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Since I kept you waiting, here is a long good part.


Thalia and I had slept in the garden the previous night. Legolas had apparently locked himself in his bed chambers and refused to answer to anyone who knocked, including me. I had become extremely worried, and was hoping nothing had happened to him.

"What if he's cursed? He could need my help," I told Thalia.

"We don't know for sure, just wait, I'm sure he will come out of his chambers soon."

I suddenly saw Arwen and Aragorn coming through the gate from the castle, with matching worried faces. My heart fell to my feet at their expressions.

"What is it? Is he cursed? Dieing? Please don't tell me he's already dead, I don't know if I could take that kind of news." I requested. They both exchanged sad expressions which made me feel like grabbing one of them and shaking the information out of them.

"He's getting married," Arwen suddenly replied. I blinked twice, trying to understand what she just told me.

"What?" I asked puzzled. "I don't have a dress or anything? Is this a surprise for me, then why do you look sad, I don't understand..." Arwen lifted her hand up to stop my ramblings.

"Umm...Illissia, he's not marrying you," she replied softly, looking away from my face.

"What?" I asked again, even more puzzled than before. Legolas marrying another? This couldn't be. "Why?".

"We don't know, I've been trying to speak to him since the news of his marriage but he won't speak to anyone," Aragorn added.

"This must be some mistake," I replied, starting to feel slightly panicked. I could feel my breath slightly quicken. Marry someone else, not me? I felt a lump forming in my throat as I fought back tears that wanted to escape. This wasn't possible, he wouldn't do that to me. He would've told me.

"Who is he marrying?" Thalia asked.

"A princess of Evergreen, an elf," Arwen answered. I couldn't believe what she said. He promised to love me forever, was my human life not long enough for him that he had changed his mind and his promise and wanted to marry off with an elf?

"No," I replied softly, refusing to buy into this information. I took off to the staircase, up to his room. I ignored the calls from Thalia. I needed to know the truth. I ran all the way to his chambers and I banged on the door.

"Legolas, open this door immediately!" I yelled, continuing to bang on the door so hard, I thought I would knock it right off it's hinges. But before that, the door opened and Legolas appeared.

His eyes were red and puffy. He had a strained look and dark circles under his eyes, he looked like he hadn't slept in days. I approached him, wanting only to comfort him, but he responded by backing up and turning his face away from me. I felt a slight twinge in my heart at his actions.

"Legolas..." I said softly, my voice slightly filled with pain.

"Don't make it harder on yourself then it should be," he replied, no emotion in his voice. His words felt like I had been punched in the stomach, he was never this cold with me.

"You can't be doing this, marrying yourself off to an elf. You promised me we would be together forever," I replied, a few tears falling down my face.

"I lied," he replied, continuing with his harsh tone. "Just go away, leave me alone. Pretend like you never met me."

I couldn't believe my ears or eyes. The only man I ever fell in love with was telling me our relationship from the beginning was a lie. I couldn't understand how he could have faked every moment we were together.

"I don't believe you," I replied. I could've sworn just then that I saw his face soften and his eyes fill with tears, but it was immediately replaced with a cruel expression.

"It was easy to fool you. Just promise you everything you ever wanted to hear to bed you, and my plan worked. How great am I that I am the only man in middle earth to have bedded the princess of the amazons." His face was expressionless but he said it almost like he enjoyed it.

His words burned me like hot coals. His face was always so serious, no note of sarcasm in his voice. I tried not to sob in front of him, my pride did not want to give him the satisfaction. I let a tear fall, but wiped it back from my face before I turned and walked away from him to my room. I slammed the door behind me and collapsed onto the bed, the sound of my sobs escaping my lips. The pain rained down on me like a downpour and through my eyes which soaked up the pillow my head was resting on. Not only had I been betrayed by a man, who was smart enough to fool me. But I had let him ruin my entire life in the process. I felt helpless in what to do now. The amazons would never forgive me of such a mistake and I no longer had a place in Mirkwood to stay, not that I wanted to be anywhere close to Legolas. I knew I needed to leave, and I needed to do it today. I saw the invitation that it was today next to Legolas' room so there was no way I was going to be here on their first night of marriage. It made me cry more knowing that she would be stroking his soft blond hair and being in his arms that smelt like a forest.

I forced myself up after my sobs died down and pulled out the amazon clothes I came here with. I slipped off the soft silk elf robes and tossed them into an empty drawer, followed by the head piece and the soft shoes. As I pulled on a pair of lion skin pants and a matching top, I almost felt happy. It felt comforting being in my old clothes, despite the fact that they came from my old home. I braided my hair and tied it with a leather band, and slipped the others clothes I arrived in Mirkwood in my bag. I looked back into the drawer to see if I had missed anything and I noticed a pair of black boots inside. My heart squeezed at the memory of meeting Legolas the first time and offering me his boots. I wiped the few tears I shed, and closed the drawer on them. I would never show weakness to any man again, no matter where I went or who I met, I would have to always be strong.

I wrote a letter to Thalia, explaining the procedures to heal the elves, should they find the man behind it and slipped out of the room with my backpack. I had to be careful, there were many elves around dressed in beautiful gowns and silk shirts. These people should've been here for my wedding, I told myself, letting another tear fall down my face. I shook my head then and concentrated and managed to get passed all the guests unnoticed.

I walked into the stables, and when I saw that the coast was clear, I walked over to moonshine in one of the stalls. I stroked his soft black mane before starting to pack the food, clothes and medicine I had in my bag.

I heard a rustle from behind and turned around with quick reflexes. Aragorn's son stood in front of the stall entry, looking at moonshine. I bent down slightly and extended my hand out to Aragorn Jr., which I found out was his son's name earlier that week.

"It's ok sweetheart," I replied. He approached me slowly until he was right next to me and moonshine. "You can pet him you know, he likes it." I watched as he stroked the horse on the head. Moonshine was used to the children of the tribe, so I knew he wouldn't mind this little boy.

'I can make the pain go away,' I suddenly heard a voice whisper in my ear. My head snapped up , looking around to see if anyone else was with us. The rest of the stables were silent and no one was in sight, my senses weren't picking up anyone else either.

Aragorn Jr. took my hand then, and I looked down at him. He was looking at me with a worried expression, pointing to his heart. I crouched down and looked into his scared eyes and touched his face. I watched as before me his face changed slightly and he grew at an inch taller in height. He was aging before my eyes, I tried not to curse when it stopped. He looked terrified so I took the still small boy into my arms and squeezed him tight. 'I can heal them, just give me your soul,' the voice whispered again in my ears. I now knew what the words meant, and I knew what I had to do.

"Ara," I whispered his nickname to him. He let me go to look up at me with his beautiful blue eyes. Aragorn's compassionate eyes. "I will make this pain go away, I promise. But to do this you need to go right back to your mother's chambers and stay there until you feel the pain go away. It might take a few days but you will see the change." I placed my hand on his heart, almost wishing I could heal it with my touch. I knew that Arwen's chambers were not much, but I thought the symbols could at least stop him from growing so fast. I didn't know if the effects of the age reversed once the curse was stopped and wanted to give them as much of his childhood as possible.

He nodded at my request and proceeded to take my hand and draw me away from moonshine and out of the stables, but I just lightly pulled back. He turned around with a puzzled expression on his face when I didn't move.

"I'm sorry Ara, I can't go with you," I replied. He came back over to me and gave me a very tight hug. I wondered if he knew that I would most probably not ever see him again. It was the first time he was holding onto me so fiercely. "But I promise you, where I am going, it will help you and make all the pain go away. Now off you go to your room, don't make your mama worry," I replied.

He took one more look at me and ran to the stable doors, I smiled as I watched him go, feeling a slight pain that I would never experience this type of connection with my own child. I rubbed my sore eyes from the tears that slightly flowed down my face. I took another deep breath and returned to finish packing moonshine.

"You better keep you promise, do you hear me?" I replied to myself, hoping that the evil spirit was listening. "That little boy does not deserve to be sick."

I tied the last of the straps tightly around moonshine and mounted her. I coaxed her out of the stall and out of the stable doors. It was rather deserted the way to the castle door until I reached the entrance that was the exit to the kingdom of Mirkwood. I saw Aragorn, Gimli and Thalia standing together nearby, their faces looking grim and worried. I took a deep breath again, trying to steady myself. I knew I had to be strong. This was definitely the time to not show weakness.

I rode my horse slowly to the gate, pretending I didn't notice them and hoping they wouldn't notice me, but didn't receive such luck.

"Illissia lass, where are you going?" Gimli asked. I shut my eyes and focused on trying to look happy before turning around and facing them.

"Just going for a ride Gimli, need to clear my thoughts," I replied as I attempted at a smile, and knew right away that I had failed it.

"You packed your things and changed into your amazon clothes for a quick ride?" Thalia asked.

"More importantly, where are you boots? You were planning to ride bare footed?" Aragorn asked.

I looked down at my bare feet, remembering the warmth of Legolas' old worn boots, remembering the first time he touched me. It also reminded me of the betrayal that was too soon brought up. As I felt the tears coming, it confirmed me that I was now making the right decision. I didn't look away a sob escaped my lips. Tears came back to my eyes too easily and I felt like they would never really go away.

"You're not planning on coming back to Mirkwood, are ya lass?" Gimli asked, as he watched me cry. I shook my head, confirming that I was indeed leaving Mirkwood forever. "Well I hope it will help, he doesn't deserve someone like you anyway. I always knew elves had a bad judge of character."

"Where are you going to go Illissia?" Thalia asked, with a worried look on her face.

"I know of a place to go, that will most likely guarantee to save the lives of the elves here," I stated.

"You're helping them by leaving Mirkwood?" Aragorn asked, looking confused.

"Well, I have a confession to make. A few days ago, I slipped out of the castle, even if we were asked not to. I was offered a way to save them, only the way isn't exactly very favorable."

"By who?" Gimli asked. I was silent, afraid of the reaction that the truth might give them. I did not need a reason to be stuck here any longer.

"Doesn't prince Legolas look handsome," I suddenly heard a elf maiden state just a few feet away from us. I turned to the direction that she was saying her sentence and regretted it immediately.

Legolas almost shined in his white pant suit lined with a bronze color. His hair had been brushed so many times that his locks shone like spun gold. He had a crown on his head, a little more royal than the previous one I had seen. The sight of him made my heart squeeze, and I turned around to look away from him.

"He has to get married now?!" Thalia exclaimed, looking up at my shattered face.

"No he isn't getting married now. The ceremony is at sunset, this is probably the royal meeting of the two families."

As they discussed and took in the sight of Legolas, I slowly slipped away from them and passed the doors of Mirkwood.

"Just make it to killer's peak Illissia, and this will all go away," I whispered to myself as I shut my eyes.

"What's at Killer's peak?" Thalia suddenly asked. I snapped open my eyes and looked down at her, who had apparently stopped my horse, holding onto moonshines reines.

"Thalia..." I started.

"Tell me who you made the deal with Illissia? No one else is here but me. I'm your confident, whether you're the official princess or not."

"You will try and stop me, I will not tell you." I replied.

"Please, just tell me. I promise, I won't stop you." I knew she was good on her word, despite the fact that I knew she would regret what she just promised.

"The evil entity made me an offer. If I was to sacrifice my soul to him, he would heal all the cursed elves and help my pain go away,"I told her quietly.

"Illissia! You cannot believe anything that evil thing says! He only means to harm people," Thalia replied, trying to talk me out of going.

"You mean I can believe all of Legolas' lies, but not him?" I replied, my voice faltering as I said his name. "I have nothing left Thalia. No home, no love, almost no friends. He promised me an eternity without pain, it's something I'm willing to risk, I have nothing left to lose."

"Please don't do this Illissia," she begged, holding firmly onto the reins, determined to keep me from going. I grabbed her hands and tried to take them away from the reins.

"You promised," I whispered, and with that she let them go, tears flowing down her face. I turned my horse away from Mirkwood and took off. "Goodbye Thalia."



I entered my bedroom chambers exhausted. The meeting with my so-called new in-laws went on forever. I was angry and frustrated and trying to keep up a front that I was happy wasn't easy.

I threw off my royal garments and crashed onto my bed. I groaned as I tried to close my eyes, for every time I did I could see Illissia's broken face looking at me. It shattered my heart to see her in so much pain but I didn't have much of a choice. It was the only way I knew that she would leave me alone and not try and stop this sham of a wedding, which she had already guessed at. I remembering crying for awhile after she left me, behind closed doors. It was hard to face that I had broken her heart and that I would never see her again.

I shut my eyes again, forcing myself to look at her broken face from pure guilt. I shed new tears at the vision.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me my love," I replied. I cried again, my heart as in many pieces as hers, and slowly fell asleep to the sound of my cries.


I opened my eyes at the sound of birds. I looked around to see that I was in the middle of a forest that seemed vaguely familiar. It was night but I could make out every tree around me clearly and everything far away seemed to be covered in fog. I made out some lights and towers of stairs mounted on large trees. I suddenly knew where I was. I then heard a familiar laugh, and it confirmed that my guesses were right.

"Hello Legolas," a voice behind me called out. I turned around to see a blonde elf in front of me. She was tall with her hair cascading down her back, beautiful sympathetic eyes and she glowed compared to the contrast of the dark trees.

"Galadriel?" I asked, only wanting to confirm my suspicions. She nodded. "You are really in my dreams? How can you be here? You are no longer in middle earth?" I asked her.

"You are correct, I no longer reside on your side of the world, but I can travel through the spirit realm to relay messages to others. I have seen your life Legolas, and I must speak with you urgently."

"Is this about Illissia?" I asked.

"Yes, about you and Illissia. It's time that I enlighten you about what's really been going on around you." I looked up at her face, her eyes almost binding me captive to hers, yet I nodded. She smiled back down at me.

"Your father will not take into action his threats, he only says this for he fears your life if you decide not to wed Dranai. Besides, choices have been made and the person who is blackmailing you father will no longer need to blackmail him. He almost has his hands on what he truly desires."

"My father was blackmailed? By who?" I asked.

"By the evil spirit that has followed you since the lands of the amazons. He is actually an elf, named Gaellan, an old friend of your fathers. He lives in darkness and evil, promised by a demon to get exactly what he desires, as long as he does his bidding. He was once in love with an amazon, who shared her love for another elf, an elf prince to be exact. He never understood or got over losing the woman he loved to a friend, so he killed his friend and then the woman he loved, after she refused him from taking her baby, Illissia to be exact. He used your father's trust and then betrayed him, and now because of that he is not far upon getting what he desires the most."

I suddenly had a sinking feeling of dread pass over me. I swallowed hard.

"What is it he desires if Illissia's mom is dead?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"He wants Illissia's soul," she stated. The thought of her soul belonging to such an evil creature made my heart stop. "He refuses to let go of his obsession for her mother, so he takes the only thing in this world left that's meant something to her, her own daughter."

"But why go through all the trouble? Why hasn't he tried to take her away before this?" I asked.

"She must willingly give up her soul. He knew he had to bring her out of the amazon territory, for she is protected by the love of the sisterhood there. That is why he asked your father to place those symbols on your people, telling him that they were protection spells. The sick made you come for her, the only person who could truly help your people, or so everyone thought. And once she was out, he stalked her, finding out her weak spots to use them against her, so that she was willing to give herself up to him."

I shut my eyes and fought back the tears forming. I felt my anger rise out of me as I came to realize what Galadriel had really said.

"He used me?! To get to her?! And more than once!" I was so angry that I started to pace back and forth to bring my temper down. My mood suddenly changed then. "I fell right into his trap, and I hurt her for nothing. My poor Illissia, what have I done?"

"There is no time for regret or guilt Legolas, you must take action before it's too late. You still have a little time left. Illissia is heading to Gaellan as we speak. You must stop this from happening, if he has control over Illissia, he will kill every elf in Mirkwood. You must understand this, you will find something about Illissia, something powerful that she keeps inside her. Do not let yourself draw away from her, you are destined to be together." I nodded my head at her statement.

"I need to leave then, what do I do Galadriel, how do I get out of this dream?" Galadriel smiled as she slowly approached me, she placed her warm hand on my face and leaned in so she was inches from me. 'wake up', she almost whispered in a dream.


"Wake up!" someone yelled out loud, it made me jump in my bed. I looked up to see Aragorn facing me, his face worried. I looked at him for a moment before remembering the conversation I just had with Galadriel, I had to act fast.

I had no idea of the time or how long I was in my dream state, all I knew was that I had to save Illissia and I had to do it now. I jumped out of bed, pushing past Aragorn and took out my travel wear. I slipped my clothes on quickly and went to an armoir to get my bow, arrows and daggers. I slipped my bag of arrows onto my back as I turned around and almost ran into Aragorn, who was standing right in front of me.

"Legolas, talk to me," he pleaded.

"I don't have time Aragorn," I replied, making sure I had some provisions for my horse packed.

"Where are you going in such a hurry? And in your travel clothes?" He asked. I stopped in my tracks as I realized that Galadriel had not once mentioned exactly where I had to go or where Illlissia was heading.

"No, no no..." I mumbled, panicking. I needed to know where she was going. "Aragorn have you seen Illissia today?"

"Yes, she was on her way out of Mirkwood not very long ago," he responded.

"Did she say where she was going?" I asked, grabbing onto both his arms and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Well no, but she did talk to Thalia right before she left, she might know."

Before his sentence was even done, I was out of my chambers, running around looking for Thalia. I could hear Aragorn running after me, calling my name. I needed to hurry, every second that went by, Illissia was closer to her destination, and I was close to losing her forever. I ran out to the front and saw Thalia dressed up in elf robes talking to Arwen. I breathed a sigh of relief as I found her in little time.

"Thalia!" I yelled, running up to them both. She looked up at me and gave me a look that could make anyone go away, but I ignored it. "Where is Illissia?" I asked, slightly out of breath.

"Why do you care?" She asked me harshly. Aragorn had joined us by then.

"Thalia, I don't have time for this. Illissia is going to sacrifice her soul to that evil being who's been cursing my people. I have to stop her," I explained quickly, as Arwen gasped at the information.

"Feeling guilty now aren't you?" She asked. I sighed heavily, I was hoping she was going to get passed her being angry with me to give me the information.

"Thalia, I can't lose her now, not after all we've been through. Please, you don't understand and I don't have time to explain," I replied, as tears of frustration fell down my face. Thalia's face changed at my reaction, it was very rare people saw me cry.

"Prince Legolas!" I heard one of my father chamber maids yell at me. "Why aren't you dressed for the ceremony?! Quickly now," she replied, trying to grab one of my arms to follow her, ignoring the fact that I looked upset. I moved out of her reach.

"You can tell my father that if he wants good relations with Evergreen, he can marry the princess himself!" I replied angrily, wanting nothing more than to be gone, riding after Illissia. I turned back around to see Thalia a little farther away, but this time, she beckoned me forward and I happily obliged.

"Killer's peak," she whispered to me. I let out a breath. I knew exactly where it was. It was a couple of days journey, so I knew that she hadn't reached her destination yet, but I had to hurry.

"Thank you," I whispered back and turned around to run to the stables. I stopped in my tracks as Aragorn stood before me, mounted on his horse. My white stallion next to his, ready to ride.

"You might need some help along the way," he replied.

"I'm not planning on stopping, I'll ride through the night just so I can reach her," I warned him.

"If I have to stop, I will and catch up with you. But I'm not letting you go alone Legolas," Aragorn replied. I knew it was pointless to argue and time was of the essence, so I nodded to him in agreement and climbed onto my horse. We took off slowly in the direction of the gate, not to scare the guests.

"You come back here right this minute Legolas!" I heard my father yell. I turned my horse around to face him.

"No," I replied firmly.

"You know what will happen if you do this," he threatened.

"Tell your threats to Gaellen," I replied. I watched as my father went stark white and then turned back around and headed out of Mirkwood with Aragorn.

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