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In the first clip he is asked what he does for a living and Orlando says "just a laborer. and the Doctor asks him to make a fist for him, then says and again and then says "Good, well I don't think you will be doing much laboring for a while." or something close to that. The Nurse says something about them letting him only make the tea or something.. Then Orlando mumbles something like "Yeah Mrs Evans would like something like that." and the nurse asks him "Mrs Evans?" and Orlando says something like "The Woman's house we are working at." then says " She brought me in, very kind of her.

the second clip is I guess Mrs. Evans waiting for Orlando's Character and he is surprised that she is waiting for him. He comes walking out and says you waited and Mrs. Evans says well they said you wouldn't be long.

I always thought the Lady was his mother but I guess she is just some pervy old lady he works for.
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