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Thank you CD and to return the favour this is for you- a little edited...but Joe in the sun in Colorado

banner by Mayfrayn

Considerably later than 4, but still early for him on a morning he would have expected to wake up with a hangover, somewhat lighter in his pocket, and with the residual scent of cheap perfume on his body, Joe opened one eye and stretched out on the creaky bed. Well that woman appeared to have done what years of bible bashing and lectures on temperance and morality hadn’t achieved- Joe Byrne arriving in town and waking up positively sprightly. He would make her laugh telling her that.

Still fully clothed if not quite buttoned up he grinned to himself and let his hand slip down to feel, well maybe the preacher might have something to say about that bit of it. ...... a swell of desire passed through him before resolute fingers found the buttons, his hips lifting from the bed to pull his pants together and he spoke to himself a little sternly. Bath, shave, blacksmith, find some work. In that order. A man couldn’t sit around, or in this case lie around all morning, it just wasn’t right. Although now that he thought about doing just that it would be some minutes before he could go down the hall in search of a bathroom, Christ he would just have to stop thinking about her. That was the key.

It was a considerably younger faced Joe Byrne that stepped out on to the main street of Durango, his over grown beard all but lines along his jaw now, his hair still damp curls at his neck and a clean linen shirt, and with the sun a pleasant warmth on his skin Joe took a deep breath, he was going to like it here.

a few of my favourite graphics made for Visions of Joe by Nel

you are going to start regretting asking me to add here....

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