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The Weekly Theme 28/09/2009 - Legolas animatons from FOTR

Time to move ..: This week its animation time again!!

And we will start with Legolas from Fellowship of the Ring

Krazymoonkat, our animating wizard has already done a lot of these and you are free to repost them from our magnificant animation gallery right here.

Here are the rules for this week:

  • You may repost animations from above link.
  • You may request an animation from Fellowship of the Ring, with the emphasis on Legolas, of course.
  • Other character requests will be taken as well, but since Kat can not animate the entire movie, please choose only really special scenes for them.
  • Limit your request to a maximum of 3 per request.
  • You can post caps to point out which scene you refer to, or give a good description.

Kat will be doing most of the work, so give her some time to get it all sorted, but do NOT hesitate to ask!
Enjoy this week! and together with our beautiful Prince of Mirkwood, that should not be a problem yes?

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