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White Masque
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Righteo! I caught up! Nice comeback from Will and I really liked how you had his heart return to him.

As for Gillette names, perhaps Anthony, Frederick, Henry, Mortimor, Steven (or Stephen), or Vincent. I literally went through the whole alphabet and said names trying to figure out what fit. I'm keen on Frederick, Mortimor, or Stephen.

Sweet chapters! Cannot wait for the next installment!
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Here is chapter 12. I had great fun writing this and thank you for all the name suggestions.

Title: Alone: Chapter 12
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 12
Elizabeth caught up with Will as he was about to enter the house. She grabbed his arm and he spun round, he looked angrier then she had ever seen him and it scared her. But when he saw her his eyes softened and he smiled. He stroked her cheek and looked at the floor. William saw them as he came running up. He watched as his father kissed his mother. Something he had never felt before stabbed his chest. He was surprised to find that it was jealousy. He shook his head and scolded himself. His father had every right to have his mother’s full attention. He’d missed her for ten years, feeling scared that he’d thought that way in the first place he walked off leaving his mother and father together.

Elizabeth pulled away from Will’s embrace and smiled. He smiled back. But then he frowned; he looked at the beach and swore.
“What is it?” Elizabeth asked anxiously.
“James.” Will replied, breaking away from her he set off down the path. Elizabeth watched for a moment before following.
Will reached the beach quickly. He stopped and scanned the sand. Then he saw him standing on the far end of Jack’s camp, he was talking to Calypso. Will raised his hand and waved to get James’s attention. James looked up, saw him and came over.
“I’m sorry I left you.” Will said immediately. James smiled and shook his head.
“Don’ worry about it. I’m sure you had much more pressing issues to deal with.” He said, casting a glance at Elizabeth who had come up behind Will. he took a deep breath and sighed. Will coughed.
“So where are you staying?” he asked. James waved his hand in the vague direction of the camp. Will looked slightly surprised.
“Hanging with the pirates.” He said. James shook his head.
“Don’t start.” Will looked away and crossed his arms.
“So… what do you plan to do now?” he asked. James shrugged. Will scratched his head and coughed again. “You know… you could always come and stay with us.” Both James and Elizabeth looked surprised. James frowned,
“Can you do that?” he asked looking back at Calypso who had slipped up behind him silently, she nodded. James shrugged and nodded.
“Why not.” He said. Will smiled, he cleared his throat.
“Come on then.” He said. The three of them turned and walked back up the beach. Halfway there they met William. He looked at James with the same inquisitive look that James immediately recognised. It was the same look Will gave whenever he was confronted with something new.
“Who’s this?” William asked. Will opened his mouth to speak but Elizabeth beat him to it,
“This is James Norrington. He used to be a member of the British Navy and then he served on your fathers ship for the last.” She looked at Will for help. He thought for a moment.
“Nine and half years.” He said, James nodded. William looked up at James in surprise.
“So you’re dead!” he said. Elizabeth’s mouth dropped and Will laughed.
“He gets it from his mother, I was never that forward.” He turned and gave Elizabeth a cheeky smile. “I was always more subtle.” In return Elizabeth punched him on the arm. Then she turned to James.
“I’m sorry.” She said. He waved her apologies away.
“It’s nothing.” He said. He turned back to William and held out his hand.
“James Norrington.” He said. William smiled before shaking the extended hand.
“William Turner.” he replied. James raised his eyebrows, Will shrugged and held up his hands.
“Hey I didn’t name him.” he looked at Elizabeth and pointed. “Blame her.” James looked at Elizabeth and saw that she had flushed a deep red.
“Well, I … you know.” She mumbled. James chuckled.
“I can’t believe it, Elizabeth Swann flustered.” She frowned. She heard Will take a breath behind her. She chose to ignore both men before turning back to her husband.
“I named him William after you, seeing as you weren’t there.” Will smiled and pulled him to her.
“I love you.” he whispered quietly in her ear. She smiled and kissed his neck.
“Ahem.” James said from behind them. They turned and grinned sheepishly.
“Shall we go?” James said. Elizabeth nodded and taking Will’s hand the four of them set off for the house.

Jack made his way back to the camp and threw himself down moodily on the sand. Gibbs walked over and sat down beside him.
“Where have you been?” he asked. Jack glared at him and sniffed.
“Nowhere.” He said. Gibbs sighed.
“You went to see Will again didn’t you?” he said wearily. Jack frowned and turned away. Gibbs sighed again.
“Jack, I know that you think that we’re all against you but we’re not. Will just needs some time with his wife and child. Then maybe there’ll be room for you to. Think about it.” He stood up and left Jack sitting by himself.

James had never felt more at home than he did with the Turners. From the moment he walked through the door he could feel the family atmosphere. He was completely at ease with each member of the family. He secretly liked to think that he knew Will better than Elizabeth did. But as he watched them together he was forced to admit to himself that she knew him probably as well as Will knew himself.
Will was standing by the window. Aimlessly staring out of the sea. A look of longing on his face. Elizabeth knew exactly what he was thinking, he missed the sea. You weren’t Captain of The Flying Dutchman for ten years and not be able to feel nothing when your time was done. She walked up behind him and slipped her arms round his waist. She kissed his shoulder before laying her head on it. He sighed and rubbed her hands.
“I know what’s wrong.” She whispered. Will rolled his head back.
“What?” he replied.
“You miss it.” She said. “The sea.” Will sighed again, before raising one of her hands to his mouth and kissing it.
“Your right. I feel guilty because I should feel content being here with you and William, but I look at the sea, and I miss it.” She closed her eyes.
“You have no reason to feel guilty.” She said. Though deep down she knew that nothing she said would really comfort him. they stood still for a long time before Will turned and pulled her close against him. he didn’t say anything he just looked deep into her eyes with the same intensity that he had all those years ago when he had told her that he loved her for the first time. She took his face between her hands and kissed him, soft at first and then harder, his arms tightened around her.
James watched the couple from the other side of the room. He felt the cold stab of jealousy and the pain of regret. He’d known Will for a good twenty years, as a friend for nine. And in that time he had seen him change, from a boy into a man.

A year after they rescued Will Turner and already he and Elizabeth are inseparable. She drags him everywhere and he follows without complaint. Both entering teenage years. Both growing up. On numerous occasions he has mentioned to her father that it could develop into something else. But he is always pushed back.

James smiles as he thinks how right he was.

He’s walking with governor Swann, the sun shines and the birds sing. Another beautiful day in the Caribbean. Elizabeth is sitting on the grass a few metres away. At seventeen she’s getting prettier by the day. James opens his mouth to say hello. She jumps up and waves, he raises his hand to wave before realising that she’s looking straight through him. He turns and sees Will Turner running easily towards them, like Elizabeth he too is seventeen, and an apprentice blacksmith to Mr Brown. He’s fast becoming a man. Tall and broad shouldered. He’s handsome to. Only the other day he had seen Kathy Hopkins trying to get his attention, but he’d only had eyes for Elizabeth. As he had done for the past five years. He reaches Elizabeth and she pulls him into a hug. James smiles and shakes his head

Now that he’s started recalling the memories he can’t stop. Like a tidal wave they flood his mind.

It’s Elizabeth’s eighteenth. She’s having a party. All her friends and her father’s friends. Kathy Hopkins and her father Carl. James accepts the glass of wine offered to him and surveys the room. Elizabeth is surrounded by a group of well-wishers. He smiles, he sees Elizabeth look up and her face breaks into a smile. They all follow her gaze, standing nervously in the doorway is Will. As James watches he timidly walks up to Elizabeth and hands her a flat wrapped package.
“If you don’t like it that’s fine.” He says quietly. Elizabeth takes off the wrapping paper, and gasps. Inside is a sheet of metal about an inch thick. Carved on the front and back are detailed pictures of all the places in Port Royal that she loves, the beach, the dock. The ships in the harbour, her father’s rose garden. She looks up at Will who is looking at his shoes.
“Did you make this?” she asked. His eyes met hers for a moment and he nods.
“I know it’s not much.” He starts, but she cuts him off by throwing her arms round his neck. Will seems surprised by the gesture and softly pats her back.
“You have to stay. It’s beautiful!” she says when she lets him go. He blushed and coughed.
“I really should be going.” He mutters. “Miss Swann.” And then he turns and leaves. Elizabeth watched him go, a mix of longing and confusion on her face.

James had gotten to know Will very well on the time that he had served on the Dutchman. He knew his moods and little habits. Will had confided in him. Like a best friend. Now as he watched Elizabeth and Will retreat into their bedroom he realised that that relationship would never be the same again, to his surprise he was sad that he wouldn’t be able to have the same closeness with Will that he had experienced in the last nine years. He sat down at the table and stared out to sea.

Will rolled next to Elizabeth and toyed with her hair as she kissed his neck.
“I should go away for another ten years if this is the sort of the reception I get.” He joked. She smiled and snuggled up against him. He put his arms round her and hugged her close. He closed his eyes and sighed. He opened them to find Calypso standing at the end of the bed.
“Jesus!” he exclaimed, Elizabeth sat bolt upright, hiding herself with the covers. Calypso smiled.
“Calm down Captain Turner. it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Elizabeth shot Will a look.
“What does she mean?” she asked. Will frowned.
“I have no idea.” He turned to Calypso. “What the hell are you talking about?!” he demanded. Still smiling Calypso leaned forward and ran her finger down his cheek, then his neck and finally onto his chest. Will shuddered and pulled away. The sea goddess stood up laughing.
“I came to see that you two were ok. But it seems your fine.” With a laugh she disappeared. Elizabeth held Will’s gaze before making to get out of bed. With a swiftness that no mortal could manage he pulled her back under him and kissed her. She tried to fight it but as his hands wandered her body she found herself giving in. Winding her arms round his neck she pulled him closer.
“Your beautiful.” He murmured into her neck. She laughed and clung to him tighter.
“You’re not bad yourself!” She gasped. She felt his lips curve into a smile on her neck.
“Thank you.” he replied. He rolled off her again and stroked the curve of her neck. She grinned at him mischievously.
“So what did Calypso mean when she said nothing she hadn’t seen before?” she asked innocently. Will stopped his stroking long enough to look deep into her eyes.
“I don’t know,” he replied seriously. “Maybe I’m just irresistible to all women.” He didn’t manage to say the last bit without laughing. His finger was now making it’s way down her back. She leaned into the touch and kissed him deeply.
“But I’m your one and only right?” she said. He gave her the smile he always reserved just for her.
“Of course.” He said and nuzzled her neck again. “And what about me? Am I your one and only?” his eyes questioned hers with the same look that she had seen so many years ago. The last traces of the boy she knew. At that moment a huge surge of love and guilt washed over her. She felt the tears ***** at her eyes,
“It didn’t mean anything.” She whispered. For a moment she thought that he was going to leave. She closed her eyes and the tears dripped down her cheeks. Then she felt his mouth there kissing them away, his arms went round her and pulled her close.
“It’s alright.” He whispered. She clung to him and cried. The sobs racking her body. He held her tightly, whispering to her.
“You waited for me. That’s all that matters.” He said softly. She smiled through the tears and nodded. Then she got out of bed and pulled on her clothes.
“Where are you going?” he asked. She smiled and stroked his cheek.
“I’m going to sort out James’s room and then get William some food.” She looked out the window. “It’s getting dark.” Will smiled.
“Just make sure you come back. I haven’t finished with you yet.” He said. She kissed him before slipping out of the room.

It was fully dark by the time she had sorted out James and William, the moon was full and illuminated the beach in a pale light. She was clearing the last of the plates away when James came into the room.
“Goodnight Elizabeth,” he said. She turned and smiled.
“Night James,” she closed the cupboard door and pulled him into a hug,
“It’s good to see you,” she whispered. He smiled and hugged her tightly.
“And you.” he replied. She smiled at him again and he walked off into the room that she had prepared for him earlier. Once inside he cursed his cowardness. There were so many things that he wanted to say to her. To let her know that he still cared about her, loved her even. But he couldn’t do it. Moodily he undressed and threw himself into bed.

Will was asleep when she finally made it back to their room. In the moonlight he looked like an angel. The moonlight fell on his chest, illuminating the scar. Unable to resist she slipped into bed next to him and pressed a line of kisses up the scar. He stirred. She carried on up his chest until she reached his face. Her lips touched his. He opened his eyes and blinked sleepily at her. He made to sit up but she pushed him back down. He yawned and smiled as he ran one hand softly down her cheek.
“You took your time.” He said. She smiled and laid her head on his chest. The beating of his heart was comforting under her ear. He kissed her forehead and played with a strand of her hair. After a minute she sat up.
“Where were we?” she asked. Will smiled as his hands went to the shirt she was wearing. It opened easily and quickly joined the other pile of clothes on the floor. He took her in his arms again.
“So,” he said. “Who’s better, me or Jack?” she gasped and clung to him.
“You.” she managed to breath. Will smiled.
“Thought so.”

Please, please comment, I love hearing your feedback.

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Excellent!!! i wonder what calypso is up to... haha well i can't wait for more!
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WOW I just read your Story and I have to say.....


This story's brilliant!!!!
Oh please update soon!!!!
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Soory I'm a doofus

Sorry that it has taken so long to get this up. I looked isthe other day and saw that i had written two and a half chapters without posting chapter 13!!! Silly me, well here it is chapter 13!!!!!

Title: Alone: Chapter 13
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 13
The next week was like a dream for Elizabeth, she’d find herself staring at Will for hours as he worked. Just watching him move. She drank in every last drop of him as often as she could. The house that she had lived in for the past ten years was in dire need of repairing. So the morning after Will and James started mending the roof and any other bits. Will used his years as a blacksmith and James used his years of experience as a navy man. The sun beat down until both men were sweating. Will straightened up and peeled his sticky shirt off his chest, James and William, who was watching were granted the first look at his scar. It was red and stretched up the left hand side of his chest. William looked at it with a mixture of fear and amazement in his eyes. Will saw them both looking and ran his finger over it.
“Looks bad doesn’t it?” he said. Elizabeth came out of the house and walked over to stand next to them.
“I think it’s sexy.” She said running her hand over it. Both James and William turned away and pretended to be sick. Elizabeth blushed and Will laughed.
“What’s wrong with showing affection?” he asked. William just laughed. With a sly smile, Will put down his hammer and faster then any of them could have believed possible he ran after William. He shrieked and tried to run away but Will was too quick. He scooped William up in his arms and pressed a kiss to his forehead. William struggled but Will was too strong. Finally he set him down and they laughed as William rubbed his forehead. Elizabeth stepped up to their son and kissed his hair.
“Not you as well!” he grumbled. But they could see he was enjoying the attention. Elizabeth bent down and whispered in William’s ear. His face broke into a grin and he ran off towards the house. Will looked at Elizabeth puzzled.
“Where’s he going?” he asked. She smiled.
“Wait and see.” She said. Then she pulled him close and kissed him. He hugged her to him and closed his eyes. As the kiss deepened he felt something touch his neck. Something cold. He opened his eyes to find William grinning at him, in his hand was a sword, and the tip of that sword was pressed against his neck. Elizabeth kissed him once before backing away to stand next to James. With his other hand William handed Will his sword. Will took the blade and ran his hand along the smooth metal. Then with a smile he faced his son.

As soon as their swords met William could tell that his father was a master swordsman. Probably better than Jack. He anticipated every move he made and delivered cutting blows that broke William’s defences easily. After being disarmed five times in quick succession he took a step back.
“How were you ever defeated?” he asked in wonderment. Will smiled.
“Dirty tricks.” He replied. Elizabeth stepped up behind William and gently prised the sword from his hand.
“I want a go.” She said. Will nodded and held his sword at the ready. Elizabeth faced him, fingering the blade as she remembered her first lesson with Will.

They’re in the smithy. He’s closed for the day and has handed her a sword. He steps up behind her and arranges her fingers around the hilt. He tells her the basics and then shows her the moves, still pressed against her back. He takes his sword and faces her, a smile on his lips. They go through the moves he’s just taught her.

“Are you ready?” Will asked. She nodded, they start to fight. They match each other, blow for blow. That is, until her foot gets caught on a rock. She starts to fall but quick as lightening he’s caught her. Taking advantage of his distraction, she knocks the sword out of his hand and pointed hers at his heart. A small smile stretched his lips as he stood breathing heavily. The bare skin of his chest glistened with sweat.
“Well done Mrs Turner.” he commented. “Though you only won by taking advantage of my concern for you. I won’t bother in the future.” He continued arching an eyebrow. She smiled.

That night whilst Elizabeth was sleeping slipped out of bed and carefully made his way out of the house. He set off down the cliff path and made his way onto the beach, being careful to avoid Jack’s camp. He took off his boots and let the waves wash over his feet, he instantly felt soothed.
“What are you doing?” said a voice from behind him. his head whipped round. James was standing a few metres away. Will relaxed.
“Couldn’t sleep.” He said simply. James came and stood next to him and put a hand on his shoulder.
“I miss it to.” He said. Will nodded.
“It’s like someone you like and hate at the same time. You wish they’d just go away and when they do you wish that they’d come back.” He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. “It’s all so confusing.” James sighed and looked out at the sea.
“What’s it like. Being married?” he asked. Will looked round at him.
“You’re asking me?” he said. “The man who spent one day with his wife and then didn’t see her again for ten years.” James nodded Will sighed.
“It’s one of the most incredible things. Being with someone that you love, that you connect with. It’s wonderful.” James nodded.
“I’m happy for you.” he said and was surprised to find that he meant it.

Up at the house Elizabeth yawned sleepily and reached for Will, her hand ran through thin air and she was immediately awake. She sat up and looked around. He was nowhere to be seen. Panic filled her. What if he had decided that missing the sea had become too much and he’d left her. She had no idea if she’d be able to live without him. People had always told her that she had a strong character but she knew that she lived for Will, without him life ceased to have a meaning. The fear mounting with each passing second she scurried from the room and out the house. She dashed onto the beach, she looked around, the tears streaming down her face. and then she saw him, standing a short way away in the surf. James was beside him. She ran towards him, calling his name.

“Will!” his name snapped him out of his daze; he turned to see Elizabeth running towards him. He heard the fear in her voice, he broke into a run towards her. As she approached he could see the tears streaming down her face. She reached him and clung tightly to him.
“What’s wrong?” he asked urgently. He scanned her face. “Is it William?” she shook her head before burying her head in his chest.
“I thought you’d left me!” she sobbed. He cradled her, stroking her hair. Sensing their need to be alone James made his way back up to the house to make sure that William was OK. Will took Elizabeth’s face in his hands and looked deep into her eyes.
“I’m not going anywhere. I love you so much. I never want to be parted from you again. You and William are my life. I love you so much.” He kissed away her tears. She clung to him,
“I woke up, and you weren’t there, and…god I feared the worst.” She looked up at him. He smiled down at her.
“Darling you’re stuck with me!” he grinned. She smiled through her tears.
“I know.” She replied. He kissed her, silently reassuring her that he wasn’t going anywhere. Her sobs subsided and her breathing calmed. He walked her up the beach and lay down with her; they looked up at the stars together.

Jack watched them with a mix of envy and sadness. He was close enough to hear all that transpired between the two of them. But not close enough to arouse suspicion. He sat down and cradled his head in his hands. Everything was just going from bad to worse. For one of the first times in his life he regretted some of the things that he had done. He wished that he had someone in his life that he could turn to. The only people he had were his crew, and let’s face it they weren’t the most intelligent of conversations, or that pleasing to the eye. As he watched Will lull Elizabeth back to sleep he felt something in his heart that he had never felt before, remorse, he wanted to go and talk to Will, apologise. But the blacksmith’s warning rang all to clear in his ears. “I can kill you with my bare hands and I will!” he opened his mouth. Meaning to call, but was stopped. Now wasn’t the time. As quietly as he could, he slipped away.

Will heard movement and raised his head slightly. He squinted and just caught sight of a shadowy figure slipping away. Beside him Elizabeth snuggled up closer and yawned. He put his head back down and looked up at the sky. She’d scared him when she’d said that she though he’d left. Just looking at her face as she clung to him crying was enough to almost set him off.

He watched as the night dragged on and the sun rose. As the first rays crept across the sand Elizabeth stirred next him. She smiled up at him; he smiled back and kissed her. She sighed and lay back against him. He took a deep breath.
“Elizabeth, there’s something I need to talk to you about.” He said.
“Hmm,” she said sleepily. Will rested his head against hers.
“I’ve been thinking and I think that we should go back to Port Royal.” Elizabeth sat up and looked at him.
“Go back to Port Royal?” she said. He nodded. She shrugged. “I don’t know.” She looked at him again. And he saw the fear creeping back into her eyes. “Aren’t you happy here.” She asked anxiously. Will kissed her forehead.
“Of course I am. But I think that we should move somewhere else.” He looked around the beach where they had spent their one day. “But for me at least this place holds too many sad memories.” Elizabeth nodded.
“How do we tell William though?” she asked. Will looked at her.
“You should tell him,” he said. She nodded again.

William took it better than she had expected, there was a moment when she thought that he was going to make a fuss. But he listened calmly and nodded at the end.
“If that’s what you want to do.” He said. She tried to gauge whether he was being cold or just distant. She took hold of his hands.
“If you don’t want to leave, say so now.” She said, and her eyes pleaded with him to tell her what he wanted. He smiled.
“I think it’ll be good fun.” He said. She visibly relaxed and pulled him into a hug.
“It’s a new start.” She whispered, “For all of us.” He nodded and hugged her back, wanting her to know that he was fine with it.

Will appeared a few minutes later.
“So. Are we decided?” He asked. Elizabeth nodded. Will smiled and made to go out the door.
“Where are you going?” Elizabeth asked. Will turned and gave her a cheeky grin.
“To organise our transportation.” He replied.

Gibbs saw him first; he nudged Jack and pointed up the beach. Jack looked up and his heart beat faster as he saw Will advancing up the beach towards them. Barbossa came to stand with them and was the first to greet Will.
“Captain Turner. A pleasure to see you!” he called and waved. Will smiled and waved back.
“My God, what has she done to you?” he said. Barbossa looked confused.
“Who?” he asked. Will’s smile broadened.
“Elizabeth.” He laughed. “She’s tamed you!” Barbossa laughed.
“So what if she has?” he said. Will grasped the old pirates arms.
“Good to see you again.” He said. He turned and exchanged a few words greeting with Gibbs before finally turning to Jack, who flinched under his gaze.
“You want to make amends?” Will asked coldly, Jack thought for a moment before nodding slowly. “Well you can start now. We’re going back to Port Royal, and we want you to take us there.” He continued. Jack cleared his throat.
“When were you planning on leaving?” he asked. Will shrugged.
“As soon as your ready.” Without so much as a goodbye he turned on his heel and marched off. Jack turned and sighed.
“Well, it’s a start I suppose.” He said. Barbossa looked after Will thoughtfully.
“You know what, that man has seriously gone up in my estimations.” Jack looked at him.
“Why?” he asked. Barbossa flashed him a grin.
“Because he doesn’t take any of your crap!” he said, before doubling up with laughter. Jack smacked him on the arm before storming off to prepare the boat. Leaving Barbossa and Gibbs together laughing hysterically.

As always any comments are greatly appreciated! Will try and post chapter 14 tomorrow. Happy Reading and comment away!!!!!!!
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Thanks for updating!!!

I really enjoy your stories, and I think you're a very good writer.

Keep them coming!
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Well, well, well. Just as i said i would, here is chapter 14. That's funny because I never do what i say i will. well enough of that and happy reading.!

Title: Alone: Chapter 13
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 14
It was two days later and as William stood at the helm of the Black Pearl watching the island where he had lived his entire life shrink on the horizon he felt a pang of sadness. He heard arguing and turned. His father was storming across the deck and Jack was hurrying after him. William sighed and turned back to the sea. His mother came and stood behind him.
“They’re fighting again.” William said. She nodded and ran her hands through her hair.
“Jack doesn’t seem to get the message that because we’re on the ship doesn’t mean that Will’s forgiven him.” William sighed and looked back at Will who was glaring at Jack. Jack was sitting on the other side of the boat watching Will with a look of confusion and sadness on his face. Will cast him one last contemptuous glance before disappearing below deck. Elizabeth sighed and left William to go and comfort her husband. As soon as she had gone, Jack left his post by the side of the ship and came over to where William was standing, who did his best to ignore the old pirate. Jack stayed silent for a moment before turning to William.
“Do you hate me?” he asked quietly. William was surprised to find that there was none of the usual cockiness and sarcasm in Jack’s voice; he could hear only fear and a subtler pleading note. He turned to look at Jack. He sighed and shrugged.
“I don’t know what to think of you any more, it seems to me that you wear two faces. One, which you wear for me, and the other around my parents.” He sighed again and walked off. Jack was left standing feeling confused. It struck him that William was very philosophical, he hadn’t know Will at that age, but if he had he would have said that was what he would be like.

After the brightness of the sun up on deck it took Elizabeth’s eyes a moment to adjust to the light. As she made her way around the familiar underbelly of the ship she heard the creaking of aged wood as the ship swayed slightly. As she neared the cabin where she would sleep with Will she heard a banging, followed by a soft groan. Confused she slowly pushed the door open. Will was standing with his back to her, repeatedly punching the wall. She could already see red streaks where the skin on his knuckles had been cut and the blood had splattered the wall. As she watched her gave an almighty punch which was followed by a scream of pain. She couldn’t stand it any longer, running to him she stilled his hands. She raised them to her mouth and licked the blood off his knuckles. His eyes met hers and she saw only sadness reflected in them. Sensing his need to be comforted she kissed him. Softly at first, but then harder. He responded, his hands wrapping around her waist. Her fingers crept to the opening of his shirt and slipped inside, resting on the knotted scar tissue. He bought his hands up her sides, leaving smears of blood on her clothes. She broke away from him and pulled him to the bed, as she pushed him onto it she took his shirt off. He smiled before taking hold of her hands.
“Not now.” He whispered. She frowned.
“Why not?” she asked, puzzled. He kissed her fingertips. Then without a word he stood and left the room, leaving her standing by the bed.

Will stumbled out of the cabin and onto the deck. Ignoring the stares of the crew he hauled himself to the side before being violently sick. As he coughed and wiped his mouth he tried not to think about what had just happened. As he’d kissed Elizabeth he could smell him. Jack, the smell of rum and salt, lingering in the cabin like a ghost. He’d hated to stop her but he couldn’t help it, it had all been too much. As he stared at the sea he thought about how much he had changed since the pirate had come into his life. He’d turned to a life of piracy. Rescued the woman he loved and died. All because of one man. He closed his eyes and his breathing calmed as he revelled in the familiar motion of a ship swaying under his feet.

Elizabeth wiped her eyes and came onto deck. Will stood on the opposite side of the deck, leant over the railing. The sun shinned off the white scars on his back. He had his eyes closed and she could see even from here the evident calmness on his face as he stood on a ship. As if he could sense her watching him he turned. He looked straight at her.

As he saw her looking at him he felt guilty. He couldn’t take it out on her. Within a split second he had made a decision. He crossed the distance of the deck in a matter of seconds and had her in his arms.

She had barely a second to react before he had crushed his lips to hers in an intensity she had never felt from him. He was clutching her so tightly she had trouble breathing, but she didn’t care. He was holding her. Finally he broke away and took her hand softly in his. Instead of leading her to the cabin which would have been her first guess he took her to the rigging. At her puzzled look he smiled and turned. He gestured with his hands until she got the message. Hoisting herself up onto his back she clung on tightly. Slowly he started to climb the rope. She could feel the muscles in his shoulder and back straining and working as he climbed.
Finally they reached the top, and the crow’s nest. He loaded her inside before hopping in beside her. Taking her by the shoulders he pushed her back until she had her back against the ropes.
“What about…?” she tried but he cut her off with another kiss.
“You’re not going anywhere.” He said. She ran her hands over his chest.
“Well, I’m not going to argue with that.” She replied. As his mouth found her neck she moaned.
“You beast!” he grinned.
“I know!”

It rained later, thunderclouds rolled in and thunder trembled in the air. The rain lashed down and soaked their skin, washing away the sweat. She shifted slightly and looked at him.
“Maybe we should go back down now?” she said. He groaned and stirred.
“What if I don’t want to?” he asked, his eyes twinkling. She raised her eyebrows and shrugged.
“I’m sure that I could find some way of persuading you.” she leaned forward and kissed him. With some grumbling he agreed. They dressed quickly. He helped her do up the buttons on her shirt. He finished by kissing her neck. Then he slowly helped her down the rope until they were back on the deck.

Two days later the storm subsided and the sky cleared to reveal blue skies and fluffy clouds. Will was standing by the deck when James approached.
“How long till we reach Port Royal?” he asked. Will frowned.
“Few days.” He said. Then he turned to James.
“Listen… you can come and stay with us, or if you want to you can stay with Jack.” James looked at the pirate who was sitting on the other side of the ship and had taken that moment to chew his toenails. His decision was made for him.
“I’ll stay with you!” he said quickly. Will’s lips twitched in the ghost of a smile. He turned and stared at the sea again. James stood awkwardly for a moment before turning away.

William sat by himself in his cabin. He was excited about going to Port Royal and being somewhere different, but part of him wished that they had stayed on the island where he had grown up. He’d never asked his mother why they had stayed on the island so long, but from the conversations he’d eavesdropped on between Jack and his mother he had gathered that the beach where he had often played was where his mother and father had spent their one-day on land. He took his sword out from the floor by his bed and unsheathed it. He examined the blade, it was one that Jack had given him on his eight birthday, he remembered it as well as if it was yesterday.

He wakes up early on his birthday and runs into the living area. Jack is curled up on one of the sofas, he’s snoring gently and clutching tightly to his hat. William hadn’t heard him arrive so he must have come after he had fallen asleep. He creeps up and tugs at the hat hanging down over the side of the sofa. Jack mummers something in his sleep and shifts position, his grip on the hat strengthened, William stifles a giggle. He hears movement behind him and looks around to see his mother standing, looking sleepy, in the doorway. She smiles and he runs to her.
“Happy birthday!” she says as she hugs him. Then she gives him a mischievous smile.
“Wake, him up.” she said, gesturing at Jack. William giggles and makes his way over to where Jack is, he bends down and takes a deep breath.
“BOO!” he shouts. Jack jerks awake and moves so quickly that he falls off the sofa. He lands in a heap on the floor and struggles to his feet. He stood up and whirled round, his eyes still glazed from sleep.
“Wha?” he muttered. Elizabeth laughed. Jack rubbed his eyes and turned to William who was still giggling.
“Happy birthday.” He muttered. With a yawn he staggered over to where his bags where and rummaged through one of them. He straightened up and came back to where William was standing.
“Here.” He said, William took the package from him and excitedly ripped the wrapping off, the sword fell into his lap and he gasped. He looked at his mother who smiled. He looked up at Jack
“Thank you!” he said. Jack shrugged.
“I though it was time that you stopped playing with that wooden sword.” Behind William Elizabeth nodded her approval.

William fondly ran his hand up the blade. He felt confused. There were two men in his life, one who had acted like a father and his real father. Will was everything that he had imagined. Jack was a mystery to him. With a shrug he replaced the sword on the floor and went out onto deck. Jack was up by the wheel. His face screwed up with concentration. His father was up in the rigging replacing the sail. Gibbs came and stood next to him.
“This your first time on a ship?” he asked. William shook his head. As a young child his mother had gone on short excursions which related to her position as the pirate king. Gibbs nodded.
“Let me rephrase that. Is this your first time on a ship captained by Jack Sparrow?” William smiled and nodded. Gibbs grinned.
“Ah, you haven’t sailed until you’ve sailed under Captain Jack Sparrow.” He led William over to some barrels and sat him down.
“What do you think of sailing?” he asked. William shrugged,
“It’s quite nice I suppose. Why?” Gibbs smiled.
“It’s just, you’ve got a lot of the sea in your blood.” At William’s puzzled look he leaned forward. “Think about it, your mother is the Pirate King, and your father has spent the last ten years ferrying the dead. And you’ve grown up around Jack Sparrow.” William nodded.
“I guess.” His face brightened. “What’s it like being a pirate?” he asked excitedly. Gibbs grinned.
“It’s wonderful…” he began. Then he looked up and the colour drained from his face. “…and no place for a young boy.” He finished hurriedly. William looked puzzled and looked round. His mother stood behind him, her hands on her hips and a very disapproving look on her face.
“Elizabeth, I…” Gibbs began and William giggled at how uncomfortable he looked.
“We’re going to Port Royal to be respectable citizens and get away from pirates. And here you are telling him how good a life it is.” She said exasperatedly. She turned and pointed at Will who was completely absorbed in his ship tasks. “That’s where piracy can end up. Death.” Gibbs nodded.
“She has a point.” He said to William. Elizabeth smiled and ruffled William’s hair.
“When you’re older you’ll understand.” She said. William smiled.
“Yeah.” He looked thoughtful. “How long till we reach Port Royal?” he asked. Elizabeth shrugged.
“Ask the Captain.” She said, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

William bounded up the deck. Jack looked up and a look of surprise adorned his features.
“How long?” William asked. Jack looked confused.
“How long till what?” he replied. William sighed impatiently.
“How long till we get to Port Royal?” Jack thought for a moment.
“If the wind stays at this rate, two or three days.” William nodded his thanks and ran off.

Luckily for the crew of The Black Pearl the wind kept a steady pace and within three days the shoreline of Port Royal became visible on the horizon. They sailed towards it and with each passing minute it grew bigger. Soon they could make out the shapes of ships and jetties. Will watched, remembering all the times that he and Elizabeth had spent here as children.
“Home Sweet Home.” He muttered to himself.

Hope you enjoy it and as usual keep the comments coming, they seemed to have dried up at the momet, like a riverbed during a drought. No idea where that came from. Comment away!!
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Terrific writing, really! Thanks you!

I enjoyed it sooo much, and I was lucky, since I could read so many chapters all in one go. In my opinion, you're really talented as a writer. Maybe you should take this one step further somehow. Anyway, keep it up.

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Wonderful chapter!
I really enjoy and love your fiction pirate-x-girl!!!
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I just happened upon your story and have just gotten caught up. It's wonderful! Love how you are using all of my favorite characters although, where's Jack the monkey?
Please update soon.
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Ah Jack the monke! knew i had forgotten someone! thanks for reminding me!!! *runs of to put the monkey in the story!* many thanks!!!!
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Chapter 15

Sorry again for the silence, I;m going to try and get a chapter up every week but don't hold it against me if i don't. I'd also like to thank all the new people who have been commenting, please please please keep it up! I love what you have to say! Also if anyone has any ideas that they would like to see in the story don't hesitate to PM me and I;ll see what i can do! Thanks again! Enough of my waffling now on with chapter 15!!

Title: Alone: Chapter 15
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 15
Kathy Hopkins watched her daughter as she splashed about in the surf and smiled. Her husband, Lieutenant Louis Grange stood beside her. With a smile he lopped his arm round her waist and kissed her cheek. She leant against his shoulder and looked out at the sea. It sparkled in the midday sun like diamonds. As she watched the horizon, a ship sailed into view, this was no surprise, Port Royal was a very busy trading port, especially in the last ten years since the East India Trading Company had been disbanded. The curious thing about this ship was the black sails. It looked familiar. She watched as it sailed towards the jetty closest to them. Making an excuse about how she wanted to go for a walk and asking Louis to watch Claire for her she detached herself from him and walked off down the beach.

She reached the jetty and waited until the ship was close enough. A gangplank was lowered by one of the crewmembers and a man stepped off. He was rather short and had black dreadlocks, he moved as if drunk and as he spoke to someone on the ship flailed his arms around. He looked very familiar and she racked her brains to try and remember who he was. Then it hit her; he was the pirate that had escaped twice from Port Royal just over ten years ago. All with the help of the local blacksmith.

As she remembered a boy came off the ship and stood next to the pirate, the boy looked no older than her own daughter, about nine or ten. He listened intently as the pirate spoke to him. The boy looked like someone and every time she thought she had it, the name evaded her. Her problem was answered by the next figure to disembark from the ship, which caused her to gasp out loud. It was Elizabeth Swann. She hadn’t aged a day in the ten years that she had been gone. She looked leaner and hardened but her eyes still twinkled and Kathy was able to recognise the fiery woman that she knew. She was about to open her mouth to call a greeting when a man, every bit as familiar as Elizabeth hopped down after her. James Norrington. The old naval commander, everyone had said that he was dead. But here he was, talking to Elizabeth. She couldn’t stand it any longer.

“ELIZBETH!” she heard her name and turned. A woman was standing on the far end of the jetty waving madly. She was in the sun and Elizabeth squinted and raised a hand to shade her eyes. After a moment she was able to see clearly. She recognised the woman at once.
“Kathy!” she yelled. The two women ran to each other and Elizabeth pulled her into a hug.
“My God! It’s so good to see you! The last I heard you were dead!” Kathy was babbling. Elizabeth smiled.
“Well, I’m not.” She said. Kathy beamed at her,
“Where have you been all these years? The last I heard the Company had a price on your head. What have you been doing?” Elizabeth smiled.
“Oh here and there, this and that.” Was all she said. Kathy couldn’t believe it.
“It’s just so weird, my fathers the governor now.” Elizabeth nodded and Kathy could tell that she already knew about the death of her father and didn’t want to talk about it. She smiled once more and then she cast her gaze to the ship, and the pirate on the docks.
“So isn’t that the pirate that threatened you?” she asked. Elizabeth nodded.
“Captain Jack Sparrow. Nice guy really.” She said.
“And who’s the kid?” Kathy carried on. Elizabeth looked at the boy and she grinned.
“That’s my son.” She said. Kathy gasped and looked at James,
“And is that…?” she said. Elizabeth laughed.
“No.” Kathy looked confused,
“Then who is?” Elizabeth turned in the direction of the boat again.

More people were disembarking and mingled in with them was a man that Kathy knew very well. Will Turner hadn’t changed at all either. His hair that she had usually seen scraped back from his head in a ponytail was now contained under a bandanna. His eyes looked haunted. He was looking around, as if looking for someone. The boy went and tugged at his shirt. Now that they were standing together Kathy could tell that he was Will’s son, they looked very alike. Will smiled and spoke to the boy before looking around again. Elizabeth waved and when he saw her he relaxed, he made his way through the people and came to stand behind her, one hand on her waist, the other in his pocket.
“Will, you remember Kathy.” Will nodded and nodded a greeting. “Kathy this is my husband Will Turner.” Kathy grinned and shook his hand. so they had got married after all.
“What’s your son called?” she asked. Elizabeth mumbled something unintelligible. Will smiled.
“William, our son’s name is William.” Kathy nodded.
“There’s a lot of those in your family aren’t there?” she joked. Will smiled.
“So, how have you been keeping?” Elizabeth asked, quickly changing the conversation. Kathy smiled.
“Not so bad, married, one child.” Elizabeth leaned forward.
“Who did you marry?” she asked eagerly.
“Louis Grange. James might remember him actually. He’s a lieutenant. I have a daughter, Claire who’s just turned nine. How old is William?” Elizabeth thought for a moment.
“He’ll be ten in about eight months.” Kathy smiled. She was about to speak again when William called to his mother and father. They turned and excusing themselves went over to him.

Kathy hurried back to the beach and tugged at her husband’s sleeve.
“Bring Claire, there’s someone I want you to meet.” Was all she said before hurrying off. Feeling very bemused Louis called his daughter and followed his wife.
They reached the jetty again and Elizabeth dragged Will over to meet them.
“This is my husband Louis and my daughter Claire.” Elizabeth nodded and said hello. So did Will. Louis looked at Will and frowned.
“Hey I know you!” he said suddenly. “You knocked me out. The first time Jack Sparrow escaped.” Will coughed and looked uncomfortable.
“Well, I’m sorry. Didn’t do any lasting damage did I?” he asked. Elizabeth dug him in the ribs and smiled.
“William. Can you come here please?” she called to her son. William ran over and stood next to his parents.
“William, this is Kathy. She was my best friend as a child. This is her husband Louis and daughter Claire.” William waved at the girl who shyly waved back. Then the little girl cast her gaze at Will.
“What’s that?” she asked curiously pointing at the red scar poking out from under his shirt. Kathy and Louis apologised but Will laughed.
“It’s alright.” He said. He pulled the fabric of his shirt aside to expose his scar. Claire’s eyes widened when she saw it. As did her mother and father. Will straightened up and replaced the shirt. He looked past Kathy and frowned, his hand went to the hilt of his sword. Elizabeth followed his gaze, marching down the planks was Gillette.

Life had been good to Anthony Gillette since the fall of the East India Trading Company ten years ago. He had been promoted several times and was now commodore. Just like James Norrington had been all those years ago. Anthony had been a good friend of Norrington’s and mourned with the others when he had heard that the former commodore and Admiral was lost at sea, feared dead. Like James had been he was very close to the new governor of Port Royal, Carl Hopkins, former advisor to Governor Swann and promoted after the old man had died. What had become of Swann’s daughter and her troublemaker of a fiancé Anthony didn’t know. The last he had heard was from Lieutenant Groves, who had won the favour of Lord Cutler Beckett and had sailed with him when he had set of his mission to combat the supposed pirate threat. Groves had returned informing Gillette that Miss Swann and her fiancé were thought to be alive and in the company of Jack Sparrow.

Anthony was sitting at his desks sorting through a pile of fines and tariffs when the ship caught his eyes. his eyes widened as he recognised it. The Black Pearl, a pirate ship. Gillette remembered the last time that that ship had sailed into Port Royal. The biggest raid on the town in its history had followed. Snatching up his sword from where it rested he stalked out of the room, barking orders at soldiers as he went. The men who had been slouching at their posts jumped to attention and at his command followed him down out of the office and into the town. Anthony fingered the hilt of his sword and quickened his pace.

Jack had seen the Navy men coming before anybody else and in a spectacular display of cowardice had dived back onto his ship and locked himself in the captain’s cabin with plenty of rum. Gillette hadn’t seen this and had his eyes trained on Will and Elizabeth as he marched towards them. He stopped and signalled to his men. Immediately fifteen guns were aimed squarely at Will.
“This ship. The Black Pearl yes?” he inquired. Will nodded. His gaze frosty as he slowly pushed Elizabeth and William behind him. Gillette looked at Will and his eyes narrowed.
“Arrest him!” he commanded. Elizabeth started forward as Will was grabbed and a pair of irons shackled to his wrists. Gillette stepped forward until he was eyeballing Will, who stared back defiantly.
“You are under arrest for acts of piracy and numerous crimes against the crown.” He nodded to the soldiers who hauled Will away. Elizabeth made to go after him but Kathy held her back, Will held her gaze until he was dragged out of sight. Elizabeth closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then she looked back at Gillette. But he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking over her shoulder, a look of complete surprise on his face. Elizabeth followed his gaze to where James Norrington stood assisting in the unloading of the ship. Gillette’s mouth opened and closed several times but no sound came out. As if sensed that he was being watched James turned and looked straight at Anthony Gillette. Anthony pushed past Elizabeth and walked slowly towards him, his feet making soft thuds on the worn wood. He stopped when he was no more than a few feet away from him and scrutinised him.
“Is it really you James?” he asked in disbelief. James nodded.
“In the flesh.” He replied. He shrugged, then he frowned. He looked past Anthony and looked at Elizabeth who was watching Gillette with a look of disgust on her face.
“What’s wrong?” he asked. Elizabeth shook her head.
“Ask him!” she hissed, pointing at Gillette. James turned to Anthony with a questioning look on his face.
“He arrested Will!” Elizabeth burst out, then she walked off.
“Where are you going?” James called after her.
“To see my husband.” She replied over her shoulder. Gillette made to follow her but James laid a hand on his arm and shook his head.

Elizabeth barged into the jail, ignoring the shouts of protests from the guards. Kathy followed, quelling the soldiers with an angry look. Elizabeth looked in each of the cells until she saw Will. he had his back to her. She knelt down and whispered his name.
“Will.” he turned at the sound of her voice and was next to her in a flash. Her fingers entwined with his as she tried to hold back the tears.
“Why are they doing this to us?” she whispered. Will shook his head.
“I don’t know.” He pushed his head right up to the bars. She kissed him.
“I’m sorry.” He said. She shook her head.
“You have nothing to be sorry about.” His fingers lightly caressed her cheek.
“We’re going to get you out of here.” Will smiled.
“I’ve had enough of breaking out of jails to last me a lifetime.” He joked. Elizabeth smiled.
“This is serious. All the charges against us were dropped when the East India Trading Company disbanded.” Will laughed harshly.
“Against you maybe. Me? I’m just a poor blacksmith who in many people’s eyes married into the wrong family. And besides, that Gillette has hated me for years.” He kissed her lightly. “You should go.” He let her fingers go and reverted to the position he had been in when she had arrived. Holding back the tears she stood up and slowly climbed the steps out of the jail.

As she came out into the sunlight she blinked. The first thing she saw was William, looking up at her with a fearful expression on his face. She hugged him and kissed the top of his head.
It’s going to be alright. He’ll be out of there in no time.” She said in answer to his unspoken question. She frowned and looked around. Jack was nowhere to be seen. With a face like thunder she stormed back to the Pearl. Stomping up the gangplank she made her way to the captain’s cabin and hammered on the door. When there was no reply she tried again.
“JACK SPARROW!! You had better get out here, or so help me I’ll break down this door!” she growled. There was movement inside the cabin, the door opened a crack. She barged inside and looked around, just in time to see Jack dive behind a well-constructed barrier of furniture. His head peeked round the bed and he held his hands up.
“Do you like my den?” he asked. her frown deepened. “Please don’t hurt me!” he squeaked.
“I should hang you from this ceiling by your own bandanna!” she hissed in reply. Jack grimaced.
“That would hurt!” he replied. Elizabeth took a step towards him and his head quickly disappeared.
“What’s wrong?” came his voice from behind the barrier. Elizabeth sighed.
“You know full well what. You saw the soldiers and hid! Again!” she ran her hands through her hair. “Will’s been arrested.” She said quietly. Jack’s head appeared once more as he looked at her sympathetically.
“I’m sorry.” He said. Elizabeth looked up, her face stony once more.
“Not that you give a damn!” she hissed maliciously and with that she on on her heel and marched out of the cabin. Jack winced as the door slammed and wondered what he had done wrong.

Keep the comments and sorry it's a long chapter, hopefully update in a week!!!
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Wow!!! I just love your writing!!
Thanks for updating!!

Didn't see that coming, Will arrested and Jack hiding
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This is very pacey! I think the background bits work well to counterbalance the dialogue, which is good to see in any fan fic! Jack hiding?...hmm well I wonder what plan he will have..

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had a fanfic writing weekend, couldn't stop writing, so here is chapter 16 and i'm sorry it's taken so long to update!!!!

Title: Alone: Chapter 16
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 16
Darkness enveloped the port. Sitting in his cell Will looked out the window, a new moon shone brightly in a starry sky. With a sigh he leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. The prison was eerily quiet. He was the only inmate at the moment. As he was reminded of his predicament a memory flashed into his mind from his years aboard the Dutchman.

His wig is on askew and carries the effects of the fire that killed him. He looks dejected and lost like a child that’s lost its mum. The once regal clothes that fitted him so well now hang loosely, as if made for someone else. He’s shrunk and the power that radiated from him in waves in life has been lost in death. Will feels a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Elizabeth had always said ‘what goes around, comes around.’ She had never spoken a truer word. With a deep breath he crossed the deck and stood in front of the dejected Lord Cutler Beckett. The man looks up and Will sees only fear in his eyes.
“Cutler Beckett.” He says softly. “Thought you’d got rid of me didn’t you?” he looked at the sorry excuse for a man in front of him.
“What are you going to do to me?” is the reply. Will shrugs.
“I would normally ask you to join my crew, but I don’t like scum.” He leaned forward. “All that awaits you is that.” He turned and pointed over the side of the ship. A swirling black hole stretched hundreds of kilometres across, lightning flashed and every time it did there was a scream and the smell of burning flesh. A little way away from that was a hole enveloped in a white mist. A light breeze flitted across the surface and the water rippled like grass. Beckett looked hopefully at the white circle but Will shook his head.
“All the people you made suffer are in the white, even Davy Jones. But you my slippery friend. All that awaits you is the dark abyss.” He paused. “You knew it was coming to this. All your actions in life define where you go after death.” With a grim expression he pushed Beckett to the side of the ship. Beckett noticed that Turner showed no delight in sending him into the abyss, only resigned to his fate. He looked back and tried to say sorry, but his mouth wouldn’t work, Will made to push, but he held his hand off, taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and jumped, into the awaiting darkness and hell…

Will opened his eyes and stared out the wall. Even all these years later he was still having trouble deciding whether he felt sorry for Beckett or hated the man. He saw that the man was following a dream, an ambition. Which he thought profited many people. But the reality was that just as many people suffered He saw that many dreams were like that, for the good of some, but others won’t benefit. What was his dream? And who would suffer so that he could get what he wanted in life?

Elizabeth lay between the sheets and tried vainly for sleep. It felt weird being back in the room that she had slept in as a child. But this time as a guest. After her confrontation with Jack she had nowhere to go. Kathy had offered her and William rooms for as long as they needed. It was still their house as far as she was concerned. The sheets felt as they had all those years ago when she had been growing up, she had never liked her room particularly much and had only really started to appreciate it properly after her and Will had got engaged.

She watches her father’s carriage rattle off up the drive with a smile. As soon as it’s gone from sight she turns and closes the door. Once inside she calls for a messenger to be sent to her. He arrives and she turns to him.
“I need you to go down and ask William Turner to come up here, there is something I wish to discuss with him.” the messenger nodded and hurried out. Elizabeth waited patiently for his return, she paced up and down, sighing and looking at the clock. Eventually she sees them advancing up the driveway. The messenger hurrying trying to keep up with Will’s long strides. She opens the door and ushers them inside. Dismissing the messenger she leads Will upstairs. His hand briefly touches hers and the contact sends a shiver coarse through her body. They reach her room and always the gentleman he opens the door for her with a smile. As soon as they were inside she pushed his up against the door,
“I missed you.” she breathed in between kissing him. she feels rather than see him smile as he slowly moves her backwards. She falls on the bed and strokes his face. he smiles again and kisses the tip of her nose.
“I missed you too.” He replied. Then he showed her exactly how much he had missed her.

It was dawn before Elizabeth got any sleep. After a couple of hours of fitful tossing and turning she couldn’t sleep anymore. Throwing back the covers she swung her legs over the side of the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and ran her fingers though her hair. After a few minutes of sitting in silence she heaved herself off the bed and prepared herself for the day ahead.

Will opened his eyes and winced as the sun shone straight into them. He groaned and shifted his position. The floor was uncomfortable and he had a crick in his neck. With a sigh he stood up and stretched his arms and legs. Rolling the joints to get them working again. After he had stretched he took to pacing up and down the cell, like a caged animal. After a while he heard a door slam at the top of the stairs. He stopped his pacing and looked up expectantly. A soldier advanced almost nervously down the stairs. He thrust a hunk of bread and some cheese on a platter through the bars. Will stepped forward and the man stepped back. Will sighed and placed his hands on the bars.
“I want to talk to Gillette. Now.” The man shook his head.
“Commodores busy.” Will smiled and shook his head.
“You navy types, you’re all the same.” He picked the food off the floor and took a bite. He felt that he was being watched and turned to see the soldier watching him. He raised his eyebrows.
“Was there something I can help you with?” the man shook his head.
“You don’t remember me do you?” he asked. Will frowned.
“No, why should I?” he asked bemused. The soldier swallowed.
“Bobby, I used to run errands for you. And in exchange you sparred with me and taught me swordsmanship.”

The boy looks up at him and smiles.
“Did I do it right?” he asked excitedly. Will nods and ruffles his hair.
“You’re getting there.” He smiled. Bobby holds his sword up again. Will sighs “Don’t you get bored of getting beaten all the time?” he asked mischievously. Bobby grinned and shook his head. Will sighed and held his sword up again. Bobby swings at his right side, but Will blocks it with ease, the smile growing on his face as Bobby tries every attack he knows. Eventually they’re both flushed and panting for breath. The fight comes to an end, as there is a knock on the door. Will looks up and Bobby sees a smile stretch across his face. He turns and sees Elizabeth Swann standing in the doorway. Will ruffles Bobby’s hair again and puts his sword down, he walks past him. He reached Elizabeth and goes to kiss her cheek, but she grabs his face in her hands and kissed him properly. Her arms wound round his neck as his came to rest on her waist. Bobby smiled and coughs. Will breaks away and looks at him with a smile.
“You can go, but if you want another lesson I’m free tomorrow.” Bobby nodded excitedly and ran out of the door leaving Will and Elizabeth alone.

Will shook his head.
“I’m sorry, I’d completely forgotten who you were. Did what I taught you come in handy?” Bobby laughed and nodded. Will sat down. “Well, you’d better tell me what you’ve been up to in the last ten years.

Sitting in the garden watching the sea Elizabeth was strangely recalling the memory that Will had, only her memory went slightly further…

…after Bobby’s gone Elizabeth closes the door and locks it before turning to Will with a smile. He returns it somewhat nervously. She steps forward and plants a kiss on his cheek.
“You look nervous.” She said, he smiled again and shrugged. There was still something that was holding him back. She put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him. He responded just as he always did. She pulled away and rested her forehead against his.
“I love you.” she said. It was the first time she had said it out loud. But she’s known it for years. Will’s face broke into a smile before he pulled her close again for another kiss. Without breaking his mouth from hers he moved her up the stirs. This was rather difficult as he was still kissing her. They finally made it to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Will looked up from kissing her neck and looked out the window.
“It’s still morning,” he pointed out. Elizabeth smiled and got up, she drew the curtain so the room grew dimmer.
“Happy now Mr Turner?” she asked. He nodded as she climbed in next to him. Her hands slowly reached for his shirt, he smiled as she tugged it off. She ran her hands lightly over the bare skin.
“What the hell have you been doing? Your hands are freezing!” he gasped. She stifled a giggle and kissed him again. His hands found her waist as he pulled her underneath him. She leaned up and kissed him again before moving down to his throat. He sighed and his arms tightened around her.

Elizabeth stood up and telling William to stay with Kathy and Claire set off towards the jail.
She reached it and went to the top of the stairs, the soldiers left her alone. Kathy had had a word with them the night before. She opened the door and made to go down the stairs when she heard voices coming from the cells, she listened hard but couldn’t decipher any of the words. A man laughed from below and she recognised it instantly as Will. Without another moments hesitation she headed swiftly down the stairs. She reached the bottom and cast her eyes around until she found Will’s cell. He was sitting cross-legged by the bars laughing and talking with one of the soldiers. He looked up and saw her and the grin that she had known from her childhood spread across his face. He stood and whispered something to the soldier. He hesitated before nodding. He drew a set of keys from his pocket and fitted one into the lock. He opened the door and motioned for Elizabeth to go inside. She stepped slowly inside and listened as the door clanged shut behind her. She looked nervously at Will and was reminded of their one day.

He’s watching her, the same man, but changed. She swallows.
“So,” she said. He nodded.
“We’re here.” He smiled. “Mrs Turner.” she grinned and kicked at the sand with her foot. She heard him getting closer until he touched her face. she looked up at him and the tears filled her eyes. he kissed her softly. She hugged him to her and clutched tightly never wanting to let go.

Will smiled and cocked his head.
“Are you going to stand there all day or do I get a kiss?” he asked. A twinkle in his eyes. She laughed and grabbed him, crushing his mouth to hers. His arms went around her, hugging her close. He broke the kiss and rested his head on her shoulder, his eyes closed. They stood this way for several minutes before he stepped back. He looked at the soldier and with the slightest movement of his head looked towards the door. The man hesitated. Will looked at him with pleading eyes and he relented. He checked the door was locked before slowly making his way back up the stairs, Elizabeth started towards Will again but he held up his hand. They waited before they heard the door at the top of the stairs close before he turned to her again. She stepped forward and hugged him.
“I miss you.” she whispered. He sighed and stroked her hair.
“I miss you to.” He replied. A tear slipped down her face, before she could stop herself she was sobbing uncontrollably into his chest.
“It seems that I’m fighting a losing battle, I get you back and then someone takes you away again.” She sobbed. Will kissed her shoulder, soft fluttering kisses as he moved up her neck. He reached her cheeks and moved to kiss her tears away, her sobs subsided as he moved up her face to her forehead. Only when she couldn’t take it she kissed him on the lips. She backed him up against the wall and kissed him with a ferocity that he had never known to come from her. He kissed her back and softened the kiss. Then breaking his mouth from hers he sat down on the floor and pulled her onto his lap. She rested her head on his chest and listened in fascination to the slow rhythmic beating of his heart. It sounded whole when inside his chest. Whenever she had listened to the chest there was always something missing. A hollow sound that rang with each thump. She closed her eyes and concentrated on memorising the heartbeat.

She had no idea how long she sat there, just listening to the beat of his heart. She was forced to sit up when the door at the top of the stairs slammed. She jerked up and he stood with her. The sound of boots on the stairs tramped closer and closer.
Anthony Gillette descended the stairs slowly and took a deep breath and turned into the jail.
Will growled when he saw Gillette and moved in front of Elizabeth. Gillette made his way almost lazily down the cells until he reached Will’s. He looked at the couple standing in the cell and raised an eyebrow.
“Mrs Turner, how nice to see you.” he commented dryly. Then he turned his frosty look on Will.
“Mr Turner.” he said. Will stepped forward until he was a few inches from the bars.
“What do you want?” he growled again. Gillette shook his head.
“You should really be more polite.” He said, and then held up the keys. “Seeing’s as I am here to let you out.” Will looked up Gillette laughed. “Just kidding. I’m here to tell you that your time with your wife is up.” Will frowned so hard that Gillette took a step back. Elizabeth stepped forward and put a hand on his arm. He turned to her and all the anger seeped from his eyes. In full view of Gillette he took her in his arms and kissed her, a kiss that spoke of his longing to stay with her. Fighting hard to control the tears that threatened to spill onto her cheeks she pulled away and slipped out through the door. Gillette smirked at Will before guiding her back to the stairs. Will watched her until she was no longer in sight before flopping down angrily on the floor of the cell.

Look forward to hearing what you thought of that!! Will try and update soon and sorry again that it's taken so long!!!!!
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I'm sorry that it's taken so long to update, this month has just been loaded with work and i haven't had much time to post. And i've been wrapped up in other writing. So as a result this chapter isn't as long as past chapters, bit i hope you enjoy it anyway!

Title: Alone: Chapter 17
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters are Disney’s
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre teen
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Will Turner, James Norrington, Calypso (Tia Dalma)
Brief Summary: It’s nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 17
Jack paced up and down his cabin, he frowned and thumped his fist down on the table. There was a knock at the door and he looked up as it creaked up.
His heart thumped faster as Elizabeth walked into the room. He shrank away from her as she looked at him. He could see immediately that she had been crying. He swallowed hard and stepped towards her. And this time she didn’t back away. Jack tentively put his hand on her arm and led her to a chair. She followed without complaint. She sat down heavily and ran a hand through her hair. Jack thought hard of something to say that wouldn’t anger her.
“You saw Will then?” he asked quietly. She hesitated, before nodding slowly. “How is he?” Jack carried on. Elizabeth shrugged.
“As well as can be expected. “ she sighed again. “It’s just so difficult.” Jack nodded.
“I’m sorry.” He said finally. Elizabeth looked up at him. she could count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times that Jack Sparrow had apologised to her. She nodded and stood up again,
“I best be getting back.” Jack nodded and watched her as she left the room, pulling the door to behind her.

Kathy, Claire and William were sitting in the grand garden of the governor’s house. Claire and William were sat together, both talking excitedly. Kathy watched almost lazily. The sun was high in the sky and the air was humid. She caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and turner her head to see Elizabeth advancing towards them down the wide expanse of lawn. She gave them all a tired smile and collapsed into a chair next to Kathy who reached over and took her hand.
“How is he?” she asked quietly. Elizabeth shrugged and closed her eyes. Her head lolled back against the chair and she took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and looked round the garden they were sitting in. A small smile appeared on her face.
“God, we had some good times here didn’t we?” she said to Kathy, who in response laughed.
“Yeah, I remember the one time just after Will asked you to marry him.” she replied.

Elizabeth was in a daze; her eyes kept wandering to the band of silver that was wrapped around her ring finger. She heard her name being called and looked up to see Kathy walking towards her. Elizabeth stood to greet her friend with a grin and a wave. Kathy smiled and shook her head.
“Something’s happened.” She said. Elizabeth tried to wipe the smile off her face and when she found that she couldn’t gave up. Kathy laughed, “I can tell because you’re glowing.” She sat down and looked up at Elizabeth expectantly. Elizabeth shook her head and sat down opposite Kathy before taking a deep breath.
“Will asked me to marry him!” she blurted out suddenly. Kathy’s jaw dropped before she laughed with delight. She reached across and pulled Elizabeth into a hug,
“When?!” she asked. Elizabeth’s grin broadened.
“Last night. On the beach, he made the ring himself.” She held out her hand and let Kathy inspect the ring.
“That’s so romantic!” Kathy sighed. Elizabeth giggled and looked at the ring again.
“I love him so much.” She said. Kathy sat back and looked at Elizabeth with a look of wonderment in her eyes.
“Who’d have thought that Elizabeth Swann could have been reduced to a pile of goo by a humble blacksmith.” She paused and frowned. “Does you father know?” Elizabeth averted her eyes and didn’t answer. Kathy’s eyes widened. “You haven’t told him!” she exclaimed.
“I was waiting for the right time to tell him.” she mumbled. Kathy smiled and shook her head.
“Tell me everything that happened!” she said. Elizabeth looked up and grinned, then she described the night in detail, right down to the twinkle in Will’s eyes when he had asked the question.
As she finished there was a rustling on the other side of the garden. Both women looked up in time to see Will inching his way in through a gap in the hedge. His face was set in a frown as he manovered his body through the gap. Kathy watched as Elizabeth’s face lit up and she rose from her seat. Will was freeing his trouser from a rouge twig. With some grumbling he finally unhooked it and turned. His eyes met Elizabeth’s and he smiled. His eyes twinkled just as Elizabeth said they did and within a few seconds he had crossed the distance of the lawn. Elizabeth grinned as he came towards them, he stopped in front of her and leaning forward kissed her cheek. In response Elizabeth laughed and kissed him properly. He closed his eyes and his arms slipped round her waist to pull her to him. Kathy watched with a small smile as the couple kissed, oblivious to the rest of the world. The sound of a throat being cleared loudly stopped them. Elizabeth pulled away, a scowl on her face to see her father standing a few metres away regarding them. She brought her hands up to rest on Will’s shoulders. Her father sighed and licked his lips.
“That’s a bit unorthodox don’t you think Elizabeth?” he asked. she sighed and looked away. Governor Swann opened his mouth, then his eyes widened as he caught sight of the ring on Elizabeth’s finger for the first time. His eyes flashed angrily to Will’s face who looked back defiantly.
“What is the meaning of this?” Governor Swann thundered. Elizabeth turned her gaze back to her father and smiled.
“Oh, sorry didn’t I tell you father. Will asked me to marry him.” she paused. “And I said yes!” Governor Swann looked at Will angrily.
“You didn’t deem it necessary to come and ask me first?” he inquired to Will, who opened his mouth to answer when Elizabeth butted in.
“And why should he have to? He’s asking to be married to me, not you!” she exclaimed. Then she put her hands on either side of Will’s face and kissed him passionately. Kathy winced and sneaked a look at Elizabeth’s father. He looked ready to murder. When it became evident that Elizabeth wasn’t going to stop kissing Will he turned and marched off angrily, muttering to himself all the way.

Kathy grinned at the memory.
“He wasn’t happy was he?” she asked. Elizabeth shook her head.
“He could never stay angry at me for long though.” She replied. Then she turned her gaze to her son who sat a little way away. He had his head bent close to Claire’s and he was moving his hands around furiously, as if explaining something of great importance. Elizabeth smiled at Kathy.
“Those two seem to be getting along well.” She said. Kathy nodded and looked at her daughter lovingly. Elizabeth leant her head back and sighed.
“When did life get so complicated?” she said suddenly. Kathy hesitated, she wasn’t sure whether Elizabeth was asking a rhetorical question or not. Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked at her son again. Her eyes glazed over and she stared unseeing past the two children and down the lawn, to the sea.

Jack sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He was standing on the deck of the Pearl. The ship was still anchored in the harbour and it was bobbing slightly in the waters. Jack closed his eyes gripped the rail of the ship harder. He opened them again and looked out at the sea., the sun was setting and the sea was reflecting the orange light, a light breeze wafted in from the ocean and played on Jack’s face. He closed his eyes again and by the time he had opened them he knew what he had to do.

He approached the jail with his head down and his eyes averted. Two guards were slumped at the door.
“What do you want?” one muttered.
“I’m here to see Turner.” Jack replied. The guard looked like he might resist, but he way too lazy to chase him away so it was with a groan that he waved him in through the door.
The jail was dark after the bright glare of the sun. Jack’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the gloom of the jail. He walked along the rows until he found Will. He was slumped by the wall cradling his head in his hands. Jack placed his hands on the bars and cleared his throat softly. Will looked up and turned his head, he saw Jack and his brow creased into a frown.
“What are you doing here?” he asked. Jack smiled.
“Thought I’d return the favour.” He stood back and observed the cell. “Hey! This is exactly the same cell they put me in all those years ago.” He clapped his hands together. “Now lets get you out of here!” Will smiled sadly and shook his head.
“Thanks, but no thanks.” Jack frowned and Will stood.
“If I break free they’ll go after Elizabeth and William. I’ll just wait here until they release me, the have no grounds to arrest me anyway as all charges against us were dropped when Beckett was killed.” He sighed again. “Thanks for dropping by Jack.” His voice resigned. It was with some reluctance that Jack left.
“they’re crushing his spirit.” He muttered to himself. With one last look back at the jail he vanished into the gathering darkness.

Enjoy and please please please comment. Thank you!
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I giggled at Will emerging through the rose bushes..struck me as funny anyhow. I liked the bit about Beckett, he is not a likeable man thats for sure, but I thought you made a good show of the debate that Will would be having about sending him to hell all the same. The imagery worked really well.
Glad Jack is around, I am sure his wisdom will help out here.

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*looks in the thread and faints* a reply!!! thank you, i was starting to think that i had been forgotten! Thanks again nuit and i'm glad you liked the bit about Will and the hedge and Cutler Beckett, I had always wondered what would have happened to him after he died. Now i feel some sense of clousure! Even if it was written by me!
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haah yes the joys of a fan fic writer huh? I thought that bit in the film was daft, but nevermind. I hadn't thought given it anythought about what happened afterwards so thanks for that!

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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRITMAS LADIES! sorry this is so late and I haven't updated in a while, several reasons for this, work, christmas and exciting, i have a new and faster computer! YAY! so this will all be so much easier! Well without any further ado here is chapter 18!

Title: Alone Chapter 18
Author: Pirate-x-Girls
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters belong to Disney
Rating: Pre-Teen, thanks to the amazing Nuit for helping me rate this.
Category: Set post AWE, but with CotBP and DMC flashbacks.
Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Will Junior, Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Will Turner
Genre: Action, romance
Summary: Its nine years since Will left and Elizabeth is reflecting on her relationship with Will and Jack, the mistakes she’s made and her son.

Chapter 18
The week that followed Jack’s encounter with Will was like any other week, the Pearl stayed docked in the harbour. Jack rarely ventured into the town unless it was to see Elizabeth, who had sunk into a dull and boring routine. She found herself spending a lot of time alone and just thinking. William had hit it off with Kathy’s daughter Claire from the word go. Kathy had managed to get him enrolled in the local school that had been set up and he started on Monday. Elizabeth had never seen him happier, he had rarely had children of his own age to play with whilst growing up and Elizabeth was happy that he was now having an almost normal childhood.

Elizabeth leaned back and closed her eyes. A warm breeze and played on her face. she was dragging herself through the days. It was like just after Will had left for the first time and she was convinced the life was over. She saw Will everyday but he was falling into a pit of despair that she couldn’t bring him out of. A solitary tear dripped from her eye and landed in her lap.

Kathy watched Elizabeth and with a sigh she turned to her husband.
“We have to do something!” Louis put his arm round her. “I’m going to go and talk to Gillette.” She went to walk away but Louis grabbed her arm.
“Are you sure that that’s the best idea?” he asked. Kathy nodded.
“We can’t just sit here and let it happen.” Louis had learned early on in his marriage that fighting with Kathy was like banging your head against a brick wall. With a sigh he shrugged and kissed her cheek.
“I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Kathy strode determinedly towards the Commodores office. Her face was set in a line of grim determination. Soldiers at the office stood and bowed as she swept into the building.
“I’m here to see Commodore Gillette.” She said clearly. The soldiers looked at each other nervously before opening the door to his office, granting her access.

Gillette was pouring over files when the door to his office was opened. He looked up and was surprised to see Kathy Grange stride into the room. He stood and gave a short bow.
“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he asked. Kathy raised an eyebrow and took a seat opposite him. Slowly he sat back down and threading his fingers together watched and waited.
“What are the charges against Will Turner?” she asked suddenly. Gillette frowned.
“What interest is it to you Milady?” Kathy smiled.
“Every interest Commodore.” She leant forward. “I know this for a fact, that all charges against Will Turner, his wife, and their accomplices were all dropped after Cutler Beckett died ten years ago.” Gillette sighed.
“If I may inquire as to where you came by this information?” he asked. Kathy smiled back at him.
“My father, and I’m sure that he would be very interested to hear about a man being held in jail under false charges.” Gillette scowled. She had a point. The Governor would not look too kindly on him if the information got out. Anthony Gillette was never one to give in and he wasn’t about to just hand victory to a woman.
“Mr Turner is being detained under suspicion of piratical activities.” He said. Kathy shook her head. “There is a full investigation currently underway.” Kathy snorted.
“And what evidence have you uncovered so far Commodore?” she asked. He scowled.
“I am not at a liberty to disclose that information to you.” he replied curtly. Kathy shook her head and stood up.
“No long words and half explanations are going to convince me. Unless you want my father to hear about this, order the release of Will Turner.” Gillette stood up with him.
“This is an outrage!” Kathy glared at him.
“You’re right, it is.” She paused. “I think that personally, to hold a grudge for this long is sad.”
“What…what in the devil are you talking about woman?” Gillette spluttered. Kathy smirked.
“James Norrington let it go that she married Will, why can’t you?” Gillette clenched his fist and for a moment it looked like he was going to hit her. But then his training kicked in and he calmed himself down.
“Very well, Mrs Grange.” He tucked the papers he had been reading back into their folders before striding out of the room.
“Wait for me at the jail.” Kathy called. Gillette turned and raised an eyebrow.
“I am going to free Mr Turner now, any more delay and I may be inclined to change my mind.” Kathy gritted her teeth but had no choice but to follow him.

The guards at the jail all leapt to attention as Gillette walked up. He nodded to them before making his way down to the cells, Kathy hot on his heels. Will looked up from his cell as they approached. He smiled at Kathy and glared at Gillette. Kathy came up to the bars.
“You’re getting out.” She said. Will’s eyes narrowed as he looked from her to Gillette, who shrugged.
“Why don’t I believe it?” Will asked softly. Kathy sighed and turned to Gillette.
“Give me the key.” She held out her hand and reluctantly Gillette gave her the key. Showing it to Will she slotted it into the lock. There was shriek of metal as she opened the door. Will stepped slowly from the jail and looked at Gillette who gazed back, not even bothering to disguise his hatred. Will looked at Kathy and grinned.
“Thank you!” she shook her head,
“It’s nothing.” Will looked around.
“Where’s Elizabeth?”
“At the mansion.” Without waiting for any reply Will was off, Kathy turned to Gillette and raised her eyebrows.
“Now was that so difficult?” he merely grunted in reply and swept from the room.

Will sprinted up the hill towards the mansion. He hadn’t smelt the fresh air in over a week and he savoured it. As the house got bigger and bigger he increased his pace. He tore round the back of the garden to the gate that opened onto the large lawn, pushing it open he ran inside, he looked around wildly, there she was, reclining in a chair. Calling her name he dashed across the grass.

Elizabeth was staring at the sky. The clouds were floating by lazily. She was thinking about Will. if she closed her eyes she imagined she could hear his voice calling her name. She opened her eyes and frowned, that was strange. There was someone calling her. She sat up and looked around, her eyes widened and she couldn’t help the gasp that escaped her lips. Will was running across the grass towards her. With a cry she leapt up and ran towards him, jumping into his embrace. The force of her jump almost knocking him backwards.
“Oh my god!” she breathed against his chest. He laughed and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
“What…how…why…oh my god!” Elizabeth was lost for words. She just stared up into Will’s dark eyes.
“Kathy got me out.” He said. Elizabeth smiled and turned to where Kathy was now walking towards them. She broke away from Will to throw her arms round her friend’s neck.
“Thank you so much.” She sobbed. “For everything.” Kathy hugged her tightly.
“You would have done the same for me.” She said. Elizabeth pulled back and beamed at her friend, the tears shinning in her eyes. Kathy grinned back and let her go.
“I’ll leave you two, Louis will be wondering where I got to.” With one last squeeze of Elizabeth’s arms she walked off leaving them alone. Will turned to Elizabeth and opened his arms. Without a moments hesitation she walked straight into them, wrapping her arms round his torso. He pressed his face into her hair and closed his eyes, breathing in her scent. They stayed this way for a long time content just to hold each other.

Their peaceful moment was broken by a shout.
“Father!” Will broke away from Elizabeth to catch his son as he hurtled towards him. The boy laughed as his father swung him round before setting him down on the floor.
“You’re back.” His son breathed. Will nodded.
“Seems that way.” He replied, which made William laugh. There was silence, being a family was still new to all of them and there were often pauses when nobody knew what to say. It was Elizabeth who finally broke the silence.
“Will, why don’t you show William where you used to work.” Will looked at his son.
“You mean, you haven’t seen the blacksmith’s shop yet?” he asked. William shook his head.
“Well what are we waiting for?” Will asked. He grabbed hold of their hands and tugged them out of the garden and towards the blacksmith’s shop.

The door creaked open and the sunlight filtered into the dark room. All the shutters were closed and it looked as if the shop hadn’t been used in long time. Where the rays of sunlight shone into the room dust molecules danced on the air. Will took a step into the room and looked around, his eyes widening. The shop had been forgotten, neglected. A thick blanket of dust coated every surface. Will ran his hand over one of the anvils; a streak was left where his finger had been. He looked back at Elizabeth and William who still stood in the doorway.
“What’s happened?” he asked. Elizabeth shrugged. Will pushed past them and out into the street. He stopped an old woman who was crossing the street with a basket of bread.
“Excuse me, where is Mr Brown? He owns the blacksmith shop.” The woman looked up at him before crossing herself.
“He had a heart attack, near on six years ago, left the shop to his apprentice, let me see…what was his name?” Will opened his mouth but the old woman had carried on. “Ah yes, William Turner, in the event of his return.” Will thanked her and she carried on her way. He made his way back to his wife and son, too shocked to speak.
“Well? Where is her?” Elizabeth asked. Will looked at her.
“Dead.” He said. Elizabeth frowned.
“Dead,” she repeated. Will nodded.
“He’s left the shop to me.” A silence greeted his words. Elizabeth swallowed and smiled up at Will.
“This is it, your chance, you always wanted to be free of Brown and now you can start the business again and run it your own way.” She took his hand and gave it a squeeze. He nodded at his words and a smile appeared on his face.
“You’re right. It’s a fresh start.” He looked at William and slung an arm round his shoulder.
“For all of us.”

Please comment and sorry for the long pause! Enjoy! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Ok, i know it's been a looonnngggg time but I'm back here. And before i post i have a question. Should i carry on posting what i write, because it has got to the point now where i need to consider seriously which fanfics i will be updating regualrly. Please tell me so i can decide which pile to put this one in, and i would love to continue with this one!

Chapter 19
Six months later…
Will wiped his brow and took a deep breath. The fires raged around him, he studied the piece of metal in front of him and tried to work out what to do. Deciding he needed more time he slid it back into the fire. Taking a piece of cloth from his belt he wiped his face before taking a drink from the mug that lay on the opposite table. As he waited for the metal to heat he looked around the smithy proudly. It had taken less than three months to get the blacksmiths shop back into complete working order, thanks to the money that Elizabeth’s father had left her in the event of his death. They had worked non-stop to get the shop ready and open for business. The opening had been a grand affair in which even the governor had shown up and given his congratulations to the Turner family. Gillette had been there, sour faced and silent. Will had looked across the room at him and with a smile raised a glass of wine. In return Gillette had huffed and marched off in the other direction. Will had allowed himself a small smile then. There was something oddly satisfying about the whole thing. Now as he stood in the shop he felt truly at home. True he had loved being at sea and although pirate was in his blood he knew that the smithy and Port Royal would always be where he called home. The door opening pulled him from his thoughts and he turned to see Elizabeth entering the smithy, she smiled and crossed to where he was standing.
“Kathy has asked us to dinner tonight.” She said. Will nodded.
“That should be fun. Is William home yet?” Elizabeth nodded.
“I would have sent him to come and fetch you but he had Claire with him.” she gave Will a knowing look with which he chuckled in return.
“You read far to much into it Elizabeth.” He said. She raised her eyebrows.
“Really. Do you not remember what we were like at that age.” Will remembered only too well.

He’s still shy, three months had passed since they had rescued him from the water and he’s been staying with them ever since. Her father has often commented that they should find him an apprenticeship but he keeps delaying. She loves it, everyday is an adventure, they explore the town and surrounding countryside together. Will is the perfect playmate. He follows her without complaint and does everything she says. He’s smart as well, his reading is poor but she took it upon herself to improve it on the rainy days when he father forbid them from venturing outside.

Will raised an eyebrow.
“We were a funny pair,” he said. Elizabeth slipped an arm through his and laughed.
“Maybe we were. But to me it doesn’t really matter. No one can say anything.” She kissed his cheek and made to leave. As she reached the door she turned back.
“Jack came by today.” Will's jaw clenched at the mention of the pirate captain.
“And what did he want?” he asked, his voice taking on a steely tone. Elizabeth left the door and came to stand next to him again.
“He is trying Will.” She said softly. Will looked away; the angry look not leaving his eyes.
“He’s not tried nearly hard enough.” He said. Elizabeth sighed, she knew that she wasn’t going to get anywhere, when the subject turned to Jack Will shut her out. Part of her was still convinced that he was angry about when she had slept with Jack. Giving him another kiss she told him not to be late before making her way out of the shop, leaving Will alone.

The pirate who was the topic of their conversation was at that moment sitting in one of the only taverns on the island. He was restless, he rarely stayed in one place for so long, but his need to mend his relationship with Will had compelled him to stay in Port Royal. Despite the looks and whispers he had received in the first three weeks of his stay he had settled down. The ship hadn’t been out of the harbour except on short trips. The rest of the crew had settled on land, Barbossa in particular had taken a liking to one of the women who ran the bar and had spent most of his time pursuing her. Even as Jack watched she came out of the back room, she hurriedly straightened her skirt before marching off in the other direction. Barbossa followed her out a minute later looking very pleased with himself. He spied Jack on the other side of the room and flopped down in the chair next to him.
“You look like you’re having a good time.” Jack commented. If Barbossa heard the sarcastic edge to his voice he didn’t comment.
“Just cos you’re not getting any Jack!” he drawled. Jack wrinkled his nose in disgust before downing his drink and leaving the tavern. The sun was beginning to set as he sauntered back towards the Pearl.

As he neared the blacksmiths shop he saw Will locking up. seeing it as a chance to try and talk to him Jack quickened his pace until he was within earshot.
“Hey, William!” Will turned at the sound of his voice and Jack saw him frown. He tucked the key to the shop in his pocket and turned to face Jack,
“What do you want?” he asked bluntly. Jack faltered at the harsh note in his voice.
“I wanted to talk to you.” he said lamely. Will raised an eyebrow.
“Well, can it either be really quick or wait until another time because I have somewhere to be.” With that he set off down the road in the direction on his house. Jack fell in step with him.
“Look, wh…Will. I know that we’ve had a bit of a rough time but you think you could find it in your heart to forgive a pirate that made a mistake?” Will stopped suddenly.
“You made one too many mistakes Jack.” He said. He resumed his pace and Jack sighed heavily.
“What can I do to prove to you that I’m sorry?” He cried out.
“I’m sure you’ll think of something. You are captain Jack Sparrow after all!” Will called over his shoulder before disappearing from sight.

Elizabeth was securing her earrings when she heard the door close and Will's voice in the hall. She smiled and went out to greet him. He gave her a smile as he hung up his coat.
“Hi, how long do I have?” he asked giving her a kiss. Elizabeth looked at the clock that stood in the hallway.
“A while yet.” She replied. Will nodded and stretched.
“I may go and have a bath.” He said, he made his way into the bedroom and then the adjoining bathroom. As he heated up the water Elizabeth went back to putting the finishing touches to her outfit.
“Where’s William?” Will called from the bathroom. Elizabeth looked round.
“Already at Kathy’s.” she replied. Will grunted in reply. He came from the bathroom pulling his shirt over his head. Tossing it on the bed he riffled looking through his drawers looking for something to wear. Elizabeth watched him; a look of amusement playing across her face, if there was one area that Will failed in it was getting dressed up. During their engagement whenever there had been a social event Will had always been at a loss as what to wear, now as he flicked through his clothes Elizabeth could not help but smile as she remembered all the nights she had had to pull something out for him. He turned away, a plain white shirt in his hands. He gave her a smile before going back into the bathroom. Elizabeth followed him and watched as he pulled off his breeches and slid into the water. He sighed with relief as the water covered his body, noticing he was not alone he sat up and looked at her.
“Yes?” he asked. Elizabeth shook her head.
“Nothing.” She replied, pulling up a chair she settled by the bath. She watched as Will lathered up some soap and washed his body, as he washed it off she played with a strand of his hair.
“What’s on you mind?” he asked suddenly. Elizabeth looked at him.
“What makes you think that something’s on my mind?” she asked. Will looked up and gave her a smile.
“You always play with my hair when something’s on your mind.” Elizabeth let go of his hair and laid her hand on the back of his neck, lightly stroking the soft skin.
“It’s strange isn’t it.” She said finally. “How we’ve settled down like nothing ever happened.” Will cocked his head to one side and waited for her to carry on. “I mean, everything that happened was so monumental as fantastical that sometimes I don’t believe it. But it happened.” She was silent for a moment. “Do you ever think what life would be like if Jack had never arrived, if that medallion had been forgotten forever?” Will nodded.
“All the time.” He said softly before leaning forward to kiss her, making sure that he didn’t get any water on her dress. When she pulled back he smiled again. “I suppose we have Jack to thank for all of this then?” he said. Elizabeth nodded. She removed her hand was promptly surprised when he submerged himself in water. He came up a few seconds later gasping and pushing his hair from his face.
“That’s better.” He breathed. Elizabeth shook her head and went into the bedroom. Will joined her a moment later, one towel wrapped round his waist whilst he used the other one to rub his hair. He sat beside her on the bed and she rested her head against his shoulder. He loped an arm round her shoulder and they sat in silence.
“Do you regret any of it?” Elizabeth asked, disrupting the silence as she caressed his scar lightly. Will thought for a moment.
“No.” he replied. Elizabeth looked up at him.
“None of it?” she asked, surprised. Will nodded.
“If it taught me one thing, it was to respect what I had, I almost lost you on so many occasions.” Elizabeth smiled.
“What made you ask me to marry you on the day of the battle?” she asked suddenly. Will hugged her closer to him.
“I don’t know, but that day something in my mind told me to do it. Like on a subconscious level I knew I was going to die. It said ‘do it now, don’t worry, throw caution to the wind. Be spontaneous!’” he smiled and kissed her cheek. “Another thing I don’t regret.” Elizabeth shook her head and detached herself from him.
“Come on you, get ready” Will saluted her.
“Aye, aye Captain.” He said jokingly. Standing up he picked up the shirt and pulled it over his head. Next came his trousers and then a necktie. He scraped his hair back in a ponytail and secured it with a tie. He turned to Elizabeth and spread his arms.
“How do I look?” he asked. Elizabeth looked him up and down before shrugging.
“You’ll do I guess.” She sniffed before walking past him. Will rolled his eyes.
“I saw that!” Elizabeth called from the hall. Will laughed before following her out of the house.

Darkness had fallen as they walked arm in arm towards the governor’s mansion. The stars shone above them and the moon provided a silvery glow. It was neither cold nor warm and they walked at a leisurely pace.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Elizabeth whispered. Will looked at her.
“What is?” he asked.
“Life.” Elizabeth replied. Will shook his head at the sentimentalism of his wife.
“Since when did you think about things like that?” he asked. Elizabeth twisted her head to look at him.
“I don’t know, but lately I’ve just started enjoying life more, maybe it’s not such a pointless waste of time.” Will let out a laugh and hugged her closely to him.

Please please please comment as it's been very dry here for nearly four months!

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if there was one area that Will failed in it was getting dressed up. During their engagement whenever there had been a social event Will had always been at a loss as what to wear, now as he flicked through his clothes Elizabeth could not help but smile as she remembered all the nights she had had to pull something out for him.
sounds familiar! haahahah I like the gentle intimacy of these last scenes, and him pulling off his shirt, just as an aside ;P
I am thinking about Jack here, it never quite made sense to me, him and Lizzy, and here of course the reason for that is clear in your view. I am sorry it has taken so long to get to this- I think i was in Australia when you posted this last chapter. You may not even be writing it anymore, but thought I would add my 2 pennyworth anyhow (let me know if you have decided to leave this one- will move it to unfinished work)

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Am enjoying getting caught up on this as well....sorry too that it has been a long time, I have same excuse as Nuit that I was in Australia with her...hope that you keep on posting.

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Right, ok after seeing these comments I feel that it is my duty as a fanfic writer to at least make an attempt to write some more of this story. I don't like leaving things unfinished but this story has had a bit of a dry spell. So I will see what I can do in the next few days! But until then I'm shopping for a new computer! Yay!

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