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Thank you, Kat! Now, onward!

*banner made by Krazymoonkat*

Chapter 15: An Honorable Sendoff and Parley

Hand in hand, Guinevere and Jack headed back to the lair of the Brethren. They knew this was the morning of the battle and needed to meet with King Elizabeth at once.

“Never thought I’d be this urgent to see the bonny lass in my life,” Jack remarked.

“You’d better treasure this moment,” Guinevere commented, “It’s likely you’ll never have that urgency again.”

Once back at the lair, Jack and Guinevere were greeted with sly smirks from Barbossa and Elizabeth.

“Mrs. Sparrow,” they addressed in unison.

“Ne’er thought I’d see the day Captain Jack Sparrow makes a commitment to anyone but hisself,” Barbossa commented.

“It’s been known to happen. You people are always surprised,” Jack replied indifferently.

“With good reason,” Elizabeth said slyly.

Jack rolled his eyes. She’s thinking like the whelp, he groaned in his mind.

“I can’t believe that you actually married. Did you actually?-” Barbossa asked.

“Once is quite enough!” Jack said defensively.

“Really, Barbossa, I’m no fussy lady, but there are just some things I’m entitled to that I shall not divulge,” Guinevere told the seasoned pirate.

Barbossa held up his hands in surrender. “Apologies, Mrs. Sparrow,” he said sincerely.

“What’s done cannot be undone,” Guinevere declared, “Let us leave it at that. Now is the time for battle. Your Majesty-”

Elizabeth blushed. “Please, as your king, I order you not to address me like that.”

“Elizabeth, what’s the plan?” Guinevere wanted to know.

“Every vessel has been prepared,” Elizabeth explained, “We wait for the enemy’s arrival. As soon as we have the enemy ship in our sights we fire and do not stop firing.”

“If the vessels should become joined together?” Guinevere asked.

Elizabeth’s eyes filled with determination. “Cut down anyone that gets in your way,” she declared.

Guinevere smirked. She liked this plan and this side of Elizabeth.

“I like it,” Jack commented, “Simple, easy to remember.”

“You made a smart choice, my love,” Guinevere told her husband.

Elizabeth looked out to the horizon. “The sun is rising. We must prepare,” she said hastily.

“Aye, that be true,” Barbossa agreed.

Guinevere glanced at the lair and remembered that she had not given Rose a proper farewell. “Wait!” she protested, “It’s Rose. She deserves the honor of a proper burial as she was an honorable member of our brethren and a dear friend of mine. I can’t stand before My Lord until I have done this last service of friendship.”

Elizabeth lowered her eyes. “Very well. A proper burial is what Rose shall have.”

Quickly, Rose was fetched from the lair inside the empty lair. Guinevere held back tears in her eyes as she helped usher her fallen friend out to be buried. Rose did not look like she had been slain; she looked as if she were simply in deep, peaceful slumber. Guinevere was comforted somewhat by the comfort Rose was in now. Lucia appeared and dug a hole proper to hold Rose. Once the hole was deep enough, Jack and Barbossa took Rose on their shoulders and gently placed her in the earth.

As they did so, Guinevere was practically choking on her tears, desperately trying to hold them back. With her entire body shaking fiercely, Guinevere began to sing a mournful song: Nous avons perdu un ami honorable

Pris de nous avant son temps
Pleurons la sa et honorons-la
Son destin sera partagé par nous tous que sa présence est sentie un jour

Par tous ce qui l'aiment nous laissent ne pas oublier notre ami tombé nous laissent se rappeler et l'honorer
Prier pour son voyage bon dans le paradis

Guinevere lowered her eyes in remorse for her friend.

Lucia lowered her head. “She will not be forgotten,” she declared.

Jack presented Guinevere with Rose’s sword. “A proper grave needs a marker,” he told her.

Guinevere took Rose’s sword and drove it into the earth. With a sigh, Guinevere closed her eyes.

“I’ll fight for you, Rose,” she promised.

Guinevere opened her eyes to see Elizabeth, Barbossa, and Lucia gone, and Jack holding baby Juliet. Guinevere’s heart broke. Should she not survive this war, she would be parted from her little girl forever. Slowly, she stood at Jack’s side and watched him play with their daughter. Juliet smiled and she bounced her little arms about. Guinevere and Jack smiled at their daughter’s ignorance of the situation.

“She’s so happy,” Jack said.

“Only because of us,” Guinevere said.

“Aye,” Jack agreed.

Juliet, in that moment, diverted Jack’s attention back to her with one tug of Jack’s dreadlocks from her tiny hand. “She’s quite strong,” Jack commented, “And feisty. I wonder who she gets that from.”

Guinevere blushed. “Only the best.”

Jack laid his daughter in Guinevere’s arms. “You two deserve some quality time instead of quantity time,” he declared.

Guinevere held her little girl in her arms and smiled as Juliet played with her toy horse. “Mon petit amoureux,” she sighed, “Don’t you worry about a thing. You’re going to be safe here. Mama and Dada will see you soon. If not soon enough, but soon. I’ll miss you. You’re little smiles, your rosy cheeks, your spirit. I won’t forget you. Just promise you won’t forget us, savvy? Godfather Will and Godmother Elizabeth will take good care of you and love you like I do. I promise, Sweetheart. I promise.”

Guinevere kissed her daughter’s head and took her back inside the lair and laid her down on her jacket. Softly, she began to lull Juliet to sleep with her lullaby: Heure de dormir maintenant, bébé
Heure de rêver maintenant, bébé
Coffre-fort dans des mes bras doux
Coffre-fort dans votre sommeil doux
Fermer vos jolis yeux
Rêver maintenant, le petit
Sommeil maintenant, bébé.
Quand vous vous réveillez, j'attendrai
et ainsi vos rêves jusqu'à ce que vous vous réunissiez encore

Guinevere sighed as Juliet’s eyes closed. Before she could leave, Guinevere glanced at two butch guards.

The two guards reassured her. “No blood will be spilt here, my lady,” they declared.

With that, Guinevere kissed her daughter’s head and quickly headed off to the Black Pearl. The crew of the Black Pearl waited for Beckett’s ship to emerge from the morning fog.

“Come on, you filthy coward,” Guinevere muttered, “Show yourself.”

No sooner had Guinevere said this, Beckett’s vessel, the Endeavor, appeared from the mist.

Marty pointed out the ship from the lookout. “They’re here!” he shouted.

“Finally,” Guinevere groaned.

Suddenly, more ships appeared from the mist. There were at least one hundred of them! Everyone’s mouths dropped as they looked out to sea.

Cotton’s parrot flew away immediately. “Awwk, abandon ship!” it squawked.

“My God,” Guinevere gasped.

All heads turned toward Jack. “Parley?” Jack asked.

“Will must be with Beckett,” Elizabeth said, “We must get him back.”

“We must,” Guinevere declared.

“Prepare the longboat!” Jack commanded.

Instantly, the crew hauled out a longboat. Barbossa, Lucia, and Elizabeth boarded at once. Just as Guinevere attempted to board, Jack instinctively grabbed her arm.

“Jack? What are you doing?” Guinevere gasped.

“I can’t let you go with us, Guin,” Jack replied.

“This is my fight, too. Why can’t I go?”

“Beckett, that’s why. He wants your head for personal reasons. I fear he’ll take you at the opportune moment.”

“He will be dead before he does. I want him to know what suffering he’s caused all of us. You should know better than to argue with me, Jack. Have you learned nothing from my stubbornness?”

“I suppose I have this moment to learn. Let’s go. We have a parley.”

Guinevere smiled as Jack took her hand and helped her into the boat. Jack and Barbossa rowed out to a narrow sandbar where they found Beckett, Will, and Davy Jones waiting for them. The five walked slowly, side by side. Each looked on and noted their enemy with glares. Elizabeth and Guinevere gave a slight panic as they saw Will with Beckett and Jones, but they remained calm. Guinevere and Lucia hid smirks as they noted that Davy Jones was standing in a bucket of water because of his terms as captain.

Talk about a fish out of water, Guinevere remarked to herself.

The five coolly approached their enemy and Will.

Barbossa was quick to jump to conclusions. “You be the cur that led these wolves to our door,” he said accusingly.

“It’s always the honest ones to watch out for, Father,” Lucia reminded him.

Beckett glanced at Will and back to his five enemies. “Don’t blame Turner. He was merely the tool of your betrayal. If you wish to see its grand architect, look to your left,” Beckett advised them.

Four heads turned left, in Jack’s direction. Jack nonchalantly looked left too and back at a glare from Elizabeth.

Jack held up his dirty hands. “My hands are clean in this. Figuratively,” he said calmly.

“My actions were my own and to my own purpose. Jack had nothing to do with it,” Will explained.

“Well spoke! Listen to the tool!” Jack said happily.

Elizabeth gazed into Will’s eyes. “Will, I’ve been aboard the Dutchman. I understand the burden you bear, but I fear that cause is lost,” she said gently.

Will brightened. “No cause is lost,” he told her, “If there is but one fool left to fight for it.”

Will’s eyes turned to a smirking Jack. Elizabeth took note of their eyes.

Beckett held up Jack’s compass. “If Turner wasn’t acting on your behalf, how did he come to give me this?” he said quizzically.

All eyes turned to Jack.

“You made a deal with me, Jack to deliver the pirates,” Beckett reminded Jack, “and here they are. Don’t be bashful; step up and claim your reward.”

“Your debt to me is still to be satisfied,” Jones said angrily, “One hundred years aboard the Dutchman. As a start!”

“That debt was paid, mate,” Jack declared, “With some help.”

“You escaped!”

Elizabeth watched Will’s eyes as Jones and Jack argued. She thought she had an idea, and once she saw Will give her a look of confidence, she went along with it. “I propose an exchange,” she said, “Will leaves with us, and you can take Jack.”

Jack frowned.

Beckett smiled. “Miss Parris, you took a risk coming here,” Beckett told her, “Did she not tell you all that she is Mrs. Beckett?”

“Not anymore,” Guinevere snarled, “I’m free of you forever. It’s Mrs. Sparrow, now, you prissy, brain-dead buffoon.”

“Then you have committed bigamy, I’m afraid, and I must arrest you,” Beckett told her.

“I am not a part of the exchange, you dolt! It’s Will for Jack. Take it or leave it!” Guinevere said fiercely.

“Done,” Will said immediately.

“Undone!” Jack protested.

“Done!” Beckett added.

Barbossa faced Elizabeth. “Jack’s one of the nine Pirate Lords. You have no right,” he growled.

“King,” Elizabeth said triumphantly.

Jack pulled away and removed his hat. “As you command, Your Nibs,” he said, feigning defiance.

With one stroke, Barbossa slashed at Jack’s bandanna and cut off the beads and coin. Jack the Monkey retrieved it quickly.

“If ye have somethin’ to say, I might be sayin something as well,” he warned.

“First to the finish, then?” Jack asked.

Quickly, he and Will switched places.

“Advise your Brethren. You can fight, and all of you will die, or you can not fight in which case only most of you will die,” he warned them.

“Well then, it’s a win-win situation. I’d rather die than not fight you, so I’ll die anyway!” Guinevere commented.

“Your trickery would have plunged me into a pool of blood and drowned me in guilt!” Lucia spat, “You knew my father lived, and you duped me against my friends. You’re a dead man.”

“You murdered my friend and tried to take my daughter from me,” Guinevere snarled, “You will pay for your crimes. I suggest you remember my face because it’s the last thing you’ll ever see.”

Elizabeth stepped forward with a fire in her eyes. “You murdered my father,” she growled like a lioness stalking its prey.

“He chose his own fate,” Beckett said nonchalantly.

“And you have chosen yours,” Elizabeth declared, “We will fight, and you will die.”

She turned away in a flash.

Guinevere lingered, and stepped closer to Beckett. All of a sudden, she punched him four times!

“That was for Rose! And for Juliet! Jack! And for me!” she declared.

“So be it,” Beckett said defiantly.

Guinevere turned away to find Lucia grinning. “Good girl,” she laughed.

“That felt brilliant,” Guinevere commented.

Will glanced at Elizabeth. “King?” he asked.

“Of the Brethren Court, courtesy of Jack,” Elizabeth explained.

“Maybe he really does know what he’s doing,” Will declared.

“I’ll say,” Guinevere added.
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Chapter 16: Calypso Unleashed

As the four pirates rowed back to The Black Pearl, Will and Elizabeth spoke so much it was as if they had no conflict at all.

“How did you get to Shipwreck Cove?” Will wanted to know.

“Sao Feng was killed by an attack thanks to the Flying Dutchman. He made me Captain,” Elizabeth explained, “Norrington was working for Beckett and he locked us in the brig when he found us, and that’s where I found your father.”

Will’s eyes lit up at news of his father. “My father? Is he all right?” he asked.

Elizabeth’s eyes were grim as she held Will’s hand for the first time since her father passed. Will’s heart skipped a beat at her touch.

“I can’t say so, Will,” Elizabeth replied sadly, “He told me it was too late, and I believed him. He barely knows me and barely remembers you. I fear for him and pity him.”

“He suffers a fate he shouldn’t have had to suffer,” Will said.

“I know,” Elizabeth replied, “When I said I understand the burden you bear, I was sincere. I do understand now. Your father was never a part of your life, and mine was. Now my father is dead, and I understand what it’s like to be without a father.”

“I understand,” Will said, “What happened after? How did you escape?”

“Norrington decided to choose a side,” Elizabeth explained, “He let me go, and I tried to persuade him to follow me. He wouldn’t, and he was killed after we escaped.”

“Who was his killer?” Will asked immediately.

Elizabeth swallowed hard. “Bootstrap lost his mind. He killed Norrington by mistake,” she said gravely.

Will shuddered. “I see,” he said breathlessly.

Elizabeth squeezed Will’s hand. “Jack won’t let us down,” she reassured him.

Guinevere rubbed his back. “Yeah, it’ll be all right, mate,” she added.

Will fixed his gaze on Guinevere. “Forgive me if I’m misunderstood, Guin, but you said you are no longer Mrs. Beckett?” he inquired.
“That be true,” Guinevere said.

“How so?” Will wanted to know.

Guinevere beamed. “That’s the good news,” she laughed as she showed Will the black pearl ring on her left hand, “We are going to war, and I won’t be dying alone. I am no longer Mrs. Beckett or Miss Parris. I am Mrs. Sparrow.”

Will’s eyes were huge. “What?” he gasped in surprise, “How? When?”

Guinevere smile brightened. “After Elizabeth declared war. Jack and I have her to thank for our happy union,” she explained.

Will took a minute to register the information, and he laughed merrily at the news. “Guin, this is wonderful news!” he gasped as he hugged Guinevere tightly, “Congratulations, Mrs. Sparrow!”

“Thank you, Will,” Guinevere said with a bright smile.

“How’s Juliet?” Will wanted to know.

“Safe,” Guinevere replied, “She adores the toy you made for her. She never lets it go.”

Will smiled. “A craftsman is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated,” he said earnestly.

“You know you promised that she would be baptized when I was well again,” Guinevere told him sadly.

“I’m sorry, Guinevere. I wish Juliet was here so I could apologize,” Will apologized grimly.

“Well, by God or not, you’ve always been Juliet’s godfather and Elizabeth her godmother. You are family and she knows that,” Guinevere reassured him.

“How do you know?” Will asked.

“What do you mean?” Guinevere barked, “I’m her mother, of course I know what she does. Besides, she’s so much like me; I wouldn’t be surprised if she does.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Will laughed.

Just then, the boat pulled up to the port side of the Black Pearl. Barbossa disembarked first and ambled off quickly, followed by Lucia. Next, came Will and he helped Guinevere aboard. Taking Elizabeth’s hand, he helped her aboard too.

“We’re planning to use the Pearl as our flagship,” Elizabeth explained.

Suddenly, all three friends stopped and their eyes were wide.

“Were we now?” Barbossa barked.

Everyone on deck watched as Pintel and Ragetti brought Calypso up to the deck, bound in coils of rope.

“Barbossa, Lucia, you can’t release her!” Will protested.

Lucia held her gun on him. “Can’t we now?” she countered.

“Lucia, what about Jack? You know Calypso is a loose cannon! I don’t intend to die with my husband yet!” Guinevere told her hand.

“We have to give Jack a chance!” Elizabeth said.

“Apologies, Your Majesty!” Barbossa said curtly, “Too long me fate has not been in me own hands…but no longer.”

Barbossa snapped the necklace from Elizabeth’s neck and dropped it into the bowl with the rest of the pieces of eight with rum.

Suddenly, remembering that war was being declared and her dreaded nightmares, Guinevere snatched Elizabeth’s arm and took her out of earshot of Will.

“Guin, what’s going on?” Elizabeth gasped.

“We can’t let Will fight!” Guinevere told her urgently.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asked.

“I wanted to tell you before. I’ve been having terrible nightmares,” Guinevere explained.

“Such as?” Elizabeth inquired.

“You, Will, Jack, and I are aboard the Dutchman. Just as Jack is about to kill Jones, Jones turns about and stabs Will in the chest!” Guinevere explained, shivering at her last five words.

“Goodness, Guin!” Elizabeth gasped, “How long have you been having these nightmares?”

“Since we set off to find Jack,” Guinevere replied shortly, “Elizabeth, Will must not fight in this battle for all our sakes. These dreams are real. You must believe me. ”

“I don’t want Will hurt. You and I must speak with him now!” Elizabeth said immediately.

Guinevere snatched Will by the ear and took him to Elizabeth.

“OW! Guin, what’s all this about?” Will gasped.

“Will, you’re staying on Shipwreck Cove with Juliet!” Elizabeth gasped before Guinevere could open her mouth.

“What? I think it’s a bit late for that, Elizabeth,” Will replied.

“She’s right. I can’t let you fight with us, Will,” Guinevere added.

“Have you both been in the rum supply? What’s gotten into you both?” Will demanded.

“Guinevere’s seen your death in her nightmares!” Elizabeth shrieked.

“It’s true,” Guinevere said fervently.

“Guin, I thought we were passed all of this,” Will groaned, “I’m not going to die…as you saw in your nightmare.”

“You don’t know that, Will!” Guinevere gasped.

“And you think you do?”

“I don’t think I do. I know!”

“From what you saw in a dream. It wasn’t real, Guin!”

“It was more real than you could imagine. Please, Will just listen to the wisest of the three of us.”

“Guin, have you gone mad?”

“Maybe I have! Can I be blamed for wanting you safe? I will not enjoy life with my husband, I will never see my baby girl again, and I lost my friend. I think I have every right to want to keep you out of this battle.”

“Guin is right, Will,” Elizabeth agreed, “I lost my father, Norrington, and now my father-in-law. I can’t lose you, too.”

“Have you both been using your heads for this matter?” Will inquired, “If you are, don’t. Try using your hearts; it’s much more sensible and bearable that way. This is war. One of us, if not all of us, is most likely going to die. Even if we survive this battle, we will die. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. But we can make the best of this time no matter how dire or brief. If Guin is right, and Davy Jones does kill me, I will thank The Lord for everything I’ve been given on this Earth. If I do not, then we will have the rest of our lives together. Either way, we will still be together. Just because I’m not in front of you doesn’t mean I’m not there.”

Both women smiled lovingly as they considered this wisdom.

“Will, you brilliant boy!” Guinevere exclaimed, “You’ve learned from the best!”

“I believe I have,” Will replied, “Can we get over this now?”

“Of course,” Elizabeth replied.

“Certainly,” Guinevere said with a grin.

“Brilliant,” Will said, “I was beginning to fear the worst. Especially with you, Guin. Who knows what you can do while no ones looking!”

“Shut your face!” Guinevere laughed.

The two friends diverted their attention back to Barbossa as he readied the insignias to release Calypso.

“Be there some right or incantation?” Gibbs asked.

“Aye. The items must be burned, and someone must speak the words ‘Calypso, I release you from your human bonds,’” Barbossa explained.

“Is that it?” Pintel asked.

“It must be said as if spoken to a lover,” Barbossa replied.

All of the crew giggled and Will and Elizabeth glanced at each other nervously.

“Calypso, I release you from your human bonds!” Barbossa declaimed.

Nothing happened. Everyone wore confused expressions.

“That’s it?” Lucia asked dubiously, “Are you sure we’ve got the right fishwife?”

“You didn’t say it right!” Ragetti said brightly, “You have to say it right.”

Barbossa stepped backward to let Ragetti speak.

“Calypso, I release you from your human bonds,” Ragetti whispered as if speaking to a lover.

Suddenly, Calypso began to squirm in fits against the ropes, like one who is possessed. The bowl with the insignias burned and sent up not smoke, but a purple dust that Calypso absorbed. Will knew he had to stop her from destroying the Brethren Court.

“Tia Dalma!” he cried, “Calypso!”

The goddess snapped, and knocked the bowl of burnt insignias over.

“When the Brethren Court first imprisoned you, who was it that taught them how? Who was it that betrayed you?” Will asked pointedly.

“Name ‘im!”Calypso snapped.

“Davy Jones,” Will said.

Calypso wept at another betrayal from the man she loved. Suddenly, her rage and sadness combined and she grew to nearly sixty feet tall.

“This is it!” Pintel cried out as he released the ropes.

Everyone followed Barbossa as he bowed before the goddess.

“Blimey, that’s one big woman,” Guinevere commented.

“Calypso, I come before you as but a servant, humble and contrite,” Barbossa declared, “Spare meself, me ship, me crew, and unleash your fury on those who dare call themselves your masters, or mine.”

Calypso smiled and then proceeded to chant unintelligible words before exploding into crabs! Everyone ducked for cover as the crabs dropped into the ocean.

Lucia sprang up and felt her head. “That witch blew my hat off!” she said indignantly before digging around and replacing her hat.

“Was that it?” Will wanted to know.

“Blimey, she’s no help at all,” Pintel commented.

“What’d you expect? She’s a goddess,” Guinevere added, “They’re just like us, only one-hundred times worse.”

“What now?” Will wanted to know.

“What else can be done?” Lucia asked hopelessly.

“Nothing,” Barbossa declared, “Our final hope has failed us.”

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Chapter 17: Hoist the Colours!

"What do you mean "nothing"?" Guinevere gasped, "We don't need her! My friend is dead and I won't die until I get justice from that man!"

"What can we possibly do, Guin? I want revenge on Bucket, too, but without Calypso, what chance do we have?" Lucia asked.

"There's always a chance, Lucia!" Guinevere replied.

A gust of wind kicked up and sent a sailor's hat afloat to the top of the mast. Everyone noticed the hat flying away, particularly Elizabeth.

"It's not over," Elizabeth said wisely.

"There's still a fight to be had," Will agreed.

"Right you are, both of you!" Guin chimed in.

"We've an armada against us," Gibbs said hopelessly, "And with the Dutchman there's no chance."

Guinevere scoffed. "You call that an armada?" she said incredulously, "Perhaps I'm blind, but that's no armada. That's a mass of yellow-bellied, lily-livered sissies brought to fight for one man's lust for power and blood. We took on the Dutchman before, why not again? We have an armada. We fight for our freedom and the freedom of others. We will not run, no. We will fight until the last man. We should show them what we're made of!"

"Guin's right," Elizabeth declared, "There's a fool's chance."

"Revenge won't bring your father back, Miss Swann, and it's not something I'm intending to die for," Barbossa said.

Elizabeth turned to Barbossa and her eyes danced with determination. "You're right," she agreed, "What shall we die for? You will listen to me. Listen!"

Elizabeth hopped on the starboard side of the Black Pearl and stood strong and her voice echoed with a passion befitting a Pirate King. All eyes, especially Will and Guinevere's, were glued to Elizabeth.

"The Brethren will still be looking to us. To the Black Pearl to lead," Elizabeth declaimed, "And what will they see? Frightened, bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No. No they will see free men and freedom! And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons. They will hear the ring of our swords and they will know what we can do! By the strength of our backs, the sweat of our brows, and the courage of our hearts! Gentleman…"

Deflated, Elizabeth's eyes trailed to a proud Will and Guinevere. "Hoist the colours," she commanded.

Will nodded. "Hoist the colours," he repeated.

"You heard the King," Guinevere said stoutly, "Hoist the colours!"

Soon, the cries of "hoist the colours" were whispered and then shouted among all of the crew on the Black Pearl.

"Let's show Tête de Seau what an armada of pirates can do!" Lucia shouted.

Gibbs felt the wind on his face and he felt a surge of hope. "Aye, the wind's on our side, boys! That's all we need!" he exclaimed.

Thunderous shouts erupted from all aboard. Cutlasses and guns waved in the air.

Amidst the hullabaloo, Elizabeth turned to the Bo 'sun and commanded at the top of her lungs, "HOIST THE COLOURS!"

Guinevere climbed atop the port and shouted with the same passion, "LEVEZ LES COLOURS!"

With the swing of his sword, TaiHuang gave the order to raise the colours on the Empress. Gun shots fired in celebration as Gentleman Jocard raised his colours, and aboard Ammand the Corsair's ship, the men danced as Ammand tossed his cape over his shoulder as his colours were raised. Next came the Jolly Roger of Capitaine Chevalle with cries of the French tongue, followed by the colours of Mistress Ching. Finally, Pintel and Ragetti raised the Jolly Roger of the Black Pearlas Will, Elizabeth, Barbossa, Lucia, and Guinevere watched from the deck. As the colours were raised, Guinevere sang at the top of her lungs: Yo ho! All hands! Hoist the colours high! Heave ho! Thieves and beggars! Never say we die! Never say we die!

Meanwhile, Beckett calmly sipped tea aboard the Endeavor.

"We have a favorable wind, sir," Groves told him.

"So we do," Beckett noted, "Signal Jones to leavenone alive, but bring Mrs. Parris to me and he may do what he wishes with her. That should brighten his day."

Groves nodded. "To arms! Give no quarter! Retrieve Miss Parris!" he cried.

Davy Jones looked up to see the skies turning into the black of night and the rumbling of thunder.

"Calypso," he muttered as he screamed out.

In the brig of the Flying Dutchman, Jack was literally left alone with his thoughts.

"Bravo! You've successfully arrived aboard the Flying Dutchman as per the overall scheme," commented a wiser Jack.
"Oh, yes, chapeau, mate. Except for this little sojourn in the brig, everything's like clockwork," agreed another Jack.
"Go away!" commanded Jack.
"Or back to the Locker?" replied the first Jack.
"But without you, Jackie?" the other Jack asked dubiously.
A barnacle-encrusted version of Jack broke out from the wall, holding his brain. "Stab the heart, and live forever, as captain of the Flying Dutchman," he said, "Then again, if you're in the brig, who's to stab the heart?
"It does put immortality a bit out of reach," said the second Jack, "And what of your dearly beloved bride?"

Jack's eyes were wide as he gasped, "Guin!"

"How does she figure into your plan, mate?" questioned the first Jack.

"I have to get out of here!" Jack cried, "The war is starting and I'm not there!"

"That's why the brig is a slight problem," remarked the second Jack.

"I can't let the war go on without me! What if Guin dies? I can't let her go without telling her!" Jack cried.

"Well then, I think you should ask yourself one question mate," suggested the first Jack, "What would the whelp do?"

The second Jack scratched his head. "Think like the whelp," he whispered.

The barnacled Jack scratched his brain. "Think like the whelp," he chimed in.

"Think like the whelp!" Jack cried, "Think like the whelp!"

"Peanut," said the second Jack with delight as he pulled a peanut from Jack's hair.

On board the Black Pearl, Pintel was fuming. "Did you notice, on top of everything else, it's raining?!" he commented.

"That's a bad sign," commented Ragetti.

Gibbs gave orders to keep the powder dry when he looked out to sea and saw a massive whirlpool. "MAELSTROM!" he bellowed.

Elizabeth noticed this and she laid her eyes on Barbossa. "Captain Barbossa!" she shouted, "We need you at the helm!"

Barbossa gave a grin showing his gold teeth. "Aye, that be true!" he shouted in agreement as he grasped the helm, "Brace up the foreyards, ye cockeyed deck apes! Dyin' is the day worth living for!"

As Barbossa shouted, Will, Elizabeth, Guinevere, and Lucia smiled.

"Do you see where I get my sense from?" Lucia commented.

"I like his reasoning and yours!" Guinevere laughed, "It reminds me of myself!"

"Rose would be proud of you, Guin!" Lucia said.

"Let's not let her down now! For Rose! Rose! Rose!" Guinevere cried.

Will took Guinevere's hand and squeezed it to let her know, if she hadn't already, that he would fight for her and Rose and the safety of all he loved.

"Veer out!" cried Copper from the Flying Dutchman.

"She'll not harm us," Davy Jones said confidently, "Full bore and into the abyss!"

"Are you mad?" Copper gasped.

"Ye afraid to get wet?" Davy Jones taunted.

Will looked out to see the Dutchman gaining on them. "On our stern and gaining!" he cried.

"Lighten the ship!" Guinevere cried.

"Belay that! We need all the supply we can get!" Lucia corrected her.

"More speed! Haul your wind and hold your water!" Barbossa commanded.

Seeing the Pearl come into sight, Davy Jones readied his weapons. "Bow guns!" he shouted.

Aboard the Pearl, Barbossa waited to get a clear shot off the Dutchman.

"Take her down or she'll overbear us!" Will cried.

"Nay, farther in! We need to cut across faster waters!" Barbossa protested.

"I hope you're as daft as Jack!" Guinevere commented, knowing the only strategy needed to be performed.

"Or as daft as both of us!" Lucia countered.

"Prepare to broadside!" Elizabeth bellowed.

"Captain the guns!" Gibbs cried.

"At the ready!" Will cried.

Quickly and steadily, the two ships came within range of each other.

"FIRE!" shouted Elizabeth, Will, Barbossa, and Guinevere.

"FIRE!" bellowed Davy Jones.

BOOM! BANG! POW! The guns roared to life and the enemies opened fire on each other! The battle of the maelstrom and the war for the survival of the pirates began with the flash and roar of the cannons and guns!

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images by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 18: Wedding and Opportune Moments

As the battle roared to life above him, Jack and his personalities paced around the cell muttering, "Think like the whelp." numerous times. Each of Jack's personalities was dumbfounded. Suddenly, Jack studied the cell.

Why does the cell sound so familiar? Jack thought to himself.

These are half-pin barrel hinges. With the right leverage, and proper application of strength, the door will lift free, explained Will from a past memory.

Jack's eyes brightened as if lightening struck his clever and daft mind. "Half pin barrel hinges!" he gasped.

With that, Jack snatched up a piece of broken wood and placed it under the door. With all his strength, Jack pulled and just as he learned from the "whelp" long ago, the door creaked open!

Happily, Jack gave a wave goodbye to his multiple characteristics. "Wish me luck, boys! I'll need it!" he said in delight.

"I miss him already," Jack's first personality sad sadly.

"He's quite charming, isn't he?" commented the second personality.

"Nobody move!" shouted the barnacled version of Jack, "I've dropped me brain!"

Jack quickly raced below decks to get his effects when he encountered two familiar faces.

"Stop, or I'll shoot!" shouted Mullroy, one of the two guards once employed under a Commodore Norrington ages ago.

"Good one, mate! I just came down to get me effects," Jack said innocently, "Honorable as it may be, what are you doing here?"

"Someone has to guard the chest!" Murtogg said proudly.

"There is no question. There has been a breakdown in military discipline aboard this vessel," Mullroy commented.

"I blame the fish people," declared Murtogg.

"Oh! So fish people, by dint of being fish people, automatically aren't as disciplined as non-fish people?"

"Seems contributory, is all I'm suggesting."

"It is true, if there were no fish people, there would be no need to guard the chest."

"And if there were no chest, we wouldn't need to be here to guard it."

As the two guards bickered, Jack smiled.

Works every time, he thought happily.

Without any hesitation, Jack snatched up the chest and hurried upstairs.

As the battle raged upon the Black Pearl, Guinevere began to fear for Jack.

"Will, Elizabeth, Lucia! Be careful! I'm going after Jack!" she cried.

"What?" Elizabeth gasped.

"No you're not!" Will protested, grabbing Guinevere's arm.

"Jack can look after hisself! Before you and Juliet, that's all he thought about! He'll be fine!" Lucia reassured her.

"Not against Jones, he won't!" Guinevere said.

"Jack can talk his way out of harm. He's good at that!" Will told her.

"When you and Elizabeth are married, tell me what you'd do! Jack is my husband and I must save him!" Guinevere said.

"She's got a point, and I'm not just speaking of her razor sharp cutlass!" Lucia agreed.

Will cut a line and helped Guinevere on aboard the starboard side. "Good luck, Mrs. Sparrow!" he said.

"Best of luck to you, Mr. Turner!" Guinevere replied before she swung off to the Flying Dutchman.

When Jack arrived to the quarterdeck, he was greeted by Davy Jones's sneer.

"Looky here, boys! A lost bird!" he chortled, "A bird that never learned to fly!"

"Never too late to learn!" Jack countered.

Just as Jones's men closed in on him, they were all tossed to the deck like a wave crashing down on the sea. Jack looked up to see Guinevere as his rescuer!

"Mrs. Sparrow! Guin, my darling!" Jack gasped.

"Hurry, Captain Sparrow. Take the heart and plunge your sword into the heart of old fish face and don't miss!" Guinevere told him, "Go, now, my love!"

"Wait, my love!" Jack protested.

Before Guinevere could open her mouth, Jack filled her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss that would satisfy both of them if the battle went ill.

"I love you, Mrs. Sparrow!" Jack whispered.

"I love you, Captain Jack," Guinevere whispered, "Now I have more courage than ever for what must come. Thank you, my darling!"

"Think nothing of it, my love," Jack told her, "Now go and help Will and Elizabeth. Go!"

With one final glance at Jack Guinevere swung over to the Black Pearl to assist in the battle. Meanwhile, Jack kicked aside a rope that propelled him to the mast of the Flying Dutchman. Davy Jones watched as Mr. Copper shouted to take cover. With everyone shaken by the blast, Davy Jones saw his chance. He snatched Mr. Copper by the neck and twisted his tentacles until they spilled out of Copper's nose, mouth, and ears! Mr. Copper fell to the deck, dead as Davy Jones snatched the key to the chest. Then, he materialized from the mast to face Jack.

"The chest! Hand it over!" he snarled.

"I can set you free, mate!" Jack told him.

"My freedom was forfeit long ago!" Davy Jones said icily.

With a piercing cry, he lunged at Jack and clang! the cold steel of their swords met and thus engaged in a furious battle over the chest!

In the midst of the battle, Will thought over what had transpired before. Guinevere and Jack were united with a child, but what about him and Elizabeth? Will knew that he and Elizabeth had no other chance. He loved her so much and didn't want to die without knowing their hearts were one.

This will not do, Will thought to himself.

He raced after Elizabeth. "Elizabeth!" he cried, between slaying foes, "Elizabeth!"

Elizabeth slashed at a Dutchman crew member as Will snatched her arm, "Elizabeth! Will you marry me?" he proposed.

Guinevere plunged in the battle between Will and Elizabeth and knocked out two foes. "Did someone say 'will you marry me?'" she asked.

Elizabeth's jaw dropped open, as she knew what Will meant. "I don't think now is the best time!" she gasped.

Will sent one of Beckett's men off his feet. "Now may be the only time!" he countered.

"Time that we're running out of! When it comes to procrastination, you two are the king and queen! I'll leave you out of Juliet's wedding plans!" Guinevere commented lightheartedly.

Will clutched Elizabeth's hand. "I love you!" he said ardently.

Both of them fought off another foe of the Dutchman before taking each others' hands again.

"I've made my choice. What's yours?" Will wanted to know.

"Barbossa!" Elizabeth cried.

Will's face wrinkled in confusion. When did this happen? He wondered.

"Barbossa?" Guinevere gasped, "You'd have to be daft!"

"As daft as you?" Lucia commented.

"Worse!" Guinevere said.

"Marry us!" Elizabeth shouted.

"Oh, well, all right then!" Guinevere commented.

"I was rooting for the whelp!" Lucia said.

Barbossa bashed a Dutchman crew member over the head and turned to Elizabeth. "I'm a little busy at the moment!" he shouted.

"Barbossa, NOW!" Will shouted.

"Fine, then!" Barbossa said as he kicked a foe and climbed atop of the rail.

Will and Elizabeth raced to each others' sides with blissful smiles, despite their surroundings.

"Dearly Beloved, we be gathered here today!" Barbossa began before slashing another foe, "To nail yer gizzard to the mast ye poxy cur!"

After ducking a blow, Will took a smiling Elizabeth's hands. "Elizabeth Swann, do you take me to be your husband?" he asked.

"I do!" squeaked Elizabeth in glee.

"Great!" Will replied, returning the smile.

"Will Turner, do you take me...to be your wife?" Elizabeth asked with a smile as Will twirled her about to fend off more foes, "In sickness and in health…with health being less likely?"

Will caught her in his arms. "I do!" he replied.

While in fighting two foes at once, Barbossa shouted, "As Captain, I now pronounce you…you may kiss! Ah, ha ha ha! You may kiss!"

Will dipped Elizabeth and was about to kiss her when another foe parried at them. Suddenly, Will and Elizabeth's swords crossed with a ring.


Immediately, Will and Elizabeth reached for each other and their lips met! Time slowed as the happily married couple kissed and for them, the moment was so happy, it was as if they were back home in Port Royal rather than in the middle of an exciting, yet precarious maelstrom battle. The battle didn't matter to them anymore. They were at last married and one forever and all of their dreams had come true!

Guinevere, Lucia, Pintel, Ragetti, and Jack the Monkey all witnessed this tender and wonderful moment.

"That was the opportune moment!" Guinevere commented with a grin as bright as her own on her wedding day and a laugh that amiably demonstrated her happiness for her best friends.

"I know give you Mr. and Mrs. Whelp!" Lucia shouted before Guinevere stomped on her foot, "Ow! I mean, I give you, Mr. and Mrs. Turner!"

"Drinks all around!" Guinevere declared, "It'll taste much better in Heaven!"

"Amen!" Lucia agreed.

Pintel, Ragetti, and Jack the Monkey looked on with tearing eyes. "So beautiful!" Ragetti blubbered.

"So romantic that they marry even though there's no hope! How wonderful!" Pintel sighed.

Both of them snapped out of it and took Jack the Monkey with them.

Will and Elizabeth gazed into each other's eyes with overjoyed smiles.

"I think the wedding night will be delayed, Mrs. Turner," Will told his beloved new wife.

"I will wait," Elizabeth told her husband faithfully, "You are worth the wait and so much more, Mr. Turner."

"Shall we, Mrs. Turner?" Will asked.

"Certainly, Mr. Turner!" Elizabeth agreed.

Elizabeth kissed her husband's cheek and hand-in-hand, they fended off foes together, as one, as husband and wife.
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Hi, Guin, I just stumbled over your new chap. I confess, I've not read them all, but... well, it touches me. At the moment I have the little hope, that you're planning different end than in the film.

I will read it completely at soon.


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Thank you, Gundolf!
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Hi, Guin,

I just copied the complete story to get me a readable version of my own (I can't read long stories on the screen...). I'll give you a complete review, when I'm ready.

@ Krazymoonkat: Great banners! They are lovely. Artist! I took them either for having the story complete with your wonderful banners. They must not be missed...

What man is man, who doesn't make the world better?

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Thanks, Gundolf!

Banners by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 19: Fate Intervenes

As the battle raged on, Will and Elizabeth fought back to back, not letting each other out of their sights. They were quickly joined by a joyful Guinevere and Lucia.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Turner!" Guinevere praised as she fought, "You're not going to have your wedding night in a blacksmith's forge, are you?"

"That is if there is a wedding night!" Will corrected.

"Hey, if Jack and I got ours, then you'll get yours!" Guinevere reassured him.

Will almost fell over at the mention of that. "Guin!" he gasped.

"Hey, I was being a good friend, like usual. Sorry if I painted the wrong portrait in your lunkhead!" Guinevere told him.

"Don't worry, I won't have it long!" Will said.

"Well spoke! Listen to the whelp!" Lucia said brightly.

As the battle raged on, so did Jack's battle with Davy Jones. Furiously, the two pirates slashed at each other. Davy Jones knew he had the advantage.

"You can do nothing without the key!" he snarled.

Jack used his cleverness as Will did to find the key. "I already have the key," he said confidently.

Davy Jones held up his tentacle with the key. "No, you don't!" he said smartly.

Jack nodded. "Oh, that key," he said with no surprise.

He slashed at Davy Jones, hacking off the tentacle which held the key to the chest. Davy Jones howled and in anguish, he knocked Jack over the boom. To his dismay, Jack did not fall to his death. Instead, he held on to the bottom of the chest for dear life! Annoyed, Davy Jones shook the chest, causing Jack to fall. Jack was picked up by the Bo' sun as he swung around the Dutchman. He aimed a pistol at Jack.

"My pistol!" Jack said as he snatched the pistol and butted the Bo' sun in the head.

As Jack swung around, he saw Davy Jones towering on the boom, with the chest in his claw. Carefully, Jack aimed and fired. The shot knocked the chest out of Jones's claw and onto the deck.

Will looked up to see the chest fall to the deck of the Dutchman. Quickly, he grabbed a line and swung over. He had no intention of killing Jones, but he had to keep the chest safe so that Jack may do the deed. Will was halfway to safety when Maccus blocked his way.

"Turner!" he growled as he swung at Will.

Suddenly, something landed on his face from the cannons of the Black Pearl. Jack the Monkey was launched from the cannons to attack Maccus, freeing Will.

"Thank you, Jack!" Will laughed.

Just when Will thought he was safe again, he was knocked off his feet! Bootstrap Bill Turner towered over his son. Will saw there was no recognition in Bootstrap's eyes, only anger. Under his breath, he prayed Jack would hurry and kill Jones before it was too late.

"It's me!" Will cried as he dodged Bootstrap's attacks, "It's Will! Your son!"

Bootstrap studied Will's face for a moment, and then snatched Will by the hair! He knocked Will against the wall and Will ducked just in time.

Hurry, Jack! Will prayed.

Elizabeth and Guinevere noticed that Will was missing in all the fighting.

"He's gone after the chest!" Guinevere said immediately.

"Come on!" Elizabeth cried as they ran to the port side.

Before swinging over, the two looked back at Lucia and Gibbs. Both of them gave a signal.

"Go!" Gibbs shouted over the chaos.

With that, both women swung over to The Flying Dutchman. As Guinevere and Elizabeth were coming to the rescue, Jack and Davy Jones battled on. Davy Jones broke Jack's sword in one sweep of his claw. Jack raced to the wheel and Davy pursued and materialized in the center of the wheel. Cleverly, Jack spun the wheel, sending Davy Jones for a ride! Davy Jones simply roared and flared his tentacles. Jack squealed and ran. Quickly, Jack grabbed an oar and fended off Jones. Suddenly, Jones snatched the oar and sent Jack to the deck.

When Elizabeth and Guinevere landed, they were face-to-face with Davy Jones!

"Lovely weather for a fish-face, isn't it?" Guinevere taunted.

"Harridans! You'll see know mercy from me!" Davy Jones warned them.

"Not before we turn you into fish bait!" Guinevere shot back.

"That's why I brought this!" Elizabeth said fiercely as she unsheathed her sword.

With a ring of steel, both Elizabeth and Guinevere made their work of Davy Jones.

Guinevere laughed as she fought. "You're a challenge for a fish-faced lout! This is for sending Jack to your stinking Locker!"

With the swing of her sword, Guinevere hacked off Jones's tentacles and punched him.

Eww, Guinevere thought as the slime was left on her hand.

"You should not test me, girl!" Davy Jones said.

"Why not? You test me more than once!" Guinevere countered.

With a roar, Davy Jones parried and broke Guinevere's sword with his claw. Unarmed, Guinevere blocked every blow Jones had to throw at her, taunting him with every move. Guinevere then armed herself with a musket and continued to fend off Jones. Suddenly, Davy Jones snatched the musket with his tentacles. Guinevere tried to yank it free to no avail. With Guinevere unarmed, Davy Jones slammed the butt of the gun into her face, sending her head against the wall. With more fury then ever, Elizabeth attacked Davy Jones. Furious at being bested by another woman, Davy Jones tossed away Elizabeth's sword and sent her crashing to the deck beside Guinevere.

Meanwhile, Will pinned his father against the starboard side and raised his knife. He was about to end it when he looked over to see Davy Jones striking Elizabeth and Guinevere. Knowing what he had to do, he turned to his father.

"I'm not going to kill you," he told him, "I made you a promise."

With Elizabeth and Guinevere vulnerable, Davy Jones raised his sword to kill. Suddenly, he was stabbed from behind.

"Master Turner, have you forgotten?" Davy Jones asked, "I'm a heartless wretch."

With a laugh, Davy Jones bent Will's sword. Will tugged and tugged, but could not pull his sword free. Before he could think, Will dodged a blow from Davy Jones, but was sent to the deck by Jones's claw. Elizabeth and Guinevere awoke to find Will next to them. All of them stared into each other's eyes. Davy Jones squinted and smirked. He had no heart, but he knew what he saw.

"Ah, love!" he chortled, "A dreadful bond. And yet, so easily severed. Tell me, William Turner, do you fear death?"

Davy Jones pressed the cold steel of the sword against Will's throat. Elizabeth shuddered as she knew that was the same sword crafted by Will and carried by Norrington. Guinevere shook her head, trying to make herself believe this was all a dream. She saw this before and she knew the outcome. A wave of fear crashed over her as it does on the shore.

No, no! It was a dream! Please let it be a dream! This isn't real, she prayed under her breath.

Jack, where are you? Elizabeth asked herself.

Just as both women were in a panic, they heard a triumphant voice. "Do you?" it demanded.

Everyone's attention was drawn to Jack as he held Davy Jones's broken heart at sword point. Will, Elizabeth, and Guinevere shared a small smile, believing it was over.

It's over now. Jones is dead. It was all a dream, Guinevere reassured herself.

Thank you, Jack, Elizabeth praised under her breath.

Jack smiled. "Heady tonic, holding life and death in the palm of one's hand," he taunted.

Guinevere and Elizabeth's pulses raced.

Don't test him, Jack! Stab the beating thing! Stab the heart, Jack, my love! Guinevere begged.

Kill him, Jack! Don't hesitate. What are you waiting for? Elizabeth prayed.

Davy Jones's face turned icy. "You're a cruel man, Jack Sparrow," he declared.

"Cruel as a manner of perspective," Jack told him wisely.

Kill him, Jack! Do it! Guinevere pleaded.

You promised to kill Jones! Fool me again, Jack! Stab the heart! For goodness sake! Elizabeth cried to herself.

Davy Jones's faced twisted into an icy smile, and that was never a good sign. "Is it?" he demanded.

No, no, no! Guinevere screamed inside.

Oh, God! Elizabeth gasped.

With a piercing cry, Davy Jones whirled about and his sword collided into Will's vulnerable chest! Will's back arched and he groaned from the unexpected blow. Jack's eyes went wide as he watched Jones torture Will.

Dear God! Jack gasped to himself.

Elizabeth and Guinevere's eyes nearly bulged out of their heads and they jumped out of their skins and all of the colours in their faces drained away as they screamed. Callously, Davy Jones plunged his blade further and coiled it into Will's chest, causing Will more pain than before. Will gave in to uncontrollable cries of torture. If not for their hearts beating so fast that one could dance to the beat, Elizabeth and Guinevere would have fainted, but they looked on and screamed. Jack froze where he was and Davy Jones's cold laughter rang in his ears.

Both Elizabeth and Guinevere crawled to Will's side. "Will!" Elizabeth whispered, "Look at me! Stay with me! You're all right!"

Hindered by pain and the sword crushing his lungs, Will made a feeble attempt to speak, "…I…I-lov…"

"This is not how Will Turner dies!" Guinevere declared to her dying friend, "You're not going to die here, Will. We won't let you! You saved me, and I'll save you! You have to do your part, Will. You have to stay awake. You'll make it. If I can so can you. Don't even think about leaving when we need you! I never left you, don't leave me. Take my hand and don't let go! Don't let go!"

Bootstrap gazed at Will's knife and back at Will. Suddenly, his eyes brightened as he recognized his son. "William," he gasped, "My son!"

In rage, Bootstrap jumped on Davy Jones and the two fought viciously. As the duel ensued and Will's life was fading like a weak fire, Jack hesitated as he held the heart in his hand. He could do it so easily. He could kill Jones and become Captain of the Dutchman forever.

"Will, Will! Look at me! Look at me!" Elizabeth wailed.

"Will, stay! Don't go!" Guinevere cried.

The cries of the desperate women and the sight of Will so weak pierced Jack's heart. Will was too young, too clever, and too bold to be one of Jones's victims. Elizabeth was too late to be Will's widow and Guinevere was too late to grieve for another friend. He was too compassionate to watch a man suffer.

Davy Jones managed to overpower Bootstrap Bill and pinned him against the wheel. "You will not forestall my judgment!" he cried.

Suddenly, Davy Jones gasped in pain! Davy Jones turned to see Jack leaning over Will with Will's hand wrapped around the knife that plunged into his heart.

Davy Jones looked up at the sky. "Calypso," he breathed before he fell into the sea.

As the Black Pearl hastily separated from the Dutchman, a whirlpool formed. Bootstrap took the knife and looked back at Will. Jack knelt beside Will, Elizabeth, and Guinevere.

Come on, mate, Jack prayed, I promise I'll never call you a whelp again if you stay.

Will's dying eyes remained on Guinevere and Elizabeth as he faded.

"No," both women gasped.

"Will, don't go. Don't go where we can't follow," Guinevere begged.

"My love," Elizabeth whispered, "You can't leave me. You must stay with me! You made me a promise! You're supposed to grow old with me and our children! Stay with me!"

Despite the pleas of his best friend and his wife, Will's eyes darkened and one last breath escaped his lips. Guinevere's heart froze as Will's meager grip on her hand was lost.

"No, no! NO!" both women screamed as if pierced through the heart.

All around them, the crew of the Dutchman chanted, "Part of the crew, part of the ship!"

"Will, don't go! Stay! Stay! I need you!" Guinevere wailed.

Knowing what would follow, Jack grabbed a fallen sail to use as a makeshift parachute and snatched away the terrified Elizabeth and Guinevere.

"Don't leave me! I-I…Don't! I won't leave you!" Elizabeth sobbed as she was led away.

"Hold on!" Jack said as he held tightly to his wife and Elizabeth and shot the rope, releasing them into the air. All watched as the Flying Dutchman was taken by the whirlpool. Guinevere turned her eyes away, and Elizabeth buried her face in Jack's chest. Jack recalled how Will once told him he'd die for Elizabeth. He'd never thought he'd actually be held to his word. The Pearl came alongside to retrieve its Captain and King as well as Guinevere. Lucia was solemn as she saw Will was not among them.

Poor, brave boy, she commented sadly to herself.

"Jack!" Gibbs cried, "The armada's still out there, the Endeavor's coming up on our starboard side, and I think it's time we embraced the oldest and noblest of pirate traditions!"

Jack's grief suddenly changed into determination. "Never actually been one for tradition," he commented, "Luff sails and lay on iron!"

Everyone but Elizabeth and Guinevere looked at Jack as if he had tentacles for dreadlocks. They wouldn't dare challenge the armada with only their ship against one-hundred. Everyone knew Jack was daft, but not this daft. No one knew what could possibly be in Captain Jack's head. Most importantly, no one knew what was to come next.

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Image by Krazymoonkat

Chapter 20: Victory and A Promise Fulfilled

Everyone thought Jack had lost his mind.

"Are you that daft that you'd get us all killed? You're committing suicide! You might as well just hand The Pearl over to Beckett so he can take us and get the hanging over with!" Lucia protested.

"Belay that or we'll be a sittin' duck!" Barbossa shouted.

"Belay that belay!" Jack said.

"Yes, belay that belay!" Guinevere said in agreement, "I want to blow that creature to smithereens with Jones!"

"That's the spirit, Mrs. Sparrow!" Jack said with a grin.

"But Captain," Gibbs protested.


"The armada-"


"The Endeavor-"


"But we-"

"Kindly SHUT IT!"

Gibbs quit arguing with his Captain, knowing it was no use. No one knew what Jack had in his head, and nearly all of them were afraid what he might plan.

"I hope you're as daft as your wife says you are!" Lucia advised Jack.

Jack only smiled and watched the sea with great anticipation. Curiously, Elizabeth and Guinevere looked out to sea.

"Something tells me we're about to be granted a miracle," Guinevere said wisely.

"How do you know?" Elizabeth asked.

"Obviously, you don't know Jack as I do," Guinevere said with a smile, "Now that we're married, it's like our minds our one. Something's coming to help us. I can feel it."

Aboard the Endeavor, Beckett's lieutenant was curious as to why Jack had not fired. "What's he waiting for?" he asked.

"He expects us to honor our agreement," Beckett said with a smirk as he gave the signal to run out the guns, "Nothing personal, Jack. It's just good business."

As everyone on board the Black Pearl tensed, the Flying Dutchman arose from the depths.

"Ah, she survived," Beckett noted.

"Oh, my God, it's the Dutchman!" Guinevere gasped.

"Could it be?" Elizabeth asked dubiously.

As if by magic, the crew of the Dutchman transformed from their hideous state back into normal men to their glee. All of them looked up at their new captain with wide eyes. The captain wore a black coat and a bandanna as green as the sea.

"Captain?" Bootstrap asked.

The new captain of the Flying Dutchman turned to face his crew. Bootstrap broke into the widest smile in his entire life. The new Captain of the Flying Dutchman was no other than Will Turner!

"Ready on the guns!" he commanded.

"Will! Captain Will! He's alive! Thank you, Will!" Guinevere gasped with a laugh.

Elizabeth could do nothing but smile like a merry angel at the sight of her resurrected husband.

"I always knew there was a reason I had a soft spot for him," Lucia commented.

Jack smiled brightly. "Full canvas!" he shouted.

"Aye, full canvas!" Barbossa cheered in agreement.

Will swung the steering wheel and the Flying Dutchman made a steady course beside the Black Pearl. On board the Endeavor, Beckett's confidence took a fatal hit as he watched the two vessels sailing together towards him.

Lucia laughed as the guns of the Pearl were run out. "Ole Buckethead's wetting his pants now! We got him!" she cheered.

"Let's give him what he deserves once and for all!" Guinevere declaimed.

As the two ships closed in on the Endeavor, panic struck Beckett and his officers.

"Orders, sir? Sir?" Groves cried with no reply.

The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman came within range of the Endeavor.

"Cap'n!" Gibbs gasped.

"Jack!" Guinevere said, signaling Jack with her eyes.

"Fire!" Jack commanded.

"FIRE!" shouted Gibbs and Guinevere.

"FIRE!" roared Will.

"FIRE!" cried Barbossa and Lucia.

"FIRE ALL!" bellowed Elizabeth.

KA-BOOM! The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman opened fire, causing mortal damage to the Endeavor. As the chaos waged around him, Beckett remained silent as his ship and empire were destroyed. Beckett's men scattered the ship, helpless without orders.

"Sir, what do you command?" Groves asked desperately.

"It's just…good business," Beckett said lifelessly.

Instantly, Beckett's men disappeared from the vessel with cries of "Abandon ship!" Only Beckett remained on the ship. He was neither afraid nor fearless. He was detached as his world and he was destroyed. Slowly, he descended the steps that blew into millions of pieces around him. This was the end of his armada, and this was the end for Beckett. With one last gaze at his East India Trading Company Colours, flames engulfed Beckett. BOOM! The Endeavor exploded to smithereens and sunk to a crushing black oblivion.

Marty watched the horizon to see Beckett's ships retiring. "They're turning away!" he cheered.

The Black Pearl erupted into cheers and hoots of victory. Jack, Lucia, Elizabeth, Barbossa, and Guinevere all wore triumphant smiles.

"He's just as daft as you said," Lucia commented with a laugh.

"Told you so!" Guinevere gloated.

Aboard the Brethren ships, there were victory dances, gunshots, yells, and hats in the air.

Murtogg and Mullroy, now dressed in piratey clothes, joined in the celebration. "Arghh!" cheered Mullroy.

"Shiver me timbers!" Murtogg chimed in.

Pintel and Ragetti shrugged, excusing the two militiamen for their inexperience with pirates.

"Long vivent les pirates!" Guinevere shouted at the top of her lungs before she kissed Jack.

"Mr. Gibbs, you may throw my hat if you wish," Jack offered, removing his hat.

"Aye, aye, Captain! Hurray!" Gibbs said enthusiastically, tossing Jack's hat into the celebration.

"Now go and get it," Jack said nonchalantly.

"Bugger," Gibbs sighed.

On board the Dutchman, Will gazed at his bride, Elizabeth. He knew what his service meant. Ten years in the World's End ferrying souls.

"Orders, sir?" asked Bootstrap.

"You're no longer bound to the Dutchman. You're free," Will declared to his father.

"That's a fine thing, but by my reckoning, I still have a debt that needs to be paid, if you'll have me," Bootstrap said sincerely.

Will was touched and he smiled. "On the wheel, Mr. Turner," he whispered.

"Aye, Captain Turner," his father replied.

Bootstrap noticed his son staring at his wife. "This ship has a purpose again," he told his son, "Where we are bound, she cannot come. One day ashore, ten years at sea. That's a steep price to pay for what's been done."

Will's smiled turned hopeful. "Depends on the one day," he said pointedly, "You have the helm, Mr. Turner. I have a promise to attend to."

Guinevere turned to find Will beside her on the Pearl and immediately she embraced him tightly. "Oh, Will! Don't ever scare me like that again!" she sighed, "I thought I lost you."

"You'll never lose me. You'll always have me. I'm not going anywhere," Will reassured her, "I have a promise to keep. Shipwreck Cove isn't far. Go and fetch Juliet."

Guinevere smiled. "You're going to baptize her!" she gasped.

"Only fitting not that I'm Captain," Will said sensibly.

"To Juliet it is!" Jack declared as he swung the wheel around.

For the first time in a year, Will and Jack shared a smile. Since the Pearl was a wickedly fast ship, they arrived at Shipwreck Cove in no time. In a flash, Guinevere rowed ashore, fetched Juliet, and brought her aboard the Black Pearl. Will said a prayer as Elizabeth and Jack looked on proudly.

"By the grace of the Lord, I christen you Juliet Wilhelmina Elizabeth Rose Sparrow," Guinevere declared.

Will poured water on little Juliet's head. "In the name of the Lord, I christen you Juliet Wilhelmina Elizabeth Rose Sparrow. Go in the grace of The Lord," he said.

Little Juliet smiled and bounced her arms about and played with her toy.

"Told you she loved it," Guinevere said.

"A craftsman is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated," Will laughed.

"Thank you, dear Will," Guinevere said gratefully, "I'll be sure to find you in World's End. Just because you must ferry souls now doesn't mean you're getting rid of me that easily. Nothing is keeping us apart again. You're a godfather now, and Juliet and I love you too much to be parted from you."

"I love you, Guin," Will told her sincerely, "I've loved you even before I could comprehend what love is. I will eagerly await your arrival in World's End. I'll be waiting for you."

The two friends embraced tightly and Will gently kissed Guinevere's head.

Playfully, he took Juliet's tiny hand in his. "I'll be waiting for you, darling goddaughter," he whispered, kissing the girl's head.

Will then approached Jack. After all that had transpired, Will had only one thing to say, "Thank you, Jack."

Jack looked high and low and heard nothing but the sound of the tide. "Blasted creature isn't here!" he exclaimed.

Will laughed at Jack for the first time. "I meant you, Jack," he said sincerely, "After what you have done for me, Elizabeth, and Guinevere, I must ask you to forgive me. You have made Guinevere the happiest woman alive and you have given me a life with Elizabeth and freed my father. I couldn't have asked for more."

"You're welcome, Captain Turner," Jack said with a smile, "I'll have to get used to calling you that for ten years. I can't get my mouth or my mind around it."

Both Captains shared a smile and shook hands warmly. "See you on the other side, mate," Will told him.

"Aye, Captain Turner," Jack agreed, "You shall always remember this as the day that Captain Jack Sparrow saved Captain Will Turner."

"Indeed, I shall," Will agreed, "Take care of Guin and Juliet until you arrive in World's End. I can trust you with that, can I?"

"Of course you can. You're always surprised," Jack laughed.

Jack held out his hand once again.

"Oh, what the heck?" Will sighed.

Suddenly, Will threw his arms around Jack and they shared a tender, brotherly embrace.

Before Will turned to his ship, Jack called to him over his shoulder.

"Nice bandanna," he complimented.

Will laughed as he materialized back to the Flying Dutchman.

As Elizabeth watched the Dutchman, Gibbs approached her with a smile.

"You're chariot awaits, Your Highness," he announced, "The oars are inside."

Everyone gestured to Elizabeth as she headed to the boat.

"Mrs. Turner," Barbossa said with a smile.

"We'll meet soon, Mrs. Turner. Give my regards to Captain Turner," Lucia said with a smile.

"Bye-bye, poppet," Pintel said.

"I'll be expecting you, Godmother Elizabeth," Guinevere told her, "We're a family now. We're together forever."

Elizabeth smiled as she kissed Juliet's head.

"Jack," she addressed as she approached the Captain, "It would never have worked out between us."

Jack smiled devilishly. "Keep telling yourself that, love," he laughed.

Elizabeth motioned to hug him, but Jack held up his hands. "Once is quite enough," he whispered.

"Thank you," Elizabeth told him genuinely.

"Hey, you have a husband waiting. Go on!" Guinevere told her.

Elizabeth lowered herself into the boat and rowed to a secluded island to meet her husband. Once onshore, Will helped Elizabeth out of the boat and they drew their swords and plunged them into the sand.

"We are one now, Mrs. Turner," Will declared.

"So we are, Captain Turner," Elizabeth agreed, "Shall we?"

Will swept Elizabeth off her feet and carried her to the sand. "As you wish, King Turner," he said, kissing Elizabeth's hand.

"King Turner and Captain Turner," Elizabeth said lovingly, "It sounds lovely, doesn't it? It reminds me of fairy tales when I was a little girl."

"I think this is when the King and the Captain live happily ever after," Will declared.

"Indeed," Elizabeth agreed, "You know my greatest dream has been fulfilled."

"What was that?" Will wanted to know.

"I always dreamt of meeting a pirate," Elizabeth told him, "Not only have I met one, but I am married to the pirate I've always dreamed of."

"Then all of our dreams have come true, Mrs. Turner," Will countered, "I have the lady I have loved all along. My divine, my beautiful Mrs. Turner."

Will planted kisses on Elizabeth's head and cheeks. Then, his lips merged with Elizabeth's and their hearts were one forever and ever and all of their wishes and dreams had come true as they did in fairy tales.
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Chapter 21: One Day

As Elizabeth rowed out to sea, Guinevere and Jack watched her disappear into the distance. Guinevere closed her eyes and smiled as her heart skipped a beat and proceeded faster than before. She had never been so happy in her life; happy actually wasn't the word. It was more blissful than happy. She finally married the man she loved and got a whole family, and her best friends now shared the same joy.

Jack regarded her smile. "A smile," he acknowledged, "I thought I'd never see one of those again."

"Well, now I'll have all the smiles in the world to share with you forever," Guinevere countered.

"I've never seen this kind of smile from you before, Guin, my love," Jack said pointedly, "A smile of peace and utter joy which I have not seen from you in ages."

Guinevere's eyes lit up like the sun as she smiled brighter. "You're quite right, my beloved Captain," she said happily, "Oh, my darling, my Jack! I'm perfectly and wonderfully happy! I feel like I'm in Heaven!"

Jack wrapped his arms around her. "Well, what a koinky dink, because that's exactly how I feel!" he laughed, planting a kiss on Guinevere's cheek.

Guinevere's heart warmed. "Can I ask you something, my love?" she questioned.

"Do tell, dearie," Jack acknowledged.

"Is it possible to die from such happiness? We could really be in Heaven and not know it!"

"I can assure you that for us and Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Heaven is a place on Earth now," Jack told her.

"Indeed," Guinevere agreed, "You know, I told Elizabeth that ever since we've been married, it feels like our minds are one with our hearts."

"I feel the same way, darling," Jack told her, "I think we are one in another way."

"How so?" Guinevere asked.

Jack pressed his lips against Guinevere's. Guinevere felt her heart smiling as she filled her husband into her arms. Indeed, they were one in another way.

"Ah, that way," Guinevere laughed.

"I like that way the best," Jack commented.

"Well, what a koinky dink, Jack! I like that way, too!" Guinevere agreed.

"Well, then. We have plenty of time to practice," Jack told her, "How shall we celebrate our victory and union?"

"Well, being the wife of one of the most famous Pirate Lords, I have only one solution," Guinevere suggested.

"Tortuga," Jack finished.

"Did you even know what I was going to say?" Guinevere asked.

"When you are a Pirate Lord, you'll know," Jack explained.

"I see. Shall we set our course, Captain Sparrow?" Guinevere asked.

"Tortuga," Jack whispered.

"All hands, luff sail! Make way to Tortuga!" Guinevere shouted.

Immediately, everyone scurried about, turning the Black Pearl to Tortuga.

Jack grinned as his wife gave orders. "I love it when you take charge," he said adoringly, "You'd make a fine Captain Guin Sparrow."

"Why thank you, Captain Jack Sparrow," Guinevere laughed, "For now, I'm comfortable with being Guin Sparrow, wife of a Pirate Lord. Tell me, Captain Sparrow, what else do you love about me?"

Jack sighed. "Well, that's a tough question," he commented, "I love the way you light up when you are happy, as you are now. I love your affection for our darling baby. I love the sound of your voice as you sing a French lullaby. You're the first woman I've heard sing in French besides a bunch of eunuchs. Captain Turner has a lovely singing voice, too, but that's beside the point. I love the way you love me as I do you."

"Is that all?" Guinevere asked with a smile.

"I've only put it in a nutshell," Jack chortled, "I can't name what else I love about you because I love everything about you. It's hard to list everything, but for you, I would, if you wished."

Guinevere's eyes lit up like stars as she kissed Jack's hand. "Well, then. I don't suppose there's anything I could say that I love about you because you have already said it so perfectly," she said poignantly, "If you wish to tell me what else you love about me, wait until we are alone in Tortuga. The girl who is being told how she is loved will then tell the man who's done the speaking how she loves him. Savvy?"

"Savvy," Jack said with a toothy grin, "Mrs. Captain Sparrow."

Meanwhile, on the private island, Will and Elizabeth were enjoying Will's one day ashore. The couple lay together, staring into each others' eyes and holding on to each other as if their lives depended on it. Both wore smiles of happiness that could not be described in any known language.

"How are you, Mrs. Turner?" Will asked, stroking Elizabeth's hair.

"Wonderful, Mr. Turner," Elizabeth replied as she laughed.

"What's so funny?" Will asked, "Does this bandanna make me look funny?"

"No," Elizabeth gasped as she released her laughter, "Remember when Barbossa was after your blood to lift the curse and I told you I gave him your name as mine?"

"How could I forget, Mrs. Turner?" Will said.

"I just find it funny that now your name is mine. We're one forever," Elizabeth laughed.

"Forever, is correct, Mrs. Turner," Will agreed.

"You know, when you used to call me Miss Swann I ached for you to call me Elizabeth," Elizabeth told him, "Now, when you address me as Mrs. Turner, I am the most content I've ever been."

"I'm glad that you are pleased, Mrs. Turner," Will said with a bright smile.

Will took his wife in his arms and kissed her forehead. He caught sight of her golden brown hair and could not help but take in the sweet fragrance. Elizabeth's eyes closed in delight. Will then turned to see the sun dimming. Quickly, he tossed on his shirt and his boot. A smile crossed his face again as he notice his other boot missing.

"I'm gonna need the other one," he told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth presented her leg, adorned in her husband's high boot and brushed away her golden brown hair from her face as it blew in the light breeze.

With a smile, Will absorbed his wife's scent as he slowly removed his boot. Her skin felt heavenly to him as he caressed her leg. Will's touch made Elizabeth tremble with delight as she closed her eyes. She smiled in utter ecstasy and love. She was the happiest woman alive forever. Time seemed to slow for them and the moment seemed an eternity.

Will looked out to the horizon. "It's nearly sunset," he whispered.

Elizabeth looked out and saw the fading sun sinking to the sea. Once that sun set, she would be with her husband for ten years as he ferried souls in World's End.

Will picked up his coat and revealed the chest to Elizabeth. "It's always belonged to you," he told his wife, "Will you keep it safe?"

"Yes," Elizabeth whispered lovingly as she took the chest with Will's racing heart, "Yes."

Elizabeth and Will gazed into each others' eyes. Ten years until they could truly be together. Ten years they would be together nonetheless. No ties to a spectral ship would part them for ten years or any measure of time. They were together then and so they would be forever. They were bound to each other. Knowing this would be their only time in this world for ten years, Elizabeth and Will closed their eyes to relish their last moments in the living world. Will opened his eyes and turned away.

Elizabeth slowly opened her eyes and shook her head. She would not let her husband leave the living world for ten years yet.

"Will!" she cried as she raced into the waves and kissed him.

Will filled her into his arms and the couple held each other so tightly that none could let go. The kiss made up for everything they'd ever held back and everything they would share for the rest of their lives. Their destinies were entwined and finally joined until the end of time. Destiny ruled that they should be together and so they would no matter what.

The kiss that would last forever broke and Elizabeth gazed into Will's eyes.

Will smiled a smile infused with hope and love. "Keep a weather eye on the horizon," he whispered.

Elizabeth watched with a smile as Will disappeared into the sunset. She could feel her heart racing as the Flying Dutchman shrunk into the distance and materialized in a green flash. Elizabeth was not saddened; she was joyful. She had everything she'd ever dreamed of. It didn't matter where Will was or where she was. It wouldn't make her love him any less. She loved him then and she would love him until the end of time itself. Nighttime fell over the beach, but for Elizabeth, the sun still shone.

In Tortuga, the sun still shone for Guinevere and Jack as they found room at the Faithful Bride. Little Juliet was already asleep when they arrived, and Guinevere placed her daughter in an upstairs lodging of the tavern under the guardianship of Gibbs. In a private corner, Jack and Guinevere sat at a candle-lit table with their tankards of rum.

"Think of this as a second, better wedding night," Jack told Guinevere.

"I already do," Guinevere replied, "The one thing we didn't have at our wedding was a proper toast. What shall we drink to, Captain Sparrow?"

"To us," Jack whispered, "To fate for bringing us together as well as our lovely girl. To love for keeping us together and giving us a second chance. Savvy?"

"I'll drink to that," Guinevere said with a smile.

"Cheers, Mrs. Sparrow," Jack whispered with a devilish grin.

Guinevere and Jack clanked their tankards and joined their arms together as they drank. Now their lives were whole and joined. Jack put down his tankard and took his wife's hand.

"Now that we're together, I wanted to teach you something Mrs. Turner taught me," Jack said, "It's the pirate's song. I have the Pearl back, and I have decided to teach you so we'll sing it all the time."

"And we will be the most fearsome pirates on the Spanish Main!" Guinevere laughed.

"Not just the Spanish Main, Mrs. Sparrow," Jack corrected, "The entire ocean, the entire world."

"Wherever we want to go we'll go," Guinevere added.

"Yes," Jack agreed.

"Go on. Teach me this song. I don't quite remember it, but you're the perfect one to jog me memory," Guinevere told him.

With a swig of rum, Jack began to sing:

Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate's life for me!

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot,

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate's life for me!

Guinevere drank and sang along softly. After many more drinks, she and Jack began to sing and dance uproariously in their room.

We're Devils and black sheep, really bad eggs

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate's life for me!

"I LOVE THIS SONG! Really bad eggs!" Guinevere exclaimed.

Jack twirled her around. "I thought you would, Mrs. Sparrow," he said with a grin.

"I must pass my compliments on to Elizabeth," Guinevere said.

"Oh, and we will," Jack reassured her.

Guinevere smiled and leaned in to kiss Jack.

"WAHH!" Juliet cried.

Guinevere laughed and went upstairs to fetch Juliet. There, Guinevere found Gibbs holding Juliet.

Guinevere's eyes went wide and she couldn't help but laugh. "All this time, I thought Jack would look out of place with a baby," she commented, "I suppose I was mistaken."

Gibbs eyes were panicked. "Mrs. Guin, I don't know what's wrong with Miss Juliet!" he gasped, "She's not sick, is she?"

Guinevere took Juliet from Gibbs. "There, there," she soothed, "I'm here. That's my girl. C'est ma petite fille."

Instantly, Juliet dozed and Gibbs sighed in relief.

"Why don't you go rest, Mr. Gibbs?" Guinevere suggested, "Jack and I will take it from here."

"You're most kind, Mrs. Guin," Gibbs said appreciatively.

Guinevere crept downstairs to the tavern and found Jack. She put her finger to her lips, letting Jack know their baby girl was sleeping.

"I think we should retreat back to the Pearl," Guinevere suggested.

"Well spoke, my darling," Jack agreed.

On the docks, Guinevere and Jack made way past the shanty town and on to the quiet of Jack's quarters of the Black Pearl. Jack and Guinevere lay down together on a large hammock with Juliet in between them.

Guinevere gently stroked her little girl's cheeks. "She's such a beautiful girl," she said in a voice lower than a whisper.

"She's as beautiful as her mum," Jack commented.

Jack leaned down and kissed Juliet's head. Certain his daughter wouldn't wake, Jack turned his interest back to Guinevere.

"She's so like you," he said, "The same smile, same beauty, same charm."

Guinevere blushed. "Are you really complimenting our baby or are you just trying to make me blush?" she laughed.

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow," Jack said with a devilish grin as if it explained everything, "I can do things you can never imagine. Even without rum."

"I haven't a doubt, Captain Jack," Guinevere agreed, "You are Captain Jack Sparrow, the most famous and cleverest pirate ever to grace the seas."

"Are you trying to make me blush?" Jack repeated.

Guinevere laughed. "I'm First Mate Guin Parris. I can do lots of things you've never dreamed of," she said, "You know, out of all your legends, myths, victories, etc, there is one I find the most exciting."

Jack smiled as he was interested. "What's that, my love?" he asked quizzically.

"The legend of Captain Jack and Guin Parris and the love they found after so long," Guinevere replied with a smile, "That is a truly fascinating legend."

"Indeed," Jack agreed, "This will be quickly told through stories through everyone everywhere of how a young lady helped Captain Jack Sparrow find his heart and his conscience, even when it was there all the time."

"And how the lady finally got the happy ending she deserved with the most infamous pirate of the world," Guinevere added, growing more blissful that she thought her heart would burst.

"That sounds like a wonderful story," Jack said thoughtfully, "I rather like Captain Jack. You know who my favorite character would be, don't you?"

"I can hardly guess," Guinevere laughed, "You would know mine, too. Jack always made Guin so complete."

"Jack never thought he would find someone to love," Jack said.

Guinevere could feel her heart beating with every word uttered from her darling husband's lips. Her face was glowing with so much delight and love that she did not dare try to contain as she filled her husband into her arms and felt his soft lips meet her forehead. Guinevere's eyes were dancing with the tenderness in her heart and as she met her husband's, she could see his eyes danced the same waltz.

"I love you, Mrs. Guin Sparrow," Jack whispered.

Guinevere put her finger to her husband's lips. "I don't need to hear," she told him, "You have already told me numerous times and you know my heart feels the same."

"If I may, Mrs. Sparrow," Jack began, "I should've told you I loved you every day when we met. Now is my chance and so I will because I do love you and you deserve to know that every day. I'll say it until I have no breath to utter words. I love you, Mrs. Sparrow."

Guinevere smiled in pleasure. "And I love you, Captain Jack Sparrow," she said, "You know this is when we live happily ever after, right?"

"Of course, Mrs. Sparrow," Jack replied, "And do you know how happily ever after ends?"

Guinevere shook her head. Jack kissed her hands, followed by her nose, eyelid, and brows.

"With a kiss of true love," he whispered.

In an explosion of love and merriment, the lips of Captain Jack and First Mate Guin joined and so they had their happy ending with a kiss, as it would say in the stories told about them for years to come.
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