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Originally Posted by CaribbeanDreamin View Post
You are multi talented aren't you?!! The jewelry is beautiful, and I love the dreamcatchers (we have a couple) and the ice sculptures are impressive. Love, love, love the photos of the sunset

Thanks for sharing Wolfie!
Thank you CaribbeanDreamin'! I'm glad you like my work I'll be posting some more photos today. Lotsa sunset work. I love chasing sunsets. It's what I do.

Originally Posted by GeminiGirl View Post
*points to CD's post above* What she said! Thank you for sharing with us Wolfsong, you're one talented lady! You sell any of this stuff - if not, you definitely should!
Thanks GeminiGirl! I'm honored to be sure. So many people here have been supportive and kind. As to selling my work; yes I do sell my work. Mostly jewelry, and Dreamcatchers. The jewelry and Dreamcatchers I've displayed, is all work I've sold. I'm planning on developing some new skills in Native American beadweaving and quillworking. Both on and off the loom. That's more tedious than what I'm already doing.
Anyway, I'm glad you came by and like my work.

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