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Oh, I have been tempted to get the books, but they would sit collecting dust for a long time before I got to them. I have a huge back logs of stuff I have bought.....Diane Gabeldon just put out a new book....the seventh in the series. Each one is 1000 pages average in the hard cover versions. I have not read #6 yet and at this point I think I want to start at the begining before I read 6 and 7. As for the LOTR movies, they came out a time that if I sat down in peace for more that 5min I would fall asleep! I slept though them and all the pirates movies the first time (rentals back then).

Anyway how about another blast of Leggy? I'm getting ready to go out for a Thanksgiving dinner now, but will be back early enough to fill requests tonight if there are any for me, when I get home.

A few more than usual, but I need them to survive dinner with family....

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