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Old July 19th, 2009, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by erendira View Post
Well I suppose is my turn...I didn't post here before,because is not easy to me to explain my feelings about this man.It's not just that he's especial,he's the ONE AND ONLY for me,no other can make me feel in the way he does.Why?truly I don't know...the only certain thing is that every time I see that face someting moves in my inside,a huge green appear in my face and good mood invades me...he brings me just positive,warm and nice feelings,feelings of sweetness,admiration,and even complicity.Not to mention the fact that he takes the tigress in me out,and quoting the old song:"he make me feel like a natural woman..."
Add to all this,that he brought me here,my virtual home,my natural place to be,where I feel comfortable in the company of so many fellow members,and a handful of real friends,to whom I love and care for...and the only thing that remains to say is THANK YOU Orlando,for being in the way you are.
You´ve summed it up, Lola, and I totally agree with you. He´s my one and only, too.
This is one of my favorite pics:

I took it in London two years ago. Orlando was just signing an autograph for my daughter.
Every time I´m feeling sad I just have to remind me of this wonderful time we had in London. We had the
opportunity to see Orlando several times and even speak to him. He´s such an amazing and caring person.

And here at Ol I found some very good friends and I´m very grateful for this.

Icon and sig by me. Thanks Kat and Lola for the tuts
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Old July 19th, 2009, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by OLeaf View Post
Oh, you said so many good words about him here. I don’t know if I can describe my own feelings here. I mean it is hard because it is so much to say and…It is also easy – because…it is so much to say. I’m afraid at one point someone will have to tell me to shut up, LOL.
Here it goes then.

Why is he special? – Because he is Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom captivated me through the characters he played and I’ve decided to find out about him as of a person too. He is a wonderful actor, the amazing and very brave professional. His talent gave me and to many people around the world the characters that are true Gifts. – He possesses the perfect combination for an actor - He is talented and handsome. He gives everything into the characters he plays – he doesn’t afraid to open himself up to the role – no matter how hard it could be. He brings to life the whole complete Individualities that are interesting and fascinating.

He knows how precious Life is and he doesn’t afraid to live. He helps people around the world and proves that one person can make a difference. The best thing is that he doesn’t seem to realize what power he holds over people – his friends and his enemies. He evokes the imagination of many people in the world. He inspires people as well. – To write, to draw, to do those wonders with Photoshop . He provokes the creativity in others. He shows the direction: “To build and to create!” – Not to destroy. Because of him many people are talking to each other days and nights over the Internet and to me it was the opportunity to talk to a few interesting people. He is from those Unifying Forces, I guess, LOL.
He is able to keep his cool in a very admirable way in different situations. I really respect how he handles all those paps and mass media people.

I also think he is good with children because he still has his own "inner kid" that I want him to keep as long as possible - that gives the sparkle to his creativity and makes it really sincere and wonderful.
One more thing I want him to keep as long as possible - his curiousity about life and all aspects of it. He travels to Antarctica and to Nepal, to LA and to Moscow, he meets many people and he still has the energy to do what he does with his work and his life. That's precious.

All together – he is a very strong man who can make me think about the characters, stories, who often helps me to get the heck out of my couch and move forward in my life. Because I see how he walks through the pain and sweat, through the jealousy and hate of some miserable creatures but he also goes through Life with the appreciation from a lot of people around the world. Professional, Helping, Creating and Inspiring – that’s Orlando.

I need to stop now. Arrgh, I wish I could’ve said it better, sorry!
You wish you could have said it better? That was beautiful! I couldn't have said it better myself

It just gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling hearing why this man is so special to all of us. He is truly loved.
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Old July 19th, 2009, 07:23 PM
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I bet, if Orlando read all these posts here, he would be bawling his eyes out. Moved to bits he would be for certain.

I am having a hard time not to about all that's been said... Your posts here really floored me...
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Old July 20th, 2009, 10:26 AM
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-nods in agreement- I believe he would be as well. Just the way he is really.
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Old July 22nd, 2009, 06:19 AM
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Orlando's special becuse he's Orlando thats why we love him and why we always will! well put Oleaf! kudos!

more reasons


and for the way he talks about his co-stars

at the end of the video at a LORT press junket they ask him which Lord of the Rings Character he would want to be and he says "I want to be Viggo"


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Old July 22nd, 2009, 10:28 AM
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Is this going to be a 3 week theme then? Just seems to be slowing down now, as we all posted our feelings for this great man.
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Old July 22nd, 2009, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Maetharanel View Post
Is this going to be a 3 week theme then? Just seems to be slowing down now, as we all posted our feelings for this great man.
It is going to be a 52 week theme

I was away and not able to make it sooner than now!
New theme coming up.
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