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POTC fanfic: Remembering (PT)

This is a joint fic written by White Masque and myself. We'd love to know what you ladies think of it. It's a modern one and here is the prolouge and chapter one written by me. White Masque will write chapter 2.

Title: Remembering: prolouge and chapter 1
Authors: Pirate-x-Girls and White Masque
Disclaimer: All ideas and characters except Mary, Steve and Bob belong to Disney
Category: Set post AWE but with a few quick flashbacks.
Type: adventure, romance
Rating: Pre-teen
Characters: Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Calypso, Mary Hall (OFC), Steve Jones (OMC), Bob Turner (OMC). (Sorry not very imaginative when it comes to names.)
Brief Summary: Will Turner returns to land after four hundred years of service, his wife waits for him but is she the same person he knew all those years ago?

“Please remember!” he pleaded against her lips. She shook her head and placing her hands on his chest pushed him firmly away.
“I’m sorry.” She said, her eyes shinning with tears. “I don’t know who you are.” She got up and walked off, leaving him sitting by himself. He sighed and looked up at the sky. He didn’t believe in a God but if he did he would have cursed him.

Two months earlier…
He feels the ship rise out of the sea and delights in the warm feeling of the sun on his back. The water drips off the mast and stern in rivets. He swings the backpack onto his shoulder and looks around the ship for the last time, there was no one to say goodbye to. All the people he had known and loved had passed on ages ago, Jack, his father, the crew of the Pearl. All of them except one. He feels the familiar knot of excitement in his stomach as he thinks of her. Four hundred odd years he had captained the Dutchman and now he was allowed on land. Forever. He thanked the fates that he had found the Fountain Of Youth for her. He never told Jack and with a pang of sadness he remembered the old pirates eyes as he had taken him on the final journey. The last journey of Captain Jack Sparrow.
He was about to disembark from the ship when a face appeared out of wisps of cloud in front of him. The sea Goddess smiled at him.
“What will happen to…?” he asked jerking his thumb in the direction of the ship. She nodded.
“I’ll see all is well.” She assured him. He smiled his thanks and walked past the shadowy face. A voice stopped him.
“She’s forgotten you.” he turned to see Calypso watching him. “You haven’t seen her for twenty years. Her mind adjusted to modern life and you just a memory locked away in her mind.” His breath caught in his throat. A hand of mist and wind caught his wrist.
“In order to get her back you have to show her who you are, how you do that is up to you. Good luck Captain Turner.” and with that the face dissolved leaving him standing on the docks feeling sick.

Chapter 1
Elizabeth Swann leaned out of the window and sighed. It was another beautiful morning. The sun beat down and small fluffy clouds scudded across the sky. Behind her on the bed Steve yawned and stretched.
“It’s another lovely day.” She commented. He smiled and slid off the bed to come and stand behind her. He loped his arms around her waist and pressed a kiss on the back of her neck.
“I feel like going out.” She said. She pulled away from him and went to the chest of drawers. Steve sighed and ran a hand through his hair. His relationship with Elizabeth was everything he could have wished for but it seemed to him at times that she shied away from physical contact.
Within fifteen minutes they were out of the door and walking down the road. Steve took Elizabeth’s hand in his. She held it lightly neither hard nor soft. Uncommiting. She fished a mobile out of her pocket with her free hand and quickly dialled a number,
“Mary! Hi, I was just wondering if you wanted to come out with Steve and me. What? Of course you can bring Carl. See you in the park in five.” She disconnected the call and focused on the zebra crossing. Steve was groaning inwardly. Every time he wanted a private walk with Elizabeth her friend Mary always tagged along, with some new man. This week it was Carl, the young IT technician from the finance firm where all three of them worked.

Elizabeth hadn’t slept well the night before. She’d been dreaming. For the last three nights in a row she had had the same dream:

Swords clash and she can smell the sea. The roars of battle, a voice calls her name. She turns.
“Will you marry me?” the voice asked. She can’t make out the face; it’s hidden behind a shroud of mist. It starts to thin and she squints trying to get a better look…

And then she wakes up. It’s been the same every time. She’s not a big believer in fate and dreams but she has the feeling in the pit of her stomach that this dream means something.

They meet Mary and Carl in their usual secluded spot of the park. In a small glade that was shaded and away from the noise of the other people out enjoying the sun. Elizabeth stretched out on the grass and put her hands behind her head. She gazed up at the canopy above and breathed in the scent of the grass and leaves. She opens her eyes in time to see Mary, Steve and Carl all deep in conversation about some deal. She sighed and looked around. She wasn’t involved in this deal and so the conversation was of no interest to her. Instead she scanned the park watching the occupants. There was a young couple lying in the grass talking to one another. As she watched the man pulled the woman towards him and kissed her deeply. She looked away. There was a family of four sitting on a rug, a mum, a dad and two small boys. The boys were wrestling and running around. She smiled and moved on; and that was when he caught her eye. He was standing in the shade of a tree not far away, and he was watching her. He had a handsome face that was framed by shoulder length brown hair. Even from here she could see that his eyes were a deep chocolaty brown. He was watching her with an intensity that she was sure was familiar, the more she studied him the more a voice niggled in the back of her head that she had seen him somewhere before. He saw her looking and hurriedly bent down and began rummaging in a backpack that lay by his feet. She shook her head and turned back to her friends.

It hadn’t been hard to find her. After all she was the keeper of his heart. He’d spotted her straight away when he had walked into the park, hand in hand with the other guy. His chest had ached at the sight of her with another man. She’d cut her hair slightly and she wore subtle make up. Her clothes were fashionable and she moved with the grace that she had had all those years ago. He’d just wanted to run up and kiss but he had managed to restrain himself. He settled down with his back against the tree and closed his eyes.

Elizabeth kept one eye on the stranger and one on her friends, he hadn’t moved and every so often he looked at her. Finally she could stand it no more, she stood up and marched over to him ignoring Steve asking where she was going.
He looked up as she arrived and a look of shock flitted across his face, she stood in front of him and folded her arms across her chest.
“Is there something I can help you with?” she inquired, he shook his head.
“No.” he said. His voice sounded even more familiar and it was driving Elizabeth mad that she had no idea who he was. He stood up and brushed the dirt from his jeans and shirt. He rummaged around in his backpack again and pulled out a light green bandanna. He slipped it on over his head, a few wisps of hair escaped form under the cloth and hung down by his cheek, now that he was so close Elizabeth could really appreciate how good looking he really was. He had a thin face and high cheekbones, a small moustache and goatee adorned his upper lip and chin. As she stared at him he looked deep into her eyes with the same intensity that he had before.
“I’m Will Turner by the way.” He said holding out his hand.
“Elizabeth Swann.” She replied taking the hand. The first thing she noticed was how strong his grip was. The second thing, the calloused hands, obviously from hours of hard labour.

He searched her face when he said his name, praying and hoping for a reaction. But there was nothing, he sighed and released her hand. she looked at it for a moment before a voice brought them both up sharply.
“Lizzie!” the man he had seen her walking in with came jogging up, “what are you doing?” he asked suspiciously casting his eyes over Will. Elizabeth took a deep breath.
“Well…I…” she stammered until Will came to the rescue.
“I was just saying that I thought I recognised her.” He said. He extended his hand again. “Will Turner.” Steve shook his hand,
“I’m Steve Jones.” He thought for a moment. “Turner, now why does that name sound familiar.” He clicked his fingers.
“I’ve got it! Turner is the name of the blacksmith shop just down the road. They do all sorts of metal work but specialise in swords. They recently landed a huge contract helping to make swords for a movie.” Will laughed. So the family business had been passed down.
“Well fancy that. I also specialise in metal work.” He said. He neglected to mention the fact that it was him who had perfected the art of Turner sword making. Even now he was aware of his sword that he had made just over four hundred years ago resting in his bag by his feet.
“Well, it seems I should be paying the Turner’s a visit then.” He said and turned to Elizabeth again. “Miss Swann, it was a pleasure.” He shook hands with Steve again and without looking back walked off.

He stood outside the shop and looked at the card in the window.


He took a deep breath and pushed open the door. A small bell tinkled and he was in a dimly lit room that smelt of metal. From the walls hung a variety of different items. Swords included, all shapes and sizes. He took a deep breath, savouring the smell. A young man stepped in from the back room wiping his hands on an apron.
“Can I help you?” he asked. Will nodded.
“Yes, I’m here about the job.” The man’s face brightened.
“Excellent.” He exclaimed. “I’m Bob Turner.” he said. Will smiled,
“Will Turner.” he said. Bob looked surprised.
“A fellow Turner hey. We may even be related. I had a great-great-great-great-great-Grandfather well you get the idea. Lots of greats. He was called Will Turner as well. It was said that he founded the Turner sword.” He pointed to a sword above the counter and with a shock Will recognised it as the sword he had made for Norrington’s promotion. He’d given it to Elizabeth. Bob had carried on.
“It was also said that he became a pirate. Married, spent one day with his wife and then left her. Came back ten years later and found out he had a son. Stupid git!” he said. Will’s hands were clenching by his sides and he had to force himself to be calm.
“Well, that’s enough family history. Do you have an qualifications?” Bob asked.
“Not on paper no.” Will replied, Bob’s face fell. “but if you let me use some equipment I can show you.” he carried on quickly. Bob thought for a moment before nodding.
He showed Will through to a small smithy. Will slipped an apron over his head and picked up the hammer. He expertly heated up the metal using the old methods that thankfully the business had retained. He hammered away, getting into a flow as the metal worked beneath his fingers, occasionally he heard Bob give a low whistle of admiration behind him.
Within an hour a small dagger with a simple handle lay in front of them, as Will wiped his hands on a rag Bob picked up the dagger and inspected it.
“Well, well.” He said. Then he clapped Will on the shoulder, “the only thing that needs to be said is: Welcome aboard Mr Turner!”

We'd love to hear what you think as i am new to this idea, both a modern story and joint fics! Look forward to hearing from you all!!
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well i really like this story so far!! I'm looking forward to seeing what White Masque will put into chapter 2.
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Very creative idea with a modern twist. Should be interesting to see what White Masque comes up with.

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The thought of Jack making his final journey made me gulp...

I really like this and am very interested to see where you go with it. fantastic start

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Great start, PxG. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. I'm already feeling sorry for Steve...


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White Masque
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It’s my turn to give it a go! Thanks for taking an interest in this story already. All credit goes to Pirate-x-Girls for the idea. Such an awesome idea! Well, here we go.

Chapter 2

Will threw the newly finished sword onto a small pile of blades of similar make. With a huff he removed his bandana and ran his hands through his hair. It was extremely hot to work by the furnaces; he had forgotten how grueling the job of blacksmithing was, though he had to admit it was rewarding. To work with ones hands was a wonderful craft.

He clenched the bandana in a fist and stepped over to a small sink. His face glistened with sweat and dirt. Setting the fabric to one side, he ran some cool water over his hands before splashing it onto his face. The liquid felt so refreshing against his hot dirtied features. Turning to a rack, he grabbed a towel and rubbed his face dry along with his hands then hung it up once more. As he slipped his bandana back on, he walked to a doorway leading to the front room.

Will leaned against the frame of the door and rapped his knuckles against it. Bob Turner, apparently a longtime descendant of his, glanced up from the newspaper he was reading behind the front counter.

“Yeah, Mr. Turner?” he asked curiously, folding his paper and setting it aside. A small smirk appeared at the corners of his face; it was so bizarre to find another Turner with smithing skills, but Turner wasn’t necessarily a unique name. Will walked into the front room and stood in front of the counter.

“I’ve made nearly a dozen swords today,” Will said tiredly. “I was wondering—”

“Whoa, whoa there!” interrupted Bob with a suspicious glance. “A dozen?!” He checked his watch. “It’s been only five hours. The most I can make in five hours is seven…nine tops.” Bob stared at Will awestruck as he merely shrugged with a smile. Bob burst out in a grin. “Well, Mr. Turner, you might have only been with us for one day, but you might be in line for a promotion!” He laughed joyously. “A dozen, my God! Tell you what, boy, it’s getting dark. Take the night off, go get a rest.” He jutted a thumb toward the door where twilight was settling just outside the windows.

“Thank you, sir,” said Will with a smile. Bob scoffed.

“Sir? It’s Bob, Mr. Turner.”

“And it’s Will for you,” he countered. Bob stuck out a hand.

“Deal.” Will smirked and shook his boss’s hand. “Now get out of here, Will! Have a night out!” Will stepped around the counter and scooped up his backpack before heading to the door.

“Thanks, Bob,” he said reaching for the knob.

“Don’t forget to be here seven sharp, tomorrow!”

“Course!” Will called over his shoulder as he stepped outside the door and briskly walked down the street. Bob shook his head.

“A dozen swords! Bloody kid’s gonna make me rich!”

With his backpack slung on one shoulder, Will walked beneath the lighting streetlamps. It was steadily darkening and he had no destination in mind, in fact, he had no place to stay. But even if he did, he had no desire to go indoors, he wished to remain outside in the cool night air. His sneakered feet padded across the sidewalk leading him down the busy city street. They led him of their own accord for his mind was elsewhere. He dwelled on past memories and present situations.

Elizabeth did not recognize me. She didn’t remember me! Why did she walk straight up to me, though? Did she noticed I’d been watching her? Was that it? His eyes were trained on the ground, but he did not see the paved asphalt beneath his feet, he saw nothing. Will cursed his luck. She didn’t recognize my face, my voice, my name. What will she recognize?! How can I get her to remember? He let out an aggravated sigh and looked ahead of him.

“What had Calypso said?” he muttered under his breath. Will racked his brains. “What did she say? She said something about Elizabeth!” Then as if the Goddess herself were speaking in his ear, he remembered.

“In order to get her back you have to show her who you are, how you do that is up to you.” A presence surrounded him; it was unearthly and intimidating him. Someone was watching him or with him. Will stopped and looked over his shoulder, then both left and right. There was no one around him, but he felt it. Suddenly feeling uneasy, he continued forward. How do I show her who I am? Steal her from that Steve and woo her myself? Will found himself scowling as he thought of Elizabeth’s new love, the one he had seen her hold hands with earlier. She’s my wife! He shouldn’t touch her! he growled internally. Then realizing what he was thinking and doing, Will took a breath and calmed himself. No, I can’t think like that. She doesn’t remember me and that is not the way to go about this. I need to show her who I am, but how?

“How?” he questioned aloud. Will stopped and gazed ahead to see the very park he had visited earlier that day, where he had met Elizabeth again. Will glanced around the area of the park, in silent awe of it’s beauty. Brightly lit lamps were positioned at various places within it, giving the place an eerie sense of peace. The stars appeared in the black sky above him and it only added to the majesty of the park. Feeling drawn, he let his feet lead him within it.

Glancing about the quiet place, he noticed the presence he had sensed earlier felt stronger within the park. It was as if someone were standing right next to him, or rather, walking beside him. Following the winding path, he came to a wooden bench and took a seat, setting his backpack to his side. He looked about the brilliant park in thought, recalling his confrontation with Elizabeth earlier.

“She didn’t remember me in the least,” he said quietly, “and I cannot make her remember me, so I suppose we’ll have to start over. Be strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, and so on….” He sighed in annoyance. “It can take years for a relationship and I just want to hold her and kiss her now.” No, Will, he berated himself, you must try to be optimistic and patient. Things should turn out alright. Calypso practically gave me her blessing. “This will be some job,” he mumbled. “I just have to find her again. I wonder if she’ll return here.” He looked off in the direction where Elizabeth had sat with her friends earlier.

A small breeze then passed by. Some leaves rustled and flew into the air floating lightly and softly. Will watched them in disinterest until they slowly began to whip around though no more wind had come. His eyes widened as they formed what appeared to be a face, but a very familiar one. Calypso smiled mischievously from the bulk of leaves. Will blinked in astonishment and she was gone. The leaves fell back to the ground.

What was that?

Elizabeth Swann stood on the balcony of her fifth floor apartment, the one she shared with Steve. Her eyes stared down into the mayhem of the city streets. Typically on such a beautiful night she would go out for dinner or partying or something, but she was not in the mood that night.

After their rendezvous with Mary and Carl in the park they went out for lunch together at a small restaurant down the corner they all rather enjoyed. The meals were fine, as always, but while they waited for the bill, Mary began to harass Elizabeth, begging her to go to some big party happening later that evening, insisting the music would be new and the liquor plenty. Elizabeth had declined the invitation stating that she wasn’t in the mood to party in the least. Mary attempted to push Elizabeth a little more, but she was stubborn and would not budge.

Now Elizabeth was relaxing in her apartment as Steve took a quick shower. She assumed Mary had gone to the party with Carl, but wondered what new beau she would pick up now. The thought was only slight; the majority of her mind was plagued with Will Turner. He had affected her in some way or another. She simply couldn’t get him out of her head. He felt, looked, and sounded so familiar, but could not think where she had seen him. It was like searching for a word just on the tip of her tongue that was stubbornly remaining oblivious to her.

Her brown eyes were troubled and frustrated. Where have I seen him before? How do I know him? Everything about him is so familiar, like an old friend I haven’t seen in years. This is going to keep bothering me until I realize who he is, she thought bitterly, hating it when she couldn’t remember something because it then became the only thing on her mind. Her thoughts would have continued had a pairs of arms not circled around her waist. She felt soft lips kiss her neck. Glancing behind her, she smiled weakly at Steve who only wore a towel. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

“You look worried,” he commented. Elizabeth sighed.

“Not worried, just…confused, I suppose,” she replied.

“What about?”

“That Will Turner we met in the park today,” she admitted truthfully. Steve frowned and raised his head.

“Do you know him or something?” Elizabeth turned herself around in Steve’s arms as he quickly released her, looking at her in concern.

“No, that’s the thing,” she responded firmly with wide eyes. “I’ve never met him before in my life, but he feels…” bewilderment marred her features as her eyebrows arched and forehead creased, “familiar.”

“Perhaps he just looks like a friend of yours?” reasoned Steve.

“No.” Elizabeth shook her head. “He looks nothing like any of my friends, but I feel like I’ve met him before or I know him.” Steve smirked. She was working herself up too much over such a small thing.

“Are you sure you’re sleeping enough, Lizzie? I know you’ve been working really hard on that deal, even putting in extra hours.” Elizabeth smiled lightly; she knew he was just poking fun at her now.

“No, it’s not sleep, but for your information I would sleep better if you let me.” She glared at him mockingly as Steve grinned with a shrug.

“You and I both know you love it,” he countered lightly. Slowly, he wrapped his hands around her waist again and pulled her close. Elizabeth could not resist and snaked her hands up around his neck. Steve put his forehead against hers and smiled. Elizabeth practically became lost in his eyes and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Now go get yourself ready for bed, Steve,” she muttered. He smirked.

“Aye, aye, captain,” he whispered, letting her go and stepping back into the apartment. Confusion appeared on her face and she followed him into their bedroom, sliding the glass door closed behind her.

“Captain?” she asked. Steve was rifling through a dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of pants and a white undershirt. Slamming the drawer shut he turned and shrugged again.

“A pirate movie was on earlier,” he explained pointing to the television. He turned and walked into the bathroom, shutting the cream colored door behind him. Elizabeth stared at the television sitting in front of their bed.

“Pirate?” she mused. Then a new, funny thought struck her. That Will Turner looked rather pirate-like with that earring, bandana, and long hair. She laughed aloud. And he was a blacksmith apparently, she added to herself. Grinning amusedly, Elizabeth walked to her bed and took a seat.

“Imagine, a pirate these days. Now, that’s a laugh.”

Well, that was fun! Comments, as always, are welcome! We always love to hear them!

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That was excellent white masque!! it's fun to see little pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together for elizabeth... can't wait to see where this story goes!!
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wow! just totally saw this was here. I need to come check this place more often. very well done. can't wait to see more from you two
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Really good!!

Can't wait for next chapter!!!
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Talking Yay for chapter 3

Sorry that it's taken so long. I've been wrapped up in the plans for my birthday. Which is tomorrow, off to London to see Orlando!!!!! Anyway back on topic here is chapter 3.

Title: Remembering
Author: Pirate-x-Girls and White Masque
Disclaimer: As usual all characters except Mary, Bob and Steve belong to Disney.
Rating: Pre-Teen
Category: Set post AWE but with a few quick flashbacks.
Characters: Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Calypso, Mary Hall, Steve Jones, Bob Turner. (Sorry not very imaginative when it comes to names.)
Genre: Action, romance
Summary: Will Turner returns to land after four hundred years of service, his wife waits for him but is she the same person he knew all those years ago?

Chapter 3

Bob Turner looked confused at the pile of swords that Will had made earlier that day. His brow creased as he examined the blades by the dim light of the smithy. The blades were folded perfectly and were light and strong. They all had one major thing in common. Inscribed by the handle of each one was Will Turner. Frowning still Bob carried one back into the shop. He reached up and unhooked the sword above the counter and inspected the hilt. There! By the hilt scratched into the metal. The name again. Shaking his head Bob placed the sword back where it came from and quickly returned Will’s sword. With one last look around the forge he locked up and pulling his coat collar up tighter around his neck he set off vanishing into the darkness.

She’s dreaming again. The same as before but with one difference, the kiss. The feel of his lips, soft against her. The rain lashes against her face and runs in rivets down her cheeks. She has her eyes closed so she can’t see his face. His hand rests on the small of her back pulling her against him. It feels so right. She opens her eyes…

And finds herself staring at the all too familiar ceiling of her apartment. Beside her Steve stirred and opened his eyes. He looked over at her.
“Darling, is everything alright?” he asked sleepily. She took a deep breath and nodded.
“Sure, weird dream.” She replied. He nodded and turned over, within a minute he was snoring. Elizabeth felt a stab of annoyance. Sometimes she wished that he would hold her and comfort her. A memory that she had no idea where it came from popped into her head.

She’s lying in bed, the tears pouring down her face. Strong arms encircle her waist. A light kiss is planted on the nape of her neck. Words are whispered into her ear but she can’t make sense of them. The tears stop and she closed her eyes.

When she opened them again she knew that she would be lucky to get much sleep tonight. As she lay in the dark she wondered what the hell was happening. Her eyes drifted to the window, the moon was shining through the curtain. She sighed and closed her eyes, willing herself to sleep.

Will swirled the gin around in his glass before downing it in one. He winced and placed the glass down on the bar. All around him were drunken men. With a sigh he hauled himself off his stool and out into the street. It was starting to rain. ‘Great!’ he thought. He set off down the street towards the hotel that he would be staying at. Walking into the lobby he shook his wet hair sending droplets of water flying everywhere. He crossed the plush carpet to the large ornate reception desk. A young woman sat behind it looking bored. She looked up and saw him. she sat up and smiled sweetly.
“Good evening sir. How may I help you?” she said. He leaned on the counter,
“Good evening, I believe that you have a reservation for me.” He leaned forward. “The name is Will Turner.” he waited as the girl tapped a few keys on the keyboard before flashing him another dazzling smile.
“Welcome to the Hotel Visage Mr Turner. Here is your key, enjoy your stay and if there is anything that you require don’t hesitate to ask.” She beamed again and handed him a key card. He nodded his thanks and stepped off towards the lift. As he waited for the lift he could feel the eyes of the receptionist on his back. It was with some relief that the lift door opened and he was able to get in. As he waited he closed his eyes and conjured an image of Elizabeth to his mind. Not as she was now, but as she had been back when they’d first got married. Fierce and determined. He cursed and banged his fist against the wall of the lift. Why was everything so complicated?

Elizabeth woke the next morning as the early morning sun filtered in through the curtains. She winced and turned over sleepily. Steve pressed a kiss on her neck and threw back the covers.
“Come on. You may have a week off but I don’t!” he grinned cheekily. “Besides I have a deal to settle.” He laughed and avoided the pillow that she threw at him. She groaned and hauled herself off the bed. While Steve was distracted shaving. She nipped into the shower. Steve cursed and stomped off to use the main bathroom down the hall. As the hot water scolded her body she felt the tiredness wash away. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel round herself. She dressed quickly and had some toast. Steve came out rubbing his hair and pulling on a pair of trousers.
“What were you planning on doing today?” he asked. She shrugged and then she had an idea.
“I may go down to the blacksmiths shop.” She said brightly. Steve’s eyes narrowed slightly.
“Why?” she grinned.
“I’m going to try an find out why Will Turner is so ******* familiar.” She said. Steve nodded and wandered off to get dressed. Elizabeth looked at her watch. Half past eight. She paused to grab her keys, phone and coat and headed out the door.

In the blacksmiths shop Will sweated as he pounded at the metal. Pausing he checked the order sheet that he had been given for the movie order. Then he looked at the clock on the wall. It was half past eight. He’d been working for an hour and a half. He decided to take a short break and wandered out into the shop. Bob was sitting aimlessly polishing Norrington’s sword. Will leant on the counter watching the sword.
“Where did you get that?” he asked suddenly. Bob looked up surprised.
“This.” He said. “It was a donation from a woman who found it and saw the name by the hilt.” Will leaned forward.
“Who was the woman?” Bob frowned as he thought.
“A local woman…Elizabeth Swann, that’s the one. She’s going out with that Steve Jones.” Will’s blood boiled at the mention of her new boyfriend. But he forced himself to keep calm. It wasn’t her fault. He nodded and thanking Bob went back into the forge. He grabbed the hammer and hit the metal with such force that sparks flew from the metal. He continued to hit the metal imagining it to be Steve Jones smug face.

Elizabeth stood outside the shop, wondering if she should go in. Finally she came to a decision and pushed open the door. The bell tinkled. Bob looked up from the counter. He was polishing a sword that she recognised as the one that she had given him a couple of years before. She’d found it in her attic and when she had seen the name inscribed near the hilt she felt that she should give it to the shop. Bob smiled and set the sword on the counter.
“Morning Miss Swann. What a coincidence I was just having a discussion with my new employee about you.” he said. She was surprised.
“Who would that be?” she asked. Bob put away the polish and wiped his hands on his apron.
“His name’s Will Turner. Strange that because that’s the name that’s inscribed on the sword that you donated to me.” Elizabeth nodded.
“Actually that’s why I’m here. I was wondering if I could have a word with Mr Turner?” Bob nodded.
“Will!” he called. “Someone here to see you!” The sound of metal being hammered that had been going on in the background stopped and a moment later Will appeared in the doorway. He looked surprised to see Elizabeth standing there. Bob excused himself and went into the back room leaving the two of them alone. Will rubbed his face and yawned. Then he reached up and pulled the bandanna from his hair. He ran a hand through his brown curls before replacing the bandanna.
“You got the job then?” Elizabeth said finally. Will smiled and nodded.
“Yeah, about the only qualifications that I have.” Elizabeth jerked her thumb in the direction of the back room.
“So is Bob any relation of yours?” Will shrugged.
“No idea.” He said. There was an awkward silence that Will finally broke.
“Was there anything that I can help you with Miss Swann.” He asked. and Elizabeth got that annoying feeling that he was someone she knew. The way he had said ‘Miss Swann’ was so familiar. His brown eyes locked with hers and she couldn’t help smile.
“Yes, I know this may sound strange but you seem so familiar to me. I don’t know what it was and I was hoping that by talking to you that I could work out why.” Will nodded.
“Wait here.” He said. He disappeared into the back room and reappeared a moment later pulling on his coat.
“Bob says I can have a break. So do you want to go and get some coffee or something?” she nodded, and with a smile he held the door open for her. The perfect gentlemen.

Steve sat in his office, idly twirling a pen around in his fingers. He glanced at the clock. Still an hour to go before his meeting with Mary and the other executives working on the deal. He sighed and looked out the window. And froze. Elizabeth was walking down the street. And beside her was Will Turner. As he watched he said something and she laughed. She laughed so much that she had to hold onto his arm to steady herself. Steve felt a sharp pain in his hand. he looked down to see that he had stabbed the nib of his pen into the palm of his hand. blood oozed from a gash.
“Bloody hell!” he growled. He threw the pen down and grabbed a tissue. As he mopped up the blood he looked out the window again, but Elizabeth and Will were gone. Cursing and muttering under his breath Steve stalked off to find a first aid kit.

Elizabeth showed Will to a small coffee shop that she knew. They settled down at a table and ordered a couple of coffees. While they waited Elizabeth leaned across the table and smiled. Her eyes twinkling. Will wanted nothing more than to grab her and kiss her.
“So. Tell me something about yourself Mr Turner.”
“Will. Well. I’m an only child, my father was also called Will. my mother was called Linda. She died when I was 12. I moved to the Caribbean then and spent a few years there before returning to England.” Again he searched her face for some recognition when he mentioned the Caribbean. But she nodded and smiled.
“Wow, you lucky thing to live in the Caribbean. I’ve always wanted to go there. Where did you live?” he thought before deciding on the truth.
“A small place called Port Royal. So what about you. Don’t expect me to spill my life story without hearing something in return.” He said. As he looked at her Elizabeth had the strangest urge to kiss him. She shook her head before answering.
“Well, like you my mother died when I was quite young. My father died a few years ago. He was called Weatherby Swann. I know!” she laughed catching his look. Will smiled, his mind going back to the last time he had seen his father in law. He’d given Will his blessing and wished him and his daughter all the best. With a jolt he was brought back to the present. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He gazed deep into her eyes and willed her to recognise him. To no avail. They exchanged some small talk until the coffee arrived.
“So what did you so as a job before becoming a blacksmith?” Elizabeth asked as she took a sip of her coffee. Will had to think hard about that one. He could imagine if her old the truth.
“You know, I ferry the dead. Oh and another small detail, you’re my wife and the pirate king from the golden age of piracy!” It was so absurd that he laughed out loud. She looked at him in a funny way.
“What’s so funny?” she asked looking confused. He was saved from answering by the ringing of her phone. With a sigh she fished it out of her pocket.
“Hello?” she listened for a moment, then the colour drained from her face,
“Oh crap! How bad is it?” she listened again, then she visibly relaxed. “Thank you, I’ll be right there.” She disconnected the call and turned to him.
“I’m sorry, I have to go. Steve’s in hospital. He’s got ink poisoning.” She stood up and Will stood with her.
“I’ll come with you,” he said automatically. She nodded as she pulled on her coat.

He’d always hated hospitals. He hated the smell and stench of death. After ferrying the dead for so long he could smell death like a shark can smell blood. He’d only ever been a patient once, on his last visit. Elizabeth had punched him and broken his nose. Their first fight in nearly two hundred years. He fingered his nose as the walked down the corridors. The ward that Steve was on only had him and two other people on it. He looked up as they arrived. He smiled as Elizabeth bent down and kissed his forehead. She grabbed hold of his hand and Will watched as she searched his face with wide eyes. Will felt tears threatening and turned away.
“What happened to you?” Elizabeth asked anxiously. Steve shrugged looking straight at Will.
“I managed to stab myself in the hand with an ink pen. The doctors say I’m going to be fine, they’re just keeping me in overnight for observation.” Elizabeth nodded and kissed him. Will swallowed and willed himself not to say anything.

Steve watched Will from the moment he entered the ward. He watched in surprise the look on Will’s face as Elizabeth fussed over him. It was the look of someone who was watching a loved one with another. But Elizabeth had said that they only met yesterday.

Finally Will could take it no more. With a mumbled excuse he turned and walked of, ignoring Elizabeth when she called to him. As he marched out of the hospital he let the tears fall for the first time.

Elizabeth didn’t see Will for almost a month after that. She caught glimpses of him as he entered the shop, but whenever she called to him or went after him, he either never seemed to hear her or walked off before she had a chance to talk to him. Steve was discharged from hospital and was fine within a week. She wondered what had happened. She tried visiting at the shop, but Bob said that he was busy. When she did see him he looked haunted. Like he’d not slept. She didn’t even know where he was staying. She’d asked Bob but he didn’t know either. She was worried, but at the same time there were other things to keep her occupied. She was back at work and trying to keep up with the backload of paperwork that was being sent in. she could tell that Steve was happy about the fact that she hadn’t seen Will. ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ he’d said one night. She’d agreed and settled down with him to watch another pirate film. Steve liked them at the moment. But she found that rather than take her mind off Will Turner it merely strengthened her worrying.

Will sighed as he slotted his key card in the slot and opened the door. He flicked on the light. He closed the door and tossed his jacket on the sofa, he crossed immediately to the bar and poured himself a drink. He downed it in one and immediately refilled. He knew that drinking wouldn’t help but he needed to have his mind taken off Elizabeth. He’d avoided her for a month and still didn’t feel ready to face her. He knew that she had come to the shop because he had seen her. On his say so Bob had always said that he was busy. But she was persistent. Will realised that she hadn’t changed. She may not remember him but she was still the same fiery woman that he had fallen in love with all those years ago. He wondered where it had all gone wrong. He’d only missed one day. Was that all it took for him to be forgotten. Discarded, he scolded himself. That wasn’t fair. Downing the second drink, he groaned and collapsed on the sofa. Life sucks! He decided moodily.

As always tell me what you think!! Look forward to hearing from you all!!!
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I just loved it.

You write really good. I can't wait for the next one.

Stevie Jones isn't a relative of Davy Jones, is he??

Oh! And by the way, [HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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oooooooooo me likey! Can't wait for more. I love this modern twist
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White Masque has been unable to write and so has allowed me to continue with this story. Sorry for the long delay, but I have now written chapter 4, here it is:

Chapter 4
Will shivered and pulled his coat tighter around him. The flat was cold, he fumbled around, trying to find a light switch, when he had found it he set about finding the heat switch, after flicking it he placed his hands on the nearest radiator and was relieved to find it warming up, he rubbed his hands together and looked around. After spending a month in a hotel he realised that he had needed to find a more permanent lodging. After scouring many flats he had found one reasonably close to the shop with a small rent. Now here he was, with his one bag. The flat consisted of one room, a small bed was tucked in the corner under a window, and just across from this was the small kitchen. A small bathroom led off from the bedroom. It was dingy but it would serve its purpose. With a small sigh Will threw his bag down next to the bed and flopped down on top of the covers. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. He was exhausted, to avoid Elizabeth he had spent all the time he wasn’t eating or sleeping at the shop. Bob had been surprised by his dedication but had made no complaint. Will stared at the ceiling for a few moments before allowing his eyes to drift shut. He hovered between sleep and awake neither one nor the other.

He felt small fingers brushing his cheek and with some effort opened his eyes. It took a moment to focus and when he did he was surprised to see Calypso sitting on his bed. He sat up sharply and banged his head on the wall. He winced and rubbed the back of his head, Calypso shook her head.
“What are you doing?” she asked. Will frowned.
“I was trying to sleep.” He said. Calypso raised her eyebrows.
“Where is Elizabeth?” Will averted his eyes.
“With her boyfriend.” He mumbled. Calypso took his face in her hands and made him look at her. He refused for a moment before finally looking into her eyes.
“I can’t do it.” He said, “She’s made a life, she’s happy. Who am I to come back and ruin that? Even if she did know who I was, there’s no way on knowing of she would even take me back.” He sighed. “I suppose it’s my own fault. I missed that one-day 20 years ago. She probably thought I wasn’t coming back and just forgot about me.” He bowed his head and closed his eyes. Calypso was frowning slightly.
“When was the last time you saw her?” Will thought for a moment.
“About a month ago.” He replied. Calypso tutted.
“How the hell you think you gonna win her back if you don’t even talk to her!” she scolded. Will had to smile at the agitated look on her face. Calypso stood up and looked down at him.
“Go and see her!” she ordered. When Will didn’t move right away she reached down and picked him. Placing him on his feet she fixed him with a fierce glare.
“But I don’t know where to find her.” He protested feebly. Calypso began pushing him towards the door,
“Look around, just walk until you find her. And do NOT come back here until you have spoken to her. I shall know if you have.” The sea goddess warned. She threw open the door and pushed Will out before slamming the door in his face.

Elizabeth awoke with a start. The dreams were getting worse. Every night brought fresh battles and screams. Fresh looks at a face that is still shrouded in mist. The mist is thinning, but not enough to identify the face. She awoke every morning irritable and tired. Steve had noticed the change and had become quite worried. He had even gone as far as to suggest that she see a psychologist about it. Elizabeth had been against the idea. But as the month had passed and the dreams had got worse she had had to admit that maybe Steve had a point. What she had not told him however it was since Will had disappeared that the dreams had intensified. She could see no reason why it would have anything to do with him but something nagged in the back of her mind. Telling her that if she saw him she may get some sort of closure.

Elizabeth lay in bed, loving the feeling of the warm sheets against her body. Steve was in the shower getting ready for work. Elizabeth looked at the clock and let out a soft groan. She had to get up. Throwing the covers back she slunk across the bedroom and down the hall to their small kitchen. She put some toast in the toaster and leant against the counter. She yawned and tried to keep her eyes open. The toast popping from the toaster startled her. Mumbling work she spread jam on the toast and lazily ate it. Steve came through a moment late fastening his tie.
“I have to be in early.” He said giving her a peck on the cheek. She nodded and placed her plate in the sink. He smiled once and grabbed his bag.
“I’ll see you back here later.” He said. With one last kiss he went out the door. Elizabeth stood for a moment before sighing and going to get ready.

Will had been out all night. He sat on a park bench shivering and using every foul word he knew cursing the sea goddess. Now as the pale light of the morning crept up on him he stood and tried to work out the stiffness in his joints. Not for the first time that night he wished that he still had his immortal status. Four hundred years of not getting cold or hungry or ill was a hard thing to leave behind. Will sneezed and cursed loudly. He looked at his watch and decided to go and get some coffee. Digging around in his pocket to make sure he had some money he left the park.

As he left the park there was a coffee shop to his left. He crossed the road and pushed through the door. The place was quiet with just a few early risers, mainly businessmen in suits. Will stepped up to the counter and ordered his drink. He accepted the hot cup gratefully and settled down at a table relatively near the back. From here he had a good look at everyone who came through the door.

He was on his third coffee when the door swung open and a tall black woman walked in. Will frowned, there was something oddly familiar about her. She was tall and beautiful with eyes that didn’t seem to have a colour, merely reflect the colours of the lights around her. She strode confidently to the counter and ordered a coffee. As she waited for it to arrive she tapped her nails impatiently on the counter. When it arrived she accepted it with a tight smile. Stepping away from the counter her eyes scanned the room. They came to rest on Will and she smiled, her eyes turning a deep purple. She almost seemed to glide across the room to him. She rested her hand on the back of the chair next to his.
“Is this seat taken?” she asked. when she spoke Will knew exactly who she was.
“Certainly.” He replied with a smile. The woman grinned and sat down. Will took a sip of his drink and leaned back.
“I didn’t know that you socialised with us mere mortals.” He said. The woman shrugged.
“Looking at sweaty seaman can get rather boring after a while.” She said. Will laughed.
“Why are you here Calypso?” he asked. The sea goddess didn’t answer for a moment.
“I came to check and see how you were doing?” she said. The door opened but Will took no notice. Will spread his arms.
“Just dandy, Elizabeth’s going to take me back.” Calypso raised an eyebrow and he laughed. “I haven’t seen her yet. But I’ve got a good felling about today. Even if she doesn’t take me back she has something of mine anyway.” Calypso gave him a questioning look. “My heart.” She rolled her eyes and sipped her drink. Putting the cup down she reached out and twirled some of his hair round her finger. Calypso leaned forward until he could feel her breath on his ear.
“Look by the door.” She whispered, then her lips touched his neck, moving up and down at a tortuously slow pace. With great difficulty Will raised his eyes. and found himself looking straight into Elizabeth’s.

Deciding she needed something more than a shower and some toast to wake her up Elizabeth decided to grab a coffee. She walked briskly through the cold morning and pushed open the door to the coffee shop that she knew well on the outside of the park. There were only a few people in the coffee shop and Elizabeth was able to get to the front of the queue in no time. She got her drink and turned around. And that was when she spotted him, Will Turner was sitting at a coffee table with a black woman. Will looked happier than the last time she had seen him, he spread his arms and when the woman raised an eyebrow at him he laughed, he said something else which made the woman roll her eyes. As Elizabeth watched the woman reached and twirled some of Will's curly brown hair round one of her fingers. Then she leaned forward an whispered in his ear before kissing his neck. It was at that moment that Elizabeth felt something stir inside her, she was shocked and confused to realise she was jealous. Her hand went instantly to her hip, as if about to draw an imaginary sword. That was when Will looked up and made eye contact with her. She had forgotten how intoxicatingly brown his eyes were. They widened in shock and he slowly stood up. The woman next to his stroked his leg slowly and he looked down and spoke to her. She grinned before rising fluidly and moving away. At first Elizabeth thought she was going to leave but she merely ordered two more coffees and went back to her seat. Will watched Elizabeth for a moment more before sitting back down in his seat. Elizabeth shook her head as if surfacing from a daze and hurriedly left the coffee shop.

“Did you see her, strayed straight to her hip.” Calypso crowed. Will looked down at her.
“Get more coffee.” He said. She grinned and rose, she passed within a few feet of Elizabeth and came back again. Will watched her for a moment before sinking slowly back down to his seat. Elizabeth left a moment later and Will watched her go with longing wanting to follow her and sweep him up in his arms. Calypso watched him.
“Go and talk to her.” She said simply. Will smiled his thanks before dashing from the shop.

Elizabeth was walking towards work when she heard a voice calling her name, she turned to see Will running after her. He skidded to a halt in front of her,
“Hi.” He said breathlessly. Elizabeth smiled.
“Hi.” There was a moment of silence before Will spoke again.
“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for not seeing you for a while, I just had a busy week.” The words tumbled in a torrent from his mouth. Elizabeth nodded.
“It’s alright. You just moved here, you would need some time to adjust, new job and accommodation and all that. Will shook his head.
“Even so, I shouldn’t have left the hospital like that without at least following it up. How is Steve?” Elizabeth was sure she heard a note of bitterness in his voice when he mentioned her boyfriend but disregarded it.
“He’s fine. Nothing major wrong. He was up and kicking within the week.” Will grinned and Elizabeth was sure that he knees went weak. He had a hold over her that she couldn’t explain. “Now that you’re back anyway we need to get our heads together and work out why you are sooo familiar.” Will's grin broadened.
“I was sure that you would have forgotten about that by now Miss Swann.” He said. Elizabeth sighed, there it was again, the voice the smile. All rang bells but try as she might she could not work out why. Will was watching her.
“I was wondering if you had nowhere to be at lunch you might want to have a meal with me?” he asked suddenly. Elizabeth found herself nodding before her brain had even comprehended the question. Will's grin flashed again and he dug a piece of paper out of his pocket. He scribbled down a number and gave it to her.
“Here’s my number call me when you get off lunch and where to come and pick you up.” Elizabeth smiled and took the paper.
“Ok.” She said. Will nodded and began to walk away.
“It’s a date.” He called over his shoulder. Elizabeth was left standing wondering why she felt so happy.

Please comment and the next chapter should be up soon

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“How the hell you think you gonna win her back if you don’t even talk to her!”
hahah thats Calypso alright! Same old Will then huh? Good!
Will had been out all night. He sat on a park bench shivering and using every foul word he knew cursing the sea goddess. Now as the pale light of the morning crept up on him he stood and tried to work out the stiffness in his joints. Not for the first time that night he wished that he still had his immortal status. Four hundred years of not getting cold or hungry or ill was a hard thing to leave behind.
I hadn't even thought about that- being suddenly prone to a cold or a stiff neck, and having one myself right now I can feel his pain! Good point- maybe something to expand on, how he feels differently?
Her hand went instantly to her hip, as if about to draw an imaginary sword.
I LIKE this, her instinctual memory. The scene in the coffee shop is great.
Sorry to hear White Masque isn't writing anymore- good luck to her all the same if you get to speak to her.

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I had a few chapters to catch up on but was most enjoyable. Like Nuit I loved that instinctive urge to go for her sword. I will be very interested to see how you develop this from here and deal with the complication of Steve..

Looking forward to the next chapter

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Ok, chapter 5. Thanks for the comments. Depending on how much get done tonight this may well be my last post for a couple of weeks. Because I am off to Vegas for 9 days on friday! YAY! I'm taking my Will doll with me so i should get some good photos. But here is the next chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 5
Will walked back into the coffee shop, a wide grin on his face. Calypso was where he had left her. He collapsed into the chair next to her and she raised an eyebrow.
“Well…?” Will looked at her.
“I’m having lunch with her later.” He said proudly. Calypso gave him thumbs up and a kiss on the cheek.
“That’s great Will.” she said. Will nodded and stood up.
“Now I need to go home and get changed.” He giggled. “Look at me, I’m such a loser!” Calypso shook her head and gave him a small push towards the door.

Time seemed to pass slowly for Elizabeth that day. She sat at her desk, twiddling her thumbs, every few seconds she looked at the clock. She couldn’t explain why she was so excited about lunch with Will; it wasn’t like it was a date or anything. Forcing herself to calm down she looked at her computer screen and tried to force herself to work. As half past 12 inched closer and closer she became more and more fidgety. Finally she deemed to time and pulled out her mobile. She took the piece of paper that had Will's number on it and dialled. She forced her breathing to be even. The dialling tone rang and rang, finally when she was ready to hang up…
“Will Turner.”
“Hi Will. it’s Elizabeth.”
“Oh hey! Ok, where do you want me to pick you up?” Elizabeth looked out of the window.
“You know the finance company down town, near the coffee shop we met at this morning?” she asked. Will was quiet for a moment.
“Yeah I know it. Meet me outside in 10 minutes.” Elizabeth agreed and put the phone down. As she hurried to get her stuff together she looked up and saw Steve coming towards her, a sandwich in his hand and a grin on his face.

Will looked at his watch and sighed. He was standing outside the finance company and Elizabeth nowhere in sight. With an eager face he scanned the people coming out of the revolving doors that marked the opening of the building. With each face that came out that wasn’t Elizabeth he felt his heart drop a few centimetres lower in his chest. He took a deep breath and tried not to let the tears that were threatening to build up force their way to the surface. He gave one look at his watch and leaned on the wall.

Elizabeth watched Will from the window as he paced up and down in front of the building. Steve meanwhile was babbling along as he chewed on his sandwich. Elizabeth had finished hers in record time and had tried to excuse herself but Steve had kept talking. She sneaked a glance at the clock and groaned internally when she saw there were was only five minutes of her break left. She looked out the window and saw Will push himself off that wall and walk away, hands deep in his pockets. Elizabeth felt her heart twinge as she watched him go. There was a strange feeling that this had happened before, that she had let him down before in some way. But Elizabeth had only known him for a few weeks, and in that time there had been no time to let him down. Steve stood up and kissed her on the cheek.
“Lunch is over. I’ll catch you later.” He said cheerily. Elizabeth nodded and watched as he strode away.

Will flung open his front door and slammed it shut. He threw himself down on his bed and lay there for a moment to upset and annoyed to do anything. After a while he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. His mobile vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out. It was either Bob or Elizabeth, he gritted his teeth when he realised that it was the latter. He threw his phone on the floor and turned over. The ringing stopped but started up again a moment later.

Soon the continuous ringing was so annoying that he rolled over and scooped his phone up off the floor. He looked at the display before pressing the call button to collect his voicemail message.
“Will, I’m so, so, so, so, so, so, so sorry!” Elizabeth’s voice babbled at him from the other end of the phone. “I tried so hard to get away, I really did, but Steve trapped me and I had to have lunch with him! Please, please, please don’t make it a month before I see you again, or hear from you! Call me, or better still meet me at the coffee shop tomorrow at 9:00 so I can tell you how sorry I am in person.” There was a click and the line went dead. Will pulled the phone away from his ear and growled at it. When he looked up Calypso was standing in his kitchen. He started and sat up.
“Could you not just knock on the front door and wait for me to let you in or ring and say ‘hey Will, heard about your disaster of a lunch and decided to come over and comfort you.” he muttered. Calypso shook her head and walked over to his bed. She sat down and looked at him with wide eyes.
“Are you alright?” she asked. Will shrugged.
“You know. I guess that’s it.” Calypso pried the phone from his hand and replayed the voicemail message; she frowned slightly as it finished before looking at him again.
“I cannot understand what you mean by ‘that’s it’ she’s sorry and she wants to meet you.” Will grimaced.
“Steve will probably be there.” He grumbled. Calypso raised an eyebrow.
“And so what if he is. Elizabeth has loved you for over 400 years. And you’re going to let someone like Steve Jones get in your way. Her every instinct will be drawn to you and although she may have no idea why now, she will remember.” Will smiled.
“She will.” Calypso cocked her head.
“This is what I’m hoping.” She replied. Will's face fell a little and she patted his arm.
“She needs time.” She said soothingly. Will nodded and buried his face back in his pillow. He felt Calypso move and when he looked she had settled herself at his small table, her face distant.

Elizabeth paced up and down; every so often she pulled out her phone and looked at it. When she saw no replies she would sigh and continue her pacing.

The door slammed later and she heard Steve call her name. He came into the bedroom brandishing a DVD. Elizabeth looked at it curiously.
“Is that another pirate film?” she asked baffled. Steve nodded and shrugged. He slotted it into the DVD player and threw himself down on the bed. He opened his arms and reluctantly Elizabeth settled down next to him on the bed. The opening credits rolled on the screen and Elizabeth allowed her mind to switch off.

It rained in the night; it pelted down from the heavens in torrents that hit the windows loudly. Will was sleeping fitfully and ended up with his head under his pillow trying in vain to block out the noise. Calypso was still sitting on the other side of the room even though Will had politely requested that she left, and then demanded. She had ignored his requests and had stayed. Now with sleep looking very unlikely he sat up and looked at her.
“Why are you here?” he asked. She looked up to meet his eyes and smiled.
“Would you believe me if I told you I was bored?” she asked sweetly. Will shook his head.
“You’re never bored, there’s always some poor soul to mess with.” He replied. There was silence interrupted only by the rain on the windows. Finally Will spoke again.
“Should I go and see her?” he asked. Calypso nodded without hesitation.
“Give her a chance, she’s curious.” She replied. Will cocked an eyebrow.
“How can you tell?” he asked.
“Her every instinct is telling her that there’s something about you that’s special.” Will raised an eyebrow.
“I never trusted instinct that much.” He looked around. “ This is where instinct has got me.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“Why is it all so complicated?” Calypso shrugged. Will waited again but she didn’t speak for a while. Deciding he needed a drink Will threw back the covers and padded slowly to the kitchen. He pulled a glass out and poured himself some water, he turned to the sea goddess and offered her the glass but she declined with a shake of her head. Will shrugged and downed the drink. He sat down next to her and sighed.
“I should get some sleep.” He said finally. Calypso nodded.
“The rain should stop soon as it is?” she said as Will made his way back to his bed. He stopped and turned.
“Of course you know that.” He said, Calypso gave him her lopsided smile. Will shook his head and settled down under the covers; he looked up once more,
“No offence but could you like close you eyes or turn the other way? You creep me out when you watch me sleep.” Calypso gave him a funny look before shrugging and turning away.

Steve grunted and Elizabeth awoke with a start. She had been sleeping fitfully, the dreams had not relented and she was always on the border between sleep and consciousness. Turning her head slightly she looked at the clock that sat on her bedside table. The numbers blinked at her. 3:14. She sighed and buried her head in the pillow. After a moment she realised that the rain had dulled to a light pattering on the window. When Steve suddenly rolled over and started to snore gently next to her ear she threw back the covers and made her way to the balcony. Opening the door slowly and carefully she stepped out onto the stones. The flagstones were cold and damp from the rain; she leant against the railing and stared unseeing down at the street below her. Even at this early hour the odd car would crawl down the road, Elizabeth closed her eyes and basked in the silence that hung in the air. Her mind began to wander and she found herself relieving the day’s events. One thing she would never get out of her mind was the rejected, confused and almost resigned look on Will’s face as he had walked away earlier that day. It was imprinted on her brain like a tattoo. She heard a faint grunt from Steve behind her and she turned briefly. As she looked out over the streets she began to wonder what drew her to Will Turner, there was something, a gut instinct that made her think about him religiously. Every time she was convinced she had a reason it was snatched away from her. It dominated her thoughts night and day. In her frustration she banged her fist into the railing. Her hand slipped on the wet surface of the metal and skidded off, the palm of her hand sliced against a piece of protruding metal and tore the skin. Elizabeth cursed fiercely and brought her palm to her mouth. Deciding to go inside before anything else happened she turned and made her way back into the bedroom, carefully closing the door behind her.

The birds sang with the dawn that bloomed pale and overcast. Will groaned and flopped onto his back. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 7:45, an hour and 15 minutes before Elizabeth wanted to meet him. Will was torn between going and not. He sat up and looked around to find that Calypso was nowhere to be seen. He huffed slightly and wiped his eyes. How was he supposed to make a decision if she wasn’t here to help him make it?

He was coming out of the shower, with nothing but a towel wrapped round his waist when the door opened and Calypso sauntered in, coffee in one hand and a paper bag in the other. Will jumped.
“Jesus!” he screeched. Calypso gave him an appreciative smile before settling down in her chair. Her eyes roamed his bare chest which was still wet and she raised her eyebrows.
“Stop looking!” Will growled, he picked up a shirt and flung it over his head causing Calypso to pout.
“I thought you might want some breakfast to help you get ready for your meeting with Elizabeth.” She said. Will looked at her and she smiled. “And I know that you’re going. You’re too curious not to go!” Will scowled and took a bite from the croissant she had bought him, it annoyed him when she was always right. He gulped down his coffee and retreated into the bathroom to get dressed. He came out in a pair of jeans, a tight white top and his leather jacket. His hair had been scraped back and contained under his bandanna. He spread his arms and smiled.
“How do I look?” he asked. Calypso stood and looked him up and down.
“Dashing!” she proclaimed.

Enjoy and please comment!

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Right, last post before my holiday. WHOOP! anyway, this is my favourite chapter so far and hopefully you will see where i am going with the scence in the coffee shop!

Chapter 6
Elizabeth looked at her watch and fidgeted nervously. He wasn’t coming. It was almost nine o’clock and she was still sitting alone. In her head she ran over what she would do. First she would apologise and then try and make sure that he promised to see her again. She knew that she really should tell Steve what she was doing, but there was a small part of her that told her to leave it, not tell him. She was so absorbed in her coffee that she didn’t notice Will until he spoke.
“Hi.” Her head snapped up and she grinned.
“Hi.” She breathed.

Will stood watching the coffee shop. He could see Elizabeth in her window seat. She was looking down, her beautiful hair flopping down past her face. Whilst shorter than he knew it still covered her face and made her look beautiful. Summoning all his courage Will started to walk towards the door. As he reached it he looked back at Calypso who was sitting one a park bench watching him. She made a shooing gesture with her hands and he pushed open the door. Elizabeth was so engrossed in what she was doing that he was able to stand and study her properly for a few moments. She had lost none of her beauty in the four hundred odd years since their wedding. Her eyes still sparkled with the intelligence and humour that they had all those years ago, nor had she lost any of her curiosity. Time had not touched her. Finally he stepped forward and spoke quietly.
“Hi.” He head snapped up and the relief that filled her eyes made his heart sour. She was genuinely happy to see him for Elizabeth had never been able to lie with her eyes. They always betrayed her.
“Hi.” She said. Will took a seat opposite her and for a moment there was silence. Then Elizabeth launched into an explanation.
“I’m sooo sorry, it was absolutely terrible of me to leave you like that and I will understand if you want nothing more to do with me, but I want you to know that I really wanted to have lunch with you but I couldn’t get away from Steve, I saw you out the window and I’m so sorry.” Will held up a hand and she stopped talking immediately.
“It’s alright.” He said, and meant it. Relief flooded Elizabeth’s features and she grinned. Will had to smile with her, when she was happy, he was happy. That was the way it had always been and the way it would stay for the rest of time. Elizabeth took a sip of coffee whilst her other hand reached up to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear, as she did, the bandage she had been using on her hand came undone.
“Shoot!” she muttered and tried to wrap it back round. Very unsuccessfully. On impulse Will reached out and took her hand,
“Here, let me.” He said huskily, she stopped and looked at him, he gave her a small smile before slowly unwrapping the bandage from her hand to reveal a cut that spanned her palm. Will smiled internally as he remembered the last time he had done this they had almost kissed. Funnily enough it was the same hand and he could still see the edges of the scar that had ripped her hand last time. He softly began to rewind the material back round her hand. In that moment there was nothing but them, no sound but her even breathing, no smell but hers that he knew so well. As he made to tie it she winced and pulled her hands back slightly.
“Blacksmith’s hands. I’m sorry I know their rough.” He said, echoing his exact words from the last time. Elizabeth smiled slightly and allowed him to finish. When he did she spoke.
“Don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she was plagued by that feeling of familiarity. The feeling of his rough hands against her smooth skin sent a fire burning through her that she had not experienced for a very long time. She looked up, and straight into his deep brown eyes. It seemed to her that his eyes were trying to tell her something. She leaned forward to get a better look and gauge what it was.

Steve was on his way to work. he had hoped to be walking with Elizabeth, but she had left early only giving him a vague goodbye and no mention of where she was headed. To his dismay Mary had ambushed him on his way to work and had insisted that they walk together, now as she gushed about her boyfriend he allowed his eyes to wander. They were walking parallel to the park where he and Elizabeth spent a lot of their time. Sitting on a bench was a tall black woman, and she was beautiful. Steve prided himself on being able to have some self-control but all that went out the window as he oggled openly at the woman. she turned her gaze to him and he found himself looking deep into a pair of eyes that flashed an intense purple. She stared straight at him for a moment, holding him with her eyes before winking and turning her gaze across the road to a spot just in front of where he was walking. On instinct Steve followed her gaze, he was looking at a Café Nero. He went in here sometimes during his lunch break. His eyes caught sight of a familiar head of hair and he looked to see Elizabeth sitting by a window seat. But she was not alone. Will Turner was sat opposite her. Steve watched with growing concern as Elizabeth reached up to brush some hair from behind her ear. The bandage fell loose and Will took it making to fix the material, instead of stopping him like Steve expected her to do Elizabeth merely smiled at him and allowed him to carry on. At one point she winced and Steve allowed a small smile. but Will said something that made Elizabeth smile. When he had tied the knot his hand lingered over her skin, just touching. Elizabeth then spoke and Steve was able to lip-read what she said clearly. ‘Don’t stop’. Anger boiled inside Steve as Elizabeth leant forward, staring intently into Will’s eyes. It was then that Mary, who had finally realised that Steve wasn’t with her, came back and saw Elizabeth.
“Oh, look it’s Elizabeth! And who is that?!” she asked before knocking on the window. Both Will and Elizabeth jumped and looked around wildly as if just realising that there were other people around them. Their gaze was drawn to the window and not wanting them to know that he had witnessed their intimate moment Steve plastered a grin on his face and waved madly along with Mary. Elizabeth smiled and stood immediately whilst Will looked away. He stood and took Elizabeth by the arm. He spoke gently and she pouted, he smiled and said one more thing before making his way out of the coffee shop. As he stepped out onto the street he nodded at Steve and walked off in the opposite direction.

The loud knocking on the window tore Elizabeth’s gaze away from Will’s eyes with a start. she looked around for the source of the noise and saw Mary and Steve at the window, both waving madly. Rising to her feet she smiled, she felt Will take her arm and she turned to look at him.
“I should get going.” he said. Elizabeth pouted, which made him smile. “I’ll call you soon, I promise.” she raised her eyebrows which said ‘you had better’. With one last smile he left the shop. Elizabeth watched him leave before looking back at Steve. He raised his eyebrows and gestured for her to join him. She dropped some money on the table before picking up her coat and going out to join Steve and Mary.

The touch of Will's hands and the intensity of his brown eyes stayed with Elizabeth all day, whilst she performed all the tasks she was set with her usual efficiency it was on autopilot. Her mind was always on other things. One thing was for certain, Will Turner had a hold over her that she could neither describe nor break.

Will was exactly the same. sword after sword hit the pile, his hands moved but his brain did not process the steps he was taking. At certain points during the day Bob would stand and watch him in amazement before retreating back and leaving Will to it. He busied himself polishing and displaying some of the finer of Will's works that he was loath to the film company. The boy was a natural, his style was so refined and practised that he could have been doing the art for hundreds of years. But that was silly Bob had scolded himself when the idea had entered his head. The kid couldn’t have been more than 23. He was just talented. As he looked at the swords he could see what they may have been used for, epic sword battles taking place in the middle of the ocean, with the roar of the spray and howling wind. Fancy that, a real pirate.

It was Steve’s idea to go out for a drink. But Elizabeth’s to invite Will. it had been three days since she had seen him in the coffee shop, Steve had agreed and Elizabeth had made the arrangements. Luckily she had caught Will on one of the nights that he wasn’t working late.
“So, you fancy coming for a drink with, Steve, Mary, Carl and me?” she had asked.
“I don’t know.” Will replied.
“Oh go one Will.” she had whined in the voice that never failed to make his heart melt.
“Oh ok.” he agreed. He saw movement out of the corner of his eyes and turned to see Calypso waving at him and pointing at herself, Will turned back to the phone.
“Is it alright if I bring my friend Carol?” Calypso had frowned at the name, which made Will stifle a giggle.
“Of course.” Elizabeth had gushed. “The more the merrier!” naming the time and place she hung up and left Will with Calypso.
“Carol?” she sea goddess asked sceptically.
“It was the first thing that came into my head.” Will chuckled. With some grumbling Calypso finally consented to being called Carol.

The bar that Elizabeth had named for them to go to was on the edge of town in a reasonably quite area. Elizabeth and Steve were the first to arrive, choosing a table they sat and ordered some drinks whilst they waited for the others. Mary arrived next with Carl, both Steve and Elizabeth were impressed at how long Carl and Mary had lasted. After some excited greetings they were all waiting for Will and Carol. Mary and Carl were both excited about meeting Will for the first time, Steve was not so excited, as time passed and they didn’t show he began to think they weren’t coming and began to celebrate internally. But then Elizabeth’s eyes lit up and she waved madly. Steve looked up and saw in dismay that Will had just walked in through the door. It was with even bigger disappointment when he got his first look at Carol, she was the woman who had been sitting on the park bench opposite the coffee shop a few days before. Will smiled at them all as they reached the table.
“Hey everyone. This is Carol.” The woman waved at them all, Steve managed a small wave before he was forced to take a large sip of his drink. Will took Carol’s coat and offered her a chair. Carol gave him a grateful smile and slid with a grace that Elizabeth envied into her chair.
“What do you want to drink?” Elizabeth asked. Will and Carol gave their orders and Elizabeth went up to the bar to get them, when she turned around she saw that Carol had scooted her chair right up close to Will’s. She was whispering in his ear whilst her fingers danced across his shoulders. Elizabeth felt the jealous pang again. Her hands began to shake and she was in danger of dropping the tray of drinks that she was holding. She to place the tray back on the bar and take a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Finally she was cam enough and made her way back to the table.
“Sorry it’s taken so long.” She apologised. Will accepted his drink with a smile, the smile that for some reason made Elizabeth's knees go weak and made her feel glad that she was sitting down. Carol pulled away from Will but kept her arm round his shoulder to fix Elizabeth was a piercing stare; this was when Elizabeth noticed that her eyes were purple. She started slightly and took a hurried sip of her drink. Carol smiled.
“So Elizabeth how did you and Will meet?” Carol asked. Elizabeth thought back to her first meeting with Will back in the park; it had seemed like such a long time ago now.
“It was in a park.” She replied. “And what about you?” Carol gave a smile and slowly stroked the back of Will’s neck.
“Oh, Will and I go way back!” she gushed. Will nodded but there was something in his eyes that made Elizabeth think that he was uncomfortable.
“Carol, can I speak to you for a moment?” he asked. Carol looked at him and he raised his eyebrows. She sighed, rolled her eyes and stood up. Will gave the rest of them an apologetic look before taking her arm. As they retreated to across the pub Mary leaned forward.
“He’s nice.” She whispered. Elizabeth gave a small smile.

Will pulled calypso into a corner of the pun and fixed her with a serious glare.
“What are you doing?” he hissed. Calypso treated him to her most seductive smile and wound her arms round his neck. She leant forward and he could feel her breath tickling his cheek.
“I’m helping her remember.” She whispered. Then she kissed him, hard. Without leaving his any choice she lifted her leg until it was resting on Will's hip. Even though he didn’t understand how this could possibly help Elizabeth remember that she was his wife Will still didn’t pull away. besides, Calypso wasn’t giving him a chance to. Her hands were in his hair now, massaging his scalp.

Elizabeth, Mary, Carl and Steve all watched in amazement as what looked like a serious conversation turned into…something else. Mary raised her eyebrows.
“Wow!” she said. Steve looked slightly amused.
“He didn’t seem to me the sort of guy who would do public displays of affection” he commented. Elizabeth said nothing. The jealousy was bubbling in her stomach like a vat of acid. The intensity of her emotions shocked her and for a moment she was struck dumb. Will and Carol finally came up for air and Carol whispered in his ear before biting the lobe gently.

“Look at Elizabeth” Calypso breathed in his ear before her teeth clamped down gently on his ear. Will shuddered involuntarily, his eyes drifted to Elizabeth and he was surprised by the look on her face. She looked confused. She looked jealous, but confused. It was a look that Will had never seen before. He looked back at Calypso.
“Why did you do that?” he asked. Calypso raised an eyebrow.
“Is it not obvious?” she purred. “She’s jealous now, she may have no idea why but she is. She’ll be even more curious.” She paused and gave him a wicked grin. “And I’ve wanted to do that for over 400 years!” she glided back to the table and left Will standing in a corner of the pub with his brain feeling more confused than it had for a long time.

It's a slightly longer chapter and should tide you over until I get back and have a chance to write more. Enjoy and I'll see you all in 10 days!

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