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Old August 9th, 2009, 06:02 PM
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Nenya´s Top 10

Some days ago Nuit sent me a pm and asked me if I´d like to post a ‘Top 10’ of my favorite creations here in this thread.
I was very surprised and all I can say is that I feel really honored to post my work here.

Thank you so much for asking me, Nuit.

It was not easy to decide which graphic or drawing should be in my ‘Top 10’ but.…

…. here they are:

This is one of the first signatures I´ve made and I used it some time ago here at OL. It was my first attempt
at making something different with photoshop. Some members asked me which technique I´ve used for this siggy
and this was the beginning of some very good friendships here at OLove.

That’s the reason why this siggy is very special for me

I´ve made this one for the board banner contest this year and was
very happy that it was actually chosen. I´ve never thought that one of
my graphics would be the board banner

My first BHD graphic. I´ve made it for the graphic challenge in June.
There aren´t so many screencaps of Orlando as Todd Blackburn but
I really like this one. He looks so vulnerable just like a scared boy
who just realized the reality of going to war.

One of my favorite walls. I tried to make a wall in the style of the LotR posters and I´m really happy with the result

My current calendar wall was again an entry for the graphic challenge.
I wanted to make it very simple and to focus on the pic. I love
this Orlando pic very much…he seems to be so lost in his thoughts.

After I´ve made a lot of graphics I tried to make some drawings, too.

This is my favorite Orlando drawing. It took me a long time to finish it
but I think it was worth the time

Legolas is very difficult to draw because he´s so flawless. And this
is my first Legolas drawing which actually looks like him

Then Tonny (Andnolewen) ‘challenged’ me. We both drew the same
Will Turner pic. She called it the one with ‘the most difficult
Will-killer-eyebrows-look’ . And it was a real challenge for me
because I adore Tonny´s drawing so much….. actually her drawings
inspired me to draw again

And I have to include this one because this is the first drawing I didn´t
make for me but for a very good friend and I´m very happy Helen likes
it so much

Balian and Will are my favorite Orlando characters but it took me a
long time to make my first Balian drawing. So this is my latest drawing
and also the first one of Balian

So these are my Top 10 and I hope you like them as much as I do

Icon and sig by me. Thanks Kat and Lola for the tuts
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Old August 9th, 2009, 06:38 PM
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Thank you for selecting this absolutely stunning pieces Nenya! I am hopelessly in awe of both the graphics and the pencil drawings since I can do neither. The graphics you have chosen are like little bursts of memories and really made me smile.

But oh Will Turner...wow...that is simply awesome!

Congrats on joining out 'celebration hall' you deserve it XX

Sig and avatar by Erendira Larrikin Mary- Joe Byrne Fan Fiction
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Old August 9th, 2009, 06:45 PM
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Nenya, I still try to find words for your work. Your drawings are incredible and I love your graphics. So I'm not surprised that Nuit asked you.
*scrolls back to enjoy the pretties again*

Ava, Icon & Sig by me
OPQA & CU No. 1 to Helen
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Old August 9th, 2009, 07:56 PM
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Nenya! what could I say... all you work is amazing , but your drawings are beyond words! My favourite is Legolas at Lothlorien, you caught his expression, his lips, his eyes, all in it is so perfect *o*

You deserved a place here
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Old August 9th, 2009, 08:26 PM
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Nenya, it is so nice to see you in here. You are a very talented artist.

I can't imagine how you managed to narrow down your selections to just 10 Nenya. I love all of your art digital and hand drawn. You have made a great selection though.
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Old August 9th, 2009, 09:14 PM
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To quote our favourite man: amazing! The LOTR wall is better than any poster I've ever seen. Wonderful choice Nenya, thanks a lot for putting together those stunning pieces of art.
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Old August 9th, 2009, 09:26 PM
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thanks for this wonderful exhibition of your art! you know I loove your work and it is sooo special for me! I could kiss each and every drawing you have done!

I love your first siggie. It is so beautiful and it brings me back so nice memories! that time was happy! the rest of your siggies are so beautiful! I like that of BHD! yes, vulnerable and lovely! I still wonder how you get so beautiful result with photoshop! I wish I could! thanks for your talent and for turning it into friendship and happyness!thanks for sharing! I am always surprised when I watch your work and I am not on the other hand! you are a really talented artist!

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Old August 9th, 2009, 10:41 PM
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I was so excited to hear Nuit has chosen you to join us here.
You are incredibly talented in many many ways and I am soooo happy you were inspired by me to start drawing again.
It makes me proud to have set you off on creating such beauties!

I love them all, I especially love the Will we did together.
And when you finally created Balian: it came out a masterpiece!
I love the sofness in your style, the details are amazing. The way you draw skin is just fabulous.

And then I haven't even commented on the digital art.
That LOTR wallpaper has to be my favourite and the calender ..

I'm so glad you are here to share this all with us, and I'm particularly glad we got to know each other so much better..
and all because of a simple drawing eh?

Thanks SO much for everything Carola!!
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Old August 9th, 2009, 11:30 PM
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My dear Carola,when Nuit told us(mods ad helpers)that she asked you to display your art here,we all without exceptions thouht that was a great choice,because you deserve it.You already know I like your style of work on graphics,very very much...but what I absolutely love is your talent for make drawings...just a pencil and a blank paper and your hands create those beauties,that make you a real artist,and you deserve to share this forum with Tony,Nel and the rest of talented members here.We're very fortunate to have you among us,you're a wonderful artist,and a even better person.Thanks so much for your contribution,dear.

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Old August 10th, 2009, 02:28 PM
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You know I love all of your work, mum, especially the drawings!

It´s fantastic that you could post your Top 10 here.

A big thank you to my mom for this beautiful new siggi set.
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Old August 10th, 2009, 04:10 PM
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Congratulations for being chosen to the celebration hall, you so deserve it!
Thanks a lot selecting these awesome pieces of art!

~ Naz ~

Orlando's Queen of Pixels. - Naz's Gallery - LJ
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Old August 11th, 2009, 01:10 PM
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Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, girls!

I can´t find the right words to say how much it means to me. I´m really overwhelmed and
I´m so happy to be a part of this great community here at OLove.

Again a very big 'Thank you' to all of you!

Icon and sig by me. Thanks Kat and Lola for the tuts
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Old September 9th, 2009, 01:28 AM
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Sorry Nenya, don't know where I've been but I've only just seen this thread & I think all of your work is stunning-your drawings are amazing! Lovely to see your top 10 here.

*Beautiful icon animation by Kat-thanks*
*Gorgeous siggy by Nel*
*Thanks to Mata for icon*

*Don't Tell The Elf!*
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Old September 10th, 2009, 06:59 PM
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Thank you so much, TC!

Icon and sig by me. Thanks Kat and Lola for the tuts
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Old September 10th, 2009, 09:22 PM
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I have only just seen this as well - not sure what planet I have been on. Beautiful work and the pencil drawings are just amazing - you have that elusive thing captured that makes them the character!!

Signature and Icon by Erendira
**Proud Member of the Special K Breakfast Club**
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Old September 14th, 2009, 09:15 PM
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... and here is yet another one who has just realised that she's never posted in here before. So shameful...

Nenya, your works are amazing! I love your graphics so much. And those drawings are simply breath-taking! They make mine certainly fade in comparison.

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Old October 27th, 2009, 12:08 PM
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I was very happy to see that you were being celebrated Nenya. Aside from generally loving your work when ever you post something new, I quite often find when voting on challenge graphics that there's at least a couple of your entries in my selections. Wonderful graphics and the drawings just leave me in awe
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Old October 27th, 2009, 06:22 PM
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Thank you sooo much for your comments, KiwiGirl, Beri and Avs!
I´m really glad you like my work.

Icon and sig by me. Thanks Kat and Lola for the tuts
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Old May 11th, 2010, 03:07 PM
Posts: n/a

they're absolutely wonderful...
especially the pencil drawings.
my favorite is the drawing of Legolas;eyes are soooo perfect,breath-taking.
Do you create any Avatars?
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