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Originally Posted by caseymochridh View Post
Don't know if this is the right place, but anyway ---

Since Photobucket is holding its users to ransom for the photos held there, I am going to be without my signature. I created it years ago and I no longer even know what my password or username is for my photobucket account. So until further notice, until I either find a copy of the siggy (I do have it somewhere, I hope!)or recreate it or the mods have a record of it somewhere, my Prince of Assassins will be blank.
What Photobucket is doing just sucks Casey... now the board is plagged with those awfull notices.I'm sorry but we have no records of the members signatures...try to find it or recreated (if I can help with that,just tell me).I have a paid account so I'm not now.It would be very sad if I loose all my images here.

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