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I just got back from it and it left me feeling....FLAT. I was so dissapointed cause I was so excited to see it too. This movie lacks the fun and heart the first one had. In fact I called my sister and told her to wait and see it on DVD and to go to Supes aka Superman instead.

First of all its entirely too bloody long. Secondly you cant freaken watch the movie because of all the stuff going on in the darn thing. I swear it must have 5 darn subplots. Whomever did the writing dropped the ball BIG TIME. The special effects are marvelous but again there are way too many. Someone along the lines the writers lost sight of the old adage that less is more. Gone are the subtle little jokes and gone is the "innocence" for lack of a better word of the original. In all honesty, the biggest laughs I got where from the two guys that were the bad pirates in the first movie. Now they were funny. Its not a bad movie, but I definitely will NOT pay money to see it again. I'll rent it, but I highly doubt I buy it. In my book the first movie was a 10, this one only gets a 7 out of me.
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