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Originally Posted by Wishfulthinkin View Post
Anyone able to do an article translation!
I have no time to translate the full article,but I can tell you the highlights of it...(May is italian,but don't know if she has the time either)Anyway,here's a summary...
The tittle says: May,Orlando Bloom's month.From killer to pirate in the cinema.
He talks a bit about Unlocked and how he asked Michael Apted some freedom to build his character and make him less cliché and a bit a clown to balance the extreme seriousness of Noomi's role.He thinks terrorism is a dificult matter to reflect in a screen,and that is painful to think in his son growing up in a world with this terrible problem.
They mention Pirates,Romans and Tour de Pharmacy AND The Last Outlaws based on an untold story of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid,where he will be acting and directing.This wouldn't be a movie but a TV Miniserie ....That's almost cover it.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one of my all time favorites movies...I was so excited when he talked about it in an interview,but I didn't comment about because there have been so many projects he was linked to and then never came out...crossing fingers for this one.

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