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Old May 22nd, 2017, 05:15 PM
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Well, I can't write a nice and complete report, since I'm too busy in working and preparing for my trip to Italy.
but a few things I'd like to share with you ladies~
the premiere held at Disney town(just beside the Disneyland park) , the cast went to park in the morning and then hit to the red carpet at town, they made the red carpet about 100m from the side-door of town along to the Walt Theatre, and there is another "welcome area" about 50 meters long outside the town' door . I believe they can make it the whole red-carpet longer since they can use main street of the town, but the whole area was restricted for security reasons,I'm afraid.
I had a pretty big group of Orlando fans with me at the head of the red-carpet, most of them came all over China. We prepared a big banner and several posters for him. We arrived the red-carpet around 8 am, and there are already plenty of people waiting there(I believe there were over all 500+ fans that day not including medias and strangers, so it was too crowd to breathe. We managed to find our place, then just standing there under the burning sun for over 8 hours(you will recieve a hand band when entering the area and cannot leave without it, and the area would close at 14:00).....the biggest problem was, it was a damn hot day, over 30℃ , totally grueling for all of us. but I'm so proud of our fans ,they asked takeaways for cold drinks and fruits and we shared these things, we took care with each other just like a family (although i don't know most of them before that day, we're just waiting until 16:00 when the red-carpet began, we nearly exhausted...and you know what, this is the moment you found potential power in you.
when the TEAM arrived, they stayed at the welcome area for about...40 mins, for interviews and photocalls and then they walked one by one to the red-carpet inside the town, first directors and crews, then Brenton(he is cute indeed, very polite and sweet to fans), but you know, the red-carpet was not yet "lit-up", all the fans have been waiting here for several hours and exhausted, and kind of boring.
and here comes the saviour...Orlando.
I felt I WAS BURNING when he was coming to us....he was so handsome, even slender than last time I saw him.
and we, the Orlando fans at ahead the red carpet, all started calling his name, you can hear" Orlando, Orlando"crazily shouting in the live stream, sound like a chorus~~lol
I was so touched because it is the first time,we can shout out our love for him, at a premiere, not elsewhere, just for his movie work and movie character.
The atmosphere of red carpet suddenly lighted by our callings, it was like, we awaked the whole place, all the people started to shout out his name, and you can see, yeah~that's what red- carpet should be.
He looks so handsome,dapper, hot.....hotter than the weather.....
you can use every beautiful on him, and he is even better!
he was trying to meet every fan's need, sign every paper, selfie with every camera, but there are TOO MANY...so we were told everyone can only get 1 sign.
when he saw our banner, he quickly come to my side and read the words on the banner, look quite moved and put his hand on his heart, saying" Thank you so much!" "wanna a sign on it?" "Yes,sure please!!!" I nearly cried, and he gave his biggest sign on the banner ,with X and heart!
as a fan, what can you ask for more?
he finished red-carpet,and back, like 2-3 times,. sometimes he had to take a break between returns, because the casts all dressed in full suits(expect Johnny) , it's kind of torturing in the 30℃ day but he is the one who stayed longest time on the red-carpet for fans, always with his perfect smile and gentle voices, never tried of responsing to callings. and some Johnny's fans told us, never know Orlando is such an angel, isn't he?
yes he is.

All casts are very nice, we were all impressed by funny Javier(he will chat with you when signing) and sweetheart Brenton, Jerry was kind of cool guy and Mr Rush...rush walked very fast I didn't get his sign although I love Barbossa so much, partly because Johnny come right after him and people become even crazier and noisier, and I've kind of been kicked out of first row.

anyway, it's one of my most exciting and unique experience in my life, a very hot(indeed) passionate, successful red-carpet.
I won't do it again, not for other stars, in such unbearable situation, drought and tried, just want to meet him, shout for him, for a few mins...
another fan dream come true!

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Old May 22nd, 2017, 06:38 PM
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Aw, thanks for telling us about your experience! The heat would have killed me, but I would have done it for him

I love that people were commenting how nice he was--no matter how many accounts I read about people meeting him, they always say that. Because he is an angel. A gorgeous one

So glad you got to meet him again!
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Old May 22nd, 2017, 11:30 PM
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Thank you Mithriel for telling us about this wonderful experience.

And I've just had a huge flashback to the 2006 London DMC premiere where my friends and I spend almost 12 hours in the same spot during a heatwave!
Including the madness and loudness of the Johnny Depp fans.
I understand so very much the suffering, the endurance, the excitement, the euphoria of it all. When finally Orlando is in front of you, talking to you and admiring the self made banner and scribbling all over it.

I am so happy you got this chance to go. 'Premiering' is hard work I always say LOL. but in the end it was all worth it wasn't it for just that smile eh?
And meeting the other actors is always a bonus!

Thank you again for sharing those lovely pictures!
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Old May 23rd, 2017, 02:09 PM
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lovely recap.
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Old May 25th, 2017, 02:24 AM
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Thanks so much, Mithriel! Glad to a have a 'front row seat' (thanks to you) for the premiere!!

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Old May 29th, 2017, 06:43 PM
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good for you my dear !
thanks for the recap !

sig set by Nenya thanks darling
i love you William Turner!
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