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Another great review...
The Pièce de résistance within Romans however, comes surely from its leading man: Orlando Bloom puts on the most outstanding performance of his career to date, perhaps one of the most impressive performances of an actor of his calibre this year as Malky. The dark shadow of the terrible events that unfolded and the shame that had silenced him throughout his life play out across his face, and you find yourself knowing he is at all times but a hairs-breadth away from complete emotional implosion. When he speaks, you listen, each word hard, verbally stunted, yet crucial and important. The rest is shown in an impressive physical portrayal. The fear, the shame, the anger and the frustration in the aversion of his eyes and thinning of his lips– the nearest he can ever come to speaking earnestly merely a quickly dismissed recounting of a dream. The camera strips him bare, and Bloom’s portrayal of the sullen intensity, is so layered that it’s effortlessly easy to park the ‘hero’ persona steeped on him by Hollywood, and buy him as this stripped and tortured man. Far from attempts to dress it up, and make it palatable there is something raw and challenging in this performance, something so complex that it hits you straight between the eyes, and leaves you willingly struggling alongside him.
I so want to watch this movie and hope we get a release date soon

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