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Board Rules & Registration

Please read this carefully before posting.

This board is in no way affiliated with Orlando Bloom, New Line, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Fox Movies or Orlando's agents.

We maintain a Board that is respectful to Orlando Bloom, his family and his choices and this is reflected in the content. The views and opinions of members do not necessarily reflect those of the board owners, administrators and moderators and this is especially relevant to note where links are followed from this site to other places on the internet. OL does not endorse nor promote such sites or views expressed therein. By using or viewing this forum you agree to hold orlandolove.net blameless and without responsibility for any injury or trauma experienced.

No copyright infringement intended, all pictures property of original owners. All altered images property of respective owners. Copyrights and trademarks for books, films, articles, magazines and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

Want to join?:
All new members wanting to join the board please contact us directly at
admin@orlandolove.net or through the contact link way down at the bottom of the page.

Rules for registering and posting at Orlando Love

1 . We are supportive of Orlando. So if you can't say anything nice, DON'T post it. That doesn't mean you can't critique his work, but do not post negative things about him personally or people in his life.
Gossip or speculation about Orlando, his private life, his motives or intentions, or those of the people close to him is not allowed.
(Unless you can prove you know him personally and have his permission to discuss his private life, it is off limits.)

2. You must be 17 years of age or older to register. Please note that should someone register with a false birthdate in order to bypass the restriction but then later posts in a manner that betrays their obvious age, the membership will be deleted.

3. All new members are initially on moderation. That means that new member posts are subject to review by a moderator and as such, may not appear for several hours or a day after you post.
If the post is inappropriate in nature, it will be deleted.

4. Please do not use Orlando or Bloom or any permutation of this name (i.e. Orli, OB, etc.), in your username. Also, no member names consisting of any characters Orlando has portrayed (i.e. Legolas Greenleaf, Will Turner, etc). You cannot register with just a series of numbers and symbols.
This board's language is English; therefore you must post writing in English.

5. Please do not register multiple times with different usernames. This just clutters up our database and adds to the confusion. If you want to change your username for some reason, send a request and we will most likely accommodate you.

6. No obscenities. Links to sites/boards inappropriate for ages 13 and under must be accompanied by appropriate warnings and ratings.

7. No posting of "news" you find on the net or elsewhere that is gossip/speculation. No posting of Twitter stories/rumours etc. as these cannot be verified, with the exception of pictures.
If you find a Tweet you think is worth posting at OLove, with a reliable source, and/or with a verified account, and/or with an attached pic you can PM one of the moderators.

8. Respect your fellow posters. No flaming of board members!

9. No trolling, no spamming, trolls and spammers will be banned. Spamming or harassment through the PM system or in the chat room is also a cause for banning.

10. Public challenges to a Moderator, Forum Helper or Administrator decision is inappropriate. If you have issues with a decision, please use the PM system to address your concerns. Please note: the rules are not open for debate.

11. Members of the Board should be advised that there is a system of infractions for those who repeatedly breach or challenge Board guidelines or who undermine the Boards integrity. Should a moderator have cause to edit or delete a post due to a flagrant and deliberate breach of rules, that member will be issued with a warning. Should another instance happen the member will be placed automatically on moderated status. This means that the subsequent posts of that member will be checked before going 'live'. There is no set time limit for this, moderated status will be removed at the discretion of the administrators, or not. The decision will be taken in the light of subsequent posts. Should the moderated status be removed and the member once again post or act in a way that is not appropriate, then membership will be terminated automatically.

12. Please credit your sources, it's only proper to give credit where credit is due. If you wish to use a member's artwork/avatar/sig image/manip, please contact that member privately and obtain permission. However, if the source is an LJ or other kind of journal, please do not provide a direct link unless it is your own since most journals are private and there are no rating systems (i.e. parental guidance indicators) on those sites.

13. Do not hotlink to images from other fan sites unless you have the permission of the owner to do so. That is considered bandwidth theft. You may post a link directing others to the image. We also suggest members try one of the myriad free image hosting services such as PhotoBucket.com, it's easy to use.

14. Please use the board's search utility to see if a thread or subject exists BEFORE starting a new one. In addition, please do your fellow members the courtesy of reading through an informational thread before asking questions that may have already been answered earlier.

15. As a general rule, we do not support or endorse fan petitions of any kind. Please do not start threads about signing petitions. They will be locked and then deleted after a few days.

To adjust your personal profile:

Please go to this thread for information on how to choose an avatar.

Signature Images
Please go to this thread for information on how to insert signature images. Please try to keep your entire signature area to around 250x600 pixels and a max of 3 images (if your avatar is not an animation, then one of the images allowed in the sig line can be an animation) in the sig line. For example, an image area of this size with a couple of lines of text below is acceptable.

Pithy saying or quote
Signature by someone you love.

Custom User Titles
Members can now enter their own custom user title. We only ask that members keep it clean and appropriate for ages 13 and under. You can find instructions on how to set the custom user title in this thread.

We reserve the right to edit and or remove offensive, inappropriate or plain old nonsense riddled posts at any time and without notice. We may also place members on moderation without notice should it become necessary. These rules and guidelines may be revised from time to time at our discretion.

And most importantly: ENJOY your time here at Orlando Love Net!

Your Moderators.

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