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These first 6 pictures were taken up in Lake Isabella- Kernville, Ca., home to one of the most deadliest of rivers in the world- the Kern River. This first photo shows an area of riverbed that has virtually no water. In winter time (that's when I was there) the river and lake are lower than any other time of the year. Come the Spring thaw, it becomes utter madness. There are boulders in this river that are huge! Some near the size of a small car. Hence it's deadly reputation, as it has killed many people throughout the years. A sign posted: "DANGER- Stay out-stay alive."

These next 4 are of Lake Isabella itself

This stone lies along the riverbed. It bears ancients petroglyphs, inscribed by the Tubatulabal people, who have lived there since at least 1oo A.D.

South Dakota Sunset

Cloud bank that looks like a huge wave about to wash over the field. I think this was just as we entered Iowa.

Wounded Knee Memorial, S. Dakota. This is the actual site where at least 150 Lakota Sioux men, women and children were slaughtered by the U.S. Calvary in Dec 1890, who were on the Pine Ridge Reservation. (It used to be called the Battle of Wounded Knee in U.S. History books. It's since been rectified. It wasn't a battle, it was a massacre.) The U.S. Calvary was so eager to kill these people, they leveled the village, using hotchkiss guns, and even killed their own men in the fray as well. All because of the Ghost Dance. The people, having lost everything, found hope in the visions of a Paiute man, visions that told of the return of the buffalo and their ancestors return to life. This dance was to bring this to pass. It was taken as a threat by white settlers. The press got ahold of it, fanning the fires. Soon after the village was razed to the ground. This monument marks the mass grave in which the dead Lakota's bodies were unceremoniously dumped. It is a place of spirits and visions. This photo shows an image in the stone that was not there when I shot this photo of the monument. Can you see him?

S. Dakota cloudbank, that rolled over a hillside. I never saw anything like it.

S. Dakota- Red Earth- Red Road

The Black Hills of S. Dakota (next 2 pics)

The Bad Lands of S. Dakota- This shot was taken standing in the middle of the road. The badlands is nearly deserted. There's almost nothing out there BUT landscape. We didn't see but maybe one or two cars on the road the whole time we were out there.

I share some of the history of these places, I guess because I used to teach Native American history. I think people should know a bit of the history, so that they know what they're looking at. It's more than a picture, its a story.

PS. This is was all the information and photos I lost when my work disappeared.

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