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Hey Kat. I hope you're having a good Thanksgiving. Thanks again for all the Legolas and Aragorn animations. Legolas and Aragorn. I wouldn't mind being in the middle of that Manwich.

Originally Posted by Krazymoonkat View Post
I agree, so let's have another one.

Sigh. I just love the way the light shines on his perfect profile. Anyway, if you have time, could you do an ani of the last shot of Legolas in LOTR-the sexy smirk he gives after Aragorn says, "Let's hunt some Orcs."? (And if you want to include Aragorn saying that line, you can). Thanks in advance, Kat.


Wonderful Siggie made by the late great Leggybelle! I love you Mom and I miss you.

Beautiful Legolas icon made by Nel. Thank you so much!
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