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I found the plot on Luc Besson's website as he is one the producers.Here is the link:

And a little translation:

An Alek Keshishian movie:
With Brittany Murphy, Matthew Rhys, Catherine Tate and Santiago Cabrera
And also with Gwyneth Paltrow and Orlando Bloom

Emily Jackson, Jacks for her friends,is a 27 years old American young fashionista who works as an assistant in the Vogue Magazine redaction in London.By her side,her best friends: Peter,her gay flatmate and Tallulah, a neurotic vamp and Jacks spends all her time doing the adviser and the go-between for their relationships. Romantic and demanding,they all dream about a perfect and movie-like Love Story.But the trouble is that there's only one word to resume their love life: DISASTER!!!
So is Love like a fantasy or like reality?

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