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Exclamation Request form for Siggy & FF Banner Factories

In the interest of helping the graphic artists here create signatures and avatars for you as you would like, please try to try and fill out this request form. Copy and paste the form to this thread, Siggy Factory, with your answers and we will do our best. Thank you.

sig request:
photo shoot suggestion:
specific pictures (3 picture limit preferred):
color suggestion:
text suggestion:
specific sig maker request:
would you like to use an icon after your sig:

If you have an idea of the kind of sig you'd like fill that information in on the "sig request:" line.

If you have favorite pictures you'd like included fill in "photo shoot suggestion:" with either a description or the name of the photographer... something that would help the person doing the sig find the photoshoot you want... if indeed you want to use a photoshoot You could also list any character, film,event photos etc. on this line. It's more just to give the artist an idea of what you like.

The biggest help would be either a link to the post containing the pictures you like or actual links to the pictures if you have them saved in a photo host for the "specific pictures (3 picture limit preferred):" line.

"color suggestion:" is not really a huge issue, but I have had people reject sigs because they don't like the color, so it couldn't hurt to mention.

"text suggestion:" Also not a huge issue, but if you have a favorite line, it really helps. Also, think about if you really want text on your sig at all.

"specific sig maker request:" if you've seen someone's signatures around the board, or seen the work someone has posted in the Fan Art threads, you can request them on this line... doesn't mean that person will take up the challenge, just a suggestion from you as to who's work you like.

And finally, would you like to use an icon after your sig: this is important for the sig maker to know so they don't make the sig too big to conform to board rules of 600 px x 200 px.

I hope this helps to structure the requests a bit better to help the people that take the time to make signature sets for our members.


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