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I agree with you LadyNin. I like the movie as a movie, but I know it is much better and the EE DVD should prove that. Although I doubt I will buy the theatrical version on DVD. I'd much rather wait for the EE because I know it'll be better.

I know of the story too and that's why I was really disappointed with the film. Cutting out so many potentially great scenes on paper just to concentrate on the action does take away the heart of the story. Because we are supposed to care about these characters, whether we like them or hate them, we are supposed to have some emotion towards them. To be honest, I didn't feel for any one character in the theatrical version and that includes Balian. The character development was cut down in this edition and I think that's sad. I know you can't have a 3 hour 40 minute movie on the big screen, that would be too much. But I really think an extra half an hour wouldn't have made it as bum-numbing as the filmmakers thought it would be.

Just to ask something though...

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