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I agree - don't tell. Let the poor guy alone. Judging by all the paparazzi pics lately, he hasn't had a lot of private time. And having to change hotels because fans are disruptive would not be very kind to him.

As to hotels, some are pet-friendly, some are not. It's usually listed in the hotel description. I was surprised to see the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, was pet-friendly! Somehow taking your pet with you to a theme park, then leaving them alone while you go play in the park is not kind to the pet. I'd rather leave them with friends or relatives at home where they're comfortable! But I have taken them on the road with me and it's cool to be able to have them stay with me. I'm sure there's somewhere around the city where he'll be able to take his pooch with him for some run and playtime!

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