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Originally Posted by erendira View Post
As they promised I got my dvd yesterday only 3 days after its release.I saw it last night,I enjoyed it,Orlando's performance is terrific,impresive indeed,his face (his whole body,in fact)is a canvas where we can see all the feelings that torment his character...he IS Brian Epkeen 100%...
Is a good movie,though having read the book you miss a lot of things...what is normal,because is imposible to show in less than two hours all the accion and information that we got in the novel,so they've made a good number of changes.I was trying to remember that this is a movie based on the book,not a representation of the story (they would have needed a mini serie to do it).All in all,as I said is a good movie and worth to be seen...more than once.
I wanna read the novel too, after watching the movie~Ali and Brian are indeed great role! I'm really insterested to know what happened to Brian's family.
I also feel quite uncertian about the ending which gives the movie a air of sadness and confusion, but probably I prefer seeing Brian got over everything and had a new begining...
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