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Roux's Smalls (PT)

Category: movie- Chocolat
Rating: PT.the accompanying thoughts might exceed that
Type: romance
Charcters: Roux, Vianne
Warnings- none
Summmary/Why? because he is so freaking delicious there should be more words written about him. Only a few here...feel free to add!

“Will that be a penny or a centime I will have to pay for them now? I have both”

He always turned up when she had stopped thinking about him, when she least expected- maybe that was just the definition of a River Rat, or maybe it was simply that he had fixed the squeak in the door. “Your thoughts I was meaning…the chocolate is mine for the taking” a deep Irish whisper kissed at her ear and long fingers splayed over the round of her belly under the cocoa powdered apron.

“Is that so? And you think I come for free also Roux?” her red mouth was smiling all the same when she turned around to face him, the edge of the worn wooden table against her back, his hips too close to ignore. Mon Dieu he was beautiful. Returned from the south tanned and full of olive oil sun drips and lazy boat days brushed through the lavender filled banks.

“Ah no...To you I owe a debt the size of Galway, for whiling the hours with me on that boat. Ah sure you were there, did yer not feel it? All that water trickling through the channels of reeds, and all the while the planks creaking cool in the heat” his hands following their own currents as he spoke.Well she could feel it now, he would take her freedom and tie it with his.

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