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Hi there,

Thanks for the comments, here's some more from my story.

thank you!

We finally stopped once the sun went down and the chill set in. We found a spot in the woods with a big enough clearing to make a fire. Everyone had picked a corner to fall asleep. And I watched as Thalia and Shalamar cuddled together. It was very commonly known that amazons became lovers amongst themselves, and they were definately one of them. I felt a slight pang of envy looking at them.

Being leader was not always the easiest role. Always being judged by what I did or did not do. And I had to remain impervious to temptations. I did not love any of my people in the manner of romance, so I stayed alone. It was better than to be seen as an unfit leader. My mother had always told me that the tribe grew from a strong leader, someone that they could look up to.

Gimli was snoring in another corner, leaning up against a tree. King Aragorn had set up a tent and was sleeping soundlessly inside. I stepped passed them and crouched down on a tree away from the warmth of the fire, away from the supposedly sleeping eyes. I closed my eyes and sighed. And then took a deep breath, placing my face in my hands. The quiet was quiet rare, but it was always something I enjoyed the most.

I suddenly heard something and looked up to see Legolas in front of me.

"Coast is clear," he replied taking a seat by the tree next to me. "Can't sleep?" I shook my head in reponse. "Is it ok if I keep you company?" He asked. I didn't reply, and he kept silent, leaning back on the tree.

As he leaned in, his arm brushed mine. I looked up to notice his eyes were closed. I leaned in, not knowing what I was doing and inhaled his scent. I remembered riding on horseback with him earlier today and noticing his scent. It was sweet and clean, like the scent of fallen rain and freshly cut grass. I opened my eyes and realised that he was watching me.

"Oh, sorry," I replied, my cheeks burning with heat. I looked through the woods, my mind wandering back in my memories. "Your scent reminds me of when I was a child. It brings back good memories of my mother, my aunt, when life was more simple."

"You don't have to apologise. I feel something too," He replied softly.

"I didn't say I was feeling something for you," I muttered.

"You cannot pretend that you did not feel that when I touched your hand this morning."

"I'm not denying I didn't feel that, but what makes you think it has to do with us?" I asked.

"I may look young to most, but I have lived for 2931 years," He started. "Not once did I had a similar experience when touching someone. And you felt it too. I don't not believe that things just happen by coincidence."

"Maybe it just means that I'm the right person to heal your kind," I replied.

"Maybe," he replied, looking as if he was far away in his thoughts.

"I need you to promise me something," I asked Legolas.


"The man I sensed today. If he comes for me, I want you to take everyone and leave." I replied seriously.

"No," he responded.

"Legolas..." I started.

"I have sworn to protect you, and neither me nor anyone else here will leave you, even if you ask."

"You don't understand, if you stay, you will all die. He wants me, not any of you." I warned.

"Then I shall die protecting you," He replied.

"Are all of you elves this stubborn?" I asked him. He laughed at the comment. "Maybe I should go find a spot to sleep."

"Will you actually sleep?" He asked. I sighed and wondered if I should be telling him the truth.

"No probably not," I replied, looking over at Thalia and Shalamar.

"What if I promise to keep you safe while you dream?" He asked me. I turned to him and looked into his eyes. There was no hint of malice, no sense of trechory.

"We are all sitting ducks, how can you promise me that?" I asked.

"I'm the one on watch duty remember?"

"And you think you can reach me in time to warn me?" I asked.

"If you sleep here," he replied, patting his knee.

"I shouldn't," I replied, slightly blushing from his intention.

"I am not asking for anything, just guaranteeing you the rest you need."

I looked at him again, searching for some hidden motive but saw none.

"I will wake you before they see you as well, you will not be seen as vulnerable."

I nodded reluctantly. I sat a bit farther from the foot of the tree before laying down on the hard ground. My head reached his knees and I hesitated.

"It's ok," he whispered to me, and I proceeded in resting my head. I could smell his scent off of him once I was lying there. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something besides the worry that was eating at my concience. As I took a deep breath to calm my nerves, i took more of his scent in. It made me instantly relax, memories of my childhood floating around me and I snuggled in closer to him unconciously. And before I knew it, the unimaginable happened, I fell asleep.


I woke up in complete blackness, I tried to move thinking I was blind, but realised that I was being held in a firm hold. I tried to scream, angry that someone had tried to kidnap me and that my companions had let them. Suddenly, a blast of light shone threw and I blinked a few times before making out the pale blue eyes of Legalos.

I was about to yell at him for trying to suffocate me when I noticed the look of panic in his eyes and he quickly placed his finger to his mouth to quiet me. I nodded, wondering what was going on, before he wrapped me back into his arms. I laid still and listened to the muffled noises.

"We were told she was with you," I heard someone ask.

"She was, she left back to her tribe," I could make out Aragorn's voice perfectly.

"Then why are they still here?" He asked, I assumed he was talking about Shalamar and Thalia.

"We are keeping Illisia's promise to help them. She could not stay, there was too much danger." Shalamar replied.

"Please leave," Aragon commanded.

"We were told to inspect the area of your camp grounds," Another replied. I felt Legolas' arms tighten around me.

"Yes and I am the king, and I order you to leave. We must depart quickly, the elves are in need of help," Aragon replied.

"Very well, we apologise for the inconvenience your highness."

I listened carefully to hear the sound of the horses riding off. After about 5 minutes, Legalos pulled his cape from over my head. I blinked a few times to adjust my eyesight to the light and looked around. Everyone was looking at me. I looked over to Legolas, who was still holding me and i quickly jumped up and dusted myself off.

"I was umm...well he was..." I stuttered trying to explain.

"We know princess, he wanted to hide you. You don't need to explain anything." Thalia replied.

I smiled at her at the explanation though felt completely guilty inside that I was not telling her the whole truth. But knowing full well that if I told them, that they would probably think less of me.

"So I think we should be off. Do you feel to ride on moonshine today?" Aragon asked.

"I definately feel better, but i'm starting to think that after what just happened, I should not be riding alone. That is, if Legolas is ok with me riding with him," I replied looking at him.

"Of course, it will be my pleasure to escort you," he replied.

"Alright," Gimli replied, appearing from a clearing. "They seemed to have left, and the forest is clear, let's go."

I grabbed onto Legalos' hand and hopped onto the horse, while Shalamar hopped onto moonshine. As soon as King Aragon took off, we followed behind. I drew up the hood from my cape and twisted myself so that my face was not visible to the outside.

We journeyed for hours, travelling through more mountains and rivers and thick forests. The sun was starting to set when King Aragon stopped.

"It will be sun down soon. We are only a few hours away now. We should rest and arrive at Mirkwood by mid morning," he replied as he dismounted from his horse.

Gimli jumped off from the horse as well, and said he would go hunting for dry twigs to create a fire. Thalia and Shalamar helped me down from the horse, and Legolas followed behind. We were all gathering the horses when I felt an ominous presence around us.

My head snapped up and I started to smell the air. There was something unfamiliar around, definitely not man, but not full beast either. Panic gripped me as I tried to figure out what was out there. As I traced the scent I realised that one of our party had been walking in the direction of the
ominous presence.

"Gimli!" I screamed, running after him in the woods.

I could hear the footsteps running behind and soon Aragon passed, sword drawn out. I kept running, screaming Gimli's name, afraid of what might have happened to him. The farther we ran into the woods, the stronger the evil sense was. I suddenly felt a pair of strong arms pick me up and hold me back from the ground. I struggled, the fear inside me growing, my breath growing ragged.

"No, let me go," I cried, struggling harder. I stopped in my tracks from struggling when a new scent reached my nose. It was a scent all too familiar, one of darkness and evil, the one that had destroyed my mother's life. "No," I replied softly.

"Illissia..." my namely softly whispered through the words.

"What is that?" I heard Legolas behind me, his arms still wrapped around me, holding me back. I felt a cold sweat run down my back as I realised that the creature was coming towards us, to destroy us.

"Go," I replied to anyone who would listen. "Go! Run!" I screamed.

"No," Legolas replied, "Not without you". He said as he started pulling me back towards the clearing. I struggled back and tried to release from his grip, but he was stronger than me and managed to drag me off on his shoulder.

Once at the clearing, he threw me on the horse and climbed on. I tried to get off but he locked me in his arms.

"Don't do this," I replied to him.

He kicked off the horse and it took off like a shot into the woods. I tried to focus in front of me but he managed to get his horse and hyper drive and it was hard to make out anything in front of me. It was already getting dark and I had no idea how he could make out anything in the darkness. I covered my eyes when I saw the branches come right at my face.

"Illissia..." I heard the voice again and shuddered.

"Please stop Legolas, you can't escape him. He will always be there as long as I'm not back on my land," I replied, turning to face him. He was serious and worried but it was set as if nothing could change his mind.

"Then we will ride back to Mirkwood, the guards will protect you there. I am not giving up on my people, nor on you."

He continued to ride at an amazing speed, I was starting to wonder how long the horse would be able to last. I could feel the evil all around me, and I knew however distance he would go that he would find me. I looked back at him into Legolas' eyes. They were as determined and fierce as moments before. I try to get him to look at me, but he ignored my stare. I turned
back and gasped as I saw his horse slightly miss a tree trunk and swerve to the right.

"It's too dark, you're going to get us killed!" I exclaimed, trying to move his hand from the reins but failing to even budge his tight grip.

"I am elf, we are one with nature, I can feel the trees that I cannot see," He replied.

Suddenly the horse reared and whineyed. As he rose for the second time, I felt Legolas lose his grip on the reins, falling off the horse. The horse kept bucking until he threw me off as well. But instead of landing on the hard ground, my body scraped up by the side of a cliff and I realise why the horse had acted that way, the bridge crossing to the other side of the water had been cut down.

I tried my best to cling onto the jagged rock wall, with no sign of Legolas nowhere. I could feel my fingers slipping, I cried trying to hang out. Before I could even more another muscle, the rocks slipped from my hands and I started falling down the side, my arms and head occasionally scraping the sides of the cliff. Before I could grab control of the wall, my body connected to a part of the cliff jutting out. Pain shot through my arm and everything went black.
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