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Well I have a love/hate relationship with this series of books/tv series. Half the time I'd rather be watching a series of Vikings to see what Lagertha was up to. The other half I do enjoy the sight of the dashing Mr. Heughan as Jamie. I do like the fact Claire is a feminist
(although not the same as Lagertha; however, they are women living in very different time periods-in Claire's case, it's two). I only read the entire first book, finding that the others were very confusing and just too long. Besides that, it's the first book that really did it, with the two main characters getting to know each other and whatnot. Claire and Jamie's worlds are colliding in several ways and it's this constant tension I found to be compelling. I like Lagertha better in a lot of ways because I like the dea of shield maidens more and I've begun to take interest in Scandinavian culture as well.
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