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God almighty - I could honestly watch that man walk/stalk/swagger all day - he is poetry in motion, such a graceful elegant control of that lithe body - swoon. I don't know where to start - the walk, the dismount, the dancing elf, the wet Willy (chuckle), that delectable Knight that I just so badly want to corrupt, but in a good oh man, what a feast you've given us Kat - tonnes of little snippets to delight the eyes - I think we're all well and truly just gaga by now (I think Nuit is losing it) *throws Beri the cloth - might need it back soon though, babe*

Lola, smelling salts indeed! Would love just one little CK tunnel 'swingage' scene though if you can fit it in Kat - and of course, that Balian bath scene with the 'hidden' weapon, I don't think anyone would mind that you can't actually see it (well, we mind of course, just don't mind it being inserted here - oh God, did I just type inserted...*runs off to splash face with cold water*

Major hugs all round for this thread - what a delight!



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