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Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Unknown

*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Unknown

Author:Guin Sparrow
Disclaimer: POTC belongs to Disney all events and characters outside of theirs are of my own creation and no offence is intended
Category: Dead Man's Chest
Type: adventure, romance, action
Rating: Pre-Teen
Characters: Capt. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Norrington, Cutler Beckett, Guin Parris(OFC) Lucia Barbossa(OFC) Rose Miller(OFC) Juliet Parris(OFC) Tia Dalma
Warnings: kidnapping, character death, violence, torture
Brief Summary: Set during Dead Man's Chest, Will is reunited with his best friend from England, Guin Parris. After Will and Elizabeth are taken by Beckett, Will joins Guin to recover her daughter from Lucia Barbossa and save themselves from Beckett.

*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 1: Will’s Dream

It was a dreary, cloudy day in London, England. Despite the bleak weather, two children ran around the garden, playing. One was a tall, beautiful boy with brown hair and eyes and golden skin. Will Turner was his name. The other was a lovely young girl. The girl was slightly smaller than Will with dark hair and eyes and skin as white as snow. This girl was Guinevere Parris.

Guinevere and Will were the best of friends since they were babies. They had spent twelve years together before Will’s mother died, and Will decided to set out on a search for his father, William Turner, a merchant sailor, from whom Will had received a golden medallion as a gift. Guinevere was so unhappy to hear the news, so she and Will decided to have one last moment of childish fun together. As they played, Guinevere danced and twirled and sang out: Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

Will stopped a moment and his eyes flashed.

“Guin, how many times must I remind you,” he scolded like a strict parent, “Don’t sing that song!”

Guinevere smirked. “You afraid of scary pirates, Will?” she taunted.

“No,” Will replied.

“Yes, you are,” protested Guinevere.

“No, I’m not. Bloody pirates don’t scare me,” Will insisted.

“Maybe they would. You’re wearing precious gold,” Guinevere suggested.

Will held the gold medallion close to him. “It was a gift from my father,” he said.

Guinevere sighed and smiled. “What does scare you, Will Turner?” she asked innocently.

“Losing the ones I care for,” Will replied.

“Such as the Governor’s daughter?” Guinevere teased, making kiss-lips.

“No! I’ve never met her,” Will flushed.

“You’ve seen her, and you blush when you do,” Guinevere taunted.

“Let me ask you something, Guin,” Will said, changing the subject, “What frightens you?”

“I… don’t know,” Guinevere stammered, “I’ve never thought of my fear.”

“Can I tell you something?” Will asked.

“Yes,” Guinevere replied.

Will leaned in really close to Guinevere and tapping her shoulder, he sang out, “Tag, you’re it!”

“Oh, you bloody pirate!” Guinevere scoffed as she chased after Will.

Before Will knew it, he was away from the garden and saying goodbye to Guinevere at the port. Guinevere filled Will into her skinny arms.

“You come back to me, or I will come after you,” Guinevere warned, “That’s an order. I don’t want to miss you ‘til it kills me.”

“You won’t, Guin,” Will told her, “I promise.”

Guinevere sniffed as tears streaked her cheeks.

“Hey, hey,” Will whispered in a consoling voice, “Don’t cry. I’ll be back soon.”

“That’s the point,” Guinevere said through her tears,” You’re leaving. We’ve never been apart since the day we were born.”

“And we never will,” Will reassured her, “Just because I’m not standing in front of you doesn’t mean I’m not here. Remember that. Promise me you’ll remember that, Guin.”

“I will remember,” Guinevere replied with a wet smile, “I miss you already.”

“Shh,” Will whispered, “Don’t you worry, Guin. I will be back before you know it. You have my word.”

With that, Will and Guinevere embraced tightly, and Will boarded the ship, bound for the Caribbean. Will was assigned work as a cabin boy, and he became quite a sailor. One fine day turned to disaster, he found. That fateful day, Will was performing his duties when he felt the ship shudder and sway. Suddenly, he realized there was cannon fire! Will raced up on the deck to see a large, black ship overpowering his vessel. A sudden shift threw Will unconscious and out to sea, but before he faded, the last thing he saw was a Jolly Roger that appeared to smile a toothy smile at him. When Will woke, a beautiful girl was leaning over him. Will was startled awake.

“Just stay calm,” she told him, “You’re with the governor’s daughter. You’re safe.”

“Miss Swann?” he asked groggily.

“Elizabeth,” corrected the girl.

Will faded into darkness and heard no more. In the next moment, Will’s eyes fluttered open. He looked around cautiously. Will realized that he was now safe in his own bed in Port Royal, Jamaica.

“Will,” echoed a voice.

Will awoke and saw Elizabeth Swann, his darling fiancée, standing over him. He knew in that moment that he had been dreaming.

“Will, are you all right?” Elizabeth asked in a concerned tone, feeling Will’s head, “You’re really warm. A little bit feverish, maybe.”

“I’m fine. I’ve never been better,” Will reassured her, “I was just dreaming.”

“About what?” Elizabeth asked curiously.

“My old friend, Guinevere,” Will replied, “We lived together in England. I was dreaming about the day I left her to find my father and about the day we met.”

“Well, have you been dreaming about today?” Elizabeth asked him.

“How could I not dream about being able to grow old with you?” Will told her with a loving smile.

Elizabeth rose from the bed and opened a box. Inside was an elegant deep blue uniform with a matching tricorn hat.

“This is for you,” Elizabeth said, handing Will the suit.

“It’s beautiful,” Will said earnestly.

Elizabeth looked out the window.

“Goodness, how late it is! We have so much preparation to do,” she gasped.

Will sat up and took his uniform behind the dressing screen.

“I look forward to seeing you wear that tomorrow,” Elizabeth said as she left Will to change.

“It’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding,” Will warned.

“What bad luck could possibly come?” Elizabeth quipped.

I hope you enjoyed this! I'm always pleased to hear my work is appreciated!

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Great to see another writer here! Welcome the fan fiction section Guin. I like how you have started this off, straight in there-
“What bad luck could possibly come?” Elizabeth quipped.
hehhe i think we are about to find out.

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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 2: Old Friends Reunited and Will and Elizabeth’s Crime

Will dressed casually and decided to go to the bay.When there, a sweaty and exhausted Will took off his shirt, boots, and socks and tested the water.

“Perfect,” he said to himself with satisfaction.

Suddenly, Will heard a rustle in the bushes.

Quickly, Will grabbed a nearby branch to arm himself. “Show yourself!” he commanded.

In that moment, a knife was at his throat, and Will saw a masked figure. Quickly, he freed himself and ripped off the mask, only to be in shock of finding a pallid, lovely girl he knew all too well.

“My God!” he gasped, “Guinevere?”

The girl pushed him off. “Qui etes vous? Comment savez-vous mon nom? Repondez moi!” she growled.

“It’s me, Will Turner,” Will replied, “Since when do you speak French and have a large belly? And why in God’s name did you just attack me?”

“That’s a lie,” protested Guinevere, “Will Turner is dead. And he never called me Guinevere. He called me-”

“Guin,” Will interrupted.

Guinevere and Will squinted into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, the two friends pieced back all the memories they had together in one moment. “WAHHH!” they both shrieked.

“Will!” Guinevere screamed as she frantically kissed Will’s cheek, “Oh, you brilliant boy! I thought you were dead.”

“I kept my promise, did I not?” Will asked.

“You frightened me to death when you never came back. And then I heard about the attack. Did they hurt you? Your medallion is missing,” Guinevere simpered.

“No, I was not hurt,” Will reassured her, “And I’m afraid the medallion is a long story. But what are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first!”

“You’re a gentleman, and it’s always ladies first!”

“Oh, all right, you win!”

“Ha, ha,” Guinevere teased, “Anyway, how did you get here?”

“I was saved by Elizabeth Swann, and taken in by the blacksmith, Mr. Brown,” Will explained, “But what are you doing out here?”

Guinevere smiled proudly. “Give me your hand,” she commanded softly.

Will complied, placed his hand on Guinevere’s huge, round belly, and felt a thump! as soon as he did so. “Oh my God! That’s wonderful!” he gasped.

“You can say that again,” Guinevere panted, “She’s just like her mummy. Tough, beautiful, intelligent, etcetera, etcetera. I thought the Caribbean would be the perfect place to raise her. And it certainly is now!”

“How do you know it’s a girl?” Will asked.

“Well, how do you know it’s not?” Guinevere asked slyly, “My nurse knows the signs of having girls. Besides, it’s so strong when it kicks, it might as well be a girl!”

“But what if you have a boy and your nurse is wrong?” Will asked.

“You want to put a bet on this, Will Turner?” Guinevere asked.

“Why not?” Will shrugged.

“Alright. If I’m right and I have a girl, you give me…ten shillings,” Guinevere wagered.

“Ten shillings! Guin, do I look like I have money to burn? Make it five shillings,” Will gasped.

“Alright, five shillings and you buy me a drink,” Guinevere offered.

“And what if I win?” Will asked.

“Vice-versa. And you prove how smart you are when it comes to determining the sex of a child. Do we have an accord?” Guinevere told him.

“Agreed!” Will declared, shaking Guinevere’s hand.

“Start rummaging through your purse,” Guinevere taunted.

“Guin, you have a baby coming and that leaves me with one question: have I been stupid to miss your wedding?” Will wanted to know.

“I didn’t marry,” Guinevere told him, “I was engaged, but after I learned I was expecting, my fiancé died.”

“I’m sorry,” Will replied in empathy.

“Well, I think God hasn’t given up on me. Even more so now that he’s brought me to you,” Guinevere commented with a dazzling smile, “By the way, did I disturb your swim? I apologize for my maternal instincts. Might I join you?”

Suddenly, Guinevere lost her balance and nearly keeled over.

Will snatched her before she could fall. “Whoa, now!” he said calmly, “Are you all right? You’re terribly pale, and you’re trembling.”

“I’m fine,” Guinevere reassured him in a slight daze, “It’s just the heat. Let’s just go for a swim. Like old times. What do you say?”

Will smiled in agreement, and he and Guinevere splashed into the bay. Immediately, the two were acting like children again.

Guinevere spat out water at Will, spraying him directly in his lovely face. “Don’t you think we get old for this?” Guinevere commented.

Will spat water back at her and laughed, “No, I think not!”

Guinevere and Will raced out of the bay and chased after each other. Guinevere cornered Will, placing him in a secure headlock. Will’s arms flailed as Guinevere ruffled his hair.

“Surrender?” Guinevere taunted.

“Never!” Will said in mock defiance.

“You asked for it!” Guinevere warned.

Will squealed like a little boy as Guinevere tickled him. “No!” he shrieked, “Anything but the tickling!”

“More?” Guinevere asked.

“I submit, I submit!” Will said in defeat.

Just as Guinevere released Will from her grip, Will grabbed her. “My turn!” Will said with pleasure as he tickled Guinevere.

“You bloody pirate!” Guinevere squealed.

Exhausted from their childhood games, Guinevere and Will lay down on the cool grass. Guinevere leaned over and kissed Will’s cheek.

“What was that for?” Will wanted to know.

“Will, you and I have been friends for ages,” Guinevere began, “This baby reminds me of something I have not achieved. I want to ask you if -”

Suddenly, Will and Guinevere looked up to find Elizabeth staring down at them.

Will leaped to his feet and cleared his throat. “Elizabeth,” he greeted, “May I introduce you to Miss Guinevere Parris. Guin, meet Miss Elizabeth Swann. Guin?”

Will looked down to find Guinevere struggling futilely to get to her feet. “Need some help, or are you just getting some exercise?” he laughed.

“Shut up and help me, or I’ll give you some exercise!” Guinevere retorted, “You try carrying a baby in your belly for nine months and let’s see who’s laughing then, William. But since I like you, I’d give you credit, and you’d last two months and be driven insane when you give birth. Are you going to help me up or what?”

Will took Guinevere’s hands and helped her to her feet. “Forgive my manners. It’s not easy when you’ve been with this scoundrel for twelve years. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Swann,” Guinevere greeted.

“Oh, call me Elizabeth,” Elizabeth insisted, “And the pleasure is all mine, Guinevere.”

“Guin suits me better,” Guinevere corrected.

“Elizabeth and I are to be married tomorrow,” Will told Guinevere.

“Did I hear correctly? Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are to be married tomorrow?” Guinevere gasped in sarcasm.

“You heard correctly,” Will told her, “You’re welcome to attend.”

“Oh, I would love to,” Guinevere said earnestly, “but I’m afraid my nurse has advised me to stay off of my feet until the baby comes. You do have my blessings, both of you. Good day, Elizabeth. Good day, Will.”

“Wait!” Will called, “What is it you wanted to ask me?”

“Nothing,” Guinevere said dismissively, “I’m just happy to see you.”

With that, Guinevere kissed Will’s cheek and headed off. Elizabeth and Will left the bay and took a walk back to the mansion.

“That is the Guinevere you had a dream about?” Elizabeth wanted to know.

“Of course,” Will replied, “She’s certainly changed a bit, but it’s her. Why do you ask?”

“She seemed to be a bit out of place with how I pictured her,” Elizabeth replied with mild distaste.

Will was stunned. “You don’t like her, do you?” he asked worriedly.

“She’s quite charming, I just expected her to be more of a lady. It did seem a little odd in the way she declined your invitation, didn’t it? I heard her speak to you. I think she feels something deeper for you.”

“Deeper?” Will gasped, “No, Guin has put up with me for twelve years and she’d never admit she had deeper feelings. We are nothing more than devoted friends.”

The next morning was the joyous occasion. Will was startled awake and extremely jumpy. “I’m getting married,” he repeated to himself as he bathed and dressed in his deep blue uniform.

Will raced out the door, picked up the rings from the blacksmith shop, and to the wedding at Fort Charles. Once he arrived, Will was surprised. Standing in front of him was Guinevere accompanied by a striking lady, tall and strong with golden hair and grey eyes.

“Guin!” Will called out.

Guinevere turned and embraced him lovingly.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be off your feet,” Will asked her.

“She is,” said Guinevere’s friend sternly, “I caught her out of bed.”

Guinevere cleared her throat. “I’m not sure you’ve met my best friend, Rose Miller,” she began, “She’s been taking care of me since I met her in France.”

Will kissed Rose’s hand as he greeted her. “My pleasure, Miss,” he greeted.

“I should be going,” Guinevere said after a moment.

“Wait, will you be all right? I just worry -” Will wanted to know.

“Must you be so considerate all the time, William?” Guinevere interrupted, “This is your day with Elizabeth. Go get married, keep me out of your head, and have a smile on your face for me. That’s an order. Good day, Will.”

Meanwhile, the day’s festivities went according to plan. Will and Elizabeth stood at the altar, and both wore loving smiles as they took each other’s hands. The priest asked if anyone thought this couple should not be wed to speak now or forever hold their peace. Suddenly, a gunshot fired! Will and Elizabeth ducked for cover while the naval officers sprang into action. After a few moments, the perpetrator hadn’t been found, but the motives were obvious.

This day can’t be any worse than that, Will thought to himself.

Just as he held that thought, a short, handsome officer cried out, “Arrest him!”

Yes, it can, Will said to himself.

The officer strutted up in front of Will and Elizabeth. “By the order of Lord Beckett of the East India Trading Company, William Turner is under arrest for the escape of Jack Sparrow,” he boomed strictly, “The sentence is death!”

Two guards clapped Will in irons.

Governor Swann pushed passed the crowd and was stunned to see the officer. “Beckett? Cutler Beckett?” he asked.

“Lord Beckett,” corrected Beckett.

“You have no right or reason to arrest him!” Swann said furiously.

“I have a warrant,” Beckett said, holding a piece of paper.

Swann studied the warrant. “But this says Elizabeth Swann,” he said, bewildered.

“Oh, how clumsy of me. Arrest her,” Beckett commanded nonchalantly.

Will leaped forward, but was held back by the guards. “No!” he cried angrily, “Take your bloody hands off my fiancée!”

“ON WHAT CHARGES?!” Elizabeth bellowed.

Beckett ignored her. “Aha!” he exclaimed, “The warrant for the arrest of one William Turner.”

“Lord Beckett, I believe my fianceeée, the Governor’s daughter, asked you a question!” Will shouted.

“We are under the jurisdiction of the King’s Governor of Port Royal, not Lord Beckett of the East India Trading Company. You will tell us what we are charged with,” Elizabeth commanded coldly.

“You are both charged with aiding a man convicted of crimes against the Crown,” Governor Swann said, reading from the warrant, “For- for which-”

“For which the penalty is death,” Beckett interrupted, “I also have two more warrants for James Norrington and Guinevere Parris. Any idea on their whereabouts?”

Will was confused. Guin? What’s he talking about? he thought to himself.

“Norrington lost his position some months ago,” Governor Swann said.

“And what of Miss Parris? Any ideas?” Beckett asked.

“Guin has nothing to do with Jack!” Will protested.

“So you think,” Beckett snickered, “From your defense of Miss Parris I take it you know her.”

“Not personally,” Will replied.

“Take them away,” Beckett commanded.

“Let Elizabeth go! Take me!” Will cried.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Mr. Turner,” Beckett sneered, “You both have broken the law, and both of you will hang for your aid to Jack Sparrow.”

“Captain Jack Sparrow!” Elizabeth and Will corrected.

“Captain Jack Sparrow,” Beckett repeated before he signaled his guards.

“NO!” Elizabeth wailed repeatedly.

The sun turned to rain as Will and Elizabeth were escorted to jail. Once locked in their cell, Elizabeth was in bitter tears; her tears were heartbreaking to Will, as he could not bear to see his bride cry.

“What are we going to do, Will?” she sobbed.

“We’re not going to fret,” Will told her, “I know Guin will speak for us. We will have our perfect day and be with each other until we’re old. I promise.”

“I know you do,” Elizabeth whispered with a small grin as she stroked Will’s cheek, “You look so handsome.”

“Thank you, love. I never told you how beautiful you look,” Will told his bride with a smile.

Elizabeth smiled brighter. “Thank you, darling,” she said.

Later that night, a dreadfully ill Guinevere languished in childbirth. It was immediately before Rose tried to smuggle Guinevere to safety, her excruciating pains began.

Rose tried to comfort her friend. “Guinevere, the both of you are going to be fine,” she whispered, “We have to get you to a physician.”

“Not without Will and Elizabeth,” Guinevere protested.

“But they’ve been arrested,” Rose told her.

“What? Why?” panted Guinevere between groans.

“For the escape of Jack Sparrow,” Rose replied.

“Captain Jack Sparrow?” Guinevere inquired.

“Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow. Beckett’s after you, too, on the charges of infidelity, consorting with a pirate, and piracy, to name a few,” Rose informed her friend.

“Hang Beckett! The way I feel I’ll kill him if he tries to lay a finger on me! Oh, God!” Guinevere screamed in frustration and pain, “Please, Rose, just get Will and Elizabeth out. It’s…imperative.”

Rose didn’t hesitate a moment. She raced out in the teeming rain to the prison and demanded Will and Elizabeth’s temporary release.

“Will! Elizabeth! Come quickly!” she cried as Will and Elizabeth followed her out of the prison.

The three of them, with four guards, raced back to Guinevere’s house. Guinevere’s agony was noticed as the group stepped into the small house. Without a word, Will and Elizabeth leapt to Guinevere’s side.

“Will… Elizabeth, you’re here,” Guinevere sighed wearily.

As gingerly as he could, Will took Guinevere in his arms and the group raced out of Guinevere’s house.

“Guin, Sweetheart, have you thought of names for your baby?” Will asked.

“Juliet,” Guinevere breathed.

“And what if it’s a boy?” Elizabeth added.

“William,” Guinevere said drowsily.

“Guin, love, you must stay awake,” Elizabeth whispered.

The group arrived at the hospital and Rose pounded on the door. The fat, bearded doctor opened the door. “What is it at this time of night?” he demanded wearily.

“We have an emergency,” Rose explained hastily, pointing at Guinevere, “This woman is very ill and in childbirth.”

In a flash, the doctor allowed her to pass, the group sped into the hospital, and Will laid Guinevere on a bed.

Rose then urged her friend to push. However, Guinevere was in too much pain to do so and would not budge.

“Guinevere,” Rose said, “The sooner you push, the sooner the pain goes away.”

Will took Guinevere’s burning hand and tried to calm her once more as Elizabeth placed a cool washcloth on Guinevere’s damp head.

“We’re doing all we can, Guin,” Elizabeth said softly, “Now it’s your turn.”

Guinevere shook her head obstinately. “NO!” she shrieked

Rose took Will and Elizabeth aside. Will gloomily eyed Guinevere. “I think we should give her a moment,” he suggested.

“It’s too late,” Rose protested, “If she doesn’t act now she’ll die.”

Will stood by Guinevere’s side and took her hand again.

“I know, I know,” Will whispered soothingly as he stroked Guinevere’s brown waves, “Guin, don’t be afraid. You have a child to think about.”

“I can’t!” Guinevere screamed, “Beckett is after me. If he finds me he’ll take my baby from me.”

“Rose, Elizabeth, and I are with you. Beckett will not touch you, or your baby,” Will whispered calmly, “Think of your child, and how happy you’ll be when you hold him or her for the first time. Ready?”

Guinevere pushed her hardest, despite her fatigue. “Oh, it feels like a girl!” Guinevere screamed.

“Don’t talk. Just concentrate,” Will told her.

“That’s easy for you to say! You’re not the one doing the work! Oh God, it feels like a girl!” Guinevere exclaimed between groans.

“Yes, Guin, think of that girl! Prove me wrong!” Will said with enthusiasm.

“Yes, Guin, prove him wrong!” Elizabeth repeated.

“Elizabeth, you’re not supposed to agree with me!” Will said, aghast.

“Sorry, dear,” Elizabeth apologized, “I’m just trying to lift her spirits.”

“Well, you’re not lifting much!” Guinevere groaned in response.

The delivery was no easy task for Guinevere. For hours, she carried on, refusing to give up. In that time it didn’t take Guinevere long to get annoyed.

“You’re doing just fine, Sweetheart,” Will whispered,

“You tell me that again and I’ll have your tongue!” Guinevere exclaimed before she rested a moment.

“All right, Guinevere, this is it,” Rose said cheerfully.

With a sigh, Guinevere carried on. After five minutes, Guinevere cried out one last time; before she knew it, she heard a baby cry.

“It’s a beautiful, healthy girl!” Rose declared gleefully.

Rose took the newborn and cleaned her up, and when her task was done, Will beamed. “Can I hold her?” Will asked softly.

With a tender smile, Rose wrapped the baby in a pink blanket and laid her in Will’s arms. Overjoyed smiles were on Will and Elizabeth’s lips.

“Hello there. Hello, little one,” Will whispered playfully.

“She’s lovely,” Elizabeth breathed, “Hello, love.”

“Guin, you have a baby girl!” Will told Guinevere with a joyful laugh as he showed her the girl.

“Told you so,” Guinevere gloated tiredly, “It seems I’ve outsmarted you. I will take those five shillings and ale whenever you are ready.”

“What’s her name?” Elizabeth asked.

“Juliet,” Guinevere sighed, stroking the little one’s cheek.

Suddenly, Guinevere exploded into a fit of coughing and fell unconscious. Will and Elizabeth looked terrified and concerned.

“It’s just a bit of a chest cold. She needs to rest now,” Rose reassured them as she took Juliet from Will.

“Good evening,” greeted a stranger.

Will turned to see Lord Beckett standing behind him.

“Well, well, Miss Parris. I expected to find her here,” he sneered as he signaled the guards, “Arrest her.”

Will leaped in front of the guards who were about to put irons on Guinevere. “Stay away from her!” he shouted.

“I have Miss Parris in custody, Mr. Turner,” Beckett told him.

“Guin is very ill. You’ll kill her!” Elizabeth protested, furious.

“She will die, but it’s not my doing,” Beckett sneered.

“You will not touch Guinevere!” Rose declaimed impudently, “You dare touch her, and I will make sure it is you who is arrested for trespass and attempted murder. Now get out you miserable, conniving vulture!”

“As you wish,” Beckett said lightly, “Mr. Copper, escort Mr. Turner and Miss Swann back to the prison.”

In that moment, Beckett left the hospital with Elizabeth and Will following behind. Once at their cell, Elizabeth immediately fell asleep, but Will was too worried about Guinevere to sleep. Guinevere was unwell, but he knew it was more than a mere cold.

What is wrong with her? he thought to himself.

At the moment, this incident was just another dilemma Will had on his plate. Everything had gone strangely awry with the exception of the blissful birth of the lovely Juliet Parris.

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Quickly, Will grabbed a nearby branch to arm himself. “Show yourself!” he commanded.
made me giggle! Interesting Guin- lots going on there. Was wondering how Rose got to get Elizabethe and Will released even if temporarily.

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Chapter 3

*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 3: Guinevere’s Fate

A confused Will found himself in the hospital with Guinevere, whom looked close to death.

“Guin,” Will called worriedly, taking her bony, ice-cold hand in his.

“…Will,” murmured Guinevere.

Will barely heard her respond and leaned in closer so he could hear her.

“Will,” whispered the dying Guinevere, “take care of my baby. Please take care of Juliet.”

“No, Guin. Stay with me!” Will begged.

“I can’t.”

“Don’t leave me, Guin!”

“I love you…”

With that, Guinevere closed her eyes, and Will turned frantic. “Guin? Guin, no!” Will cried desperately, “Guin, come back! No!”

Suddenly, Will jolted awake with a gasp into Elizabeth’s safe embrace. “Will, it was just a nightmare,” she whispered, holding him close, “You’re sweating! Are you all right?”

“Guin. Is she all right?” Will asked immediately.

“Fine, at the moment,” Elizabeth said with a sad sigh.

“What’s wrong, love?” Will wanted to know.

“Rose gave me news about Guin last night,” Elizabeth replied, fighting back tears, “It’s awful. I didn’t want to tell you since you have just shared a reunion with Guinevere.”

“What is it? Tell me what?” Will asked anxiously his voice rising.Elizabeth succumbed to tears. “Guin has consumption!” she sobbed.

Will could do nothing but gape. “Consumption? Are you certain?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” Elizabeth replied.

Will’s heart sank and he was angry he was not with Guinevere when she needed him. In a fit of rage, Will leapt up and slammed his fist against the wall.

“ARGHHH!” he bellowed so loud that he could be heard by all of Port Royal.

Will sank back to his knees, and Elizabeth placed a consoling hand to his face and squeezed his hand. “Tell me what you dreamt,” Elizabeth told him gently.

Will shuddered. “I-I saw Guin die,” he whispered in dread.

“Oh, Will!” Elizabeth sighed, embracing Will.

“How is Juliet?” Will asked, hoping for more comfort.

“Rose told me she’s one of the healthiest babies she has ever seen,” Elizabeth told him as she beamed through her tears, “Juliet is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. She brings hope to us.”

“Yes, she does,” Will replied with more ease.

Later, Will was chained and escorted out of prison by a guard. Rose was waiting outside and she bade the guard to release Will of his bindings. “Those won’t be necessary,” she told the guard confidently.

The guard released Will, and the three dashed to the hospital. Once they had arrived, Rose stopped at the door. “What you see might cause you some pain,” she warned.

“I must see her,” Will replied firmly and simply, “If Guin has consumption, then at least I can be with her this once.”

Rose sighed and opened the door. Juliet’s terrible wailing flooded the hospital as Will rushed to a motionless Guinevere’s bed. Despite Rose’s warning, Will leaned in close to heart as his heart leaped.

“Guin, I’m here,” Will comforted, taking Guinevere’s hand and kissing it.

Suddenly, Guinevere’s eye’s fluttered open. “Will?” she moaned, “In case you haven’t noticed, that ale will have to wait, but the five shillings I’ll take.”

Will smiled, grateful that Guinevere still had her wits about her. “I hadn’t forgotten,” he whispered as he held out the five shillings and put them on a table next to Guinevere’s bed, “Somehow I knew you were right all along.”

“Where is -?” Guinevere asked softly.


“Juliet,” Guinevere finished.

A panicked Rose took Juliet from her crib and turned to Will. “She’s been so fussy all morning!” Rose replied anxiously, “Will, I need you to hold Juliet while I get her some milk.”

“Oh, of course,” whispered with a broad smile on his face as he held the baby girl, “Juliet. Hello there, little one.”

Will, with Juliet in his arms, sat beside Guinevere on the bed. In that moment, Juliet’s wailing stopped. Will looked down in surprise to see Juliet grinning at him.

Guinevere managed a weak smile. “She fancies you,” she told a blushed Will with a faint laugh, “Let me hold her.”

Will laid Juliet in her arms. Love and glee were in Guinevere’s eyes as she held her daughter for the first time. “Oh, Juliet. Amoureux,” Guinevere murmured, kissing the baby girl’s head.

“Amoureux?” Will asked, baffled.

“Means ‘sweetheart’,” Guinevere explained briefly.

Slowly, Will leaned in closer to Guinevere and played with Juliet, taking her tiny hand in his. “She’s so little,” he sighed as he caressed Juliet’s pink cheek.

“I think she has my eyes,” Guinevere said lovingly.

“Well, I just pray that she doesn’t have your mouth!” Will teased.

“At least my mouth is an intelligent one!” Guinevere snickered.

“Well, even if she does inherit that trait, she’s still beautiful, like her mum,” Will said sweetly.

Will leaned over and kissed Guinevere’s cheek as well as Juliet’s. At that moment, Rose appeared with a bottle for Juliet.

“I wanted to tell you how ecstatic I am for you and Elizabeth. Allow me this moment to say ‘I told you so’,” Guinevere said.

Will blushed and smiled good-naturedly.

“You’re going to have to fix up the mansion soon afterwards for all your lovely babies,” Guinevere continued lightheartedly.

“If I can get married,” Will said gloomily.

Guinevere paused.

Will spoke again. “I’m sorry for being so pessimistic,” he apologized, “It’s just that Elizabeth and I have been eager for the day when we’d be together for the rest of our lives. Now it’s in ruins.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, Will,” Guinevere reassured him, “Tete de Seau is a filthy, slimy cur. I hate that man so much I can’t bear to say his name, and in case you were wondering, tete de seau literally means ‘Head of Bucket’.

Will giggled. “Buckethead. How clever,” he commented.

Guinevere shrugged. “It suits him,” she said simply, “He plots to ruin others to achieve his goals. Tete de Seau will not ruin you and Elizabeth while I’m around.”

“And when we do get married, Elizabeth and I will be the ones to thank you when we kiss as husband and wife. We will pray to have children as lovely as Juliet,” Will told her, plucking up hope.

. “Will,” Guinevere whispered, “since we talk about family, I think I should tell you now. You know that I am a devout Roman Catholic, and that I intend to have Juliet baptized. It would be an honor if you and Elizabeth would be Juliet’s godparents.”

Will’s eyes went wide with surprise, and he smiled proudly. “The honor would be all mine. Once you are well again, we will see to it that Juliet is baptized,” Will replied earnestly.

“You know, I have already thought of what I’m going to christen Juliet,” Guinevere told him.

“Have you?” Will asked, amused, “What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of calling her Juliet Wilhelmina Elizabeth Rose Parris,” Guinevere declared with a smile.

Will blushed. “Guin, this is a huge honor!” he said in pleasure.

Suddenly, Guinevere exploded into another fit of coughing and collapsed in exhaustion. Will was in shock of what he had just witnessed. Rose, who still held Juliet, jumped into the moment instantly.

“That’s enough for now, Rose declared, “You need to rest now, Guinevere. Will, come with me.”

“No, no, I’m fine. It’s all right,” Guinevere panted, “Will can stay with me.”

“No, he cannot,” Rose told her sternly, “Not when you are as sick as you are.”

“Will!” Guinevere protested, hoping Will would side with her.

“Rose is right. You need your rest after a very trying night. Good day, Guinevere,” Will said, trying to be cheerful.

With that, Rose took Will aside.

Will was stunned and frightened beyond measure. “My God, this is horrible!” he gasped.

“Indeed,” Rose replied grimly.

“What about Juliet?” Will inquired.

“I will look after her,” Rose reassured him, “Speaking of Juliet, this is a perfect time for Guinevere to collapse. I just got Juliet to feed, and now I must get the doctor and tend Guinevere.”

“I’ll feed her,” Will told Rose.

“That’s very kind of you, but-,” Rose replied sincerely.

“No, I insist. Guin needs you. Juliet is going to be my goddaughter, and I could use the practice for when I have children of my own,” Will said earnestly.

Rose beamed and kissed Will’s soft cheek. “Bless your heart, Will Turner! I can see why Guinevere chose you to be Juliet’s godfather, and it’s no wonder Juliet fancies you,” she laughed.

Will’s face was scarlet red as he took Juliet and her milk from Rose and sat down on a rocking chair across the room. As he fed Juliet, Will glumly eyed Guinevere, who was now in the care of Rose and the doctor.

Will’s grim expression turned into a smile as he looked at Juliet. “Hello, little one. I’m going to take care of you,” Will whispered to Juliet, “Your mummy will, too. She loves you very much. You are the reason why she is so strong. If it weren’t for you, I’m sure she would’ve given up long ago. I promise that whatever happens, I will not let anything happen to you or your mummy. I love you, Juliet.”

Will looked down to see Juliet looking up at him with a small smile. Gingerly, Will took the bottle away, held Juliet on his strapping shoulder, and patted her back. As he did so, he gently rocked back and forth. In only minutes, Juliet was asleep in his arms. Tenderly, Will kissed Juliet’s head and laid her back in her crib. Will had only a moment to spare before he was escorted back to jail.

“How is she?” Elizabeth asked Will once he returned back to jail.

“She’s very, very ill,” Will replied sadly, “She was so frail and weary. It was like my nightmare. She woke only for a moment and told me that she wanted to have us as Juliet’s godparents. She also named Juliet after us.”

“Some hope in the middle of this tragedy,” Elizabeth commented.

That night, everything went wrong once again. Two figures, both dressed in black hoods, crept through the streets. The pair silently made their way to the hospital with a dastardly plan. Rose was preparing to leave the hospital when she heard a noise and hid in a closet. Smash! The two figures dressed in black crashed through the window. From the closet, Rose squinted into the darkness and saw the two figures, and she was shocked to find out what they were after…Juliet. To save Juliet, Rose bravely stepped out of the closet.

She strained to see in the darkness, and caught one of the hooded figures. “You picked the wrong house, mate,” she snarled.

Then, with all her might, Rose threw a punch at the thug’s nose. Before she could find the accomplice, Rose was struck from behind.

The next morning, Elizabeth and Will spoke once more about Juliet and Guinevere when Rose burst in the cell. “Will! Elizabeth!” she shrieked, panting.

“Easy, Rose. What’s going on?” Will said calmly.

“Two people, I didn’t see their faces,” Rose stammered, “They kidnapped Juliet!”

Will could not speak and neither could Elizabeth.

“You must come with me. You have to see for yourself,” Rose declared hastily.

Quickly, Rose called for a guard to let Will and Elizabeth out. When Rose explained that Will and Elizabeth were Juliet’s godparents, the guard was not swayed this time. Annoyed, Rose threw her strongest punch at the guard and snatched the keys from his pocket. The three raced to the hospital and couldn’t believe what they saw. The hospital window was broken, and there were shards of shattered glass scattered just below it. Will, Elizabeth, and Rose dashed inside the hospital, and they were in a panic to find Guinevere’s bed empty. Frantically, they searched every nook and cranny. Then, they heard screeching from outside. “Help! Please help me!” the voice cried.

“Guin!” Will cried.

Will raced outside with Rose and Elizabeth. In the front of the hospital, Will found a limping Guinevere. “Will!” she sobbed, leaning against Will for support, “Where is Juliet?”

“She’s gone, Guinevere,” Rose said gravely.

“What do you mean?” Guinevere demanded.

“She was kidnapped last night.”

“How could you? Juliet’s gone because of you, you traitor!”

Instantly, Guinevere collapsed in Will’s arms and sank to the ground, sobbing terribly. She was carried into the hospital, unconscious from her shock and weakness. Will laid Guinevere down on her bed, kissed her head, and waited for Rose outside the door with Elizabeth at his side.

“Guinevere is going through some pain,” Elizabeth told Will, “First, she endures a very painful childbirth. Then, she falls prey to consumption. Now, her daughter has been taken. I can’t imagine-”

Elizabeth trailed off as she saw Will was no longer at her side. As Elizabeth spoke, Will watched Rose and the doctors as they stood over Guinevere. A fury and outrage came over him when he saw the doctors chain Guinevere down on her bed. Will rushed forward and fought off the doctors. The doctors beat him back in retaliation before Rose stopped the potential brawl and ushered Will out.

“What are you doing?” he asked in fury, “Why are you restraining her like an animal?”

“Because she’ll go after what she wants,” Rose replied sharply, “I can’t let her do that. Neither can you.”

“Why not?” Will asked angrily.

“Because I know Guinevere’s fate, and it may be too much for you,” Rose whispered.

“Elizabeth told me about the consumption,” Will said, assuming that was what Rose was talking about.

“No, Will,” Rose said slowly, “It’s… it’s worse than that.”

“What is it?” Will demanded.

“I can’t tell you. Your heart will only shatter, like mine,” Rose warned.

“I don’t care, Rose. Guin is my best friend. Nothing will plague me more than to not know what she is going through and not be able to help her. Tell me now, Rose. What is Guin’s fate?” Will wanted to know.

Rose did not speak for a moment. A lump formed in her throat as she fought back tears. After a moment, with all the courage she could congregate, Rose told Will the dreadful truth. “She’s dying, Will,” she said, her voice filled with sorrow and pain, “Guinevere is dying.”

In shock, horror, and severe pain, Will’s eyes widened, his knees buckled, and he sank to the ground.

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Goodness things are not going well for her are they? I am sure she will pull through though. Looking forward to seeing how!
Just as a suggestion you might want to think about the thing with the bottle, I am sure that Guin would be breast feeding, that is what women did as a rule. Babies also don't smile until they are about 6 weeks, though sometimes they look like they are with wind! These are just little suggestions, feel free to disregard- is your story!

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A very interesting story developing here. I have to admit there where a few spots that I needed to read over a couple of times, to catch up (so to speak). The story jumped fast from one thing to the next. Lots of wonderful dialogue. Maybe could use some extra descriptive development. Let me say though, I am not qualified to judge. Writing does not come easy for me and I am in awe of those who are able to develop stories like this.
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I see I have some catching up to do. Glad that you are posting and I am looking forward to reading, chapter one has me very interested, it sounds like things are going to be complicated!!

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YAY! More readers! Thank you for taking an interest!
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Just getting started on the Guin. Interesting setup here! I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it. The visual of Will taking care of wee Juliet.

Suggestions: You are moving very quickly through your story and I'm getting lost in the hops. As already noted, a bit more narrative to help in the transition would be good Also, perhaps a bit more info on Rose and how she manages to get Will and Elizabeth in and out of prison so easily? That is one formidable woman!

Again, those are only suggestions. Please feel free to do with them as you will. Regardless, I will be looking forward to your next chapters!

Welcome to the section!

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Originally Posted by Lassalanta View Post
Just getting started on the Guin. Interesting setup here! I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it. The visual of Will taking care of wee Juliet.

Suggestions: You are moving very quickly through your story and I'm getting lost in the hops. As already noted, a bit more narrative to help in the transition would be good Also, perhaps a bit more info on Rose and how she manages to get Will and Elizabeth in and out of prison so easily? That is one formidable woman!

Again, those are only suggestions. Please feel free to do with them as you will. Regardless, I will be looking forward to your next chapters!

Welcome to the section!


Thank you very much!
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A fiesty and resourceful character is Rose, I like her spirit. Some very sad images here and I have my fingers crossed for some good things to happen.

Looking forward to the next chapter

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Chapter 4

*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 4: Guinevere’s Responsibility and the Adventure Begins

“Dying?” Will asked incredulously, “Since when?”

“For two years,” Rose said glumly.

“I can’t believe this,” Will sighed, disheartened, “I won’t believe it.”

“Neither could I, and I still don’t want to believe it,” Rose countered, “All we can do is to always remember that there is always hope.”

Will nodded at this wisdom and gave a diminutive smile with a glimmer of hopefulness and grief. “How do we explain this to Guin?” he asked ruefully, “I don’t think I have the heart to tell her she’s dying.”

“Well, she won’t take it well no matter what. We are her friends and all she needs now is us,” Rose said.

The next moment, Will and Rose went back to check on Guinevere, who woke in a daze.

Will sat beside her on the bed. “Guin?”

“Will, where’s Juliet?” Guinevere moaned as she came to.

Will turned to Rose, who shook her head vigorously and gestured at her throat.

Will, unsure of her meaning, told Guinevere the truth. “She’s been kidnapped, Guin.”

Rose gaped and slapped her palm to her face.

Guinevere’s eyes widened. “Oh my God, I’ve got to save her!” she gasped.

Guinevere leapt to her feet and fell. Then, she noticed the chains, and she became irate immediately. “Rose, what are you doing?” she gasped in horror.

“I’m saving your bloody life, that’s what,” Rose snapped, “I know you want to go after Juliet, but you can’t. Not with your condition.”

“My what?”

“Let me put it simply: you have consumption. If you go out there, you could die.”

“I don’t care if I die, I care if my baby girl dies! And I’m not dying!”

“You don’t care if you die? That’s because you’re reckless!”

“Reckless? Well, if I’m being “reckless”, than you are being a fool! That’s my daughter out there, you wretched little-”

“Enough!” Will shouted.

“Will, you don’t agree with her do you? Please, let me save my daughter,” Guinevere begged.

“I am sorry, Guin, but Rose is right,” Will told her, “You are dying. I will find Juliet, and I will assure that she is back in your arms.”

Guinevere was outraged. How could her own friend not be on her side! Guinevere spat in Will’s face. “Traitor!” she screamed, “Juliet is my daughter, my responsibility! You can’t do this to me, Will. You think that I’m weak. You think you’re protecting me, but you’re not!”

“This is for your own good. Were you in better health-” Will said repentantly.

“Better health? Ha!” Guinevere snorted, “You shouldn’t be talking to me about better health. You’ve been in worse circumstances than I have.”

“Whatever illnesses I’ve had in the past do not hinder me now. Yours does,” Will told his sick friend.

“So you think!” Guinevere spat, “I would expect Rose to lock me up, but not you. How can you do this to me? What about Elizabeth? Would you do this to her?”

Guinevere cursed and wailed until her heart could bear it no more, and she wept once more, burying her face in Will’s chest. Will embraced her consolingly and smoothed away the tears.

“I’m sorry, Will. I should not have spat on you. Juliet is the only family I have left,” Guinevere sobbed.

“Shhh…it’s all right. I understand,” Will comforted her, “But you must understand that I am responsible for Juliet as you are. I promised that I would not let anything happen to you or Juliet, and I will keep that promise. You’ve had a very trying morning. I want you to rest.”

Carefully, Will took Guinevere in his arms and laid her down on her enormous, soft, and comfortable pillows.

“I don’t want to rest, Will,” Guinevere whispered solemnly, “I want to save my Juliet.”

“You have a strong heart, Guin. But your body is weak. You may be strong, but you are getting sicker and sicker every minute. I just want you to get well again,” Will replied compassionately.

“I’m not dying, Will,” Guinevere said obstinately, “I promise you I will not die.”

Will sighed ruefully and stroked Guinevere’s dark hair. “I promise you that, too,” he told her earnestly, “I swear on my life that you will live through this sickness. You’ll marry your true love; you’ll make more babies, and die an old woman, warm and safe in her bed, at the age of one hundred. That is a promise.”

“I know,” Guinevere said with a smile on her lips.

Will took Guinevere’s hand and kissed it. “Sleep now,” he whispered.

Will kissed Guinevere’s brow, and Guinevere fell asleep.

Rose came behind Will and slapped him on the head.

Will jumped in surprise. “OW! What on Earth was that for?!” he asked, frustrated.

“I told you Guinevere wouldn’t take this well, and now she’ll do everything to get her daughter back, idiot!” Rose snapped.

“Not if she trusts me.”

“Do you know where to begin?”

“Yes, I do indeed.”

Will raced out of the hospital, determined to fulfill his oath. He knew that Becket was the one responsible for all of this.

“Lord Beckett,” Will said as he entered the Lord’s stately office, “What have you done with Juliet Parris?”

“Take this man and the lady back to jail,” Beckett commanded tonelessly.

“There has been a break-in and kidnapping at the hospital. Juliet Parris has been kidnapped!” Will protested, shaking a guard off his arm.

“I’m well aware of that, Mr. Turner. I don’t see what business it is of yours, concerning Guinevere and Juliet Parris, and might I remind you that you are still a prisoner awaiting execution and Miss Parris shares your fate now that she has given birth,” Beckett told him.

Crossly, Will slammed Beckett against the wall. “I know you are aware of the situation because you ordered it! Where is Juliet?” he demanded.

“Juliet Parris is not in my keeping, Mr. Turner,” Beckett said coolly, brushing Will off, “As I said, Juliet Parris is no business of yours.”

Will was taken aback. “Juliet is just a child! She is my goddaughter!” he shouted, trying to keep his equanimity, “Guin is dying of consumption. I know you have a quarrel with Miss Parris and me, but please, the child is innocent. I beg you.”

Will sank to his knees before Beckett.

Beckett smiled condescendingly as he looked down at Will. “You seem very determined to find this child,” Beckett said, “Are you willing to do anything?”

“I will do everything to get that baby back,” Will said in earnest.

“Perhaps we can come to a bargain, Mr. Turner. You shall turn Guinevere in to me, and I will not only help you find the child, but I will grant you and your wife-to-be clemency,” Beckett bargained.

Will snorted incredulously. “A pardon or allegiance to you?” Will asked slyly, “Have you no common sense? When I said I was willing to do whatever is necessary to find Juliet Parris, I did not mean by betraying my friend in the process. And a pardon would be highly unlikely from a man who used his title to rob me of my wedding.”

“You give your answer, then?” Beckett asked.

“You have it plain and simple,” Will said flatly.

“Well, manipulative as my actions were, it does not change the status that you all are in,” Beckett told Will, “If you do not accept my terms, then you are sentenced to the gallows, Mr. Turner. Take him away.”

Will’s hot temper finally got the better of him. “Two-faced, unpredictable WRETCH!” he bellowed.

With the loss of his senses, Will charged at Beckett and wrathfully attacked him. The guards hastily pulled him off of Beckett and shackled his hands.

Beckett, disheveled and stunned, rose to his feet and wiped blood from his chin. “Not very wise, Turner,” he jeered.

Suddenly, Beckett punched Will hard in the stomach. Will groaned and fell to the ground.

With a grin, Beckett turned to his personal guard, “Mr. Copper, see to it that Mr. Turner receives twenty lashes when he arrives back in jail,” he commanded.

Will fought back to no avail as the guards took him by both arms and hauled him to his feet. When he entered the jail, Will saw a large, muscular man with a scowling look about him and the dreadful whip in his hand. Will’s stomach turned in knots as his shirt was torn and he was shoved against the wall and shackled.

Suddenly, Crack! the whip kissed the skin on Will’s back. Snap! the whip smacked Will again. Over and over, Will was beaten and his screams echoed through the prison. By the end of his torture, Will was limp, held up only by the shackles.

Will, overcome by pain and weariness, collapsed as he was released from the shackles. Will couldn’t stand as he was taken back to his cell, and so he was remorselessly dragged back. In his daze, Will heard Beckett snicker, “That be his fate when he attacks Lord Beckett. If he continues to be uncooperative, see to it that he and his fiancée are branded.”

Finally, as he entered his cell, Will was tossed to the floor and he faded into sleep.

Later, Will woke to find a piece of cloth tied into his mouth. He looked up in surprise to see that it was a not Elizabeth cleaning, bandaging, and massaging his poor, bloody back, but a man. The man was as strong as Will with short dark hair and was dressed in a dusty, brown hat over his face, and a tattered brown leather coat. Will jumped in surprise.

The man laughed. “No need to be afraid. I’m just doing you a favor, son,” he said, “Beckett would be quite stupid to let you die here. I wouldn’t let you die here either. Not when you’re of value to both of us, and I don’t mean Beckett’s slimy little plan, either.”

Will glared at him suspiciously.

“I know what you’re thinking. You want to know who I am. You know who I am, William Turner,” the man declared, “We’ve been acquainted for years, you bloody pirate.”

The man removed his hat and revealed his true identity as Guinevere! Will was taken aback by Guinevere’s obduracy. Guinevere was still soaked in perspiration, her white face was smeared with dirt, and she trembled constantly.

“Yes, Will, it’s me,” she told him, “I’m sorry about the gag. I will remove it, but just listen to me. You must keep quiet, or else you’ll give me away. Can I trust you to stay quiet?”

Will shook his head ‘yes’. Guinevere untied the cloth in Will’s mouth.

“Guin, what are you doing here?” Will demanded, his voice a tad too high for Guinevere’s liking.

“Shh,” Guinevere whispered in her faint voice, “Pipe down unless you want to get yourself killed!”

Guinevere continued to massage Will’s back and put on bandages. As she did, Will winced from the pain.

“I’m so sorry. Does it hurt badly?” she Guinevere simpered.

“Only a little,” Will replied as he flinched once more.

“In all honesty, and I mean no offense, this was your fault. You did something very, very stupid,” Guinevere scolded as she turned away and let out a small fit of coughing.

“You could show some gratitude. I did it for you. And Beckett is more of a fool than me,” Will retorted.

“I know that, but never do anything stupid like that again,” Guinevere replied gravely, “Course, if it makes you feel any better, I would’ve loved to see Beckett’s feet fly over his head when you attacked him.”

Will and Guinevere giggled.

As Guinevere finished her bandaging, Will immediately remembered something. “Guin, how did you get out? You were chained down. How did you escape and why did you? And what did you do to your hair?” Will wanted to know.

“Rose had the keys, and she came to check on me. I knocked her out and took the keys. When I heard you were taken back to prison to be flogged, I came here. I had to borrow some clothes, though, and I had to chop off my hair. Otherwise, Rose would’ve spotted me like an eagle and its prey. I came here because my daughter is missing, and I will not let anyone stop me from saving her,” Guinevere explained, bursting out in coughing again.

“Guin…” Will groaned.

“Hush and let me talk,” Guinevere scolded as she caught her breath, “We are going to save Juliet. I have a plan.”

“Guin, this isn’t a good idea. You can’t come with me,” Will protested.

“I said hush! Anyway, I found out about this Jack Sparrow business between you and Beckett and-” Guinevere interrupted.

“That is none of your business! You are dying. What you’re doing is suicide and insane. Go back before-” Will told her.

“That’s it!” Guinevere groaned.

Before Will could say another word, Guinevere shoved the gag in his mouth again.

“Shut up, and listen to me well,” Guinevere said in a commanding tone, “Don’t tell me what is a good idea or not. The bad idea is sitting here while my daughter is in danger. Look, I know why you were flogged, and I know how to make Beckett change his mind. He wants Captain Jack Sparrow. He and I will make a deal. I will convince him to send men with us to find Juliet on the condition that we find Jack, and when we do, he will set all of us free. It seems to me that you had a friendship with that pig that calls himself a pirate before didn’t you? Not wise. Anyway, before I go on babbling, or collapse again, do you agree to help?”

Guinevere removed the gag from Will’s mouth. Will was still determined to argue. “Guin, are you crazy? You will stay here,” he declared.

“I’d really be crazy if I listened to you,” Guinevere told him.

“I won’t let you go,” Will argued, “Besides, you don’t even know how to use a sword or a gun. You have no defense. You are staying here.”

“That so? Were I not with child when we met again I could’ve easily whipped you. And I’m two months older than you. Since when do you order me around? Besides, it’s been nine years, and you assume too much. And anyway, you and what army is going to make me stay?” Guinevere chortled.

“I will bind you in chains myself if I have to. You are staying here and that’s my final word,” Will told her firmly.

“That so?” Guinevere snickered with a mischievous smile.

At that moment Guinevere shoved the gag back into Will’s mouth and sang “Yo ho, Yo ho, A Pirates Life for Me”. Will remained defiant, feeling Guinevere would give in after a moment. Ten minutes later, Guinevere still sang on. Will, with his fingers in his ears, finally surrendered. Guinevere removed the gag.

“All right, all right! You can come, just no more singing!” Will moaned.

“I knew you’d warm up to me,” Guinevere said triumphantly, “Shall we shake on it?”

The two friends firmly shook hands.

Guinevere smirked. “Wise decision,” she laughed.

Will’s brow furrowed. “How do you know Captain Jack Sparrow? Why do you hate him?” Will asked suspiciously.

“I don’t know him, and I never said I hated him,” Guinevere replied simply.

“Why do you tell me befriending him is unwise? And why are you so intent on hanging him?” Will asked.

Guinevere hesitated a moment. “Why else? He’s a pirate, and all pirates deserve that short drop and sudden stop. As with your friendship with him, befriending pirates is not wise. Now enough with the silly questions,” she explained.

Will nodded, as he decided not to press the matter any further.

“Where’s Elizabeth?” he wanted to know.

“She’s not back yet,” Guinevere told him, “Anyway, I am releasing you. This will be permanent for you and Elizabeth as long as you hold up your end of the bargain.”

At that moment, a guard came to release Will.

“And how did you manage that?” Will wanted to know.

“Those five shillings came in handy,” Guinevere said with a sly smile, “We must go now. Can you walk?”

“I’m fine,” Will replied, hobbling to his feet, “The question is can you walk?”

Guinevere, on the other hand, had no strength at all to stand. She struggled to her feet and fell numerous times. Will tried to carry her, but Guinevere shook him off with stubbornly.

“I’m fine,” she protested.

“No you’re not. You can’t even stand,” Will told her.

Guinevere once again tried to stand, but her legs had no strength, and she fell again. Clunk!

Once again, Will offered to carry her. “You know, your buttocks can get sore from doing that. Perhaps it will be swollen. Trust me, you’re rear end doesn’t need to be any bigger than your mouth,” he said slyly.

“And you were just telling me I was the one with the big mouth!” Guinevere snorted.

After failing to stand one last time, Guinevere rolled her eyes.

Before Will scooped her into his arms, Guinevere gave one final protest. “Don’t you dare say another word,” she said in embarrassment, “Ah, ah, ah! And don’t tell Rose.”

“Not a word,” Will promised.

With that, the two friends set out to on their journey to find Juliet and Jack. Will was relieved to be out of prison. However, he was suspicious of Guinevere. Although she had given him her word, Will felt that Guinevere was in this situation for more than her daughter. As he and Guinevere headed out of prison to meet Beckett, Will knew that the truth was not being told, and that there was much more of Guinevere’s past to be revealed as their quest went on.

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Guin certainly is determined...I just hope that she does manage to overcome her weaknees as I think she is going to need to be strong and determined.

Looking forward to the next bit...

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Wow! That is one determined woman. I just hope she survives! Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

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I felt a real connection with Guin's despiration to get to her child. You captured that well. Looking forward to seeing how all this unfolds.
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She is very strong isn't she? I like that quality!
Is good how this is building up Guin

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*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 5: Jack’s Debt and Barbossa’s Revenge

As Guinevere and Will were setting out on their adventure, another was on an adventure of his own. He was the cleverest and fastest talking pirate who would ever sail the ocean. This pirate was the charming, roguish Captain Jack Sparrow. He stood proudly at the helm of his beloved ship, the Black Pearl, and set his course. Jack took in a breath of the fresh air, and sighed. For him, life couldn’t get any better. As he checked his compass that didn’t point north, he again sang to himself his favorite song: We’re devils and black sheep and really bad eggs. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Jack had learned the song from none other than Elizabeth Swann one year ago after he had been stranded a second time on an island with her.

Remembering Elizabeth and her loveliness, Jack sighed, “Ah, Elizabeth. Too bad it couldn’t have worked out between us.”

Months ago, Jack saved Will Turner and Elizabeth from his old nemesis, Captain Barbossa. In exchange, Jack won back his ship, The Black Pearl and was saved from a hanging by Will. In addition, Jack also gained two new crewmembers, Pintel and the one-eyed Ragetti, both of Captain Barbossa’s crew. Jack thought that he and Elizabeth might have had a special bond between them, but that all ended when Elizabeth burned the island that they were stranded on with all the rum supply and when Elizabeth gave herself to Will. Although his first love was the sea, Jack thought it a terrible shame how he couldn’t find a girl. All of the girls he met usually ended up slapping him. Jack didn’t seem to mind; he had his ship, and that was all he cared about.

Despite his idyllic life, all of these events changed for Jack. His crew grew weary, and AnaMaria, a possible new love for him, sailed away on a brand new boat as Jack promised. Jack’s compass was on the fritz for reasons he could not explain. Every day he felt like something was following him. Jack would find out that there was something, but actually someone.

It all began with a typical day. Jack had set his course for anywhere the wind would take him. Mr. Cotton’ s parrot squawked, and the crew began to question Jack. Bored to death and weary, Jack retired to his quarters, leaving his first mate Gibbs at the helm. Later that night, Jack heard whispers.

“Whose there?” Jack called out.

No answer at all.

“Show yourself immediately!” Jack commanded.

There was still no reply. Suddenly he heard someone call out his name.

“Jack Sparrow,” it called.

Jack shuddered to hear the voice. He knew that voice very, very well. Then, a pallid, weathered figure stepped out from the darkness.

“Bootstrap Bill,” he whispered, “Is this a dream?”

“No,” Bootstrap replied.

“I thought not. If it were, there’d be rum,” Jack said glumly.

Bootstrap handed Jack a barnacle-crusted bottle of rum.

“You look good, Jack,” Bootstrap said with a wide smile, “You’ve got the Pearl back, I see.”

“I had some help retrieving the Pearl,” Jack said happily, taking a swig of rum, “Your son.”

“William?” Bootstrap asked, shocked, “He ended up a pirate after all.”

“And to what do I owe the pleasure of your carbuncle?” Jack wanted to know.

“He sent me…Davy Jones,” Bootstrap said, “At the bottom of the ocean, I suffered, unable to die. Jones offered me freedom on the Dutchman.”

“Well then,” Jack said casually.

“You made a deal with him too, Jack!” barked Bootstrap, “Jones raised the Pearl for you. Now you’re debt must be paid.”

“Well, the Dutchman already has a captain,” Jack argued.

“Then it’s the Locker for you!” growled Bootstrap, “Jones’s leviathan will find you. He’ll drag the Pearl down to the depths and you along with it. You won’t be able to talk yourself out of this one.”

“Any word when Jones will release that terrible beastie?” Jack asked.

“I told you, Jack. Time’s up,” Bootstrap said solemnly, taking Jack’s hand, “Death comes to the man who bears the black spot.”

With that, Bootstrap turned away and disappeared. Jack gazed at his hand and the black spot. In dread, Jack’s eyes widened.

“Oh, bugga,” he gasped.

Immediately, Jack snapped into action. He sprang from his quarters and up to the deck. Everyone of the crew members were close to thinking Jack had gone mad when he raced around the ship shouting orders.

“Drop canvas! Everybody on deck, move it!” Jack bellowed.

Mr. Gibbs came to Jack’s side, noticing his panic.

“Cap’n, do we have a heading?” he asked.

“Land. We run,” Jack replied hastily.

Jack knew exactly what he would do. Davy Jones could attack him on the sea, but not on land. He had to get to shore.

Suddenly, Marty raced up to Jack. “Enemy ship! We’re under attack!” she shouted.

Jack was speechless. As he looked into his telescope, he groaned. How could his day get any worse?

Then, BOOM! A cannon ball ripped through the starboard side of the Pearl. POW! A second cannon tore through the ship. Jack could barely think as he gave out orders to save his ship.

“Pump out the water! Lighten the ship! Move!” he cried frantically.

The crew of the Black Pearl did all they could with more than a will. Crates were dumped overboard to speed up the ship. Water was feverishly being pumped out. Every crewmember raced around the ship desperately trying to keep the Pearl afloat. However, their efforts brought no use. The attacking ship was too fast and too powerful to be overtaken or outrun. Within minutes, the dominant ship came alongside the Black Pearl and the two ships were hooked together.

The crew of the enemy ship swarmed the Black Pearl. Jack’s crew fought back, but with ill use. They were completely outnumbered, and the ship was seriously damaged. Jack was stunned by the dominant ship’s strength. He knew his crew had no chance of winning this battle. Bravely and with as much dignity as he could muster, he surrendered. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched his crew as they were held at gunpoint and tied to the mast of their own ship.

Jack stepped down from the helm of the ship. Immediately, two men larger and stronger than Jack took him by both arms and bound his wrists. Then, Jack was taken to the main deck where he faced the leader of the attacking ship.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done to my ship?” Jack asked angrily.

“Silence! You’ll speak when spoken to,” snarled one of the crewmembers holding him.

Jack’s frustration knew no bounds. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done to my ship!” he bellowed.

In response, a gun was pointed at his head. The leader of the ship stepped toward him. Jack defiantly pushed him away. In anger, the leader smacked him and removed the large hat covering his face. Jack looked up in astonishment to see the leader was no man, but one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen! The woman was just as tall and strong as Jack. Her hair was jet black, like the feathers of a raven, and her eyes were as blue as the sea. She had skin of gold from the Caribbean sun. Every article of tattered clothing on her body was men’s clothing.

Jack’s jaw dropped. He could not believe he had laid his hands on such a woman. However, he was livid, and no woman, no matter how lovely, would get the better of him.

“Who are you?” Jack demanded.

“You will speak when I speak to you,” the woman snapped, “If you do not know my name, you will learn it and remember it. You once were a captain to my father, and you were his enemy. You killed my father.”

“Probably served him right,” Jack muttered.

“Silence and listen well, Captain Jack Sparrow,” the woman commanded, “My name is Lucia Barbossa, and I will have my revenge. First, we will kill your accomplices. Bring forward Will Turner!”

“Will Turner is not of my crew,” Jack said.

“Is that a lie to save your life?” Lucia asked suspiciously.

“What do you think?” Jack replied.

Lucia smirked. “I think you might be of some use,” she said, “I know you were aided by Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner when you killed my father. I also know that you romanced my new foe, Guinevere Parris. You will lead me to Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Guinevere Parris.”

“I don’t see any incentive to help you,” Jack muttered defiantly.

“Do you not?” Lucia asked slyly.

Jack was puzzled.

Lucia smirked. “Perhaps she will give you the incentive,” Lucia laughed.

Jack was still not convinced. Suddenly, he heard a wail. It was a baby cry.

Lucia grinned wickedly and showed Jack the baby. “Do you recognize this little one?” she asked.

Jack shook his head.

“You should,” Lucia told him, “She looks like you. That is because she’s your blood. Her name is Juliet Parris, and she’s your daughter by Guinevere Parris.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he heard. “My what?” he asked in surprise, his eyes wide.

“Your daughter,” Lucia repeated smartly, “She’s also my bargaining chip. If you remember Guinevere, you’ll know she will come for her little girl. She will be drawn straight to me. I will keep the brat alive, but only if you do not refuse my command. If I know you, you won’t risk the life of your daughter or any child for that matter. This is my command: You will lead me to Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Guinevere Parris. Once you do, you will watch them die one-by-one. I know you are unpredictable. If you decide to lead me astray, I will have one crewmember killed every hour we are lost. I will not kill you if we find the others. Do we have an accord?”

Jack’s hands were untied. Lucia held out her hand. Jack hesitated a moment. Briefly, he glanced at Juliet. Then, he came up with another bargain.

“Only on one condition,” he said after a moment, “You will help me outwit Davy Jones. Do we have an accord?”

Lucia agreed. Then, she firmly shook hands with Jack, smiling in satisfaction.

Lucia turned and shouted to her crew, “Release the prisoners!”

In that moment, Jack’s crew were freed from the mast and given their orders.

“Take the helm…Captain,” Lucia laughed.

Immediately, Jack stepped up to the helm. Suddenly, he remembered two details Lucia had left out.

“Lucia, I understand you want to kill me, Elizabeth, and Will, and I don’t blame you because we did kill your father,” he began, “but what in God’s name does this have to do with Guinevere or my daughter?”

Lucia smiled. “That question will be answered in due course,” she said confidently.

“And what of my ship? We can’t sail with damage like this,” Jack wanted to know.

“You’re absolutely right, Jack,” Lucia replied and then bellowed out a command, “Patch up the damage! Get the water out! Get moving!”

Jack winced. Never in his life had he met a woman so fierce.

“Now get back to work, Jack,” Lucia snapped, “And one more rule: do not call me Lucia again. From this moment, you can consider yourself under my command. If you give me what I want, you might consider yourself my slave. You will address me as Captain Barbossa.”

Jack rolled his eyes. His day couldn’t get any worse. He owed a blood debt, he and his crew were prisoners on their own ship, he was under the command of his old foe’s daughter that he hated, and he himself had a daughter he never knew about from a woman he had all but forgotten until this moment. Clearly, luck was still with Jack, and it was luck that kept him alive. However, Jack had to maintain that luck if he was to save his soul as well as the lives of others.

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ack a bad day then! Poor Jack, better to go back to bed (sssh) and get up again. The plot thickens - good update!

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Thank you, nuit!
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Oops! Sorry I missed this when it was first posted, Guin.

Poor Jack. Talk about a bad day! Extra rum for the fella that's for sure, especially since he just found out he was a dad. And just how does witty Jack deal with all of this?

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Originally Posted by Lassalanta View Post
Oops! Sorry I missed this when it was first posted, Guin.

Poor Jack. Talk about a bad day! Extra rum for the fella that's for sure, especially since he just found out he was a dad. And just how does witty Jack deal with all of this?


No need to apologize. I'm happy to get readers whenever! Thank you!

Yes, Jack has a bad day. You'll see how Jack gets out of it soon.
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It was great to see Jack and I enjoyed his thoughts....some surprise for him finding that he had a daughter. I am looking forward to seeing how he handles this.

Great update and sorry that I missed it first up

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Sorry it took so long to comment. Since I read it to make the banner before the post, I forgot to come in to comment. Better late than never though.

Jack's a Daddy....Awe. I love the added character of barbossa's daughter.
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Without further ado, here's Chapter 6!

*graphics created by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 6: The Search Begins

When Will and Guinevere arrived at Beckett’s office, Beckett greeted Will. “Mr. Turner,” he greeted scornfully, “I was expecting you, but I must admit I wasn’t expecting you to have company.”

“Sorry for my lack of information. It was a trifle difficult being in prison as well as being flogged to the point of unconsciousness,” Will replied.

“Indeed, it was,” Beckett admitted.

Beckett turned his interests to a disguised Guinevere, unaware of her true identity. Taking Guinevere’s chin in his hand, Beckett examined the “boy”. In his own fashion, Beckett seemed quite impressed with what he saw. “A beardless boy, yet quite handsome. Frail, but yet there is strength as well,” Beckett said with interest, “What is your name, boy? What business do you have with me?”

“Lady,” corrected Guinevere, “And you should know my name. Our business is unfinished. It’s been unfinished for too long.”

“Well, well, Miss Guinevere Parris,” Beckett replied with bitter amusement.

“Surprise, surprise,” Guinevere muttered with much scorn.

“And quite a lovely one,” Beckett added, “Are you sacrificing your dignity, Miss Parris? It’s one less thing you have to lose after your life. I could have a noose around your neck right now.”

Guinevere glared sharp daggers at him and pointed a pistol in his face. “I would watch my tongue if I were you. You stole Will and Elizabeth’s wedding and you tried to steal my daughter. You threaten me or the ones I love it will be you who will lose everything. I have no qualms of being hanged for killing you,” she said menacingly, “Mr. Turner and I are here to negotiate.”

Beckett grinned. “Are you sure Mr. Turner agrees, Miss Parris? Are you certain he can trust you? There is a reason you are a criminal, you know,” he said smugly, “You are boldly spoken, Miss Parris. I could’ve had you hanged had Mr. Turner informed me of your identity.”

“Ha! On the charges of infidelity, sailing under the colors of a pirate, etcetera, etcetera? Hmm, why do I feel that those charges are more crimes against you and less against the Crown? How much gold did you shell out of your filthy purse in your attempt to ruin my friends and me? It couldn’t have been very much,” Guinevere spat with visible anger, “As far as my knowledge is concerned, we are not criminals. You’re the criminal, you pernicious excuse for a man.”

Beckett gave a slight wince that both Will and Guinevere noticed.

Bravo, Will snickered to himself.

“Anyway, I doubt that you could. It would be my as well as the words of Miss Swann, Mr. Turner, Governor Swann, James Norrington, and Rose Miller against yours. You’re odds are not as good as you had planned,” Guinevere continued, her eyes on fire, “You are a corrupt, despicable creature, and I will make sure the King knows that if he doesn’t already. I wouldn’t doubt that he doesn’t know your character, if I dare call it that, you craven pig.”

“Are you certain Mr. Turner will not lose his composure again, Miss Parris? I do hope so. I would so hate to have to flog him again or worse,” Beckett asked in a slimy tone.

Will glared at Beckett and slowly clenched his fist.

“Perhaps another ten lashes are necessary,” Beckett growled, “Maybe it might just wipe that glare from your face.”

Will set Guinevere to her feet, sprang forward, and was about to knock Beckett off his feet.

Guinevere quickly held him back, and took him aside. “What are you doing?” she asked angrily.

“I can’t do this, Guin,” Will told her, “I can’t join forces with this wretched man!”

“I know, but I don’t care,” Guinevere replied, “I hate Tete de Seau, but he is the only one who can help me find Juliet. Besides, you don’t have a choice. If trusting him is the only way I can get Juliet back and set you and Elizabeth free, so be it. The question is can you trust Tete de Seau, or can you not?”

Will sighed and nodded.

Guinevere, leaning on Will’s shoulder for support, placed her pistol back at Beckett’s face. “Back to our negotiation,” she said darkly.

“I’m listening, Miss,” Beckett said with intrigue.

“I am aware that you want a certain Jack Sparrow-” Guinevere began.

“Captain,” Will corrected.

“I’m aware that you want a certain Captain Jack Sparrow returned to you, no?” Guinevere inquired.

“Your knowledge of this matter is great, but Captain Sparrow is the least of my concerns,” Beckett told her, “Perhaps Mr. Turner may remember a certain compass that Jack keeps with him at all times.”

Will nodded.

“What I want is for you to retrieve that compass,” Beckett continued.

“And how do we do that? At the point of a sword?” Will asked in scorn.

Beckett held up a leather book. “Letters of Marque,” Beckett said, “You will offer Mr. Sparrow what amounts to a full pardon and employment to the East India Trading Company.”

“I doubt Jack will bargain away his freedom for employment,” Will said with certainty.

“Especially to you,” Guinevere spat, “The East India Trading Company, the Caribbean, and England were all fine until your foul stench reeked upon us.”

“Know this, the both of you should,” Beckett said smoothly, “I will have that compass at whatever cost. Bring the compass to me, or you all face the hangman’s noose.”

“This negotiation is not finished, mon seigneur. I have not done my bargaining,” Guinevere interrupted, “Will and I will do your bidding, but only under these conditions: you will help me find my daughter, and when we return to Port Royal, you will release us all. If in any way you attempt to deceive me or Will, I shall have you arrested and after that it will be the gallows for you. Are we clear?”

“Inescapably,” Beckett commented, “And what of Mr. Turner? Does he agree to these terms?”

Guinevere gave Will a pleading look. Despite Will’s hatred for Beckett, he focused on Guinevere’s thoughts. “Lord Beckett,” he began, “We have an accord. But remember that I do this to save my fiancée and Juliet Parris. And let me warn you; if my fiancée is harmed in any way on my journey or if you do not hold up your end of the bargain, I will make a plea to His Majesty himself, and he will ensure that you never do business again.”

“Your words are marked, Mr. Turner,” Beckett said with a glare.

“Where do we begin?” Will wanted to know.

“I will provide you with a ship and a map to start your course. You will sail on the H.M.S Pride. I don’t have any bearings for you. Mr. Turner knows Jack Sparrow the best. He should be able to use his instincts. Your orders are to find Jack Sparrow and bring back his compass,” Beckett explained, “And do not disobey me. If any one of you tries to disobey my command, I will see to it that all of you are flogged twenty lashes and hanged for disobeying orders as well as piracy. Do I make myself clear?”

“Clearer than a bell. However, I think your methods of persuasion need a tad bit of work. If you weren’t the son of Lucifer that would be enough persuasion for me,” Guinevere taunted.

“Guin!” Will warned.

In fury, Beckett’s hand flew across Guinevere’s face, and he held his own pistol to her throat. “Perhaps this will persuade you: if you attempt to deceive me, Miss Parris, it will be you who will pay for all of our business. You shall be flogged and after you are hanged, I shall have your head hanging from my bowsprit,” he threatened.

“Your point is well seen, but you really must try harder to scare me,” Guinevere said as Beckett released her.

With Guinevere leaning on Will, both left Beckett’s office and immediately headed back to the prison.

“Where’d all that come from? Why did you do that, you fool?” Will asked angrily, “You could’ve cost us our bargain!”

“Funny, you didn’t want anything to do with the bargain,” Guinevere replied.

“Since when do you carry a gun? Do you really know how to shoot, or was that just persuasion?” Will demanded.

“Both,” Guinevere answered, a smug grin on her face, “I told you that you assumed too much. I know very well how to shoot, and I used it to my advantage. Funny what you can learn in nine years.”

Guinevere and Will came to an archway that led to the prison of Port Royal. “The ship is the other way, dear William,” Guinevere commented.

“We’re not going just yet,” Will told her, “Elizabeth doesn’t know about this. I must tell her.”

Will and Guinevere raced down the stone steps of the prison and found Elizabeth. Will set Guinevere on a bench and dashed to her side.

Elizabeth’s eyes glowed as she held Will’s hands through the cold bars. “Will, what’s the meaning of this? Father told me about the flogging, and your meeting with Beckett. What’s going on?” we she asked in surprise.

“Guin and I made a bargain with Beckett, and we are going to find Juliet and Jack,” Will explained.

“Jack?” Elizabeth asked.

“Jack’s compass, actually,” Will corrected.

“What could Beckett possibly want with that?” Elizabeth asked, confused.

“It doesn’t matter,” Will reassured her, “If I find Jack and bring back the compass we will be free.”

“Will, you are a blacksmith and I assume you helped build these cells. Why don’t you just break Elizabeth out?” Guinevere asked in annoyance.

“As much as I would love to do so, Guin, I can’t,” Will replied, “We have to find Jack first. If I break Elizabeth out now, we will face the hangman’s noose.”

“I know! I’m not deaf, you know! I’m just saying that finding Jack will be easier than getting Tete de Seau to release you,” Guinevere commented.

“Do you lack faith in me, Guin?” Will asked in surprise.

“Don’t be ridiculous! It’s not you I lack faith in, Will; it’s that rat who calls himself Tete de Seau!” Guinevere explained in frustration, “Pernicious, scheming, cowardly wretch, he is. Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that we are arrested now? Tete de Seau barged in on your wedding day, failed to tell you the charges, and he tried to snatch my daughter. Do you think it a coincidence? I think not. He will not drop the charges against us.”

“Why?” Will wanted to know.

“One, there are no charges to drop, if you recall. Tete de Seau is using our actions against us. Two, we are all part of his scheme to get his hands on Jack’s precious compass. Thirdly, if I must repeat what we all know, he is a sniveling, slimy, wretched snake. You forget he never said he would pardon all of us. He said he would pardon Jack, and I highly doubt that. He is trying to wipe out all pirates on the seas. In a liberal definition, or at least in the eyes of Tete de Seau, we are pirates. One way or another, he will have us all hanged. This deal is only to find my daughter, and we must find a new way to secure our freedom. He cannot be trusted with our lives or freedom.”

“You’re point is understood, Guin,” Will agreed, “If you would give Elizabeth and I a moment, please?”

“Aye,” Guinevere replied.

Elizabeth was shaken by Guinevere’s statement. “What are we going to do?” she asked fearfully.

“Don’t be afraid. Guinevere, Jack, and I will find a way out of this mess,” Will comforted, “And when we are free, I promise to marry you.”

“Properly?” Elizabeth asked.

“Eagerly, if you’ll still have me,” Will replied lightheartedly.

Elizabeth’s face lit up into a wide smile. “I’ll always have you,” Elizabeth whispered tenderly, “But if it weren’t for these bloody bars I’d have you now!”

“OH!” Guinevere cried as she broke a sconce on the wall and fell forward.

Will and Elizabeth stared at her for a moment. Guinevere simply shrugged and regained her poise.

Will turned back to Elizabeth. “No bars can keep us apart, that I promise you,” Will said earnestly.

With a smile full of hope and love, Elizabeth nodded. Then, as if for the last time, she stroked Will’s smooth cheek, and Will kissed her hand. Elizabeth smiled through her tears. “Go, and when you return, I will be waiting to become Mrs. Elizabeth Turner,” she said confidently.

“Keep a weather eye on the horizon,” Will whispered.

With that, Will slowly turned away to Guinevere. Not daring to look back, Will took Guinevere on his shoulder and the two friends raced out of the prison. Will and Guinevere stepped out into the blinding sun and made their way to the H.M.S. Pride.

As they did, Will was still fuming about Beckett. “Perhaps I should make it ten more lashes, Perhaps I should make it ten more lashes,” he mocked, exaggerating Beckett’s unctuous tone, “Why not just get on with it so I don’t have to listen to you! He thinks he has a right to make people’s lives miserable!”

“Look, we’re lucky he helped us,” Guinevere pointed out, “All we must do is bring Jack back to be hanged. Tete de Seau is also giving us some of his men to help us find Juliet. We should be lucky for what he’s done.”

Will nodded, and agreed with Guinevere. What she said was true. Beckett had done something as opposed to nothing at all. Now, all Will and Guinevere had to do was find Jack and rescue Juliet. Will was still curious about what Beckett had said to Guinevere and her arrest warrant.

“What was that business with Beckett?” he asked in curiosity.

“What business?” Guinevere inquired.

“Don’t play simpleton with me, Guin,” Will warned, “When Elizabeth and I were arrested, Beckett had a warrant for your arrest as well. He threatened to hang you. You did something. He would not threaten to hang you unless you committed a crime. What have you done?”

“The only crimes Tete de Seau oversees are the ones committed against him or his precious company. What does it matter?” Guinevere shrugged.

“It matters because your life is on the line, and I want to help you,” Will told her.

Guinevere laughed carelessly and giddily.

“Guin! How can you laugh at this? You’re life is on the line, for God’s sake!” Will gasped in frustration.

“You have a young man’s gift of exaggeration,” she chuckled, “Besides, you claim that my life is already on the line. You and I don’t know much about the law, except for the basic, nonsensical, black and white, bloody rules. But I know that in this day and age, the rules are strict. Simply stealing bread lands you a spot on the gallows. With Tete de Seau, you speak one insult about him and you’re dead.”

“What you say is true, but it doesn’t answer my question,” Will said.

“There is nothing you need to worry about, William,” said lightly.

“Nothing?” Will asked in frustration.

“Yes, nothing,” Guinevere repeated, “Tete de Seau is just using the position he bought to punish me and get what he wants. I see no point in being afraid of him. Neither should you. You know he can’t arrest you and Elizabeth. You have done nothing to deserve this fate. Your actions are not a crime. This is all a plot for him to get what he wants, and you know it. He is only manipulating you by taking away what you love most.”

“True enough,” Will agreed, “but Beckett is not someone to be trifled with. I hate the man because he has taken my love and my wedding day from me, but his power is far greater than ours. You, Elizabeth and I are no criminals, but with Beckett’s power, he can make the public think that we are. It is not wise to provoke him.”

“Despite that, there is nothing to worry about,” Guinevere reassured him, “We bring Jack back to Port Royal and we’re all off the hook. Nothing more.”

“I’m afraid it might be something more, Guin,” Will said with many shivers down his spine, “But you lied to me.”

“Lied?” Guinevere inquired.

“About Jack,” Will continued, “You told me that Beckett was after Jack, not his compass. You knew this all along. You only said Jack so you could hang him.”

“No, I didn’t,” Guinevere corrected, “I merely assumed it was Jack that Tete de Seau wanted after the marks they left on each other. I didn’t know anything about the bloody compass.”

Not wanting to beget another argument, Will dropped the subject. Suddenly, as they were stepping up the gangway, Guinevere keeled over again. Will was quick to catch her.

“Whoa, now! Are you all right?” Will asked in concern.

Guinevere sighed. “Yes,” she replied with fatigue in her voice, “Yes, I’m fine. I’m just tired and a little hot.”

“Guin, something’s wrong with you. You’ve been sweating ever since you came to the prison. You can barely walk,” Will said wisely.

“So I sweat a little and I’m clumsy. You’re not a doctor, Will,” Guinevere said dismissively.

“Guin, we’ve been together for twelve years,” Will told her, “I would know if something was amiss with you. You’d know the same with me.”

“I do know the same with you. Something is wrong with you. You are being stubborn and irritating,” Guinevere declared, rolling her eyes.

“Well, sorry you feel that way, but you’re the stubborn one,” Will argued.

“Just drop it, Will. You’ll never win this argument,” Guinevere said wearily.

Will wasn’t about to drop the subject. He felt Guinevere’s cheeks, and was stricken with alarm to find that they were burning hot and whiter than ever. “Guin, you’re not just a little hot,” Will told her, “You have a fever. I did notice that you are skinny as a lady’s belly in a corset. When was the last time you ate something?”

“I can’t remember the last time I ate,” Guinevere said simply.

“Guin!” Will gasped, aghast, “What do you think you’re doing to yourself?”

“It’s not my fault,” Guinevere argued, “Ask her!”

Will turned around to find Rose standing behind him. “Having a little trouble?” Rose asked.

“Rose, why hasn’t Guinevere been eating?” Will demanded.

“I can’t answer that. It’s no fault of mine,” Rose said innocently.

“Don’t play innocent. If it weren’t for your cooking, I wouldn’t be in this position!” Guinevere snarled.

“My cooking has nothing to do with it! You’re the one who chose to starve yourself!” Rose argued back.

“Well, you’re the one who made me starve myself!” Guinevere fired back.

“For my sanity and the sanity of others, could you two kindly SHUT IT!” Will bellowed, “Guin, we have to get you on board.”

“Or you could just send her back to the hospital,” Rose suggested.

“Rose, please. We don’t have time for this,” Will said urgently, “Besides, you’re too late. Guinevere and I are under strict orders from Beckett. Guinevere has a fever. If you want to ensure her welfare, then you best come aboard. If not, you can get out of here and keep your overprotective nose out of this.”

Rose did not hesitate. Quickly, she and Will carried Guinevere on board and rushed to the hospital deck. Guinevere knew what they were doing and stubbornly protested.

“Will, I told you no hospitals,” she growled, “You will keep your word.”

“I know that. But I also know that you should use your common sense. If you don’t see a doctor you won’t have a chance to save your daughter,” Will told her.

Considering this, Guinevere stopped struggling. She was then laid on a bed and examined by the ship’s doctor.

“I am surprised how a victim of consumption can travel when she should be confined to a bed,” the doctor said with a frown, “The day’s heat as well as a lack of food is making her weak. I see it is nothing major. However, I would be cautious. Knowing that your friend is a consumption patient, it would not be wise to take any illness lightly. Just give her some water and food, and let her rest.”

With that, the doctor left Will, Rose, and Guinevere alone.

“I will find some food,” Rose declared.

She then followed the doctor, leaving Will with Guinevere.

Guinevere looked over and smiled at Will.

“At last, we can save Juliet,” she said.

“We will save her,” Will replied confidently, “You shouldn’t worry too much. You need to rest.”

Guinevere paused a moment. Then, she asked a strange question that Will could not answer completely.

“Will, do you think I will live long enough to save my baby?” she asked.

Will could not believe what Guinevere was saying. He didn’t know what to say. Was Guinevere losing hope already, or was she playing tricks with him?

“Guin, you know I don’t have this wisdom,” Will replied, “I’m not a fortune teller. I wish I knew, but I don’t. If it is any comfort to you, my heart tells me you will live.”

“Then you don’t believe that I’m dying?” Guinevere asked dubiously.

Will sighed. “If it is any comfort to you, I can’t believe it,” he said, “But I know it is true. You must realize that your strength is fading. No more talk about this matter. You must eat and get some sleep. You’ll need your strength when we make port.”

“How could I come this far if my strength was fading?” Guinevere asked, not wanting to end the matter.

“Because of your love for Juliet, I suppose,” Will replied simply.

Guinevere had suddenly become frustrated with Will.

“Do you want me to prove to you that I am not dying?” she asked.

In a flash, Guinevere reached for Will’s sword, pulled it from his belt, and leapt to her feet. However, Guinevere looked down to see the sword was not in her hand, but on the floor. Guinevere tried to pick up the sword, but it fell out of her hands. It was also very heavy. As she tried to lift the sword once more, Guinevere burst into a coughing fit and fell. Will took her in his arms, put her back in bed, and gave her some water. It was just then that Rose walked in with a steaming bowl and a plate in her hands.

“I found some soup and bread. It’s not much but-,” she informed.

“Is it your cooking?” Guinevere interrupted.

“No,” Rose replied.

“Then it’s as good as it can get,” Guinevere said smugly.

Rose sighed and left Will alone with Guinevere once more. Guinevere was in shock, and her eyes were huge.

“It was too heavy, Will,” she whispered with tears in her eyes, “Why is the sword so heavy?”

“Because you have no strength. You need to rest,” Will said softly, “Please, the food you were given is not Rose’s cooking. Please, eat. You’ll regain your strength.”

Guinevere slowly began to slurp her soup and gnaw on her bread.

“How can I protect my daughter if I can’t lift a sword?” Guinevere asked through a mouthful of bread, forcing out a laugh.

“You can leave the sword to me,” Will replied, “May I ask you something, Guin?”

“Anything, Will,” Guinevere replied, quaffing down her soup.

“Why is it you don’t know that you’re dying?” Will asked bluntly.

“Do you take me for a simpleton, Will? I know that I’m dying. I’ve known that for three years. I just chose not to accept it,” Guinevere snapped.

“Then why the denial?” Will asked in bafflement.

“Have you not been listening to me?” Guinevere asked in slight irritation, “I chose not to accept it because it won’t happen. I’m not going to die. You said so yourself that I will live to be one hundred. You must agree with me at least a little bit.”

“Yes, in a small bit I do agree with you,” Will replied, “But you can’t see your future. You believe in some way of your vulnerability. Your optimism is hopeful, but you must be realistic. Look at yourself. Your skin is white, you tremble helplessly, and you can barely breathe!”

“You call that vulnerable? Ha!” Guinevere laughed, “I’ve seen you in more dire situations than mine. Remember when you caught scarlet fever? You were only eight years old. You’re whole body was burning up, and you wouldn’t stop shaking. The doctor, your mum, and I didn’t believe you’d live through the night. But you did. I may be in a tough spot at the moment, but my life will not be claimed by anything other than old age.”

“I had not been suffering for two years,” Will pointed out, “You’re frightened, Guin. I can see it in your eyes.”

“So what if I am going to die? You wouldn’t know what that feels like,” Guinevere said hastily, “You don’t know how it feels to only have a limited time on this Earth. You don’t know what it’s like to fear that you’ll be forgotten. To die knowing that your children will never know who you were. You’ll never know what it feels like to leave the ones you love before you’re ready. I will die incomplete. You couldn’t understand.”

“Guin, of course I know what that feels like. I have been close to death before. I understand,” Will whispered gently.

Tears glittered in Guinevere’s eyes.

“Do you remember the day before you left to find your father? You asked me what I feared. Do you remember?” Guinevere asked.

“I could never forget,” Will replied.

“I know now. I fear death. Not death itself, but the fact of death while I am incomplete,” Guinevere told him as tears streaked her sickly, white face, “I don’t want to die, Will! I don’t want to die! Not like this. I will die lonely.”

Guinevere sobbed and buried her face in Will’s chest. Will consoled her, stroking her brown hair.

“You will not be alone,” he comforted, “Elizabeth, Juliet, Rose, and I will be by your side. We will not leave you. It’s alright. No more tears. I’m here. No harm will come to you so long as I’m around. I promise.”

“Just do me one favor if I die,” Guinevere told him.

“I’ll do anything,” Will said sincerely.

“Promise me that you will tell Juliet who her mother was,” Guinevere whispered.

“It’s a promise,” Will declared.

“Do you know why Rose is so stubborn on me?” Guinevere wanted to know.

Will shook his head.

“Because she is your best friend,” he told her.

“Yes, but there is something else,” Guinevere replied, “One year ago, I caught scarlet fever. I don’t remember too much, but I do know this: Rose was afraid. She was afraid because in that bout I nearly died. Now that she knows about the consumption, that is why she is so overprotective. From that day, she has never taken an eye off of me. Now, she is certain that I will die of consumption.”

Will’s eyes widened.

“You have been sick like this before?” he gasped.

“Yes. That is why Rose had me chained to my bed. She fears too much,” Guinevere explained.

Guinevere then took one last drink from her soup and finished her bread.

Will nodded. Then, he stroked back Guinevere’s brown waves. “No more talk. Go to sleep,” Will whispered.

He kissed Guinevere’s head and left her alone. As he stepped out of the room, Will saw Rose standing on the main deck, leaning against the rail. Will climbed the steps to join her on deck.

“How is she?” Rose wanted to know as Will came to her side.

“Stubborn as ever,” Will said with a sigh, “She doesn’t want to believe that she is dying. She even asked me if I thought so myself. She got out of bed and tried to pick up my sword to prove that she isn’t dying. Guin told me that she chose not to believe that she is dying because she is afraid. Honestly, she is scaring me.”

“Well, fancy that. Will Turner is scared for once in his life,” Rose laughed.

“I am always fearful in times like these. But this is different. I am scared for Guin,” Will told her earnestly, “I have never seen such fright in her eyes before. She’s so scared. I fear what this disease will do to her. I am afraid it will destroy her mind. Worst of all, I fear she might get hurt, or worse.”

Rose shuddered at Will’s words.

“May I ask you why you decided not to tell me Guin came down with scarlet fever one year ago?” Will said.

Rose sighed. “I didn’t think you’d find out. I didn’t want to hurt you. If I have, I apologize,” she said.

“But why did you not tell me?” Will repeated.

“I don’t know,” Rose replied, “I just thought of how devastated I was when I found out all of this, and I thought you’d be devastated too.”

Will nodded. “I understand,” he whispered.

“I understand why you are so afraid. Guinevere is scaring me too,” Rose said quietly, “What should we do?”

“Just watch out for her. If she tries to do anything against reason, restrain her,” Will instructed.

Rose nodded with tears sparkling in her eyes.

“What is it?” Will wanted to know.

“Do you know why Guinevere is so ardent to be here?” Rose asked him.

“To save her daughter, of course,” Will replied in a no-nonsense tone.

“Will, you silly boy!” Rose sighed, “There’s another reason that Guinevere wanted to save her daughter herself. She-”

“Land ho!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Rose was interrupted by a lookout’s spotting of land. Immediately, Will raced below decks to rouse Guinevere.

“Guin! Guin, wake up,” he called, “We’ve reached land.”

Guinevere awoke and moaned. Will took her in his arms and carried her up to the deck. Rose, Will, Guinevere, and a handful of naval officers disembarked on a strange island. The island was eerily quiet. The captain of the officers advised everyone to stay together. As they crept through the jungle, Guinevere grew tense and held Will close.

“I don’t like this, Will,” she said with a shudder, “I don’t like this at all. There is something strange about this island. I once heard of Cannibal Island. Of course, it is an island populated by cannibals.”

“Don’t be silly, Guin,” Will told her, “We have not reached Cannibal Island. I don’t think this island is populated at all. It’s quiet. Too quiet.”

Suddenly, Guinevere and Will realized that their crew, including Rose, was not with them. The two friends froze.

“This is not good,” Guinevere said fearfully, “Can we panic now?”

“Calm down, Guin. I’m sure we’re just lost,” Will said, “Besides, if there were cannibals on this island we would’ve fallen into a trap by now.”

Then, the two heard footsteps. Someone was coming. Will looked around. “Hello? Rose, is that you?” he called, “Whoever you are show yourself now!”

There was no answer. Suddenly, Mr. Cotton’s green parrot flew above their heads, scaring them senseless.

“Awwk, don’t eat me!” it squawked.

“Bloody bird!” Guinevere grumbled.

“A familiar face,” Will commented.

“Don’t eat me,” the parrot repeated.

“I’m not going to eat you,” Will said with a wrinkled brow.

“No. Don’t eat me,” squawked the parrot.

“Don’t worry I’m not even hungry. And you probably taste like…pigeon!” Will replied annoyed.

“Will, let’s not waste our time talking to the parrot who tastes like pigeon,” Guinevere advised.

Will and Guinevere made their way through the forest when they spotted Gibb’s flask and a rope. At the end of the rope they found nothing but more forest. Suddenly, quicker than lightening, a man covered in body paint, sprang through the bushes, scaring Will and Guinevere out of their wits and sending them to the ground. Guinevere groaned as Will landed on top of her, crushing her ankle. Then, the two friends were dragged on the ground and taken high in the air by a booby trap!

“Can we panic now?” Guinevere asked as she and Will hung upside down.

“No, this is just a minor setback,” Will tried to reassure her, “We can get out of this.”

“Are you certain?” Guinevere asked him.

“No,” Will replied.

“Well, that’s encouraging,” Guinevere groaned, “I told you we were on Cannibal Island.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Guin. Just because we’re caught in a snare does not mean we are on an island populated by cannibals,” Will told her.

Just as Will spoke, more men covered in war paint advanced towards them, spears drawn.

“Now do you believe me?” Guinevere asked in dread.

Will simply took out his sword and tried to fight his way out of the trap.

“Come on, come on! Who wants some? Who wants some? Who wants a piece of me? I can do this all day, you sissies!” Will taunted.

Suddenly, a dart shot out and struck Will in the neck. Will fell unconscious immediately. Guinevere shrieked. A second later, another dart fired, and Guinevere was unconscious. Guinevere and Will had fallen prey to an unanticipated danger and perfectly caught in a net.

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