped out, his back to her. He turned and she stared straight into the chocolate brown eyes that she had dreamed about for 10 years. Then he was running and before she knew what had happened he had covered the distance and had her in his arms. She threw her arms round his neck and kissed him. Unable to control it the tears slipped from her eyes and down her cheeks. He raised and finger and wiped them away.
“Hello.” He said. She laughed.
“Hi.” She replied. “God I missed you!” she said and kissed him again. He pressed her closer to him, his body was cold to her touch. She placed a hand inside his shirt and laid it on the scarred skin. Nothing. She withdrew her hand and turned.
“There’s someone I want you to meet.” She said. Will watched her confused. She let go and took her son by the hand.
“This is William,” she said. The tears welling up again. “Your son.” Will looked from her to the boy. Tears filled his eyes and spilled onto his cheeks. Then he reached out a hand and touched the boys face. William trembled at the touch and in a sudden movement threw his arms round his father’s waist. Will clutched at him sobbing.
“My son.” He said over and over again. William looked up at him and beamed tears pouring down his face. Elizabeth watched them. Finally Will looked up from his son and stared straight into her eyes.
“There’s someone I want you to meet also.” He said through his tears. He wiped his eyes and turned back to the boat. He beckoned and a second figure jumped out of the boat and joined him on the sand. Will stepped back and Elizabeth was able to get a proper look at the man. A gasp escaped her lips.
“James!” she ran forwards and threw her arms round him. James hugged her back. Behind her Will felt a small stab of jealously. It must have shown on his face because William reached across and gently took his hand. will looked down at the unfamiliar touch and smiled. James and Elizabeth were both talking excitedly. Finally Elizabeth turned round to see father and son watching each other. The expressions on their faces mirrored by the others. She slowly out a hand and touched Will on the shoulder. He jumped and looked round. His face broke into a smile and before he knew what he was doing he was kissing her again. Her fingers tangled in the hair on the back of his neck. His hand rested tightly around her waist.
They were interrupted by the arrival of Calypso. One minute she wasn’t there. The next she was. Will broke away from Elizabeth and watched her warily. The memory of their last encounter burned into his mind. She smiled at him and Elizabeth.
“Ten years. Ten years you been ferrying the souls. And now your time is done.” The chest appeared out of nowhere in her hands and Elizabeth started. Calypso saw her and winked. She inserted a long fingernail into the keyhole and twisted. The chest hissed open. Inside Will saw his heart beating. With a smile Calypso plucked the heart from the chest and slowly stepped towards them. She reached and pulled Will’s shirt aside exposing his chest and the scar. There was a moment’s hesitation and then she plunged her hand deep into his chest. along the scar. Blood welled up around her hand. will stared down at her hand in dumb shock. His body felt icy cold, then hotter than the flames of hell. She withdrew her hand and he stumbled back clutching at his chest. Elizabeth supported him. he took a deep breath and slowly placed a hand over the scar. Beneath his hand there came the rhythmic pulsing that he had not felt or heard for 10 years. He turned to Elizabeth, a look of wonderment in his eyes. Hesitantly she raised her hand and brought it down on the now warm skin on his chest. as she felt the heart thudding under her palm she couldn’t keep back her tears. She threw her arms round his neck and buried her head in his chest. he clutched her tightly to him.
James watched them with a mix of happiness and envy. Part of him had wished that it wouldn’t work, that Will’s heart would stay in the chest. but he had been relived when it had. To distract himself from the image he turned and looked at the newest addition to the Turner family. William was watching his mother and father, a look of complete happiness across his features. James was astounded about how much he looked like his father. He saw a movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned, Jack Sparrow was making his way slowly up the beach.

Keep the comments coming! I love hearing your thoughts! Its why i write

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I need some help. I'm planning to write Gillette in a later chapter and am at a loss as to what to call him for his first name. I would love it if you ladies could give me some ideas, you can PM them to me or post them in this thread. I'd really love to hear from you! I'm hopeless at making up names. Please help!
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you could go with charles, michael, paul, or anthony. just a few suggestions. :)
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wow!! that chap was great! You wrote that very well! Will there be any more to this story then or was that the last?

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A thank you

I intend to write more. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to expand on. ROPR: I loved the suggestions, I am toying at the moment with Charles. I would also like to take this oppertunity to say thank you for supporting my story. It started out as a short idea but with your support by spurring me on it has developed into someting much more better. Sorry for the direct quote, so thank you all very much. I really appreciate it. So thank you again.
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Here is chapter 11. Enjoy! Nice chapter full of explanation and drama! Lol

Title: Alone: Chapter 11
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 11
All eyes turned on Jack as he advanced towards them. Will was the first to react, he stepped in front of Elizabeth, there was the sliding sound of metal as his sword was drawn from his sheath, he balanced it in the palm of his hand and then levelled it at Jack’s throat as he got closer and closer. Sensing his anger Elizabeth placed a hand on his arm. Jack continued walking until he was standing a few feet away from Will. He looked round, everyone was watching him. His face broke into a cheeky grin.
“What’s everyone looking at?” he asked. Will couldn’t contain himself any longer, ignoring all of Elizabeth’s efforts he lunged forward. His fist came into contact with Jack’s face. Jack fell to the floor howling with pain, whilst Elizabeth was wrenching Will backwards.
“What did I tell you!” Will was screaming, his usual calm disposition vanishing. “What did I tell you! Stay away from my wife! You stupid git!” Jack had clambered to his feet and was trying to staunch the flow of blood that ran from his nose.
“Bugger!” he said. Then he turned to Will. Elizabeth had finally managed to get him under control, she had her hands on either side of his face, forcing him to look her in the eye and was talking softly to him. Calypso stepped up next to Jack.
“I think it’s best if you leave.” She said quietly. Jack nodded.
“Couldn’t agree more.” He agreed, he turned and walked as quickly as he could away from the scene.
Will saw Jack walking away and a satisfied smirk flitted across his face. he turned back and saw relief on Elizabeth’s face.
“I’m alright.” He assured her. She nodded and sat down on the sand. He flopped down beside her, William hesitantly sat down. Will lay on his back and gazed up at the stars that dotted the sky like fireflies.
“The stars look different on land.” He said. Elizabeth smiled and lay down next to him, she looked up at the sky and then turned to look at William.
“You know, it was on a night rather like this one that your father proposed to me.” She said. William looked at his dad.
“Really?” Will nodded.

The waves are lapping softly against the sand. The moon illuminates all that it touches with a angelic white glow. She sighs and leans back against him, the warmth of his body seeping into her. He kisses the top of her head, then he stands up. Without a word he extends his hand. she takes it and he pulls her to her feet. He smiles at her before dropping onto one knee. Her breath catches in her throat as she realises what he’s doing.
“Elizabeth Swann.” He says, his eyes twinkling like stars. “Will you marry me?” He says, and from his pockets he pulls a small beautifully crafted wooden box. He flips it open to reveal a silver ring that flashes in the moonlight. She feels the tears welling up in her eyes.
“Yes.” She breaths. His face lights up and in one fluid motion he’s stood up and twirled her round before kissing her deeply. He takes the ring out of the box and slips it onto her finger.
“I made it myself.” He said. She looked at it curiously.
“Well, I’m a blacksmith, not a bloody miracle worker.” He grumbled misinterpreting her silence. He was about to start ranting when she cut him off with a kiss.
“It’s beautiful!” she whispered when she pulled away. He grinned and stroked her face,
“I love you.” he said.
“I know!” she giggled before entwining her arms round his neck. He pulled her close to him. she smiled before kissing him again.

William smiled.
“So romantic.” He snorted. Will grinned.
“Yeah.” He looked up at the sky again. “It’s getting late.” He turned to William. “Shouldn’t you be in bed young man.” He said. William’s jaw dropped.
“How long have you been back?!” he asked. Will grinned cheekily. Elizabeth laughed and stood up.
“Let’s go home.” She said brushing sand off her clothes. Will and William nodded. Together they set off towards the house. A family for the first time.

Will stood in the doorway of the kitchen taking it all it. He stepped over the threshold and settled in one of the wooden chairs. William edged into the room.
“Goodnight.” He whispered. Will turned.
“Night son.” He said. Then William had thrown himself into his arms. Will clutched at his son tightly. Finally they parted and William went into his room. Elizabeth appeared a moment later, closing the door behind her. She smiled and walked over to him. Gently she took his hand and led him into their bedroom. As soon as the door had shut she was kissing every part of him that she could reach.
“We could talk.” Will suggested lightly. She broke off kissing his jaw and raised a sceptical eyebrow.
“I’ve waited ten years for you. I’m not going to waste our first night talking!” she said wrestling his shirt from his chest. He shrugged and helped her. Soon they were lying in bed. She sighed and ran her hands over his smooth skin, drinking in every last drop of him. Her hands lightly traced a finger over his scar. He smiled and raised her finger to his lips. He kissed it softly. She laughed quietly before pulling him closer.

When Elizabeth awoke the next morning she couldn’t work out why she was so happy. She turned her head and saw Will lying asleep next to her and she grinned as she remembered. He stirred and muttered something before rolling over. The white scars on his back stood out clearly. Elizabeth traced her hand across them, his skin was warm and soft. She looked towards the window, sunlight was streaming in. As quietly as she could she slipped out of bed, she scooped up Will’s shirt from where she had thrown it the night before and pulled it over her head. She crept out of the room and onto the cliff. She watched the sun rise fully. It was another beautiful day, not a cloud to be seen. She closed her eyes and let the breeze play over her face.
That was when the fingers gently pulled her hair away from her neck and Will’s lips found her skin. His arms encircled her waist as he pressed her to him.
“Morning.” He murmured into her hair. She smiled and took hold of his hands.
“How long have you been up?” he asked.
“Not long.” She replied. She turned to look at him. he was standing behind her dressed only in his trousers.
“That’s where my shirt went.” He said. She laughed.
“Sorry. I just picked up the first thing I saw.” Will laughed. Then he looked up at the sky.
“It’s another nice day.” He commented. Elizabeth nodded.
They heard footsteps behind them and turned to see William running towards them. He skidded to a halt in front of them and grinned.
“Morning.” He said brightly. Will grinned and ruffled his hair.
“Is he always this chirpy in the morning?” he asked Elizabeth. She laughed and nodded.
“Always. I could never get a decent lie in with him around.” William pretended to look hurt. Will slung his arm round his son’s shoulder.
“You obviously don’t get your early mornings from your mother’s side of the family.” He said. Elizabeth shook her head and kissed his cheek.
“It’s so good to have you back.” She whispered in his ear.

Jack watched the family from his camp down on the beach. He tenderly prodded his nose. It was swollen and hurt like mad. He turned to Gibbs who was standing next to him.
“It hurts!” he complained. Gibbs rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“What do you want me to do about it?! I’m a pirate not a bloody nurse!” he said exasperated. Jack shrugged and yelped as he poked his nose a bit to hard. He heard tutting behind him and turned to see Barbossa perched on a rock watching him with mild amusement in his eyes.
“I hate to say I told you so.” He said.
“Then don’t!” Jack snarled back. Barbossa raised his eyebrows. “Anyway, who said Will was angry when I got hit, he was just excited to see me.” Jack retorted. Barbossa smiled.
“We all heard him.” he said. “From here, what was it again: ‘What did I tell you! Stay away from my wife! You stupid git!’ oh yes that sounds like a man who’s happy to see you.” Jack replied with a string of filthy curses telling Barbossa exactly what he could do with his words. Barbossa merely laughed and walked off. Jack looked up at the cliff again. He looked around. Gibbs had gone back to his work and the rest of the crew weren’t paying him any attention. As quietly as he could he crept away towards Will and his family. The only ones who saw him leave were Calypso, the corners of her mouth curving as she watched, and James Norrington who stood beside her.

Jack ascended slowly up the cliff path. He reached the top and peered cautiously over the ridge. The family were sitting a short way away. As Jack watched William and Elizabeth both reached over and jabbed Will in the ribs. Taking advantage of him while he was squirming they piled on top of him. Will struggled before finally managing to dislodge them. He gave William a friendly shove before pinning Elizabeth to the ground under him. He leant down and kissed her softly. Watching Will with her made Jack sick with jealously. He hauled himself up into sight.
William and Will spotted him at exactly the same time. Each one made a grab for the hilt of a sword. Will cursed when he realised he didn’t have his sword. Neither did William. Jack smiled. He slowly drew his sword and held it so that it reflected the sunlight. Will stepped in front of his wife and son staring at Jack defiantly.
“What the hell are you doing here!?” he said through gritted teeth. Jack ran the sword through the air, enjoying the noise it made. Finally he pointed the sword at Will’s heart.
“Am I not allowed to drop by and say hello to an old friend?” he asked casually. He leaned forward slightly. “Seeing as it’s because of my good will and character that you’re here to be with your family in the first place.” Will laughed harshly.
“Don’t give me that.” He said. “I know for a fact that you were willing to let me die.” He took a step forward. “That’s what it was wasn’t it Jack? You wanted immortality more.” He cocked his head. “You would have let me die and then ‘consoled’ Elizabeth.” Jack’s hand wavered as Will stepped closer and closer. He was right on the mark. His hand trembled and finally he dropped the sword. He fumbled in his pocket and drew out several glass vials. In each one was a clear liquid that sparkled with colours of the rainbow in the morning sun.
“I forgot to get you a marriage present.” He said taking a step backwards. Will stopped in his tracks. “Water from the Fountain Of Youth. Enough for you and whatever else you may conceive.” Will frowned and took the vials from Jack’s outstretched hands,
“You’ve had some?” he asked.
“Of course.” Jack replied. “Now I’m immortal and your alive, and you and your dearly beloved can be immortal as well. Everybody wins.” Will turned to Elizabeth and shrugged. She stepped forward and took one of the vials from his hand. As soon as it touched her skin the water flushed a deep purple. Meanwhile Will’s had gone a deep blue. The colour of the bottoms of the locker. He turned to Jack again.
“How did you find it?” he asked. Jack grinned.
“Ahhh.” He said.

He shakes his fist at Barbossa from his tiny water logged boat. Barbossa laughed in rep[y.
“I think the score is now 6-5.” He chuckled. Jack snarled and pushed the rowboat away with a rotting oar. He feels that he’s sitting on something and fumbles around before triumphantly pulling out a small dusty bottle of rum. He takes a sip and lets the liquid run down his throat. He puts a hand and in his inside pocket and pulls out a worn map. Unfurling it he reads the letters inscribed.
‘Agua De Vida.’ And underneath that in small black print.
‘The Fountain Of Youth’ he smiles and tucks it safely back in his pocket. He then opens his compass , which still hangs from his belt. The needle spins a few times before coming to a stop pointing in a North Westerly direction. With a sly smiled he places the compass of the deck next to him and taking up the oar he slowly made his way towards the setting sun.

It’s two months later, with some help from the sea Goddess that he finds the Fountain Of Youth, it’s set on a small-secluded island surrounded by mist. He grins happily as his boat glides into the small jetty that marks the entrance to the island. There is a guard but he’s nothing more than a pile of bones on the floor. Jack’s foot accidentally nudges his skull, which sends it bouncing across the wood.
“Whoops, sorry mate.” He mutters. Cautiously he steps forward, he picks up a torch and lights it. The flickering flames throw eerie shadows onto the walls. He enters a tunnel that rapidly slopes down to open out into a majestic cave; stalagmites and stalactites rose and dropped from the ceilings and roof. Small precious stones glittered from inside the depths of the rock. And there in the middle of the room, set up high was a basin. An ornate fountain swirled in never ending patterns around it. A hole in the roof let in some light from the outside world illuminating the fountain in an angelic glow. He takes a cautious step forward; he has no idea what awaits him. Slowly, step-by-step he makes his way to the fountain. He reaches out and touches the basin slightly before pulling his hand back sharply. He squeezes his eyes shut and waits. Nothing. No crashing of rocks or deep voice proclaiming doom. Very slowly he opens his eyes. The water gleams in front of him like a stack of gold. Taking a small wooden cup from his pocket he dips it into the water. The fluid turns a vivid red as his hands close over the cup, the colour of blood. He hesitates as he looks at it. Is this what he wants? Eventually his curiosity answers for him and he downs the water in one.
Then he’s coughing and retching, rolling on the floor clutching his stomach, his skin feels like it’s on fire. Finally the pain subsides and his skin cools. He gets shakily to his feet covered in sweat. As the water settles in his stomach he feels a power surge through him. Like nothing he’s ever felt before. He takes a deep breath before turning back to the fountain. Retrieving some glass vials from his inside pocket he scoops the liquid into them, enough for his crew. As he turns to leave another face flashes through his mind, the last person he would expect to see. The long brown hair, the deep chocolaty eyes. A mouth slightly curved in a smile.
“What?! None for me!” the smile seemed to say. With a jolt he hurriedly turned and filled a few more. Will Turner had a way of getting inside his head even when he wasn’t there.” With one last admiring look around the great cave he left, the torchlight fading away to only leave the light around the basin, a light in dark places.

Will watched in fascination as Jack told his story.
“You think about me when I’m not there?” he said, his mouth curving in a cheeky smile. Some of the old Will Turner, the one that Jack knew was shinning through in that smile.
“Well, I…not in that way!” he stammered. Will laughed; the sound was like music to Jack’s ears. Then as quickly as the moment had arrived it vanished. Will’s handsome features returned to the frown that he’d been wearing earlier.
“I still don’t know what you are doing here!” he said.
“Will.” Elizabeth said warningly from behind him. Jack nodded his thanks to her. She frowned.
“I’m only doing it so my son doesn’t have to see you humiliated when you get your *** kicked.” She said coldly. Jack blanched.
“That’s not fair.” He whined. “I haven’t done anything wrong. Will laughed harshly.
“Oh nothing, asides from sleeping with my wife and then deliberately ignoring my warnings. Of course, you’re Jack Sparrow you never do anything wrong.” Jack frowned,
“You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do.” He said, sounding like a ten year old. Will stepped forward until he was eyeballing Jack.
“Watch it.” He growled, “I can kill you with my bare hands and I will,” he turned and looked at his son. “The only reason I haven’t kicked your *** yet is because for some bizarre reason my son actually respects you.” his eyes narrowed.
“One final warning Jack, stay away!” without another word he turned and stormed back up towards the house. Jack was left standing with Elizabeth and William; each wore exactly the same look. Distaste.
“I hope your happy.” Elizabeth said quietly, almost too quietly for Jack to hear it. She shook her head before running after Will calling his name.
William lingered the longest, staring at Jack torn between respect and loathing. His face was stony but his eyes told a different story. Finally he raised and hand and touched the scar on his eyebrow. Then he ran off. Jack was left standing alone.

Comment away and keep the name suggestions coming in!
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oh that was just...oh man that was good. I love tough Will he he...rawr lol. Really very good. I like it a lot
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I'm so glad that you are going to keep writing more! I really liked this, there was so much that happened in this chapter! Great job!
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