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I couldn't agree more, LadyNin. Market it as Gladiator II, and that's what the audience is going to expect.
::Begin Rant:: I think Scott/Fox became terrified of the massive slump the movie industry is in right now, and decided to chop the hell out of this film so they could squeeze as many showings into that opening weekend as they could and hopefully rack up big numbers. But they just don't get it. Hollywood is hurting right now because the films the public is being given are CRAP. People don't want to deal with high prices and rude audience members just so they can see a mediocre film. Give us an intelligent, beautiful film that speaks to us, and we'll make it successful. Anyone remember the phenomenon that was Titanic a few years back? That movie actually opened modestly. But word-of-mouth turned it into a monster. When I think about what KOH could have been, I just have to shake my head. I resent TPTB assuming that I won't have the patience for a well-paced film that explores the central characters. Not that the KOH we saw in theaters was BAD, mind you. I finally got to see it and I enjoyed it. But it could have been so much more. ::End Rant::
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