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I agree about the chopping job editing did on the theatrical version. The Director's Cut IS the ONLY way to watch KOH. But BOOOO-HISSSS on his opinion of Balian (character lacking) and/or Orlando's performance (lacking because of script).

Why do people find someone of noble character and integrity a FAULT or consider that lacking? Everyone else was willing to "commit sin for the overall good or for their own good" but not Balian. This was part of his quest and destiny, to stand for good and honor. This brought him before a King, caused him to be honored before a King. He saved them all from destruction. I find this a sad commentary when people find a character like this in a film to be lacking, when in actuality, they are the only one who ISN'T lacking. Everyone else is.

Anyways, thanks for the article. On the bright side it is good to hear people are finding out KOH is an incredible masterpiece.
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