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Oh no! Guin is dead! How very heartbreaking, and very dramatically written.

I do hope you have a happy ending...somehow (not reading the spoilers).

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Told you tissues would be handy for this chapter!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 14: The Kraken and the Battle for the Key

The next morning, Davy Jones awoke to find Bootstrap on deck.

“What are you doing here?” he barked.

“I was on watch, Captain,” Bootstrap replied.

Davy scowled and turned away. He knew Bootstrap was lying, and he decided there was punishment needed.

“Bring the boy up here!” Davy commanded.

“Captain, the boy has escaped with one of our boats,” the first mate said, “He took the girls with him.”

Jones was livid. He knew who was responsible.

“You traitor!” he said as he backhanded Bootstrap, “You helped them escape!”

Davy collected himself a moment. Physical punishment was not as effective as mental. Suddenly, through the spyglass, the Bo’ sun spied the Edinburgh!

“Captain, an approaching ship!” the Bo’ sun cried.

Davy looked into the spyglass. His eyes fell on Will Turner. Bootstrap was horrified. Davy smiled.

“Let’s see how well the boy escapes the Kraken!” he boomed.

“NO!” Bootstrap screamed.

In the meantime, Will was still in grief over the loss of Guinevere. As he leaned out on the ship’s rail, Rose came to his side. She could tell that Will was still deeply troubled by Guinevere’s fate and tried to comfort him.

“There, there, Will,” she said gently, “Just remember that Guinevere is in a better place now. She is in Heaven. As it would say in the Good Book, ‘He who believeth in me shall never die.’ ”

“She died with the guilt of betraying me, Rose,” Will said somberly, “A guilt that I instilled in her. I shouldn't’t have acted so harshly. What if she never finds peace for my betrayal?”

“She is at peace,” Rose comforted him, “She died knowing that despite your anger for what she’d done, you still cared. She knew she had your love, and that was what put her at ease. Her death was not your doing.”

“How can I go on without her?” Will asked.

“Do what she would’ve wanted. She would’ve wanted you to take Juliet up and marry Elizabeth. Just hold on to your memories of her. If you hold those moments, I am certain Guinevere will be there. She is always here and here,” Rose told Will, pointing to his head and heart.

“Thank you, Rose,” Will replied.

Rose smiled. Suddenly, there was a great thud! and the ship shook, throwing everyone off balance! Will raced up to the quarterdeck.

“Captain, what was that?” he asked.

“It appears we’ve hit a reef,” the captain explained.

Suddenly, a crew member was dragged of the ship by a tentacle. The Kraken had arrived! The crew, unprepared and frightened, began to attack the beast with everything they could use. Will suddenly realized why the monster had come.

“What have I done?” he gasped.

Will’s eyes widened as he remembered someone. “Guin!” he gasped.

Will raced toward the door to get down below, but Rose stopped him.

“Will, where are you going?!” she asked.

“Guin is still down below! I have to get her!” Will replied.

“Have you gone mad?! Did you not notice there is a monster attacking us?!”

“I don’t care. I have to find Guin!”

With that, Will pushed passed Rose and headed below. The decks were beginning to flood, and Will knew he had to hurry. With all his speed, Will ran down to the doctor’s office to find Guinevere. He found her, took her in his arms, and raced up to the deck. The battle for the ship was hopeless. Most of the crew, including the captain, was dead. Rose herself had picked up a gun and began to attack the monster. Will knew that the fight was hopeless.

“Rose! Rose!” he called.

Rose rushed to him.

“Rose, we have to get out of here! The Kraken is going to destroy the ship. We have to jump!” Will told her.

“Are you insane? I’m not jumping!” Rose shrieked.

“Oh yes you are!” Will corrected.

In a flash, Will laid Guinevere down and threw Rose into the water. Then, with Guinevere in his arms, Will jumped overboard. From the Dutchman, Davy watched as the Kraken destroyed the ship and took it down to the depths. Davy then turned to Bootstrap.

“Let that be your punishment, Turner!” he snarled.

Meanwhile, Will and Rose sprang from the water, gasping for air.

“Where did that monster come from?” Rose wanted to know.

“It was the Kraken, Davy’s pet. It attacked us because of me,” Will explained.

“Now what do we do?” Rose asked.

“We have to find the chest,” Will replied.

“But how? We have no ship!” Rose wanted to know.

“Yes, we do,” Will corrected.

Rose looked around and saw the Flying Dutchman behind her. Rose knew what Will had planned. Quickly, she and Will climbed on to the stern and hid.

Davy was also looking for the chest. Will had taken his key, and he wanted to make sure no one took the chest.

“What are your orders, Captain?” the first mate asked.

“Protect the chest!” Davy commanded.

“You are willing to put our lives in danger for yours?” the first mate asked.

“If you do not, I will kill you myself!” Davy threatened.

“Aye, Captain,” complied the first mate.

Will and Rose now had a free ride to the Isla Cruces!

At the same time, Jack, Norrington, Elizabeth, Lucia, and the others had already arrived at the island. With compass in hand, Elizabeth disembarked, followed by the others. Pintel and Ragetti were to mind the boat with Jack’s dirt while Jack, Norrington, Lucia, and Elizabeth searched for the chest. The four walked about the island, guided by the compass. Suddenly, Elizabeth stopped. The compass was pointing to Jack again. Norrington, Lucia, and Jack stopped.

“Elizabeth?” they asked in unison.

Frustrated, Elizabeth threw down the compass and sat on the sand.

“Bloody thing doesn’t work!” she said in irritation.

Jack was wiser. He saw the compass point toward where Elizabeth was sitting.

“Yes, it does,” he whispered.

Immediately, he, Lucia and Norrington with shovels began to dig. Suddenly, Norrington’s shovel hit something. Curious, he brushed the sand away and revealed a metal box with letters on top of it. Jack snatched it from the sand and opened the box. Inside was a chest. The four leaned in to hear the steady thumping of a heartbeat. Norrington was shocked.

“You were telling the truth,” he gasped.

“I can be honest, and yet people are always surprised when I am,” Jack shrugged.

“With good reason!” shouted a voice.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened and her heart leaped. Standing before her, soaking wet and gasping for breath, was Will, with Guinevere and Rose!

“Will! Thank God, you’re all right!” Elizabeth gasped.

Will laid Guinevere down, filled Elizabeth into his arms, and kissed her.

“I was so worried about you,” Elizabeth sighed, “Where’s Guinevere?”

Will motioned for Elizabeth to look down. Elizabeth complied and looked down at the motionless Guinevere with Rose at her side.

“Guin is dead,” Will replied sadly.

“I’m so sorry,” Elizabeth apologized sensing Will’s pain.

Jack bowed his head. Shame. I liked the bonny lass, he thought sadly.

After that brief thought, Jack was stunned to find Will.

“How’d you get here?” Jack demanded.

Will turned to face Jack.

“Sea-turtles. A pair of them strapped to our feet,” Will said slyly, “I suppose I do owe you some thanks, Jack. After you tricked me on to the Dutchman to settle your debt with Jones I was reunited with my father as.”

Jack blushed. “You’re welcome,” he said.

“But she is not!” Will replied, pointing to Lucia.

Lucia looked back at Will and smiled innocently. Will’s blood boiled and he sprang forward and attacked her.

“I’m going to kill you!” he screamed, punching at Lucia.

Elizabeth pulled Will off of Lucia.

“Will, what are you doing?” she gasped.

“She killed Guin!” Will screamed.

“She’s Jack’s sister,” Elizabeth said.

“No, she’s not,” Rose corrected.

“She is Lucia Barbossa, daughter of Captain Hector Barbossa,” Will explained.

“What?” Elizabeth asked.

“What?” Jack repeated in a high-pitched voice.

“She nearly bled Guinevere to death and nearly killed Will,” Rose added, “Then she traded us to Davy Jones.”

Elizabeth was furious.

“You!” she bellowed, facing Jack, “Everything you told me was a lie!”

“Pretty much,” Jack shrugged, “Time and tide, love.”

“Where’s your daughter, Jack?” Will demanded.

“Daughter?” Elizabeth gasped.

“Where is Juliet?” Will growled.

“She’s safe on the ship,” Jack told him.

“Good,” Will snarled.

Elizabeth and Norrington were in shock.

“Juliet is your daughter?” Elizabeth gasped, “You fool!”

Will knelt by the chest and took out his father’s old knife and the key.

“What is it you think you’re doing?” Jack demanded.

“I’m going to kill Jones,” Will said determinedly.

Jack held his sword against Will’s throat. “I can’t let you do that,” Jack told him, “There is no one to call of the Beastie besides Jones. Now, if you please. The key.”

Will got to his feet and grabbed Elizabeth’s sword from her belt.

“I don’t make empty promises like you, Jack. I will free my father, Jack,” Will said firmly.

Norrington then drew his sword.

“I can’t let you do that either. Beckett desires the chest. I deliver and I get my life back,” he said.

“I knew you’d warm up to me!” Jack said proudly.

Norrington pointed his sword at Jack.

“Fine, Lucia, you seem to be the only one on my side,” Jack said.

Lucia held her sword to Jack too!

“OI!” Jack exclaimed.

“Sorry, Jack. You’re no profit to me anymore,” she said wickedly.

Will’s eyes turned to Lucia. “While I’m at it, I might just kill you, first!” he growled as he parried at Lucia.

Lucia blocked him and Will continued to fight. Jack and Norrington joined in, too, slashing and parrying at each other as well as Lucia and Will. Elizabeth and Rose were stunned as they watched them battle. The battle for the key had begun!

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Wow what a roller coaster this is! Has taken me a bit of time to catch up but have finally got there! Poor Guin dead? Awww, I liked her too. *sniffs*
Lucia turning sides- goodness
Well thanks for keeping me entertained!

PS LOVE that banner!

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Originally Posted by nuit View Post
Wow what a roller coaster this is! Has taken me a bit of time to catch up but have finally got there! Poor Guin dead? Awww, I liked her too. *sniffs*
Lucia turning sides- goodness
Well thanks for keeping me entertained!

PS LOVE that banner!

This is like the hill at the top of the roller coaster!
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Oh. Guin is dead! And what a tangled web this is. You never know who is going to betray whom. It will be interesting to see where you take this next.
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I'm just getting started!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 14: The Heart Claimed

Rose and Elizabeth, despite how they felt about Jack, Norrington, Will, and Lucia, were deeply irritated by the scuffle. Both women chased after the sword-clashing group.

“This is not how adults settle their differences!” Elizabeth shouted.

“Will! What are you doing? You bloody idiot!” Rose bellowed.

No one paid attention to the girls.

“I’ve had it! I’ve had it with wobbly-legged, rum-soaked PIRATES!” Elizabeth yelled.

“ME TOO! And sword bashing, thickheaded, brash, bloody BLACKSMITHS, TOO! ” added Rose.

Norrington kicked sand in Will’s face. “By your leave, Mr. Turner,” he snickered as he chased Jack and Lucia.

Elizabeth and Rose raced after Will.

“Will!” Rose gasped.

Will paid no attention to the girls’ concern.

“Guard the chest!” he commanded.

Both of the ladies were not happy with his response. “No!” they protested in unison.

“Stop it! ENOUGH!” Rose shouted with no avail.

Finally, Elizabeth tried to stop the fight by pretending to faint. “Oh! OH! THE HEAT, THE HEAT!” she cried as she fell.

Rose also pretended to be in peril. “AHH! HELP ME!” she bellowed as she fell to the sand.

Even that did not end the battle. Suddenly, Pintel and Ragetti snuck up and stole the chest. Rose and Elizabeth spotted them and raced after them into the jungle. Meanwhile, Jack, Norrington, Lucia, and Will fought ferociously in an abandoned church. The four of them were parrying at each other furiously. All but Lucia were vying for the key. Each of them had a short-lived possession of the key. Finally, the key was in Jack’s hands.

Norrington cornered Will, but before he could make a work out of him, Jack fell down a rope, leaving Will to snatch the key from Jack and climb the rope upwards!

“By your leave, Mr. Norrington!” Will chortled.

Norrington, Jack, and Lucia parried and worked their way to the roof of the church. There they found Will. Norrington slashed and Jack, throwing his sword away. Norrington and Will advanced toward Jack and Lucia, swords drawn. Will was about to parry both of them before Norrington stopped him.

“Please excuse me while I kill the man who ruined my life,” Norrington said.

“Be my guest,” Will laughed.

Jack was not about to lose the battle yet, nor was Lucia.

“If I may be so bold to ask, Mr. Norrington, who was it that sprung the pirate of your nightmares from jail?” Jack asked slyly, “Who was it that stole your opportune moment from you as well as the bonny lass? Whose fault is it really that you ended up a rum-pot deckhand who takes orders from pirates?”

Norrington had enough. He slashed at Jack, who ducked in time to fall to the ground and grab his sword.

“I’m rooting for you, mate!” Jack called.

Norrington faced Will and sneered. “Unfortunately for you, Mr. Turner, he’s right!” he snarled, parrying at Will.

Will knocked him off balance and advanced toward Lucia. Lucia would not go down without a fight, even though it was the least of her concerns. She and Will parried and slashed at each other with formidable agility and strength. Finally, Lucia kicked Will, sending him on his back. With Will off guard, she prepared to strike when Norrington’s sword clashed with hers.

“He’s mine,” he declared.

“Not if I have him first!” Lucia snapped as she parried at Norrington.

Will leapt to his feet and battled with Lucia and Norrington, forcing them onto a mill wheel. With the weight of the three, the old wheel collapsed, and began to roll away from the church! Jack, with the key around his neck, strolled away to find the chest. Suddenly, he fell into a grave and was snatched up by the wheel! The key fell from Jack’s neck, and Will and Norrington fought vigorously to obtain the key for themselves.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Rose chased after Pintel and Ragetti. Once they cornered them, they realized that they were not armed.

“’Ello, poppet,” Pintel snickered.

Just before the two pirates could make their way with Elizabeth and Rose, the sight of Jack, Will, Lucia, and Norrington fighting on the mill wheel startled them. Then, the crew of Davy Jones arrived on shore! Terrified, Pintel and Ragetti dropped the chest, and with Rose and Elizabeth following suit, they raced toward the beach. Meanwhile, Jack managed to obtain the key from the wheel. Evading a sword, Jack leapt down from a tree and found the chest. Jack opened the chest. There lay the broken heart of Davy Jones. Jack slipped the heart in his pocket and headed for the beach. At this time, the huge mill wheel crashed into the beach, and Will, Lucia, and Norrington emerged, dazed from rolling and spinning. Lucia regained balance and raised her sword to kill a vulnerable Will. Suddenly, Will’s sword stopped her.

Lucia gaped. “It can’t be!” she gasped in disbelief.

Will was flabbergasted too. “Oh, my God!” he gasped, with a wide-eyed gaze.

The person holding Will’s sword was none other than Guinevere!

“Get away from my best friend!” she said triumphantly.

With that, Guinevere swung her fist and knocked Lucia of her feet. Will smiled brightly, and Guinevere did the same in satisfaction.

“That felt brilliant!” she commented.

“Guin, guard the chest!” Will called.

“At least I know someone missed me!” Guinevere replied.

Suddenly, the Dutchman crew stormed the beach. Amidst the fighting, no one noticed Jack taking the heart in his jar of dirt. No one except Norrington. Quickly, Norrington headed towards the boat and took the Letters of Marque from Jack’s coat. Then, he heard the broken heartbeat and slipped the heart in his shirt with the letters.

Guinevere saw Norrington take the heart and letters and dashed off to stop him.

“Going somewhere, Commodore, or should I say, Norrington?” she asked slyly.

“Guinevere Parris?” Norrington asked.

“It’s Miss Parris to the likes of you, traitor!” Guinevere snarled hotly as she drew her sword, “Put down that chest right now, or you’ll be inside that chest with Jones’s heart faster than you can say ‘promotion’.”

Norrington burst out in haughty laughter. “Are you sure that sword isn’t too heavy for you, love?” he jeered, “I have no time for a lesson. I have my life waiting for me.”

Furious, Guinevere punched him. “You’re not going to have that life for very long. You’re not going to get a life from Beckett, and you’re not going to get a life from me. Not after this lesson!” she growled.

Instantly, the two foes engaged in a vicious duel. Guinevere slashed and parried at Norrington, whom barely kept up with her every move.

Finally, Guinevere disarmed Norrington and kicked him. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind handing over the chest, please?” she said triumphantly.

Norrington, in his quest for power, wouldn’t give up so easily. Hearing the approaching crew of the Dutchman, Norrington leapt to his feet.

“Here you go!” he said, tossing the chest at Guinevere.

Guinevere put the chest to her ear. Alas, she couldn’t hear the sound of Davy Jones’s broken heartbeat.

Infused, she gave a fruitless chase after Norrington. “Norrington, you murderous coward!” she shouted in rage.

Guinevere knew she had no time to waste in hatred. She knew she had to find Will, Jack, and Rose. Desperately, she kept her course and reached the beach. There, she found Elizabeth and the crew boarding a boat.

“OI!” Guinevere shouted.

Elizabeth turned around. “Guinevere?” she asked, confused.

Guinevere saw that Will was unconscious, and rushed to his side.

“Leave him lie!” Jack commanded, “Unless you want to use him to hit something with!”

“Into the boat!” Guinevere shouted.

“Where’s Norrington?” Elizabeth asked.

“Fell behind,” Guinevere replied.

“Best not wallow in our grief!” Jack suggested, “To the Pearl!”

Elizabeth and Guinevere hauled Will into the boat with Jack and the others. Then, they all escaped back to the Black Pearl.

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lol love it and Welcome back Guinevere! she kicks some serious @$$!!! *cheers while getting more popcorn*
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OK... I'm a bit confused here and I might have missed something, but Guin is back from the dead? Via Davy? Or some other method yet to be explained? Good to see her back though because she is one heck of a fighter.
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Wow now that caught me napping. Was just getting over being sad and there she is again and up and fighting. Will be looking forward to finding out just what sort of bargain was made...if there was one of course!

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Remember that certain potion Will got from Tia Dalma? It only seemed not to work.

And YAY! A new reader! Thanks, Casakit! Guinevere will certainly kick some butt!

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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 15: A Good Man

After boarding the Pearl, Elizabeth and Rose were stunned and ecstatic to have Guinevere alive and well.

“How did you come back?” Elizabeth asked.

“I don’t know, but it doesn't’t matter,” Guinevere replied, “I’m back, and I’m not leaving again.”

“It was Will who saved you,” Rose told her.

“Will?” Guinevere asked, perplexed.

“Of course. He visited a woman named Tia Dalma, an old friend of Jack’s. She gave him a potion that saved your life,” Rose explained.

Guinevere’s jaw dropped. “You mean that Will and Jack saved me?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yes. Jack must have a soft spot for you, I suppose. Don’t know why else except for his own gain, which is why we ended up on the Dutchman,” she said lightly.

Guinevere remembered Jack’s deal with Lucia and realized what Jack had done. “No,” she replied, “He saved us.”

“Saved us? By sending us to suffer?” Rose gasped.

“In a way,” Guinevere said, “If Jack had not suggested the Dutchman, Lucia would’ve killed us all. Plus, Will needed the key. You said that Will’s father was a crew member? Jack must’ve known that before.”

Rose nodded. “Well, enough about Jack. We all missed you. Broke both mine and Will’s hearts when we thought we lost you. And speaking of missing someone, I believe someone is waiting to see you,” she said earnestly.

Rose ducked into Jack’s cabin and reappeared with a familiar bundle in her arms.

Guinevere jumped. “Juliet!” she gasped as she ran forward.

Rose laid Juliet in Guinevere’s arms, and Guinevere embraced her daughter, kissing her head.

“Juliet, Sweetheart! I thought I’d never see you again!” she sobbed lovingly, “I’ll never lose you again. I promise.”

A few moments later, Will awoke on the deck of the Black Pearl to a pounding headache. The sight of Elizabeth at his side mollified him. Will saw a smile on her face, and he smiled back. “I knew that no bars would keep us apart,” Will laughed.

“So did I,” Elizabeth told him as she kissed his cheek, “It seems that a miracle has occurred.”

“What are you talking about?” Will wanted to know.

Elizabeth looked over at Guinevere, who sat on a gun while she fed Juliet.

Will, with Elizabeth’s help, sat up and squinted in disbelief. Guinevere noticed Will had finally awakened and knelt at his side. Will smiled in comfort of seeing Guinevere alive and reunited with her daughter. He knew it was most definitely a miracle.

“Guin,” he sighed.

“Hello, Will, or should I say, Sleepyhead,” Guinevere greeted with a broad smile on her face, “You’re finally awake. It’s about time! I thought Juliet was a better sleeper than you are, but I suppose I was proved wrong.”

Will snorted and laughed. He knew that Guinevere was still the same Guinevere. The happily reunited friends embraced tightly as they did nine years ago when they were separated from each other.

“Guin, I’m so happy you’re back. I was so scared and devastated for you,” Will said earnestly.

“I know, I know. It doesn't’t matter now. I’m back, so you can quit gnashing your teeth over me,” Guinevere told him jokingly, “Looks like you owe me another five shillings.”

Will laughed again. How he thought himself to be a fool and wished he could thank Tia Dalma for her help!

“I will gladly pay that as soon as possible. Only fair that I do,” Will said after a moment.

Will then fixed his gaze on Juliet, who cooed and reached her tiny hand out to him.

Guinevere smiled. “I do believe someone missed you,” she joked as she helped Will sit up and placed baby Juliet in his arms.

Juliet smiled and laughed as Will held her in his strong arms and took her tiny hand in his.

“Hello, little one,” Will whispered, “I missed you so much, Juliet. I’m so glad you’re all right, love.”

Juliet smiled brighter and gripped Will’s finger.

“She still fancies you,” Guinevere laughed, “It seems that she was very well taken care of.”

“I took the liberty of that,” Elizabeth said, “With a little help from Jack, of course.”

Will paused a moment, and repeated what he had just heard to himself. Jack taking care of others? Captain Jack Sparrow? He couldn't’t believe that Jack had actually taken care of someone other than himself. Finally, he nodded.

“So it does,” he agreed.

Suddenly, Will remembered the event with the chest.

“Where’s the chest? And Lucia?” he asked.

“Norrington took it to draw Jones’s crew away,” Elizabeth explained.

“Lucia’s gone too,” Guinevere added.

Will bowed his head. Guinevere consoled him, rubbing his back.

“Rose told me about your father. Don’t worry, Will. You will free your father,” she comforted.

“It’s not just about my father,” Will told her, “Lucia Barbossa is her father’s daughter. She will pay for what she did to us. I swear on my life that Lucia will pay.”

“I know what grief you feel. No more worries about Lucia. I promise you that I will help you free your father,” Guinevere said.

“Me too,” Elizabeth added.

“Thank you, both,” Will said gratefully, “What a lucky man I am. I have a wonderful fianceeée and a dear friend.”

Both girls blushed.

“All right, all right. No need to kiss our rear ends, although it’s true,” Guinevere joked, “Honestly, Will, I think you hit your head harder than we thought.”

At the same time, Jack seemed to be in an unusual good mood. He was calm and not rushed for some strange reason.

“Cap’n, should we drop canvas?” Gibbs asked.

“No, no need for that,” Jack replied, “The Flying Dutchman is far behind us. There is very little luck that she’ll make good time. We’re safe.”

For the first time since she was reunited with Jack at Tortuga, Elizabeth agreed with Jack. However, the incident on the beach had made her wary. Suddenly, just as everyone was at ease, the Flying Dutchman herself sprang from under the sea! Davy was going to have his debt paid with Jack, and that was final. While most of the crew panicked, Jack remained calm and taunted Davy Jones.

“Still on my tail you brainless remora?” Jack teased, “Oi, fish-face! Yeah, that’s right you filthy little-WHOAH!”

Without warning, Jack clumsily stumbled and fell to the main deck.

The crew winced. “Oooh!” they said in unison.

Jack just simply held up his jar of dirt to say that he was alright. Then, he continued to harass Jones.

“So, you come to negotiate you slimy git,” Jack taunted, “Just look what I got. I got a jar of dirrrt! I got a jar of dirrrt! And guess what’s inside it!”

Davy had enough of Jack’s games.

“Enough of this,” he snarled, “Run out the guns!”

The sight of the guns on the Pearl’s port side made Jack stop dead in his tracks.

“I think ‘fish-face’ has turned into the predator,” Will quipped, noticing the guns.

“Hard a’ starboard,” Jack squeaked.

“Hard a’ starboard!” Elizabeth commanded.

In a flash, the crew as well as Will, Elizabeth, Rose, and Guinevere armed themselves at once. Pow! Pow! Pow! The guns from the Flying Dutchman exploded, spewing water with every missed target. Jack was wise enough to know that there would be no battle. The Black Pearl was already clear out of range, and the Dutchman would not be able to catch up with them. Knowing this, the crew cheered! The Flying Dutchman was defeated!

Will faced Jack. “My father is on that ship,” he said, “If we can outrun them, we should fight them!”

“Why fight when you can negotiate?” Jack countered, “All one needs is the proper leverage.”

Suddenly, Thud! The Pearl shook, leaving everyone to jerk. Jack’s jar of dirt fell and broke with a crash. Jack stumbled on his hands and knees to find the heart.

“Where’s the thump-thump?” he asked himself.

Jack continued to search through the dirt, but it was no use. The Kraken was on its way, and it was coming for him. Slowly, Jack slipped into one of the wooden rowboats.

“What’s happening?” Elizabeth asked.

“Seems we’ve hit a reef,” Gibbs told her.

Will and Rose had heard those words before they were attacked by the Kraken. Both of them knew that it was back for more!

“Get away from the rail!” Will cried, snatching Elizabeth away.

“What is it?” Elizabeth asked.

“The Kraken,” Will and Rose replied.

Suddenly, a tentacle smacked down on the deck. Instantly, the crew began to fire every weapon they had. Will and Rose took charge.

“Everyone, in the hold. Make a net. Load every ounce of powder we have!” Rose commanded.

“Load the guns!” Will added.

In a flash, Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Cotton, and the others put every barrel of shot and powder into the guns and into the net.

Will turned to Guinevere. “Guin, find a safe place and stay there,” he told her.

“No,” Guinevere protested.

“Do as I say!”

“There is no safe place, and you need all the help you can get!”

“I can’t lose you again!”

“Quit gnashing your teeth over me! Do you trust me or not?”

“Will!” Rose called.

“All right, get a gun, and stay alert!” Will commanded Guinevere.

Quickly, Guinevere hid Juliet in Jack’s quarters and armed herself with a rifle. The crew found a problem when loading the net.

“We’ve only six kegs of powder!” Gibbs shouted.

“Load the rum!” Will told him.

Reluctantly, Gibbs and the others loaded the rum with the powder. Everyone stood at their post until Will gave the signal to fire.

“Hold, hold!” Will cried.

The crew tensed as the Kraken drew nearer.

“Hold!” Will continued.

“I think we’ve held for long enough!” Pintel suggested.

“Will!” Elizabeth cried.

“FIRE!” Will and Rose bellowed.

KABOOM! The Black Pearl’s guns exploded into the Kraken’s tentacle. The shot had only made the Kraken angrier and it began to attack the ship from all sides. As she and Elizabeth battled the beast, Guinevere wheeled about and noticed that the Kraken was about to strike Jack’s quarters!

“Juliet!” Guinevere cried.

Without hesitation, Guinevere raced into Jack’s quarters. The Kraken’s tentacle smashed through the window, causing Juliet to scream. Guinevere carefully aimed her rifle at the tentacle, fired, and missed. A second time, Guinevere aimed, fired, and shot her target. The tentacle slipped away long enough for Guinevere snatch a wailing, frightened Juliet away to safety.

“I’m here, sweetheart. It’s all right. You’re safe,” Guinevere soothed.

In all the commotion and chaos, no one noticed that Jack was missing. No one, but Elizabeth. As she looked over the ship’s rail, she saw Jack rowing back to shore. Elizabeth watched in disbelief and was taken aback. How could he leave them in danger!

“You coward!” Elizabeth snarled.

Suddenly, she heard a scream. Will was caught in the net of powder, and the Kraken was right behind him!

“Will!” Elizabeth shouted, raising her rifle.

“Shoot, Elizabeth, shoot!” Will cried.

Elizabeth hesitated. Any shot could kill Will.

“Shoot!” Will screamed.

Suddenly, the Kraken’s tentacle snatched Elizabeth and dragged her into the air. Will and Elizabeth were now at the mercy of the Kraken! Meanwhile, Jack rowed back to shore for protection against the monster. Suddenly, he stopped and checked his compass that pointed to what he desired most. On the Black Pearl itself, Will and Elizabeth struggled helplessly with the Kraken. Just before Elizabeth could’ve been done for, a gunshot fired and the Kraken dropped Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth reached for her gun, she saw a boot on top of it. That boot belonged to Captain Jack Sparrow! Elizabeth ducked under him and held on tightly as Jack fired her rifle at the net. Will dropped just before the powder exploded, hitting the Kraken’s tentacle. Jack and the others knew that they had not seen the end of the beast.

“We have to abandon ship!” Jack said.

“How?” Guinevere asked.

“There’s a boat. We can use it to escape,” Jack told her.

“What chance do we have in a boat?” Will asked Jack.

“Better chance than we have here,” Jack sighed.

Gibbs was taken aback. “Jack, the Pearl,” he said, shocked.

“She’s only a ship, mate,” Jack replied ruefully.

Gibbs nodded. “All hands abandon ship or abandon hope!” he commanded.

In a flash, everyone began to lower the wooden boat to escape. Guinevere, with Juliet in tow, approached Jack.

“You came back,” she said, “I wanted to thank you for saving my life as well as our daughter’s.”

“You’re welcome, darling,” Jack said, “Wait a minute, our daughter?

“Jack, I-just wanted to apologize for my discourtesy. My betrayal of you was far greater than yours could ever have been. I know why you left. And yes, Juliet is our daughter. I was foolish to think you couldn't’t protect her,” Guinevere confessed, “I was a fool. You know, we’re alike, you know. We’re both dishonest and trusted to be dishonest, honestly. I know that now because I’ve been dishonest with you ever since you came into my life again.”

“How so?” Jack inquired.

“You already know,” Guinevere whispered, “I love you, Jack. I’ve always, honestly loved you. Fortunately or unfortunately, your heart does not feel the same because if it did, then it would be breaking.”

Guinevere stared into Jack’s eyes. Her heart was full of sorrow and love. Slowly, she leaned into Jack. Just when Guinevere was about to receive Jack’s first kiss in a long time, Will interrupted her.

“There’s no time to lose! Come on, Guin!” he said urgently.

Guinevere knew she had to leave, but her heart was against it. She couldn't’t leave Jack again. Guinevere stared into Jack’s eyes.

“Go on,” Jack whispered.

Guinevere shook her head. “No,” she replied.

“The Beastie will return. You must go,” Jack told her.

“No!” Guinevere said stubbornly.

“Guin, we cannot linger. Come,” Will beckoned.

“Go,” Jack said.

Guinevere nodded. Reluctantly, Guinevere took Will’s hand. Together, she and Will headed for the boat. Jack watched as the only woman who loved him went off to safety. Elizabeth also lingered behind and faced Jack.

“Thank you, Jack,” Elizabeth said gratefully.

“We’re not free yet, love,” Jack said grimly.

“But you came back. I always knew you were a good man,” Elizabeth replied.

Suddenly, Elizabeth did something shocking. She leaned in and kissed Jack! Will and Guinevere turned and witnessed the unbelievable site. Both of them wore confused gazes.

“There’s no time to lose! Come on, Will! Guin, step to it!” Gibbs urged as he hurried into the boat.

Slowly, Will climbed into the boat. Guinevere froze. Will took her hand and she reluctantly climbed into the boat. Not knowing that Will and Guinevere had witnessed the kiss, Elizabeth backed Jack against the mast. Click. Jack broke away to find himself chained to the mast. Elizabeth tricked him.

“It’s not after us or the ship. It’s after you. Don’t you understand? This is how it must be. I’m not sorry,” Elizabeth whispered while she trembled.

Jack knew what she had done and understood.

“Pirate,” he said in admiration.

Elizabeth hurried away and climbed down into the boat.

“Where’s Jack?” Will asked sharply, the confusion written on his face.

Guinevere gave Elizabeth the same look of bewilderment in her eyes. Elizabeth could not bear to tell them the truth.

“He elected to stay behind and give us a chance,” she said firmly.

The crew of the Black Pearl was stunned. In their shock, they froze where they were.

“Go!” Elizabeth commanded.

Immediately, the crew rode away from the ship. In the meantime, Jack was left to face the Kraken. He struggled to free himself from the manacle. With his free hand, Jack spilled oil onto his chained and broke free. The beast loomed over him like a cloud over sun.

“Hello, Beastie,” Jack greeted.

The Kraken roared at him. Jack shrugged.

“Well, it’s not so bad,” he said.

Then, with sword drawn, Jack entered the Kraken’s mouth, and the Black Pearl vanished to the depths.

From the boat, Guinevere and the others watched as the Black Pearl vanished.

“He’s gone,” whispered Will.

“Jack?” Guinevere asked hopelessly.

“He’s gone.”

“Stop saying that!”

“He’s gone.”

“No. No!”

Guinevere sobbed in Will’s arms. Will embraced her.

“Oh, Jack! Jack! No!” Guinevere wept.

Guinevere’s grief and seeing Will hurt made Elizabeth shed tears as they rowed away. She knew her intentions were to save Will and the others, and she thought that she would feel relief once the Kraken was gone. Now Elizabeth felt nothing but guilt. She had bought everyone’s freedom by sacrificing Jack. In regret for what she had done, Elizabeth spoke no more to Will.

“What have I done?” she asked herself.

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Having it follow the movie I knew about Jacks fait, but you made it extra emotional with Guin's involment and seeing it from her point of view. well done!
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I'm glad you respond so well to Guin!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 17: What Would You Do?

Meanwhile, Davy Jones watched the Kraken take the Black Pearl down to the depths with Jack on board. Davy smiled.

“Jack Sparrow, our debt is settled,” he declared.

Bootstrap, who had also been on board, bowed his head. He knew that Jack was gone. He believed that Jack could’ve conquered the Devil. Bootstrap’s heart broke knowing that Jack was gone and nothing would ever be the same again. Davy’s crew held the chest in their hands.

“Let me see the chest,” Davy commanded.

“Captain?” asked the Bo’ sun.

“Let me see the bloody chest!” Davy growled.

Davy opened the chest, and to his disgust, the heart was missing. Davy knew Jack was responsible.

“Curse you, Jack Sparrow!” Davy roared.

Unbeknownst to Davy Jones, Jack did not go down with the heart in his possession. Back in Port Royal, Lord Beckett had surprise visitors. It was Norrington and Lucia!

“Well, well, Mr. Norrington. And who might this lady be?” Beckett said smugly.

“Lucia Barbossa,” Lucia announced.

“And just what brings you here to Port Royal?” Beckett asked.

“We’re here to negotiate,” Norrington answered.

“I’m listening,” Beckett told him.

“Norrington tossed the Letters of Marque on Beckett’s desk. “I took the pleasure of filling in my name,” he said.

“You held a certain William Turner and Elizabeth Swann prisoner did you not?” Lucia asked.

“For a time I did, yes,” Beckett replied.

“You are after Captain Jack Sparrow, are you not?” Lucia inquired.

“I was actually after a certain compass of Captain Sparrow’s, Miss Barbossa,” Beckett corrected, “But Jack Sparrow has not found his place in the new world. For that he will perish. What is it you are after? Sparrow, Turner, and Swann are not linked to you.”

“Yes, they are,” Lucia corrected, “Jack, Elizabeth, and Will Turner murdered my father. I would like you to hang them. We will help you.”

“As enticing as your offer is, Miss Barbossa, I cannot accept. You do not have Sparrow’s compass,” Beckett said.

“Indeed, but we have something better than a compass,” Lucia told him.

Norrington tossed a pouch on Beckett’s desk.

“I give you the heart of Davy Jones,” he said, “It is the power of the seas.”

“Savvy?” Lucia asked.

As Lucia and Norrington made their negotiations with Beckett, Guinevere, Will, Elizabeth, Rose, Gibbs, and the crew of the Black Pearl rowed up the river to Tia Dalma’s shack. Tia Dalma knew of Jack’s sacrifice. Outside, the residents of the island held a candlelight vigil. The wearied and grief-stricken group was warmly welcomed into Tia’s shack. There, Tia prepared them drinks as they held a small eulogy in Jack’s honor. Will continuously pounded his knife into Tia Dalma’s table.

Tia Dalma approached him. “It’s a shame,” she said with remorse, “Knowin’ dat your fatha coulda been saved wit’ de Pearl.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Will said forlornly, “The Pearl is gone. Along with its captain.”

“Aye, and already the world seems less bright. He fooled us all, right to the end. But the honest streak won out,” Gibbs said glumly.

“He was one of the best captain’s anyone could ask for! A gentleman of fortune he was!” Pintel sighed.

“He was so willing to give his life. The bravest of us all!” Ragetti declared.

The two pirate comrades blubbered as they drank to their captain.

“He was an honest partner and father,” Guinevere declared tearfully as she drank.

Juliet whimpered. Guinevere consoled her daughter. Elizabeth raised her cup.

“He was a good man,” she said.

“To Captain Jack Sparrow!” Gibbs declared, raising his cup.

Everyone but Elizabeth drank to the lost captain. Will did not know what to say since the incident on the boat. For him and Guinevere, there was so much confusion inside of them. Elizabeth wept silently. She thought she did the right thing by leaving Jack. Now she felt hurt for what she had done. Although Jack was a double-crosser at times, he always was on their side. Somehow, Elizabeth thought that a life without Captain Jack Sparrow would be a better life. Now she and everyone else knew that a life without Captain Jack Sparrow was a dull life or barely a life at all. Will gazed at his beloved fianceeée and his heart changed. He could not bear to see Elizabeth in tears, and he comforted her.

“Elizabeth, if there’s anything that I could do to bring Jack back, I would do it in a heartbeat,” he said softly, “I love you.”

Elizabeth smiled. “I know,” she said, barely in a whisper.

At this moment, it wasn’t much she said, but it was the least and best she could say to the man she loved.

“I’d die to have him back again,” Guinevere sighed, “I never realized his true character until now.”

“I know. I’m so sorry, Guin,” Will comforted, embracing Guinevere tightly.

Tia brightened.

“Dere is a way to bring Captain Jack back,” Tia told them, “To do so you must sail to de ends of the Eart’ and beyond. Would you be willin’ to do it? What would you do? What would any of you be willing to do? Will you brave the weird and haunted shores of At World’s End to fetch back witty Jack, and him precious Pearl?”

Pintel stood up. “Aye!” he declared.

“Aye!” Ragetti added.

“Aye!” Gibbs said.

“Aye!” Guinevere sighed.

“Aye!” Rose said firmly.

Elizabeth hesitated a moment. “Yes, I will,” she declared in a softly.

Will nodded. “Aye,” he agreed.

Tia nodded. “Very well,” she declared, “but to go to de ends of de Eart’ you need a captain. A strong captain. A captain who knows de ends of de Eart’.”

“Where can we find such a captain?” Will wanted to know.

“De captain you seek is in dis very room. ‘E has just returned from the ends of the Eart’,” Tia told them.

Curiously, everyone looked to a spiral staircase. Thump! Thump! The group tensed as they heard the sound of footsteps. They looked to find a pair of black-booted feet descending the stairs.

“Oh my God,” Guinevere breathed in an awed voice.

Rose nearly fainted as she saw the owner of the boots. Everyone stared in the same awe, bewilderment, and shock as the owner of the boot stepped into the light. Jaws dropped and eyes widened. The captain Tia Dalma spoke of was Captain Barbossa! The monkey, Jack, landed on his shoulder. Barbossa smiled, showing his rotten and gold teeth.

“So, tell me what has become of my ship!” he said as he relished his apple.

THE END…for now.

Author's Note: Hope everyone enjoys this! The fanfic for POTC 3 is in process. Enjoy!

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Bravo, Guin! I'm looking forward to the next story

It will be interesting to see how Lucia reacts to her fathers return and how you work in the extra characters thoughout the story.
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Originally Posted by Krazymoonkat View Post
Bravo, Guin! I'm looking forward to the next story

It will be interesting to see how Lucia reacts to her fathers return and how you work in the extra characters thoughout the story.

You won't be disappointed!
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