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Thank you, Aniviel.

I have to say, since I've seen all the beautiful, stunning works on here, I'm sort of embarrassed of my own works... I know you all like them just as much but I really think I'm not getting anywhere near the brilliance of Tonny, Nel and Nenya...

BUT... that won't discourage me. Long, dark nights are yet to come during the next half-year. Means, probably plenty of time for me to get my pencils out again. I will leave work earlier today and raid an artist's store here in Cologne to get new drawing-paper and stuff.

All I would then need are a few good print-outs of Orlando-piccies *must conjure daddy not to be mad at me for using up all ink-cartrigdes again* and the battle may begin.

Do you think I would dare to paint this particular pic from KoH? *gets sweaty hands just at the thought of it*
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