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Originally Posted by helen View Post
you know, my sweetie, you know!
uuuh, i liked that too...
does someone of you want this clip? i could post this scene (as a video)...
but i don't know if this is legal (here) ... and it would be german ... and NOT exactly cinema-quality ... but if you want to, i'll make it and then i could post it in the video-thread...
and please @one of the mods: tell me if that would be "legal"...i mean, would YOU delete my links... i would put it onto YSI, cause youtube would suspend me i think

oh and edit: i would give the links per pm i think...cause then it would be allowed, wouldn't it?
oh and edit2 (lol) : i also have the "after the credits scene" at YSI ... tell me if you want it...

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