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Good Picture

This is from a recent school portfolio, which has come out with all the recent raft of Pirates stuff in honor of POTC3. Unfortunately, it's a picture from POTC1, not 3. But I at least haven't seen it before, so correct me if I'm wrong...and I apologize for my somewhat crappy scanner (though I used PhotoFinish to improve on it...)!

Ed: dammit, this one's doing it too. For some reason, has an issue or something with links from here, why I don't know because my siggie is working fine and I'm linking to the exact same folder. But for this it only gives a 404 if you click on the link, so you'll have to cut and paste the link information above, then remove the spaces on either side of the slashes and hit enter before you can see the picture. Sorry, but I just don't know how to fix it...

Have replaced your broken link with a Photobucket link... thanks for the picture - Mirk

Thank you, Mirk! I appreciate it...

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