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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 7: Elizabeth’s Escape and the Truth

As Guinevere and Will were now caught in a net of peril, Elizabeth was safe and sound in the jail of Port Royal. However, jail was the last place Elizabeth wanted to be. Her fiancé was gone, and she was worried sick about him. For all Elizabeth knew, Will’s life could be at stake as it already was. Then she thought of poor Guinevere and her battle with consumption. She didn’t feel she had the right to doubt Guinevere, but Elizabeth wondered if Guinevere would survive this mission. Contemplating this nearly drove Elizabeth mad. She just wished that there were something she could do to help. Elizabeth would get her wish from the most unlikely person imaginable.

That night, Elizabeth heard someone coming as she stared out the window. It was Governor Swann!

“Father?” Elizabeth asked curiously.

“Shh,” Governor Swann whispered, “I’m releasing you.”

“What?” Elizabeth asked in surprise.

“I’m releasing you. You can’t save your fiancé from your jail cell now,” Governor Swann told her, “but you must go and hurry.”

In a flash, Elizabeth and her father raced from the prison and into the night.

“I am grateful you are letting me out, but you have not told me why. Will and Guin are on their way to find Jack and his compass,” Elizabeth said curiously.

“I received word of the bargain made by William and Guinevere, and we cannot count on them; not this time,” Governor Swann explained as he hurried along.

“How can you say that?” Elizabeth gasped, “Just because Will has pirate blood does not make him a dishonorable man. And you have no right to judge Guin yet!”

“Please do not accuse me of poor judgment!” Governor Swann pleaded, “You must remember that Beckett took your wedding day from you, and now he has sent your fiancé out to look for the pirate that caused this whole mess. Beckett has promised one pardon. One. That pardon is for Sparrow. Even if Will succeeds-”

“We will still end in a hanging,” Elizabeth interrupted, as she remembered her chat with Will and Guinevere days before, “My God, Guin was right! He’ll kill us all weather he has that compass or not!”

“This is the more reason why you must go now!” Governor Swann urged.

Grabbing Elizabeth by the arm, Governor Swann led Elizabeth to a carriage. Elizabeth was confused.

“A carriage?” she asked.

“I have sent word to the King. We still have standing with him,” Governor Swann explained, “The captain of this vessel is my friend, and we have arranged safe passage for you back to England.”

Elizabeth was stunned and outraged. “No!” she protested fiercely, “What about Guin and Will? They’re in the same situation as me! If they die, I die too.”

“But they are not my children,” Governor Swann told her, “You are my only child. As much as I pity Miss Parris and have come to admire and love William as my own son, I cannot risk your life while they are on this quest. I will die before I watch my daughter walk to the gallows.”

Governor Swann opened the carriage door and helped Elizabeth in.

“Father, I will die before I watch my fiancé and friend face the gallows,” Elizabeth told him earnestly, “You must do something. Guin cannot face the gallows. She is already dying of consumption. Juliet needs her mother.”

“I am the governor of Port Royal and I still have power,” Governor Swann declared, “Perhaps I can grant William and Guinevere a fair trial when they return.”

“As long as Beckett has power it is not a fair trial,” Elizabeth said.

“Then you cannot stay here,” Governor Swann declared firmly as he shut the carriage door.

“Father!” Elizabeth screamed as the carriage made way.

Just as Elizabeth was almost free, Mr. Copper spotted the carriage! Governor Swann panicked as guards immediately swarmed the carriage and arrested the driver.

“Elizabeth! Oh my God!” Governor Swann gasped as he raced to the carriage.

“Governor Swann!” greeted Mr. Copper with a fiendish grin, “We’ve just apprehended the driver of this carriage. He was carrying a letter to the King…from you.”

Horrified, Governor Swann was forced to watch the guards open the door of the carriage. To his surprise, Elizabeth had vanished!

Meanwhile, in the jungle of the mysterious island, Will and Guinevere’s luck was not so fortunate. Guinevere awoke to a throbbing head and ankle to find herself and Will bound to poles and being carried side-by-side by strange men wearing war paint and carrying frightening spears. Guinevere trembled and looked over at Will.

“Will,” she whispered, “Will, wake up! Wake up!”

Will groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. Like Guinevere, Will was startled to find his legs and wrists tied and to be surrounded by these odd men. Also like Guinevere, Will’s head ached immensely.

“Guin, what’s going on?” Will asked.

“Don’t worry, Will. I’m sure we’re just lost,” Guinevere replied slyly.

“Very funny,” Will muttered.

“Now do you know why I don’t like this island? Cannibals. I told you. ‘Don’t be silly, Guin. We’re not on Cannibal Island.’ Well, you were dead wrong. And fancy this, we’re going to be dead shortly,” Guinevere groaned.

“Oh, shut up, Guin,” Will sighed, “You’re overreacting.”

“Overreacting? Well, I’m not overreacting about us being prisoners to some cannibals and ending up dead!” Guinevere retorted, “And you better have a few bright ideas because if you don’t I’ll kill you.”

“Are you all right?” Will asked in concern, changing the subject.

“Well, let me think: I think I broke my ankle, my head is killing me, my daughter is still missing, and I’m tied up and prepared to be served to a bunch of cannibals. Other than that, I’m just fine and dandy. Of course I’m not alright, you thickheaded dolt! I didn’t come this far to be a meal for bloody cannibals! But no worries about me. How are you?” Guinevere replied sarcastically.

“You don’t have to be sarcastic. I was being serious. To answer your question, my head is the same as yours. I twisted my wrist when we fell,” he told her earnestly.

“Well, at least we won’t feel it much longer,” Guinevere said in sarcasm.

Will sighed and groaned as the journey went on. The march of the cannibals took its toll on Guinevere and Will. Their heads continued to pulsate, and their position in which they were tied was far too uncomfortable. Finally, Will and Guinevere reached their destination. It was there that they both got a surprise. The two friends looked around to find the rest of the cannibals bowed to their leader.

“Can things get any worse?” Guinevere complained.

Guinevere looked over at the leader, rolled her eyes, and began to smack her head against the pole.

“I hate it when I’m right sometimes,” she muttered as she banged her head.

“What are you complaining about now?” Will asked in irritation.

“Didn’t you notice that the leader is an odd man out?” Guinevere told him.

Will looked around. To his shock, the leader of the cannibals was no other than Captain Jack Sparrow!

“Jack?” Will asked in shock as he smiled with elation, “Jack Sparrow! Oh, thank god. I am honestly and wholeheartedly glad to see you!”

Guinevere rolled her eyes. “I am honestly not glad to see you. I thought death was terrifying, now I welcome it,” she moaned with obvious exasperation.

“Quit whining, Guin,” Will snapped, “You’re not making matters better. In fact, you’re making my head hurt more.”

Jack, who wore a necklace and crown of bones and face paint, stepped down from a black throne to be in more shock to see Will and Guinevere.

“Jack, what are you doing here?” Will asked as Jack approached him.

Surprisingly, Jack did not answer Will, but poked him. Then he spoke a language to the cannibals. All Will made out of Jack’s words was “eunuchy, snip, snip.” Guinevere was in stitches.

“What are you laughing at?” Will wanted to know.

“He said that you were the meatiest out of the two of us. He says you are not a good meal because you are tough stubborn,” Guinevere explained as she laughed.

“And you are just a side dish,” Will snorted.

“He also just told them that you are a eunuch!” Guinevere laughed.

Will groaned.

“Wait a minute, you know what he said?” Will asked in surprise.

“Of course I do. Jack was once their chief before,” Guinevere explained.

“Then why didn’t you tell me that before?” Will snapped.

“I had hoped you’d take the hint from my warnings,” Guinevere told him.

“Bugger!” Will sighed.

“Is it true?” Guinevere asked suddenly.

“What?” Will replied.

“That you are a eunuch,” Guinevere told him.

“Good God, no! Don’t be ridiculous, Guin!” Will gasped.

“All right, all right. I was just curious why he said that. I mean, it did take you a while to woo Elizabeth, I hear,” Guinevere said with a smug grin.

Will rolled his eyes. Suddenly, Jack made his way to Will again. Will saw the compass dangling from Jack’s belt and he spoke up.

“Jack, the compass!” he exclaimed, “That’s all we need. Elizabeth and Guin are in danger. We were arrested for helping you. They face the gallows!”

Jack turned back and spoke once more to his cannibal tribe.

“Ball-licky licky,” Jack commanded.

“BALL-LICKY LICKY!” the cannibals repeated.

At that moment Guinevere and Will were taken away.

“Jack! What did you tell them? No! What about Elizabeth and Guin? JACK!” Will cried.

Will and Guinevere were released from the poles and tossed into cages suspended above a deep plunge. There, Will and Elizabeth were reunited with Rose and the crew, as well as Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Cotton, and Mr. Cotton’s talking parrot and a few crew members of the Pearl.

“Rose, how did you get here?” Guinevere wanted to know.

“We took a wrong turn and fell into a pit,” Rose explained, “Gibbs said that Jack went mad and told them to sail for land. Unfortunately, they ended up here.”

Will noticed the scarce crew members and was curious. “Where’s the rest of the crew?” he asked.

“These cages we’re in weren’t built ‘til after we got here,” Gibbs explained.

Will and Guinevere shuddered.

“But how could Jack lock us up when he’s the chief?” Will inquired.

“Aye, Jack’s the chief, but only as long as he acts like one,” Gibbs said.

“So he’s as much a prisoner as we are,” Will declared.

“Worse,” Guinevere added, “These tribes are the Pelagostos. They believe Jack is a god and they will release him of his fleshy prison.”

Cotton bit down on Guinevere’s hand.

“YOW!” Guinevere cried, snatching her hand back, “They’ll roast him and eat him when those drums stop.”

“Well, we can’t just sit here and wait can we?” Will said.

“What do you propose we do?” Guinevere asked.

“Swing the cage,” Will said.

“Oh, God. I don’t like this,” Guinevere groaned.

The cage began to swing back and forth. Each time the crew missed the vine that was hanging just out of reach. After a dozen clumsy attempts, the crew managed to grab the vine and climb up the cliff. They were almost free when other members of the crew grabbed a snake and fell to their doom!

“HURRY!” Will cried.

Will and the others climbed to the top and cut the cage free. Suddenly, the cannibals could be heard coming after them.

“Roll the cage!” Will commanded.

The cage began to roll faster until everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs! Landing in a narrow waterway, the cage broke open and freed everyone. Then, the group made way back to the ship docked on the beach.

In all the chaos, no one noticed Jack. Since the Pelagostos began to chase after the crew, Jack managed to wriggle free and raced out with the pole tied to his back. Just as Jack thought he was free, two Pelogostos caught him. Screaming like a banshee, Jack raced past them and vaulted himself off a cliff to the other side of the island!

Back on the beach the crew of the Black Pearl were about to make way. Suddenly, Will bumped into Pintel and Ragetti. Knowing he had no weapon, Will backed away. Pintel and Ragetti advanced toward him, swords drawn. However, the sound of charging cannibals forced the three to take off together. Will looked around and realized that Jack was missing.

“Wait,” he cried, “Where’s Jack? I can’t leave without him!”


Suddenly, a screaming Jack came racing out of the forest, followed by a thousand cannibals.

“Never mind. Let’s go!” Will cried.

The crew of the Black Pearl raced to the ship and immediately prepared to set off. Jack was still being pursued by the cannibals and had not reached the ship.

“Hurry up, Jack!” Will shouted at the top of his lungs, “Run!”

Just before he could be overtaken, Jack leapt aboard the Pearl and the ship instantly made way.

“Alas, my children this is the day that you almost…” Jack began before he was splashed by the sea, “Captain Jack Sparrow.”

On deck, Jack, Will, Guinevere, the crew, and others were all gasping for breath.

“Well, aren’t you glad to see me?” Jack asked as he panted.

“Yes, and no,” Guinevere replied before Will could open his mouth, “Will might not be happy to see you after you ruined his wedding, you pusillanimous scum. I’m not happy to see you at all. The only reason we need you is so we can have that compass and you can be hanged. Thanks to your supreme idiocy, we have you.”

“You certainly still have a forceful mouth, Guinevere,” Jack commented, “but I think Will is not a mute.”

Guinevere’s eyes flashed with fury as she pointed her pistol between Jack’s eyes.

“It’s Miss Parris to you,” she snapped, the rage in her eyes, “And you had better watch your tongue. If you’re not careful, I could just carry out your execution myself.”

Jack grinned.

“You don’t have the heart, love,” he said simply.

“Try me!” Guinevere growled, cocking the pistol.

Will grew annoyed as the two bickered.

“Stop it!” he snapped, “The both of you can control yourselves before you kill each other. Your quarreling will not help us find Juliet, and we certainly cannot save her if the both of you are dead.”

“What about just one of us?” Guinevere muttered.

“Guin!” Will warned.

“I can’t help it if this man is such an idiotic, two-timing, spineless pig,” Guinevere replied innocently.

“That’s enough, Guin,” Will commanded sternly, “If you want to save your baby you will have to trust this pig-”

“I resent that!” Jack exclaimed.

“Shut up,” Will interrupted, “My point is, Guin, are you willing to do anything to save your daughter?”

Guinevere sighed.

“Anything,” she said.

“Then you have to listen to me and trust Jack. I know how hard that is for you, but it is the only way you can be sure Juliet will be safe with you once again.”

“Juliet?” Jack gulped.

Will looked Jack in the eye.

“Do you know where to find Juliet, Jack?” Will wanted to know.

Jack hesitated. He looked around to see that Lucia was nowhere in sight.

“No,” Jack replied, “Not at all.”

Guinevere squinted suspiciously at Jack, but Will held her back.

“Come, Guin,” he beckoned, “We have to get you below decks. You need to rest and have that ankle tended.”

Guinevere lowered her gun. Before she was escorted below decks, Guinevere lingered a moment.

“Jack, I seem to have forgotten something,” she told him innocently.

Smack! Guinevere’s hand flew and slapped Jack in the face. Jack rubbed his face.

“I may’ve deserved that,” he shrugged.

“You definitely deserved that,” Guinevere snapped as she turned away.

“Not bad for a wench!” Jack commented.

Guinevere’s blood boiled. Turning to Jack she examined him a moment.

“Jack, did you break your nose?” she asked innocently.

“No,” Jack said.

“Good!” Guinevere growled as she punched Jack in the nose, “’Cause I will!”

With that, Jack and Guinevere rolled all over the deck, clawing at each other.

“Wench, eh?” Guinevere snapped as she head-butted Jack, “You disappoint me, Jack. I thought you were stronger than this.”

“I know,” Jack sighed.

“On second thought, why don’t I just spare you the misery and kill you now? Guinevere asked.

“Keep telling yourself that, love,” Jack said in his charming manner.

“Oh, I’ll do more than that!” Guinevere said with fury.

Guinevere kicked Jack, and rose to her feet. Jack tried to attack head on, but Guinevere quickly caught him under her arm.

“Take back what you just said!” Guinevere commanded.

“Never!” Jack said defiantly.

Guinevere only held Jack closer.

“Take it back!” she bellowed.

Suddenly, Will tore Guinevere away from Jack. Furiously, Guinevere kicked and screamed.

“That’s enough! Both of you!” Will scolded, “Guin, come down below. You need that ankle tended.”

Together, Guinevere and Will climbed the steps below decks. Will found a hammock and laid Guinevere down on it. Then, he sighed and winced. All of the adventure had fatigued him. Slowly, he removed his shirt. Guinevere did not look away as he did so. As she stared at Will, Guinevere felt odd, but warm feelings come over her as Will began to tend her throbbing ankle.

“Your ankle is broken,” Will whispered, “Lie still. This will be painful. I have to set the bones back first.”

Guinevere nodded and winced. Crack! Snap! Guinevere tried hard, but couldn’t help crying out in pain as Will set her bones into place.

“You were wrong about Jack, Guin,” Will commented as he massaged Guinevere’s ankle, “I was being serious when I said I was glad to see him. I helped Jack escape from his hanging, and that is why my wedding is ruined.”

“Will, we discussed why you and Elizabeth and I are facing the gallows and it’s not because of you,” Guinevere told him in annoyance.

“And it’s not because of Jack, either,” Will added, “Ever since Jack was brought up you have not been glad to see him. He has never harmed you.”

“So you think,” Guinevere muttered bitterly.

“Has he harmed you, Guin?” Will asked in concern.

Guinevere was silent as Will bound her broken ankle in cloth and pretended not to hear him.

Will pressed the matter further.

“Guin, I’ve not heard the truth from either you or Rose. I know you are hiding something from me. Tell me the truth, Guin,” he commanded.

Guinevere sighed. “You want the truth, Will? Well, here it is,” she began, “One year ago, I was a married woman. I had everything, but yet I didn’t. It wasn’t until my husband and I journeyed to France and I met Rose. Then, on a journey to Madagascar I met Captain Jack Sparrow over a pint of ale. I was bored with my life and I wanted adventure, if nothing else. So I agreed to join his crew. We had a magnificent time, him and me. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was drawn to him. He was a rogue, but I didn’t care. I was a rogue, too. I fell in love with Jack. He seemed to have fallen in love with me, too. My husband threatened to have me flogged and Jack hanged. Thoughtlessly, I attacked him and left him for dead. Jack and I escaped to Tortuga. It was there I found out that I was pregnant. When I went to tell Jack I was expecting, he had gone. I was captured by that bloody Lord Tete de Seau, and he left a mark on me.”

Guinevere rolled up her sleeve, revealing to Will the letter P on her forearm. Both she and Will knew that the P meant that Guinevere had been branded a pirate.

“Afterward, I was sentenced to hang,” Guinevere continued, “Only I could not be hanged because I was pregnant, so I was sentenced to hang when I had given birth. One month later, Rose smuggled me out of prison and we fled to Port Royal. There you have it. That is the truth. Satisfied?”

Will gaped. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“So that’s why Beckett wanted to hang you!” Will gasped.

“I know. You’re shocked, aren’t you? Good, sweet Guin. How can she do any wrong? Well, she makes a big mistake running off with a drunken, dazed, bloody, blithering idiot!” Guinevere told him.

“Wait a minute, you and Jack were together before you were pregnant. That could only mean-” Will said, perplexed.

“You understand, Will,” Guinevere interrupted.

Will’s eyes widened.

“Jack is Juliet’s father?” he asked in a gasp.

Clearly, Will could make Jack Sparrow out to be anything from a rogue to an ally, but never a father figure! Will could not even associate the word with Jack. To Will, Jack was the least person to consider or be appropriate for parenthood.

“Unfortunately,” Guinevere replied with a dim smile.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Will demanded.

Guinevere said nothing. Will finished wrapping her ankle, and the two stared into each other’s eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Will repeated as he continued to massage Guinevere’s ankle.

Sad tears sparkled in Guinevere’s eyes.

“You don’t know?” she asked softly.

Will shook his head.

“Ow!” Guinevere cried.

“Sorry,” Will apologized, “I don’t mean to hurt you. Blacksmith’s hands are rough and seldom gentle.”

“No. I mean yes, they are rough, but- “Guinevere stammered as Will stopped tending her ankle, “but yours are gentle Please, go on.”

Guinevere and Will gazed into each other’s eyes. Slowly, Guinevere leaned in and kissed Will with so much love and tenderness that she had carried in her since childhood.

As Guinevere’s love was revealed, the romantic, yet small moment seemed to be endless. Suddenly, as if by magic, Will broke away from the passionate moment.

“Will!” Guinevere sighed in protest, but the moment was broken.

“Now do you know?” Guinevere asked solemnly.

Will couldn’t bear to break Guinevere’s heart. In his heart, he knew how much she loved him all along. Even when they were children, Will knew of Guinevere’s passion for him. Sadly, his heart belonged to Elizabeth, and he had to tell Guinevere once and for all.

“Guin,” Will began slowly.

“Elizabeth isn’t here, is she?” Guinevere asked curiously.

“I’m sorry, Guin,” Will apologized gently, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Will, please don’t spoil it,” begged Guinevere, not wanting their moment to end.

“I’m sorry, Guin. My heart belongs to Elizabeth. Although there is and will always be a place for you in my heart, I cannot give you the love you desire from me.”

The tears glittered even more in Guinevere’s dark eyes. Although she knew Will could never love her as he loved Elizabeth, Guinevere’s heart smashed into a thousand pieces.

“Then, I suppose I should tell you more truth,” she said.

“More?” Will asked, bemused.

“It’s not fair that I haven’t been truthful with you Will. I know you will hate me forever for this, but never forget that I love you,” Guinevere began, “When I was at your wedding, I did come there to give you my blessings, but that wasn’t my whole purpose there. I- I was there to give orders to the assassin.”

“What?” Will asked, his blood boiling.

“Will, I swear I didn’t want you or Elizabeth killed,” Guinevere said desperately.

“Then what did you want?” Will demanded.

Guinevere gulped, and the tears in her eyes fell. “I was jealous. I lost my senses trying to get what I wanted. I just wanted the assassin to kidnap Elizabeth, not kill her. It is a lie to say that this was not all my fault, but my intentions were not to kill. The assassin went against my orders to not harm you or Elizabeth. I swear I didn’t know anything else about this plan. I was only doing this for you. I did it because what I wanted was you,” she explained as she gulped again, “I love you, Will.”

Will was taken aback. His blood boiled at what he had heard. His own friend since childhood had betrayed him. Now, she expected Will to love her after what she had done. Will was infused with outrage and anger.

“You backstabbing, traitorous snake!” Will growled, “You are such a selfish coward. You went through all of this trouble of hiring an assassin that tried to kill Elizabeth, and you think you were in love? What about Elizabeth and me? What about Rose and Juliet? Did you even consider what you’ve done to Jack? Did you ever think about us at all? You stabbed us in the back when you went to that assassin! You know nothing about love, Guin, and you never will. If your daughter dies because of your plan, you will have yourself to blame, and you will be all alone.”

Guinevere swallowed hard, as warm tears fell on her ashen cheeks.

“I will not waste my time begging for forgiveness,” she said resolutely, “I know I have inadvertently hurt you and Elizabeth. I will pay for my mistake. Remember that this was not what I wanted. All I wanted was to be with you. I love you, even if you do not return that love, I still love you always. I will find a way to make up for all I’ve done to you.”

“It’s too late, Guin,” Will told her, “I don’t believe that you ever loved me. If you had, you would not have done what you have. You betrayed not only me, but also everyone else. There is no more I will say to you.”

Will stormed up to the deck, leaving Guinevere alone with her tears.

As Will stepped up to the main deck, he noticed the strange silence. Will looked around to see each of the crewmembers, including Jack, tied to the mast. Will’s brow wrinkled. How did they end up tied to the mast? Suddenly, he was thumped on the head. Will fell, and was stunned by the blow. Then, two men held him down at gunpoint while he was bound and gagged by a strange pirate. Will could only see the pirate’s mouth, and the smile that spread over it. Then, the pirate raised her head and lifted the brim of her hat. It was Lucia Barbossa.

“Hello, handsome,” she greeted with a wicked grin.

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My goodness that is a tangled web. Took me a couple of moments for that to sink in that Guin had acted in that way.

I like this more snappy Will by the way. Taking charge and all and keeping them from each others throats.

A very detailed and involved chapter there, I am intrigued as to how things are going to evolve between them all, would not be very comfortable in a confined space I would imagine.

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A tangled web and now they're in a sticky situation!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Warning: This chapter contains violence that some people may find uncomfortable to read. They are under the spoiler so please click at your own discretion.

Chapter 8: Stranded

Will stared at Lucia, perplexed and insolent. Who was this woman? How did she get on the ship?

Lucia smiled wickedly at Will. “Well, well,” Lucia laughed maniacally, “Will Turner, son of Bootstrap Bill.”

Lucia unsheathed her dagger, and Will stared at it without flinching. Lucia forced Will’s chin higher at the point of her dagger, gazed into his eyes for a moment, and she snorted. She knew Will was most certainly a Turner. “The look of your foolish father is striking,” Lucia told him, “Too bad he is not here to watch you die. He condemned himself, you know, and so have you.”

Will was dragged to his feet, and in fury, he lunged at Lucia. Lucia’s men held him back strongly as Lucia spoke again. “My name is Lucia Barbossa, and because of you and Jack Sparrow my father is dead. For that you shall die,” she declared.

Will struggled furiously against the pirates as they held him with a gun pointed at his head.

Lucia shook her head. “How pathetic,” she jeered, “Begging for his life already. Cowardice runs in the family.”

Will’s eyes flashed with rage.

Lucia faced him square in the eye. “Tell me, Will,” she began, “Where is your little friend? You know whom I speak of. Guinevere Parris, the little wretch who betrayed you. Where is she? And I did notice that your beloved fiancée isn’t here, either. Tell me where she is.”

Will would not say one word.

“Don’t make me spoil the fun,” Lucia told him as one of her men cocked the pistol, “You should know that Guinevere betrayed me, too.”

Suddenly, Guinevere limped up on deck. Will tried to warn her, but his strength was no match for that of the pirates’. To his surprise, Guinevere was not man-handled as he was.

As she gazed at Lucia, Guinevere’s eyes widened. “Lucia?”

“Guinevere, my friend,” Lucia greeted.

Will’s eyes went wide in surprise. He couldn't’t believe that Guinevere would be a friend with such a wicked woman as Lucia Barbossa.

“Oh, Lucia! Thank God!” Guinevere sighed, “For once, I’m glad to see you. Something awful has happened. My baby, Juliet, has been kidnapped.”

“That’s terrible!” Lucia gasped.

“You have to help me. Please,” Guinevere begged.

“I think I already have,” Lucia said with a smile.

In that moment, Guinevere heard a baby cry and looked to see Lucia cradling Juliet in her arms.

“Juliet!” Guinevere gasped.

It was only then that Guinevere noticed Lucia’s prisoners, including Will.

“What’s the meaning of this, Lucia?” Guinevere asked.

“They murdered my father, Guinevere, and they will pay the price,” Lucia explained darkly, “You made the same decision too.”

“Our agreement was that you would take Elizabeth and keep her safe. You broke our bargain,” Guinevere said.

“Perfect,” Lucia said with a smirk, “Tie her up with the whelp!”

“What?” Guinevere demanded.

“Our agreement is broken, you said,” Lucia told Guinevere, “For helping these murderers, you shall receive your punishment.”

Suddenly, Guinevere noticed the two men wearing black cloaks. Then, she remembered what Rose had seen the night Juliet was kidnapped and screamed. “You!” she gasped, “You kidnapped Juliet!”

“That I did,” Lucia admitted.

Furious, Guinevere raced forward and attacked Lucia. “Deceiver!” she shrieked as she clawed at Lucia, “Will, she’s the one that tried to kill you and Elizabeth! She hates the both of you for killing Hector Barbossa, her father.”

Lucia overtook her and lifted her up by the throat. “Hold your tongue before you lose it,” Lucia warned sternly.

“Wh-wh-what…what do you want with Juliet?” Guinevere demanded as she strangled.

Lucia grinned. “Juliet? Why would you assume that I wanted your little brat at all?”

Guinevere was horrified. She realized that Juliet was just bait and that it was her Lucia was after, not Juliet. Just before Guinevere could lose consciousness, Lucia dropped her to the deck. Guinevere coughed and sputtered violently. Will trembled as Guinevere coughed.

Lucia grinned evilly. “I thought that you were stronger than this, Guinevere. You’re giving in to a disease. That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard.”

“You’re the pathetic one,” Guinevere growled defiantly.

“My naïve friend, you let your heart guide you right into my trap. That is pathetic,” Lucia laughed.

Lucia signaled her men, and they tightly bound Guinevere.

“I trusted you, Lucia,” Guinevere growled, “I saved you once and this is how you repay a friend?”

“I call this retribution,” Lucia said fiercely, “Do you know why you and Will are in this position, Guinevere?”

Guinevere shook her head.

“You are here because he lead me right to you,” Lucia replied, pointing to Jack, “The irony. You trusted me with your life, and now you are my prisoner because of a man you never trusted before.”

Guinevere spat. Lucia only laughed wickedly.

“Will Turner shall be the first to suffer!” Lucia declared, “Remove the others from the mast, and have Master Turner tied.”

At Lucia’s bidding, the crew, Jack and Rose were released from the mast, and replaced with Will. Lucia strutted up behind Will and tore his shirt.

“As punishment for the murder of Hector Barbossa, Will Turner shall be flogged fifteen lashes!” Lucia declaimed to her crew.

The crew cheered as Guinevere squealed and thrashed about like a caged animal. “Stop!” she cried at the top of her lungs, “Lucia, don’t! Please! I’ll do anything. Please, don’t hurt him!”

Lucia released Will and turned to Guinevere. “I knew you’d warm up to me,” she snarled.

“Oi!” Jack gasped in indignation, “Those are my words, wench! Stealing my ship is one thing, but start using my words and you will pay the price, regardless of the fact that you are probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

Lucia turned to Jack and smacked him.

“You know, the slapping gets quite annoying and predictable after a time,” Jack groaned, rubbing his face.

“Would you rather lose your tongue? Shut up, Jack! You’re next after Turner!” Lucia said fiercely.

“It’s Captain Jack, if you please,” Jack spat.

“Would you like to be a deaf-mute?” Lucia threatened.

Jack reluctantly held his tongue, but still glared sharp daggers at Lucia.

“Men, tie the prisoner to the mast!” Lucia commanded.

Without hesitation, Guinevere was seized by Lucia’s men, and tied to the mast, her back facing Lucia. Will jerked forward, but it did him no good. Lucia caught him and held her gun to his head. “Ah, ah, ah, William! You’re not free yet!” she mocked, “You will watch this.”

Once again, Will fought against Lucia’s hold on him, but his efforts were of ill use.

“I have just so happened to have encountered Davy Jones. Why not send the whelp and the bonny lass to him. They will suffer for as long as they’ll live, which will be long and slow.”

Lucia smiled as she thought of her foe’s offer. Then she burst out in laughter. “Jack Sparrow, this be the most brilliant idea you’ve had. Perhaps, I can keep you alive, after all. Very well, we make to find the Flying Dutchman. Take the crew to the brig; leave Guinevere and Turner to me.”

With that, everyone except Jack, Will, and Guinevere were taken to the brig. Lucia then tied Will and Guinevere to the mast. After that, she tightly bound a rope around their necks. Guinevere threw herself at the ropes, fighting them.

“Jack! JACK! Why did you do that? Tell me!” Guinevere demanded.

“Pirate,” he said simply as he caressed Guinevere’s face and ran his dirty fingers through her hair. Guinevere spat. Jack simply laughed heartily and left Guinevere and Will alone.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, with her new freedom, wasted no time using it. She knew that she would instantly be recognized in her gold wedding gown, so she went to the blacksmith shop and found Will’s old clothes. Elizabeth entered the dark shop easily. Mr. Brown, Will’s master, was drunk and asleep in the corner. Elizabeth couldn't’t believe her luck. Quietly, she snuck past Mr. Brown, snatched Will’s clothes, and put them on. Adding to Elizabeth’s luck, the clothes fit her perfectly. Elizabeth then pulled her hair back into a ponytail and put on a hat to mask her face. Now, Elizabeth was in full disguise as a young lad of Port Royal.

“Now to find Will,” Elizabeth said to herself cheerfully as she headed out the door with the dress in hand.

Little did Elizabeth know of Will’s fate. Will was nowhere near being saved. Now Will was to be sent off to Davy Jones.

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Just catching up on this Guin. Oy. That last bit was hard to read with the torture and the choking. What an evil piece of work that Lucia is. And what has wily Jack got up his sleeve?

Curious to see where you take this next.

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You'll just have to wait and see
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Very stong characters in that chapter Guin and some pretty big events. I am hoping that she will be alright.

I liked Jack there and his comments on his phrases and getting slapped. Looking forward to just what happens next and how they get out of this, though they do seem to be getting in deeper and deeper...

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It's like going into a cave, isn't it?

Thanks, KiwiGirl for the spoiler. I'll remember to do that for other chapters.
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A very black and deep cave by the looks of it...

Thanks Guin that will be great for the next difficult pieces you decide to unleash on us

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I keep forgetting to come in and comment.

You already know I'm enjoying the story, Guin

I can't wait to see what Jack is up to......Oh,Yeah.........I get to go read it now (sorry for teasing everyone).

I'll be back soon with the next chapter banner, Guin.
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Thank you, Kat!

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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 9: Tia Dalma

The next dawn, Will and Guinevere languished against the ship’s mast. Guinevere was weak, incoherent, and the ropes around her seemed to be the only thing that kept her on her feet. Will was exhausted, but he was too angry to give in. Why would Jack turn him over to Davy Jones? When Jack strutted up to him, Will furiously through himself against the ropes.

“Good day to you, too, mate,” Jack said casually.

“Jack, I have no time to die. We must make way to Port Royal with all haste.”

Jack looked Will square in the eyes. “Who said anything about dying? How much do you know about Davy Jones?” Jack asked him.

“Very little,” Will replied earnestly, “but that doesn't’t matter. Lord Beckett had us arrested. I need that compass of yours, Jack. If I trade it to Beckett he will pardon Elizabeth, Guin, and me.”

Jack pulled out the drawing of the key. “William, I will trade you my compass if you will help me find this,” he said.

Will studied the drawing. “You want me to find this?” he asked.

“No. You want you to find this,” Jack countered, “because the finding of this puts you incapacitorially able to save dear ol’ what’s her face.”

“This is going to save Elizabeth?” Will asked doubtfully.

“Yeah. S’ gonna save Elizabeth. Savvy?” Jack said nonchalantly.

“After knowing what you have done, I’m not so sure that I can trust you, Jack,” Will told Jack sadly.

“I swear on pain of death,” he said sincerely, “Do we have an accord?”

Will shook his head.

“So, how is Elizabeth anyway? Jack asked randomly.

“She’s safer than we are,” Will replied, “But she’s alone. I should be with her, ready to marry her. We should be with Juliet at her baptism. I should be helping Guin-”

Will trailed off as he remembered the painful truth about Guinevere. “Oh my God,” he gasped, “Guin!”

“What now?” Jack groaned.

“Guin is dying, Jack.”

“Dying of what?”

“Consumption. She’s had it for two years.”

“What’s your worry?”

“Dang you, Jack! Don’t you understand? Lucia doesn't’t need to kill Guin herself. The consumption is going to kill Guin before she has a chance.”


Something in Jack’s voice hinted something to Will. Clearly, there was no surprise in his voice.

Will’s blood boiled as he made a realization. “You!” he growled, “You knew all along that this was happening, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied coolly.

“Then you knew all along that Guin was in danger. Why didn’t you protect her?” Will asked angrily.

“Once again, William, your faith is misplaced. I did try to save Guinevere’s life. Besides, I just saved all of you. If I hadn’t said anything, you’d be dead now. You should really blame Lucia for all this,” Jack corrected him.

“You are forgiven, but I can’t trust you yet,” Will declared.

“Fair enough,” Jack said nonchalantly.

Suddenly, Juliet started wailing. Will fought against his ropes, but one of Lucia’s crewmen held him back.

“Please, let me help her,” he begged, “She’s my goddaughter. She needs me.”

Will knew Jack didn’t know anything about babies, and was desperate. “Jack, give her to me,” Will commanded.

“Not to worry, William,” Jack said calmly, “I’ve got it under control.”

Jack calmly examined Juliet. Realizing nothing else was wrong, Jack simply held Juliet on his shoulder and patted her back.

“Shh, shh…hush, hush,” he whispered, “Go to sleep, darling.”

Within a few moments, Juliet was lulled to sleep. Will was flabbergasted. Jack had actually taken care of a baby! He was actually assuming the role of a proper parent!

“Well,” Will said, recovering from his shock, “Well done, Jack. I underestimated your capabilities with babies.”

“Indeed,” Jack said as held Juliet, “Now where was I? Oh, yes, I remember. Do we have an accord?”

Will sighed. “Aye,” he agreed.

“Captain Barbossa,” Jack called.

Lucia stepped on deck. “Sparrow, what do you want?” she barked.

“Before we meet Davy Jones, I have a need to travel upriver.”

“Very well,” Lucia declared, “We sail north!”

With Jack in the helm of the Pearl, the ship reached the shack of Tia Dalma. Taking a boat, Jack bound Will and he took him into a boat and rowed out to the shack. Following him in other boats were Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Cotton, and Lucia. Tia’s shack was completely surrounded by water with a ladder as the entrance. The shack was old and spooky looking, but it was more than it seemed. Jack knew that Tia would be able to give him the answers to his questions. If she couldn't’t, no one could. When Jack climbed up to the shack a strange, copper-skinned woman was in front of him. Her black hair was in heavy braids and she wore an unusual dress.

“Jack Sparrow,” she said admiringly in a heavy accent as she turned to Jack, revealing red and brown eyes.

“Tia Dalma, my darling,” Jack sighed.

“I always knew de wind would blow you back to me one day,” Tia Dalma said with pleasure.

Suddenly, Tia Dalma pointed at Will. “You,” she said, “You have a touch of destiny about you, William Turnah.”

Will’s brow wrinkled. “You know me?” he asked, perplexed.

Tia Dalma showed a smile of black teeth. “You wan’ ta know me?”

Jack stepped in without hesitation. “No knowing here!” he replied hastily, “We have come for your help, and we will not leave without it. I thought I knew you.”

“Not as well as I’d hoped,” Tia Dalma acknowledged as she led Jack and Will over to her table and continued to flirt with Will, “So, what service can I do you? You know I demand payment.”

“Brought payment,” Jack said brightly as he held up a cage that contained Jack, Barbossa’s mischievous monkey and shot it, “An undead monkey! Top that!”

“The payment is fair,” Lucia agreed as she let Jack out.

Will took out the cloth. “We need this key and we need to know what it goes to and how to find it.”

Tia Dalma studied the cloth. “You look to find de key to de chest of Davy Jones,” she said knowingly, “Tis what’s inside de chest is what you seek. Jack, the compass I gave you. It cannot lead you to dis?”

Jack said nothing, and Tia Dalma smiled.

“Jack Sparrow does not know what he wants,” she laughed, “Or do you, and loathe to claim it as your own?”

“Maybe,” Jack shrugged.

“Yes, but what is this chest, what’s inside, and how do we find it?” Will asked in a slightly hasty manner.

“Davy Jones, a great saila, until ‘e fell in love which that which vexes all men,” Tia Dalma said.

“What vexes all men?” Will asked.

Tia Dalma took his hand. “What indeed?” she said.

“The sea?” asked Gibbs.

“Sums?” wondered Pintel.

“The dichotomy of good and evil?” asked Ragetti.

“A woman,” answered Jack.

“Davy Jones was in love wit a woman as beautiful and untamable as de sea. He never stopped loving ‘er,” Tia Dalma explained.

“What exactly did he put in the chest?” Will wanted to know.

“De pain was not enough for him to die, so him cut out him heart and lock it away in a chest for all time. De key you seek he keep wit him at all times,” Tia Dalma continued.

“Well, then, that seems simple,” Jack declared with a smile, “All you have to do is board the Flying Dutchman, steal the key, and there you go back to Port Royal to marry Elizabeth. Savvy?”

“We have a need to find the Flying Dutchman before I steal anything,” Will replied.

Tia Dalma sat down, sprinkled crab legs over a map, and chanted “A touch of destiny!” After a moment, Tia Dalma looked up at Jack and Will. “You must find it on de sea,” Tia told them.

“Well, that’s helpful,” Will snorted.

“Well, thanks very much. Let’s go,” Jack said hastily.

“Wait. Led me see your hand,” Tia Dalma commanded.

Jack reluctantly showed Tia Dalma his hand with the black spot. Pintel, Ragetti, and Gibbs panicked, and Lucia remained stoic.

“De Dutchman will not be far behind,” Tia Dalma warned as she disappeared into a room.

After banging around in the room, Tia Dalma reappeared with a jar of dirt. “Davy Jones can’t step on land bud once every ten years. Land is where you are safe, Jack,” she said.

“Is the dirt going to help?” Jack asked dubiously.

“You don’t wan’ id, give id back,” Tia said simply.

“No!” Jack protested.

“Then it will help,” Tia Dalma told him.

Jack, excited with his new plan, headed out the door to the boat. However, Will stayed behind with Tia Dalma a little longer.

“Can I do anyting for you, William?” Tia Dalma asked, noticing Will lingering in her shack.

“I need your help, too,” Will sighed, “My friend is dying of consumption. Is there anything I can do to help her?”

“No, dere is nothing you can do, but dere is something I can do,” Tia Dalma said with a smile as she poured an unidentifiable liquid into a flask, “Give her dis potion. Id will keep her alive.”

“Will it cure her?” Will asked.

“Yes, id will cure her. Use caution. If she dies, de potion is ineffective.”

“Brilliant. I have a one in a million chance of saving my friend,” Will groaned in frustration.

“Your friend’s situation is not as hopeless as it seems,” Tia Dalma said consolingly.

“Thank you, Tia Dalma,” Will whispered with a small smile as he headed out to the boat.

As Will sat in the boat with Jack, his hope of finding and curing Guinevere rose as well as his hope of freeing Elizabeth. “Hold on, Guin. I’m coming, Elizabeth. Just hold on, love,” Will prayed.

Will, Jack, and the others rowed back to the ship. There, Lucia had Will bound to the mast next to Guinevere, who was now conscious.

“Enjoy your freedom while you can, Turner,” she warned, “It ends once we find the Dutchman.”

Will simply spat in Lucia’s face and Lucia grinned as she headed off. Guinevere gazed at Will and her heart sank. Seeing the man she loved as friend and lover in danger filled her with grief. She clearly saw the error of her ways.

“Will? Will, are did she hurt you?” she asked, concerned.

Will gazed at her and did not respond.

“Will you not speak to me?” Guinevere asked fruitlessly, “I know you won’t. I betrayed you. I deserve whatever punishment comes from what I’ve done. You were right. It’s all my fault. I should not have trusted Lucia. I know you do not trust me, but I will change that. Whatever price I must pay for you, it will be paid, I swear. I don’t need your forgiveness, Will. Rather, I just want you. I want you to trust me again, to love me as you loved me before. Whatever must be done to earn that all back will be done. I swear.”

As the sun was setting, the Pearl made way to find the Flying Dutchman. Lucia was keen on getting her revenge. Jack now knew that he was closer to getting the key to the chest. However, Guinevere was glum. She could not be happy until she fulfilled her debt to Will. She knew now that it was time to let go. Then she realized that, despite going through great lengths to win Will’s heart, she never truly loved him. Instead, she realized what she had been denying for so long: it was Jack that she loved. In her heart and her mind, it made sense. Jack was Juliet’s father, and Guinevere couldn't’t deny Juliet a family. Guinevere also knew that she loved Jack for so long and betrayed his trust. It was all clear to Guinevere that she had been a fool.

“Oh, God,” she sighed.

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Well I can understand her loving Jack. Personally I have always loved him as well.

Was a rather interesting image that of Jack rocking a baby to sleep, not at all as out of place as what I would have thought it to be.

Am very intrigued as to how this is all going to pull together..

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Originally Posted by KiwiGirl View Post
Well I can understand her loving Jack. Personally I have always loved him as well.

Was a rather interesting image that of Jack rocking a baby to sleep, not at all as out of place as what I would have thought it to be.

Am very intrigued as to how this is all going to pull together..

Jack's not that hard to love. She had to love Jack. Who doesn't?

As for Jack and Juliet, I like to see Jack's soft side and see him taking care of someone.

As to how it works out...wait and see!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 10: Davy Jones

By sunset, Jack was preparing to meet the Flying Dutchman. Although she was on Jack’s side for the moment, Lucia couldn’t help growing more and more impatient.

“Why must we wait? Let’s just send them to their doom and be done with it!” she said pertly.

“There is an opportune moment for everything, darling, and that comes at nightfall,” Jack told her.

Lucia calmed down and was comforted by Jack’s words. She decided to take the air on the main deck. It was there that she saw Guinevere staring at her.

“What on Earth are you staring at?” Lucia asked gruffly.

“Your thickhead,” Guinevere replied curtly, “I’d like to break a bottle over it to see if it would knock some sense into you.”

“You may find that difficult while you’re on the Flying Dutchman.,” Lucia said icily, “Know that if it wasn’t for Jack, you and your precious William would already be dead.”

“When does it end Lucia? After you’ve satisfied your taste for revenge?” Guinevere asked pointedly.

“Precisely,” Lucia replied wisely.

“You’re wrong. It will never end. Revenge will only destroy you. Your father was a treacherous man, but a man of his word. You are his daughter, and his blood runs in your veins. He would not want his daughter to be a killer. Do you know why he died, Lucia? He died because he would rather die than live as a cursed man. He would rather die than see you curse yourself, Lucia. You are my friend, and you always will be. You have a good heart, Lucia,” Guinevere explained sincerely.

“Are you certain of that, my friend?” Lucia mocked.

“I do not doubt you. You are a good woman, Lucia. There will be a moment when you will show your worth. You will remember that someday,” Guinevere replied wholeheartedly.

Lucia hesitated a moment. Her friend’s words worked through her mind like a water mill. Finally, she shook her head. “But that day is not here yet,” she declared as she stormed off.

That night, it was time for Jack to uphold his bargain. The night came with a downpour and lightening as Will and Guinevere were released from the mast. As Will leaned on the rail of the Pearl and shivered in the freezing rain, Jack came to his side. “Always wished someone would have that look when they think of me,” he quipped.

“Well, I think you’ll have to wait a little longer. I wasn’t thinking about you. But I never got to thank you for saving my life,” Will told him gravely.

“No problem, mate. Tell me, Will, why do you look as if there’s no more rum left?” Jack asked.

“I thought I would be a godfather and a husband by now,” Will replied with much hurt.

“A godfather?” Jack asked in surprise, “To whom?”

“Your daughter. Juliet,” Will said flatly.

“And the godmother could only be your bonny lass, Lizzie, savvy?” Jack assumed.

“May I ask you something, Jack? Why did you leave Guin?” Will wanted to know.

Jack paused a moment. “My first and only love is the sea,” he explained, “But I love women. Why can’t a man have both the sea and women in his life? Guinevere came along and she turned out to be quite a lass. But alas, we were not to be.”

“So you give her a baby and that’s it? Just like that? Just a few kisses here and there, and then a baby, and then you’re gone?” Will asked in frustration.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Jack answered carelessly.

“How can you be such a scoundrel?” Will asked with much exasperation.

“Pirate,” Jack shrugged as if it answered the question.

“Guin cared for you. She went against what others have said about you, and she endured pain for you. You showed her what a worthless man you are. She loved you. You’ll find that out someday and when you do, you’ll never forgive yourself. Savvy?” Will told him gravely.

Jack said nothing. Suddenly, Gibbs approached him. “Cap’n, we’ve spotted a ship,” he announced.

Jack and Will looked out and found a wrecked ship in the water.

Will was disappointed at the sight of the ship. “Is that the Flying Dutchman?” he asked in sheer shock, “She doesn’t look like much.”

“Neither do you. So what do you plan to do now?” Jack asked with enthusiasm.

“Guin and I climb aboard and find your bloody key,” Will told him, “After that, you and I will return to Port Royal.”

“Short and sweet. I like it,” Jack replied.

A boat was lowered so that Will and Guinevere could make their way out to the ship. As they climbed into the boat, Jack called out to him one last time. “If you are captured, tell them you were sent by Captain Jack Sparrow. Good luck,” he said with a smile.

The ships lights were blown out, and the Endeavor was hidden against the darkness of the night’s storm. With a lantern in hand, Will rowed up to the ship and searched the wreckage. He found a sailor hurriedly, almost frantically, hauling the rigging.

“Sailor, sailor, you’ve run aground. You’re ship is in danger,” Will told the man.

The man, who spoke no English, only said pointed out to sea and said with obvious dread, “Dutchman.”

“Dutchman” was all Will and Guinevere needed to know that this ship wasn’t the Flying Dutchman, but if this wasn’t the ship, then where was it? Suddenly, a group of deformed men attacked! Will and Guinevere slashed at them, expertly holding them off. Quickly, Will dipped his sword in whale oil and broke his lantern, setting the sword ablaze. The men backed away from Will. Just when Will was about to win the battle, he was knocked out from behind. For a moment, the men inspected Will. Then, they took his sword and tied his hands behind his back with Guinevere following suit,

When Will awoke, he was shivering, scared stiff, and forced to his knees beside Guinevere. Both of them knew exactly where they were. They were on board the Flying Dutchman along with a few other sailors hapless enough to encounter the vessel. Then, Davy Jones, the monstrous, tentacled captain of the vessel, approached them all. He requested that one man join his crew. When one didn’t, he stabbed him and tossed him overboard. When he approached Will and Guinevere, he frowned. “You are neither dead, nor dying. How is it you came by my ship?” Davy asked.

Will and Guinevere knew in that moment that they had been set up. He knew he didn’t want to, but reluctantly, Will answered, struggling with his trembling to speak. “Jack Sparrow sent us to settle his debt,” he said softer than a whisper.

“What?” Jones demanded.

“Jack Sparrow sent me,” Will said again in a louder voice.

“Did he now?” Davy told Will.

While Jack watched Will and Guinevere from a spyglass, Davy Jones appeared right before his eyes.

“You owe me your soul, and it’s time to pay up,” he told Jack.

“I noticed. I’ve come to negotiate,” Jack replied.

“We have negotiated! You’ve been Captain of the Black Pearl for thirteen years. Deal’s over,” Davy said crossly.

“Well, you must know that I was only captain for two years,” Jack said.

“But captain none the less!” Davy Jones argued, “Haven’t you always boasted yourself as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow?’ One soul to serve aboard the Dutchman for one hundred years. That was our payment.”

“Well, you have my payment there,” Jack said, pointing to Will.

“One soul is not the same as another!” Davy Jones corrected.

“Just how many souls do you think my soul is worth?” Jack asked.

“One hundred souls in three days,” Davy told him.

“Well then, give me the boy and the lass and I’ll get started,” Jack said.

“I keep the boy and the lass. Ninety-eight souls,” Davy replied.

“Well, then, have you not met Will Turner? Beautiful singer. Did I mention he was betrothed and due to be married? It wouldn’t be so cruel to separate them as opposed to having them in wedded bliss. Oh, and there is one more.”

Lucia appeared with a knife to Rose’s throat. “She’s no use to me,” she said uncaringly.

“I take the boy and the lasses. Ninety-seven souls in three days. But I wonder about you, Sparrow. Can you condemn a man to a fate worse than death while you roam free? Can you condemn a lover, too?” Davy asked suspiciously.

“Yep, I’m good with it,” Jack replied with a smile.

Davy shook Jack’s hand and Jack’s spot disappeared. “Put the boy to work!” Jones commanded as he disappeared back on to his ship.

As soon as Davy Jones returned to his ship with no sign of Jack and Rose in Jones’s clutches, Will was beyond furious. “JACK!” he roared.

Jones’s first mate cut Will’s bonds, and pushed him forward. “Shut your trap, and get to work, you weevil!” he snarled.

Guinevere and Rose were manhandled the same way as she was put to work.

In the mean time, Jack raced aboard the Black Pearl eager to pay his debt with ninety-seven souls left. Lucia set the bearings and Jack would soon be off to the infamous island of Tortuga to find a crew. Later that night, Davy retired to his quarters and played a pipe organ. Will, Guinevere, Rose, and the rest of the men were busily hauling a line. Suddenly, a crewmember called out for Mister Turner to tie down a line. Will and another man raced to fix the line. Both of them argued. “What do you think your doing? Get back before the Captain finds out!” the man said.

“He called for Mister Turner!” Will shouted.

“I am Mister Turner,” the man told him.

“I am Mister Turner,” Will replied.

The man stopped and froze. He looked at Will in disbelief, and the line slipped from his hands, sending Will crashing to the deck. The crewmembers heard the ruckus and found Will on the deck.

“Perhaps a taste of the cat will remind you to stay on task,” the Bo’ sun snickered.

The Bo’ sun decided to flog Will for the disturbance he had caused. Two men shoved Will against the mast and tied his hands. Will prepared for the worst, but before the Bo’ sun could strike the man stopped him. “Wait!” he said, “I’m responsible for all this. I will take all of this man’s punishment.”

“And what would provoke such an act of charity?” asked Davy Jones who appeared on deck.

The man hesitated a moment. “He’s …my son. That boy is my son,” he confessed.

Will turned and looked at the man in shock-horror. “Father?” he asked in incredulity to find that this man was Bootstrap Bill Turner, his long-lost father. Rose and Guinevere, who had watched this ordeal play out, were flabbergasted.

“Very well,” Davy agreed as he handed Bootstrap the cat o’ nine tails, “Five lashes and then lock him up.”

Bootstrap was horrified. He wouldn’t dare harm his own child. “No!” he cried.

“Very well, make it ten lashes,” Davy commanded.

“No, please!”

“Do you want to make that fifteen lashes? I suggest you do your duty!”

“I can’t!”

“Bo ‘sun!”


Before the Bo’ sun could take the cat o’ nine tails, Bootstrap complied. Will winced as his shirt was shredded from his body.
Davy gave the order for his men to get back to work. The Bo ‘sun cut the ropes at Will’s wrists, and Will fell. Two other crewmembers dragged Will to his feet and tossed him down the steps with Guinevere and Rose following behind.

“William!” Bootstrap gasped, rushing to Will’s side.

Bootstrap tried to help the bloodied Will to his feet, but Will angrily pushed him away. “I don’t need any help from you!” he said in fury.

“You must understand, Will. The Bo’ sun takes pride with every lash,” Bootstrap explained.

“Am I supposed to believe that was an act of compassion?” Will asked, exasperated.

“Yes,” whispered Bootstrap, “I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Will realized that his father had saved him from a terrible fate and his heart forgave him for what he had done.

Rose stepped forward and introduced herself to Bootstrap. “Now that you two are reacquainted, I should introduce myself,” she declared primly, “I am Rose Miller, and this is Guinevere, or Guin Parris.”

Just then, Guinevere exploded into another fit. This time it was worse, much worse. Unable to speak or breathe, Guinevere keeled over and landed unconscious in Will’s arms!

Will was frantic. “Guin? Guin? Come on, wake up. Wake up, love,” he pleaded futilely.

Guinevere lay still in Will’s arms. Will began to fear the worst.

“Set her down,” Rose commanded.

Will set Guinevere down and Rose put her ear on her friend’s chest and by her nose. To her and Will’s relief, Guinevere’s heart was beating slowly, but steadily, and she was still breathing.

“My God,” Will gasped, recovering from his shock.

Rose turned Guinevere onto her stomach and inspected the lash marks that Guinevere had received from Lucia. They looked rotted and disgusting.

“Give me some water,” Rose said calmly as she took out a rag, “These cuts will become infected soon. I must treat them. I must treat you too, Will.”

Bootstrap quickly fetched a bucket of water and Lucia was at her work in a flash. First, she tended to Guinevere and then Will. Guinevere was unable to feel the sting as she was unconscious; Will was a different story.

“Ow! Ouch!” he cried.

“If you stopped squirming, this wouldn’t hurt as much, you know,” Rose said sternly, “Goodness, you’re worse than trying to feed Juliet!”

Will stopped squirming at the mention of Juliet. “Oh, God!” he sighed, “Jack still has Juliet with him!”

“Juliet?” Bootstrap asked.

“She’s Guin’s daughter, and she will be my goddaughter soon,” Will explained, “Anyway, Jack still has her.”

“Well, there’s noting we can do about that now,” Rose said calmly, “Besides, she’s safe.”

“Safe? You call leaving that baby alone with Jack safe?!” Will demanded.

“Jack will look after her,” Rose reassured him.

“It’s not just that. He doesn’t know how to take care of her. He doesn’t know anything about babies besides making them. Besides, he’s got Jones after him. And, what if Juliet is hungry? Jack might just give her rum instead of milk!” Will said in frustration.

“Will, you’re overreacting,” Rose told him, “If Jack can take care and safe himself, he should have no problem when it comes to an infant.”

“Aye, that’s true,” Bootstrap agreed.

“All right,” Will sighed, “Father, could you give Rose and I some privacy?”

“Aye,” Bootstrap said as he ambled off.

Will then turned his thoughts on Guinevere. She looked worse than she had before. Will swallowed hard.

“How long do you think she has?” Will wanted to know.

“I don’t know. Guinevere is strong, but she has lost faith after what she did to you. Being on this ship, I think she only has two days,” Rose said gravely.

“Not if I can help it,” Will said, fingering the bottle Tia Dalma gave him.

“What are you talking about?” Rose asked in confusion.

“I have a potion. It will cure her. I must give it to her before she dies,” Will explained.

“However did you find that?” Rose wanted to know.

“Let’s just say it was destiny,” Will said slyly, “Give her this potion.”

Will handed Tia Dalma’s potion to Rose. Rose took Guinevere in her arms and gave her some of the potion. Much to her dismay, Guinevere choked and spat the potion out.

“Well, most of it went down,” Rose sighed.

“She has to drink the whole potion. She must,” Will told her, “Let me try.”

Will cradled Guinevere in his arms and spoke to her. “Guin, it’s Will, Sweetheart. Can you hear me? I’m here,” Will whispered in Guinevere’s ear.

“Will…Jack,” Guinevere moaned in a whisper Will could barely hear.

“Guin, I need you to take this medicine. It will help you get well again,” Will told her.

Will gave poured the potion into Guinevere’s mouth. This time, Guinevere did not choke.

“Good. Now swallow it,” Will whispered gently.

Slowly, Guinevere swallowed the potion.

“Very good, Guin. Drink a little more for me,” Will told her.

Guinevere drank the potion until the last drop.

“Good, Guin. Excellent,” Will whispered, kissing Guinevere’s head.

Rose looked at him with a faint smile. “Well, I guess I will have to try that technique next time with my patients,” she said.

“Why is it she never told me about Lucia, her disease, or Jack?” Will asked.

“Why is it you ask questions in which you already know the answer?” Rose asked sharply.

Will sighed. He did know the answer to his question. He knew all along. “I do know,” he said sadly.

“I knew you were a smart boy, Will,” Rose said bitterly.

“There’s something else I don’t understand: she’s not waking up!”

Rose listened to Guinevere’s breathing.

“Her breathing hasn’t changed. Who gave you this potion?”

“Her name was Tia Dalma. She’s an old friend of Jack’s.”

“Probably the right explanation.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Can you not think, Will? I doubt that Davy beat you senseless! Who caused you to be in this position? Jack. Who is the reason your wedding was ruined? Jack. Who is responsible for this whole mess? Jack.”

“Don’t forget, Cutler Beckett was the one who had Elizabeth and I arrested.”

“So you’re right. But if it wasn’t for Jack, you’d be married by now. Who left you at the mercy of Captain Hector Barbossa? Jack. Who told you to get that potion from Tia Dalma? -”

“I did.”

“Come again?”

“Jack took me to Tia Dalma to save my life as well as for other reasons. It was I who trusted Tia.”

“Have you lost your senses? How do you know that you could trust that woman? You didn’t.”

“I trusted Jack’s word. That was all I needed. Tia Dalma can be trusted, I promise you.”

“You can’t prove it! Jack Sparrow is a traitor and a liar. You fool! You trusted him and some witch with Guinevere’s life. Now because of your lack of judgment, Guinevere will die!”

“She will not. I have faith in Jack.”

“You had better be right. If Guinevere dies, I will send you to the Locker myself.”

Irately, Rose turned away from Will.

“Rose,” Will coaxed.

Rose simply smacked him across the face and turned away.

In that moment, Will began to doubt his trust in Jack. He knew that Jack was the reason he was aboard the Dutchman, and he betrayed him before. Will began fret about Guinevere. He knew that he had to act quickly, or Guinevere would not survive aboard the Flying Dutchman. He did not know what to do, though. Will knew that the potion Tia Dalma gave him would keep Guinevere alive as well as cure her. Will feared that the potion was not going to help, as Guinevere was only moments away from her death.

What if Rose was right? Will contemplated this with shivers running down his spine. As he held Guinevere in his arms, Will knew that he had to escape from the Dutchman. If he could escape, that could be Guinevere’s only chance for survival.

That night, Elizabeth crept into Lord Beckett’s office. Beckett had been aware of her presence as she entered the room. The Letters of Marque were missing, and he knew of only one person that would want them.

“I’m afraid loyalty is no longer the currency of the realm as your father believes,” he said.

“What is?” Elizabeth asked as she entered.

“Currency is the currency of the realm,” Beckett replied.

“Perhaps we can come to some kind of understanding, then. I am here to negotiate,” Elizabeth told him in a sinister tone.

“I am listening, Miss Swann,” Beckett answered.

Suddenly, Elizabeth pointed a pistol at Beckett’s head.

“I am listening intently,” Beckett said with a slight hesitation, “What might I do for you?”

Elizabeth held up a leather book. The book contained the Letters of Marque, signed by the King of England. The letters would pardon any pirate in the time of war.

“The Letters of Marque, they are signed by the King, no?” Elizabeth asked.

“Indeed they are,” Beckett answered.

“And they do grant a pardon to any pirate?” Elizabeth wanted to know.

“Yes, but they are useless unless they bear my signature with my seal of approval,” Beckett replied.

Elizabeth put her finger on the trigger. “Otherwise, I would not still be here. Sign them,” she commanded.

“I beg your pardon?” Beckett asked.

“You have denied me my wedding, threatened Miss Parris, manipulated us all, and you have sent my love out to danger. Sign the pardon, or I swear on my future husband’s name that I will blast you!” Elizabeth growled.

Reluctantly, Beckett signed the pardon and marked them with his seal. He knew that he had lost his bargaining chip. Still, Beckett wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“You seem desperate to save Captain Sparrow’s life again, Miss Swann,” he said smoothly.

“Do not make me kill you! These are not for Captain Sparrow,” Elizabeth snapped.

“Oh really? Mr. Turner, then?” Beckett said knowingly, “Although you have these letters, I will not stop until I have that compass. Remember that if you want to protect your said fiancé.”

Elizabeth snatched the book. “And you can remember that I will not stop until you are brought to justice,” she snarled.

“Anything else I may do for you?” Beckett asked.

“Tell me what you have sent my fiancé after,” Elizabeth demanded.

“You know that I have sent him after Jack Sparrow. But that is because Jack Sparrow has something that I want. A compass. You know of it, do you not?” Beckett explained.

“Jack’s compass only points to the Isla de Muerta. It will do you no good. I have been to the Isle de Muerta and the gold you desire-” Elizabeth told him.

“Gold? Who said I wanted gold? What Jack Sparrow’s compass leads to is a chest. And this chest is not located in Isla de Muerta,” Beckett interrupted.

Furious, Elizabeth headed out of Beckett’s office with the pardon in hand. Now Elizabeth knew that Will’s situation could be more precarious. Elizabeth knew she had to find him and Jack. Elizabeth knew exactly where to look for Jack Sparrow: the island of Tortuga. Elizabeth spied the trader ship The Edinburgh and quickly slipped on board, unnoticed by the men. If there was anything Elizabeth learned from Jack, it was cunning. As she eased aboard the ship in disguise as a young man, Elizabeth had a few tricks up her sleeves.

“Hold on, Will,” Elizabeth prayed, “I’m coming.”

A/N: Wasn't sure if Will's lashing scene was worthy of spoiler tags, but I added them anyway, just to be sure. Enjoy!

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Have a lot of reading to do- have been away Guin, is why I haven't been up to speed ! Loving these chapter banners, they really do make the thing look pretty!

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Originally Posted by nuit View Post
Have a lot of reading to do- have been away Guin, is why I haven't been up to speed ! Loving these chapter banners, they really do make the thing look pretty!
Thanks, nuit!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 11: A Heading

On board the Edinburgh Elizabeth was unnoticed and unsuspected by the crew. Elizabeth smiled to herself at her luck. Now, all she had to do was put her plan in further motion, and she knew just how to do it. One day, the crew was at their duties when suddenly, one of them found Elizabeth’s wedding dress.

“It’s a pretty thing,” said a sailor.

“Well, you know what this means. There’s a stowaway on board. Find the lass and bring her to me,” commanded the captain, “Oh and I imagine the lass is probably naked.”

With enthusiasm, the crew went about finding the naked girl. In order to avoid suspicion, Elizabeth joined in the search party. By nightfall, there was no trace of the girl. This is how Elizabeth planned it. Sailors are very superstitious and the crew of the Edinburgh began to suspect they had the cursed spirit of a woman aboard their ship. A woman widowed before her wedding, searching for her husband lost at sea.

The captain had just received news of tariffs placed by the East India Trading Company and was completely irritated. “Good God! Are we all to work for the East India Trading Company?” he asked.

“I’m afraid, Sir, that…Tortuga is the only free port left,” one sailor stammered.

“A pirate port? Well, I’m sorry, but an honest sailor’s what I am and-” the captain continued angrily.

Suddenly, Elizabeth’s wedding dress flew passed the Captain’s window. The captain turned and saw the dress float by. In horror and curiosity, the crew raced on deck and faced the dress.

“She’s giving us a sign!” said one crewmember as Elizabeth’s dress leaned out toward the East. The crew could not conclude the “spirit’s” message and so Elizabeth motioned for them to look on the deck.

“What’s that there?” she asked, perfectly imitating a young lad’s voice.

The crew looked down and saw flames that read one word: TORTUGA

“Make way to Tortuga!” shouted the captain.

“Hold on, Will,” Elizabeth whispered with a smile.

Meanwhile, the next morning, Jack and Lucia had reached Tortuga and began to recruit sailors to repay his debt. As Jack predicted, Tortuga was the perfect place to find ninety-seven souls. Most of the men were old and had nothing better to do with their lives. Some were eager to be sailors. With every sign, Jack would smile and say, “Welcome aboard!”

After a few hours, Jack was eager to her the results. “How’s it coming?” he asked Lucia and Gibbs, who sat at a desk with a quill and a paper with the names of Jack’s crew.

“Along with those four,” Gibbs said, “That makes-”

“Four,” Lucia interrupted.

Jack frowned, but then shrugged. “Keep working, mates,” he said nonchalantly.

Suddenly, a familiar man approached the desk.

“What’s your story, sailor?” Lucia asked.

“My story…is the same as yours, just one chapter short. I have had my life stolen from me. I hunted a man so passionately that it cost me my career and my crew,” the sailor said.

Lucia Barbossa and Gibbs immediately recognized the filthy, forlorn sailor. “Commodore Norrington?” Gibbs gasped.

“Ex-commodore,” snapped Norrington “Did you not here me?”

“I could barely tell by your looks. You look terrible,” Lucia said with slight remorse.

“And I can tell by your looks that you might be familiar to me,” Norrington said, “Tell me, who are you?”

Looking back at Jack, Lucia knew she had to have a good story and fast. “Lucia…Sparrow,” she answered, “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow’s sister.”

Norrington’s eyes lit on fire at the mention of Jack.

“Jack Sparrow?!” he asked, the rage in his eyes.

“Take it you’re acquainted,” Lucia said sheepishly, “And it’s Captain Jack Sparrow.”

“If it were not for him, I would still have my life,” Norrington said, growing angrier and angrier, “I nearly had you all had it not been for that hurricane.”

Lucia gaped. “Lord!” she gasped.

“You didn’t try to sail through it, did ye?” Gibbs asked.

“Do I make your crew or what?” Norrington demanded.

Lucia hesitated.

“You haven’t mentioned where you’re going,” Norrington said pointedly, “SOMEWHERE NICE?”

Norrington tossed over the table, and Lucia fell. Gibbs froze where he was.

Jack, who had been sitting in the corner trying to figure out what he wanted most, heard the conversation and knew this wasn’t good. He knew Norrington would kill him as soon as he saw him. Jack sat up and tried to hide behind a plant to avoid Norrington.

“Tell me; am I not worthy to serve under Captain Jack Sparrow?” Norrington asked in his drunkenness as he pointed his pistol at Jack, “Or should I just kill you know?”

Jack tried to hide behind a post, but it did no good.

Jack simply smiled. “Welcome aboard!” he said timidly.

“Sorry, old habits and all,” Norrington jeered.

Norrington fired, and thanks to his drunkenness, struck a chandelier and not Jack. The fire had sparked a massive bar fight. Lucia, Gibbs, and Jack began to fight their way out of the chaos. Suddenly, Elizabeth appeared and fought, too. Then, she knocked Norrington out with a bottle.

“Just wanted the pleasure of doing that myself!” she told the residents of the bar.

The drunken men picked up Norrington and tossed him out to the pigs.

Elizabeth came to his side. “Norrington,” she sighed, “What has this world done to you?”

Suddenly, Elizabeth spotted Jack. She knew Will and Guinevere were after him. Perhaps he could give her some answers. With a wobbly-legged Norrington behind her, Elizabeth was quick to catch up with Jack.

“Captain Sparrow,” she called.

“Welcome aboard!” Jack said, not looking at Elizabeth.

“I come to find the man I love,” Elizabeth said.

Jack froze. “Son, I’m flattered, but my first and only love is the sea,” Jack said in confusion.

“And my first and only love is William Turner, Captain Sparrow,” Elizabeth replied.

Jack turned around. “Elizabeth?” he gasped as he turned to Lucia, “Hide the rum. Elizabeth, that’s a superb disguise but it should be a dress or no dress. I have no dress in my cabin.”

“Jack,” Elizabeth interrupted, “I know Will and Guinevere have come to find you. Where are they?”

“I’m deeply sorry to inform you that in a tragic turn of events having nothing to do with us, young Guinevere and William have been forced into Davy Jones’s crew,” Jack lied.

“Davy Jones?” Elizabeth asked in disbelief.

“Aye, Davy Jones,” replied Jack.

“Who is she?” Elizabeth demanded as she stared at Lucia.

“Who?” Jack asked, trying to avoid the question.

“The lady standing behind you,” Elizabeth replied.

“Oh, her? Well, she’s um…uh…” Jack stammered.

“Lucia Sparrow,” Lucia broke in as she bowed, “I’m Jack’s sister. I’ve joined his crew.”

“Of course she has,” Jack declared.

Elizabeth looked at Jack suspiciously. “Your sister? Are you telling the truth?” she asked.

“Every word, love,” Jack replied.

“Brilliant. Just how do I save Will now?” Elizabeth groaned.

“Well, there is the chest of Davy Jones. The one who possesses the chest can command Davy Jones to do whatever he or she wants,” Jack explained, “Example, sparing poor Will and Guinevere from a fate far worse than death. Savvy?”

“What’s your heading?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, I have just discovered that. This compass is unique,” Jack said holding up his compass.

“Unique meaning broken,” Norrington said lamely.

“Who invited you?” Jack demanded.

“You hired me. I can’t help it if your standards are lax,” Norrington retorted.

“You smell funny,” Jack argued.

“Jack!” Elizabeth interrupted, “If the compass does work, were does it point?”

“This compass does not point north, indeed. It points to whatever you want most. What is it you want, Elizabeth?”

“All I want is to find Will,” Elizabeth said.

“To find the chest of Davy Jones,” Jack corrected.

Jack placed the compass in Elizabeth’s hand and watched. Instantly, the needle pointed west.

“Lucia, we have our heading!” Jack said with a smile.

In a flash, Elizabeth and Lucia raced onto the Black Pearl. Jack turned to a hung over Norrington.

I’ll show him how lax my standards are, he thought with a wicked grin.

Jack and Norrington boarded the Black Pearl and made way to pursue the chest of Davy Jones.

Meanwhile, back in Port Royal, Governor Swann was taken before Beckett in chains.

“I assure you, these are not necessary,” he begged, holding out his bound hands.

“I had you brought here because I thought you’d like to hear the whereabouts of your daughter,” Beckett told him.

“You have news of her?” Swann asked anxiously.

Beckett pulled out the beautiful sword that Will had made for Norrington ages ago. “She was seen in Tortuga in the company of Captain Sparrow and other fugitives from justice, including the former owner of this sword,” Beckett informed him.

“Justice? Hardly,” Swann spat.

“My ships are in pursuit,” Beckett said, “Justice will be dispensed by cannonade and cutlass and all other remorseless scraps of metal. One can only imagine the dangers for those aboard.”

Swann bowed his head. He dared not risk Elizabeth’s life. “What do you want from me? he asked reluctantly.

“Your authority as governor, your influence in London, and loyalty to the East India Trading Company,” Beckett replied.

“To you, you mean,” Swann corrected.

Beckett sneered. “Shall I remove these shackles?” he asked.

“Do what you can for my daughter,” Swann said.

Beckett smiled his unctuous smirk. “So you see, Copper, every man has a price he will willingly accept. Even for what he hopes never to sell

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Ah the scene on the dutchman - the one that had gasps ringing from the female members of the audience as they ripped his shirt...thanks for putting that spoiler there..

So things get more confused and more murky. I am hoping that Guin's words stay with Lucia and that she recalls them when it is most important.

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Murky like a muddy stream. As for Lucia, you'll just have to wait and see.
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Caught up here. Interesting weave of your story in with the movies! And the tension is building. I'm curious to see where you take this now.

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Originally Posted by Lassalanta View Post
Caught up here. Interesting weave of your story in with the movies! And the tension is building. I'm curious to see where you take this now.

Wait and see!
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Caught up now too, lots of familiar threads and dialogue, mixed up with your own character, will be good to see how much she makes an impact!
Great banner too!

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Originally Posted by nuit View Post
Caught up now too, lots of familiar threads and dialogue, mixed up with your own character, will be good to see how much she makes an impact!
Great banner too!
Thank you!

If you like this, just wait till you read Chapter 12!
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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 12: Escape

Meanwhile, Will was desperately trying to escape from the Flying Dutchman. After two failed escape attempts, Rose was brought from the brig to watch Will as he was flogged.

Will’s heart ached to hear Rose wail as she did. “STOP IT! LET HIM GO!” she bellowed as her cries fell on deaf ears.

Furious, Rose stomped on the foot of her captor and raced to save Will. However, her captor recovered from the blow quickly he immediately tore Rose’s shirt and forced her over a gun.

“Five lashes for attacking a crew member and impeding on duties!” he declaimed.

“Leave her alone, you knave!” Will screamed in fury.

Will was ignored, and the punishment continued.

Once the whipping was over,
Despite his suffering, Will remained determined to escape. He knew that Guinevere was growing weaker every minute. If he couldn't’t get that key from the Dutchman, he and Elizabeth would never get married.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” he said to himself.

After one week, Davy had Will released from the boom. Will’s legs were as wobbly as a ship at sea. Davy’s crew snickered as Will crawled away from them.

“On with you now, you worthless weevil!” the Bo ‘sun shouted, kicking Will in the buttocks.

Turning back to the Bo ‘sun, Will spat with all the rage he could muster. In response, Rose was seized by the Bo’ sun with a sword at her throat.

“Watch your temper, boy,” the Bo’ sun warned icily, “It is going to get you into trouble.”

Will snarled his eyes furious.

“Maccus!” the Bo ‘sun shouted, “Next time Mr. Turner Jr. loses his temper, kill the wench, and make it slow.”

“What about the other beauty in the brig?” the first mate asked.

“He can watch her die,” the Bo ‘sun declared.

“Aye!” the first mate said.

The Bo ‘sun turned back to Will. “Be careful, Mr. Turner. It would be a tragedy to lose such a beauty,” he warned.

The Bo’ sun took a handful of Rose’s golden waves and took in the sweet fragrance. Disgusted, Rose elbowed him. In retaliation, the Bo’ sun threw her back to the deck.

Will crawled to Rose’s side. “Rose, are you all right?” he asked worriedly.

Rose smacked Will on the side of his head in response.

“Ow!” Will cried, “Blimey, what was that for?”

“You tried to escape again, didn’t you?” she asked in irritation, “You bloody idiot! You could’ve gotten yourself killed!”

“Where’s your gratitude? I was trying to save our lives,” Will groaned as he fruitlessly tried to stand on his poor legs.

“And I thank you for your courage, but you cannot have bravery without a brain. You listen to me, you live longer,” Rose told him as she tossed Will’s coat over his barely dressed body.

“Thanks for that enlightenment,” Will said as he tried to stand once more.

After falling again, Will became frustrated. “Blimey, I can’t feel my legs!” he gasped.

“Come on, lean on me,” Rose commanded.

Taking Will’s arm on her shoulder, Rose helped Will to his feet, but as she did, she was taken back to the brig. After a few hours and rather clumsy stumbles, Will had enough feeling in his legs to walk without a guide. Bootstrap knew what Will was trying to do and decided to help him. When Will asked why, Bootstrap explained. “On this ship, you may live, but you lose who you are until you become like old Wyvern,” he said, pointing to a carving in the wall.

Will jumped, as the carving was actually a man!

“This is what happens when you swear an oath to Davy Jones,” Bootstrap explained.

“I have sworn no oath,” Will said simply.

“Will, you have to get away,” Bootstrap told his son.

“Not until I find this,” Will said, holding the picture of the key.

“The key to the Dead Man’s Chest!” Wyvern gasped in an awed voice, “Open the chest and stab the heart. No, no. Don’t stab the heart. The ship needs a living heart.”

“You know of this?” Will asked.

“I have said too much!” Wyvern gasped, drawing back.

Will knew the key was close. Later, Will and his father watched the crew playing a game of Liar’s Dice. Bootstrap explained to Will that the players would bid on years of service, and that if the player was called a liar, he would be bound to however many years he wagered.

Will got the picture. “It’s all a game of deception and any crew member can be challenged,” he said, “I challenge Davy Jones!”

Bootstrap was horrified. Will sat down at a table as Davy Jones approached him.

“What do we play for?” he asked.

Will took out the cloth. “If I win, I take this,” he declared.

Davy took the key out from under his tentacle beard and showed it to Will. Then, he hid it again.

“And if you lose?” Davy inquired.

“Then you have one soul to serve for eternity,” Will snarled.

Bootstrap couldn't’t believe what he was hearing! Will and Davy began their game. Will slammed his cup on the table. “Three-fives,” he wagered.

“Three-fours,” Davy said.

Suddenly, a third cup slammed down. Bootstrap had entered the game!

“No! Don’t!” Will begged.

“I match the boy’s bid,” Bootstrap wagered, “Your bid, Captain.”

“Four-fives,” Davy whispered.

“Eight-fives,” Will declared.

“Welcome aboard, lad,” Davy Jones snickered to Will, knowing he had lost.

“Twelve-fives!” Bootstrap declared, “Call me a liar, or up the bid.”

Davy Jones knew that Bootstrap was bluffing. “Bootstrap Bill, you are a liar and a part of this ship. Will Turner, feel free to go ashore -the next time we make port!” he growled.

Bootstrap was stunned. “What have you done?” he gasped.

“Don’t you see? This game wasn’t about winning or losing,” Will told him.

Bootstrap got the idea. “You wanted to find the key.”

“Yes, and now I know where it is, I will take it. My fianceeée, Elizabeth, is waiting for me. If I can get the key, it will save her life.”

“I knew you’d take after me!”

“Guin has consumption. If I can get her out of here, she has a better chance for survival.”

“Wait until nightfall. I will meet you on deck.”

That night, as everyone slept, Will met his father on the deck and received the keys to the brig. Once he received the signal from Bootstrap, Will proceeded into Davy Jones’s quarters. Jones had fallen asleep at his organ. Reaching past Davy’s slimy tentacle beard, Will found the key. Suddenly, a tentacle grabbed his hand and slid on the organ!

Will breathed a sigh of relief that Davy did not wake. Quickly, Will took a quill; the tentacle took the quill, and Will successfully took the key. Quietly, Will slipped below and found Rose asleep with Guinevere.

Will slipped his hand over her mouth, and Rose jumped awake.

“Come on,” Will beckoned as he unlocked the cell.

Guinevere slumped in Rose’s arms.

“Can you carry her?” Will asked in a whisper.

“Of course I can. She can’t possibly weigh any more than one hundred pounds, and you look light as a feather yourself,” Rose pointed out, noticing Will’s weight loss.

Will found his father waiting for him on the main deck and Bootstrap returned Will’s sword and baldric.

“Will, you must go quickly,” Bootstrap said urgently.

Rose immediately headed for the boats, but Will lingered.

“Will, come on! You heard your father!” she called.

Will could not bring himself to go. He had only just reunited with his father, and his heart burned him to leave Bootstrap behind.

“Come with us,” Will pleaded, the pain in his eyes.

“No. I am a part of the ship,” Bootstrap said with much anguish.

“They will know you helped us,” Will declared.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! What else can they do to me?” Bootstrap said lightheartedly as he pulled out a knife, “Take this with you. I didn’t think your mother would have agreed with me giving you this, but I always wanted you to have it. Listen to me, William; I don’t regret trading in my life for yours. The only thing I regret is abandoning you again. I didn’t realize it when I left you and your mother to go pirating. Besides, I believe I was destined to die at sea. You owe me nothing, Will.”

Will was infused with a new determination. “You didn’t have to choose this fate for yourself, either. I will set you free from this fate and this blade will pierce Jones’s heart. I will not abandon you. I promise...Father,” he swore.

Without looking back, Will climbed into the boat with Rose and Guinevere.

As Will and Rose rowed on the sea, Rose could feel Will’s pain. “I’m sorry, Will,” she said sympathetically.

“I will not let my father suffer,” Will declared solemnly.

“Neither will I,” Rose declared, “You are your father’s son, Will. Your father is a good man, like you.”

Will took his mind off of his father and concentrated on a dangerously sick Guinevere.

Rose could see his visible worry for her. “When Pandora opened the box given to her by Zeus, she unleashed all the terrors of the world. But she was lucky to close the box to lock in one thing: hope. Guinevere will make it. She’s too bloody stubborn to give up,” she soothed.

Will rested his hand on Guinevere’s clammy forehead. “The fever is on her,” Will said urgently.

Guinevere shivered violently in the cold. Will took off his coat and draped it over her gaunt, quaking body to relieve her chills.

“Stay with me, Guin. Stay with me,” he pleaded.

“Will…Juliet…Jack,” Guinevere mumbled in a barely audible voice.

Suddenly, Guinevere burst into another fit of coughing, and this time, blood was left on her chin.

“Rose, I’m losing her,” Will whispered desperately, noticing the blood on Guinevere’s chin.

“I know. We need a miracle,” Rose said gravely.

“Well there you have it,” Will said, pointing to the distance.

As they rowed further out in the sea, Will and Rose spotted the Edinburgh, and the two friends made way toward the ship as fast as they could. Once spotted by the lookout, Will and Rose were taken aboard immediately. Will helped haul Guinevere aboard and wasn’t astonished to find that Rose was right about her.

“Help! Someone, help!” Will cried as he stepped on-board.

The captain, who was a slightly portly man, stepped forward. “Easy, laddie!” he said calmly with a strong Scottish brogue, “What be your trouble?”

Will quickly addressed the captain. “Please, Captain, our friend is dying,” he begged urgently.

“Take them below,” the captain ordered.

With that, Will, Rose, and Guinevere were taken to the doctor’s office. There, they were carefully tended to and given blankets, water, and soup to warm up. As Rose and Will convalesced, the same could not be said for Guinevere.

“She’s a deathly white,” Rose whispered, “She needs water. She has had none since we were traded.”

“Water! Please, I need water,” Will cried hastily.

Immediately, a flask of water was fetched and given to a concerned Will. Will sat Guinevere up and helped her drink. Guinevere relished the fresh water on her lips, and Will was relieved.

Then, the ship’s doctor approached him. “Sir, you and your friends need to have those lash wounds tended. Come,” he commanded.

Will and Rose’s cuts were then tended to carefully. Despite the doctor’s gentleness and skill, Rose and Will couldn't’t help flinching as the cuts were treated.

“There you are. Good as new,” the doctor said cheerfully, “We must get you out of those dreadful clothes.”

The doctor opened a closet and plucked out new, sparkling clean clothes. “I do apologize, Miss,” the doctor said to Rose as he gave her some blue trousers and a puffy, white shirt, “I’m afraid we have no attire fit for a lady.”

“No need, Doctor, Rose said graciously, “These clothes may not be fit for a lady, but they are fit for me.”

Will and Rose dressed and found that the clothes fit exceptionally well. Guinevere was gingerly clothed in a white shirt and tan trousers with a long, deep blue coat, placed on a hammock, and examined by the ship’s doctor.

The doctor was taken aback by the state Guinevere was in. “Dear God! How did this girl end up like this?” he exclaimed.

“She was beaten and flogged fifteen lashes,” Rose explained, “I would assume that her broken ankle is healed by now.”

The doctor carefully took the bandages from Guinevere’s ankle and examined the injury. “You’re right, Miss,” the doctor acknowledged, “The bones are in their proper place. Now, we must get her cuts tended immediately.”

“Can we help?” Will asked automatically.

“Lay her on her belly, and hold her down. With the sorry state she’s in, I doubt she’ll like this,” the doctor said somberly.

“Guin, we have to tend the cuts,” Will said softly in Guinevere’s ear, “You’re going to be as right as rain again.”

Will gently rolled Guinevere onto her belly and took her hand. Then, the doctor began his work on cleaning the lash marks using salt, water, and strips of cloth. As soon as the salt touched her skin, Guinevere immediately screamed at the top of her lungs and thrashed about as if she were possessed. Rose, aware of Guinevere’s delicate condition, held her down as carefully as she could. Will stroked Guinevere’s brown hair and squeezed her hand tightly. “Shh, shh,” he whispered tenderly, “It’s all right.”

Finally, the doctor placed the final strip of cloth on Guinevere’s back. The doctor then filled a cup with some medicine and gave it to Will. “Have her drink this. She’ll sleep better,” he commanded.

Will nodded dutifully, turned Guinevere on her back, and stroked back her damp hair. “Guin, Sweetheart, I need you to drink this down. It’ll help you sleep.”

Will lifted Guinevere’s head and Guinevere drank the medicine.

The doctor nodded. “I must ask you to leave me with this girl,” the doctor told Will and Rose.

“If I may, Doctor, I am a trained nurse,” Rose explained, “This woman is in my charge.”

“Then I must ask the young man to leave us, if he will,” the doctor declared.

Will froze. He didn’t want to leave Guinevere’s side when she was in such a state as she was.

Rose bade Will to go. “She’ll be fine.”

With a grim nod, Will was escorted to a small cabin while Guinevere remained to be examined by the doctor and Rose. Will worried what his night on the sea had done to Guinevere as he paced back and forth in his cabin. An hour passed, and still there was no word on Guinevere. What if Guinevere was dead? What if he waited too long? Will couldn't’t help pondering these dreadful thoughts. He tensed when the doctor and Rose came below to check on him.

“How is she?” Will wanted to know.

“Worse off than you are, I’m afraid,” the doctor said gravely, “The least we could do was tend the cuts on her back before they became infected. You didn’t jest when you said she’s close to death.”

“Sir, I should inform you that our friend has consumption,” Rose addressed, biting her lip.

“Then, I regret telling you this, but if that is the case, then there is nothing we can do now, except pray,” the doctor said with a deep sigh.

Will was taken aback. He didn’t like the tone of the doctor’s voice at all. “What are you saying?” he asked in utter disbelief.

Before Will got an answer, the doctor left him and Rose in the cabin.

Frightened, Will turned to Rose, who took a seat on the bed. “Will, sit with me,” she said softly.

Will sat beside Rose, and frightened tears shone in his eyes. “What’s he talking about, Rose? Tell me what’s going on.”

Rose took a deep, rueful sigh and spoke. “The doctor and I were able to tend the lash wounds on Guinevere,” she explained, “We were able to bring her fever down slightly. And then I asked what was wrong with Guinevere and…”

Rose paused, the words unable to come to her.

Will was frantic. “And what?” he demanded, desperate and fearful to know the truth.

Finally, the words ebbed out of Rose’s mouth. “Guinevere has pneumonia, Will.”


“I’m afraid so.”

“How? When?”

“Most likely aboard the Dutchman.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means…Guinevere is going to die.”

“But she’s too strong to die! I promised her she would live!”

“Guinevere has lost the will to live.”

Will bowed his head in defeat. “May we see her?” he asked quietly.

“Not tonight,” Rose replied, “The doctor wants all of us to rest and in the morning we may see Guinevere.”

Rose and Will lay in bed, but couldn't’t bring themselves to sleep. Both of them couldn't’t stop thinking about Guinevere.

“How long could she have?” Will asked, swallowing hard.

“At this rate, mere hours. I’m scared, Will,” Rose said with a tremble.

“Me too,” Will whispered.

The next morning, Will and Rose were led to the doctor’s office and there they found Guinevere, shivering, layered in blankets, and asleep on the hammock. Fearing the worst, Will dashed to her side and took her hand. “She’s so hot. Her hands are like fire,” he gasped, fighting back tears, “Guin, can you hear me? It’s Will. Sweetheart, please speak to me. Please.”

To his and Rose’s surprise, Guinevere opened her eyes. “Will,” she breathed.

“Guin! I thought I lost you,” Will gasped as his heart leaped.

“Are you going to leave me?”

“No, Rose and I are not leaving you.”

“It’s not Rose. It’s just…I thought you hated me.”

“No, Sweetheart. I don’t hate you. I couldn't’t do that.”

Guinevere scanned the room for a moment. “Juliet. Where’s Juliet?” she asked anxiously.

“She’s safe with Jack,” Will told her.

“Jack?!” Guinevere gasped in surprise.

“Yes,” Will replied.

“Oh God, no! I’ll never see her again!” Guinevere sobbed.

“Don’t say such things. You’ll see Juliet again. You are going to be all right,” Will reassured her.

“I’m not,” Guinevere protested, clashing with her chills and weariness to speak.

“What are you talking about?” Will wanted to know.

“I’m dying, Will.”

Guinevere’s words made Will shiver. “No, no, you’re going to be fine. You’ll see.”

“I will not.” Guinevere succumbed to a brief fit of coughing.

“You can’t give up now. This is not how Guinevere Parris dies. She is supposed to die at the age of one hundred, not twenty-one. What about the babies you’re going to have? Your wedding day? Remember? Why are you letting go now?”

“I can’t hold on any longer.”

“I’m going to save you. I’m going to help you get well, just like I promised.”

“You already have saved me more times than I can recall. You don’t have to remind me of your nobleness. Will, don’t… let Juliet forget how much I love her.”

“You are going to tell her yourself.”

“Promise me, Will… promise me you will look after Juliet.”

“I promise.”

“Forgive me for the pain I caused you and Elizabeth. I was a fool. I only wish there was a way to make up for all that I’ve done to you. I shouldn't’t have come back.”


“Yes. If I hadn’t come back none of this would’ve happened. I haven’t done anything worthy of gaining back the love I destroyed.” Guinevere wept dejectedly.

Will consoled her. “No, Guin. You’ve been nothing less of a wonderful friend. You took the courage to tell me the truth. You risked your life to save Juliet, Jack, Elizabeth, Rose, and me. I was a fool for forgetting that I care for you, but I promise I’ll never be that foolish again. We can’t take back our mistakes, but we can make them better. Once you get well everything will be fine.”

Guinevere’s eyes wandered. “Rose?” she asked.

“I’m here, poppet,” Rose reassured her.

“Rose, I-I know I can’t take it back, but I…didn’t mean what I said to you.”

“I know.”

“You’ve been the most beloved friend I could ask for.”

“I’m grateful for the time that was given to us.”

Guinevere beamed. “I’m going to miss you so much. All of you.”

“Don’t say your goodbyes, Guin,” Will begged.

“You have to let me go, Will.”

“No, Sweetheart, no. I will not say goodbye!”

“Just because I’m not in front of you does not mean I’m not there.”

“I can’t lose you.”

“You’re not going to. I’m always right. Remember? I’ll bet you another five shillings that I’m right.”

Will forced out a laugh. “Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. If you say so, then we will always have each other, and I’ll gladly pay those five shillings. ”

Guinevere managed a small chuckle. “If you gave me five shillings every time I was right, I’d be a rich woman. Let Elizabeth know I love her. Tell Jack…I was wrong. Tell him…tell him I lo-”

“I will.”

Tears fell on Will’s cheek as he made his final promise to Guinevere. “Don’t go, Guin. Don’t leave me,” he pleaded futilely.

No matter how much Will begged, it would not stop Guinevere’s life draining out of her like sand in an hour glass.

Guinevere smoothed away the tears and held Will’s hand with what strength she had left. “Shhh. There, there. No more tears,” she whispered soothingly, “I-I love you.”

“Guin,” Will sobbed, “I love you.”

Guinevere stroked Will’s cheek and smiled lovingly. Will kissed Guinevere’s burning hand with a meager, but warm smile. Guinevere lifted her head, and Will leaned down. Guinevere managed to leave a kiss on Will’s cheek before she sank back to her hammock. Then with that tender smile on her lips, Guinevere’s dark eyes closed. One last, meager breath escaped from Guinevere’s lips before she lay quiet and still in Will’s arms.

“Guin… Guin?” Will asked anxiously, his voice rising.

Rose put her ear by her friend’s mouth. “She’s not breathing,” Rose said urgently.

“Oh, no. Oh, no. Guin, look at me. Please, wake up!”

Rose put her ear to Guinevere’s chest, trying to make out a heartbeat. Alas, Guinevere’s heart was as still as stone.

Rose met Will’s eyes with tears. “She’s dead.”


“Will, Guinevere’s gone.”

“Don’t you say that!” Will bellowed, “She’s not breathing. Air. She needs air.”

Hastily, Will began to give Guinevere his breath and tried vainly to save her.

“Will, stop! You’re too late,” Rose said forlornly.

Will would not heed her pleas, and he continued to resuscitate Guinevere with no avail.

“Will, please! Let her go.”

Will still did not listen to Rose. “Breathe, Guin. You can do it. Breathe, breathe!” he cried desperately.

“Will, listen to me!”

“No, you listen! I promised that she would live.”

“Respect your new promise. Let Guinevere go.”

Will would not give up. “No. NO. Wake up, Guin. Wake up, Guin! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Please…please. Guin…no!”

In immeasurable sorrow, Will sobbed and hugged Guinevere’s lifeless body, rocking back and forth and kissing her head as he did so.

Rose, her face wet with tears, consoled him, stroking his back.

“I’m truly sorry,” the doctor apologized, sensing the pain of the moment, “Come. You need to rest.”

Will continued to hold Guinevere in his arms as if his life depended on it. Rose motioned for him to come with her.

Will would not budge. “I can’t leave her,” he said stubbornly.

“It’s all right. It’s all right,” Rose reassured him.

Rose tried to grab Will’s arm, but he shook her off. “No!” Will bellowed despondently, “I won’t leave her.”

With a heavy heart, Rose used all of her strength to pry Will’s hand from Guinevere’s.

Will kicked and screamed as if he had lost his mind. “Guin! I won’t leave you! No!”

While still fighting with all his might, Will was hauled away from Guinevere. “Get off me! Get away from me!” Will protested as he entered his cabin.

“Will, Will,” Rose said calmly.

“Let me go back. Let me go!”

“Will, no!”

“Let go!”

“Will, it’s alright. It’s alright.”

Will shook his head and sobbed.

Weeping tears of her own, Rose filled him into her arms. “I know, I know,” she soothed, “There, there. No more tears.”

“Guin,” Will breathed.

Afterward, Will sat alone in his cabin and grieved for Guinevere. He blamed himself for her death because he felt that he could’ve done more.

Rose slowly entered with hot tea and tried to be comforting. “Drink up while it’s hot,” she told him with a smile.

Will took his tea and slurped one sip. Tears splashed into his mug as he held it in his quivering hands.

“Could there have been anything else done to save her?” Will asked Rose in his sorrow.

“In all honesty, no,” Rose whispered in sadness.

Will held his head in shame. “This is all my fault,” he whispered in conviction.

“No. You did everything you could. Guinevere was grateful for all you’ve done, too,” Rose comforted.

“I should’ve listened to you, Rose,” Will said in guilt.

“Perhaps you should not. I only saw my distrust in Jack and did not consider Guinevere,” Rose reassured him.

“What shall I tell Juliet?” Will asked fearfully, “If it weren’t for me, she’d still have Guin! It’s my fault…my fault.” Will sobbed helplessly.

“It’s because of you that Guinevere fought so hard,” Rose told him firmly, “She fought hard because she needed you. Because she loved you. If it weren’t for you, she’d have given up long ago. Besides, Juliet will always have Guinevere. As for what you will tell her, tell her as Guinevere requested.”

“I miss her so much,” Will wept.

“I know. We will see her again,” Rose soothed.

“How do you know?” Will asked doubtfully.

“I just know,” Rose replied simply, “For now, I propose a toast to Guinevere Christine Mary Parris, the best friend we could have.”

“To Guin Parris, a special friend and devoted mother. Go in peace, Guin,” Will said glumly.

The two clinked their mugs and drank to their fallen Guinevere.

Suddenly, Will spot'ted a familiar object. Sprawled on a chair was Elizabeth’s golden wedding dress! Will jumped up, held the dress to his nose, and relished the sweet scent of Elizabeth’s perfume that had lingered on the dress.

“Where did this come from?” he asked the captain.

“It was found on the ship,” the captain explained, “No one knows where it came from. But give us good fortune it did.”

Will smiled through his tears, as did Rose. Both of them knew that Elizabeth had escaped from prison, and their hope was rejuvenated.

“Clever girl,” Rose laughed.

“That’s why I love her,” Will said slyly.

Meanwhile, on the Black Pearl, Elizabeth was arguing with Jack over the Letters of Marque because Jack had stolen them. When she demanded them back, Jack smiled and said, "Persuade me."

“Jack, I must inform you that Will taught me how to use a sword,” Elizabeth said fiercely.

Jack was obviously not swayed and Elizabeth stormed off. Later, though, Jack with Juliet in tow, joined her as she sat on the ship’s gun. Elizabeth was shocked to find Juliet safe and sound with Jack! “Jack, is that-Juliet?” she asked in confusion.

“Indeed, love,” Jack said as he held Juliet on his shoulder.

“How is it you came by her?” Elizabeth wanted to know.

“The kidnapper spared me and Juliet,” Jack replied.

“How did that happen?” Elizabeth snickered.

“Persuasion,” Jack said slyly.

Elizabeth smiled and let out a laugh.

Suddenly, Juliet started crying again. Jack tried to comfort her, but it didn’t work this time.

“Blimey, that always works!” he said in disappointment.

“Let me try,” Elizabeth told him.

Jack handed Juliet to Elizabeth.

“Have you by any chance fed her?” Elizabeth asked, in doubt of hearing a ‘yes’.

“I fed her when we got on board,” Jack said.

“She’s just tired then,” Elizabeth declared as she began to mollify Juliet to sleep, “Hush, hush. Go to sleep. Elizabeth’s here. Shhh.”

In a matter of minutes, Juliet was fast asleep. Elizabeth took her to Jack’s cabin and set her down. Then, she returned to the steps and sighed.

“You’re a natural,” Jack complimented.

“Perhaps so. My experience with children is very little, but compared to you, I am an expert,” Elizabeth commented, “That poor girl. Since she was born she has barely had a chance to be with her mother. And God only knows if Guinevere and Will are still alive.”

Elizabeth sighed again in anxiety. Jack offered her a bottle of rum, and Elizabeth took a sip. Jack could see that Elizabeth’s unhappiness was much more than the letters.

“Elizabeth, my dear, my experiences with females makes me wonder who the poor girl you speak of is,” he said earnestly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Elizabeth said.

“Of course you do,” Jack smiled.

Elizabeth looked away from him. She knew what Jack spoke of. “I thought I’d be married by now,” Elizabeth sighed.

“Really? You know I could perform a... mar-i-age right now,” Jack suggested.

Disgusted, Elizabeth declined. “Did you not hear me when I said my first and only love is Will Turner?” she asked in annoyance.

“Of course I did love,” Jack replied, “But I can tell you that you can’t resist me. One day you won’t be able to contain yourself.”

“Ha. You seem certain,” Elizabeth laughed.

“One word, darling: curiosity,” Jack told her, “You long for freedom. You long to do whatever you want when you want because you want it.”

Elizabeth knew Jack was playing games with her. Perhaps, she could play along and get the letters back. Hastily, Elizabeth played with Jack.

“You want to know something? I believe you’re a good man,” she said to Jack with a convincing smile, “I believe that you will have the chance to be…courageous. Want to know why?”

“Do tell, love,” Jack said, amused.

“Curiosity,” Elizabeth replied simply, “You want to know what it’s like to be a good man. You desire the chance to be immortal…and to have the rewards that follow.”

Jack was taken aback. “I do want to know what it’s like,” he agreed.

“There will be a moment when you have a chance to do the right thing,” Elizabeth declared.

Jack smiled. “I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by,” he said in a careless manner.

Elizabeth turned away from Jack and headed for the boat deck. She leaned over the rail, looked back at Jack, and smiled to herself. Norrington saw her smile and strutted over to her.

“I wish you would look like that when you thought of me,” Norrington said slyly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Elizabeth said dismissively.

“Oh, I think you do,” Norrington countered.

“Don’t be ridiculous! I just trust him. Nothing more,” Elizabeth protested, “He’s the only one who can get Will and me out of this mess we’re in.”

Norrington turned away. “Did you ever wonder how your latest fianceeé and Miss Parris ended up on the Flying Dutchman to begin with,” he asked as he turned over his shoulder.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. How did Will and Guinevere end up on the Dutchman? Slowly, Elizabeth opened Jack’s compass. She looked over and noticed the compass was pointing to Jack! Quickly, Elizabeth slammed the compass shut. The compass pointed to whatever you want most. Elizabeth did not want Jack.


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