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Welcome to Orlando Love

Welcome to Orlando Love, we have been here since 13th February 2004 and are proud still to be on the net contributing to the Orlando Bloom Fandom.

Elf Lady and Serein launched their new site in a frenzy of interest generated by The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean and this board came about as a natural extension of the growth of El's Legolas Greenleaf site. In September 2011 the board was handed over to Nuit and her mod team, after seven years of generous hosting by EL and Serein.
The board looks the same but has a new name:

From August 2016 on, Neldorwen has taken over the reigns.

This board will continue to remain primary concerned with Orlando himself, as actor and public figure. We seek to be a meeting place and a resource for fans interested in finding out about, and constructively critiquing, his work and professional activities.

Naturally elements of his more private life, his family and his relationships, will be apparent on occasion, especially in news reporting and pictures. These are not the focus of the site but discussions which may arise are required to be in keeping with the supportive ethos of the Board. He has come a long way from that fresh faced young man with a mohican/mohawk as some of you call it, and now of course is a husband and father. We wish him well!

Our Board is characterised by variety. Members come from many walks of life, from many countries and they hold many different view points. We celebrate diversity and encourage the respectful exchange of ideas. Please feel free to look around and explore the hundreds of threads. We have a huge graphics gallery and fan fiction archive. Share, interact, develop friendships, discuss films and projects, talk about other favourites in ‘Middle Earth and Beyond’. And most of all find the pictures, videos and all things Orlando Bloom.
If of course you decide to join then acquaint yourself with the guidelines and come in to introduce yourself!

We are called Orlando Love for a reason and we welcome all who share that thought.

Meet The Olove Team:

Administration and Supermoderators

Overall management and watching over Orlando erm... the flock!

Neldorwen - Board owner, Administrator, and Orlando news hunter.
An artist through and through, responsible for the gorgeous designs in the Orlando Love Store. If you need something designed for a meet up then be sure to Meet Up with our Nel.

Andnolewen - Administrator, does things with Orlando every day - in the board that is! She is also a dab hand at any artistic venture. An Orliperve extraordinaire.


Our Super Moderator is over the board. If you need help with anything or if have any question, just contact the admins or the supermoderator.

Erendira - Intrepid participant in the graphics area of the board, makes stunning sigs and is always happy to share her work.

Moderators and Forum Helpers

Kiwigirl - Fanfiction guru - check here for any fanfic queries or password. She can't decide whether to go bush or run away to sea.

Nenya - Amazing artist and expert in the graphics and art areas

Mata - Picture Poster of the stars. She specialises in QUALITY pics. Check out her art threads...

nazgul88 - Pixel Queen. Picture cleaner without peer. Super Video Guru. Enabler of Video and Pictures thread.

Welcome and enjoy!

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