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Worth the wait!

I go to the movies to be transported and entertained. I came away last night totally gobsmacked - and totally satisfied that I had received far, far more than I bargained for in the entertainment stakes. (Plus, due to friends arriving late and having to sit in the second front row (my worst nightmare; no wait, WORST is the FRONT row), a wonderful, night long migraine, but hey - it was worth it all !) Am I going to see it again? Probably more than once (from the back row where I belong) and then I'm going to buy it and watch it can't beat a rollicking fun movie, particularly one with Johnny & Orlando - and the special effects blew me away. DEFINATELY worth the wait - when I'm laughing so hard and enjoying myself so much, I don't criticise NUTHIN'. Well done and thanks to all involved - absolutely BRILLIANT.
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