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Originally Posted by Beriawen View Post
I leave that one specific screencap for someone else to post. Don't want to be responsible for half the board-members' distinction right after day 1 of this weekly's theme.

(is it a shame if I say I liked Hector the most?)
"Are you talkin to me"

No shame Beri, Hector was the best !
(right next to his little sexy smokin' hot rascal of a brother *gggggg*)

Alright brace yourselves.......(mixed with the DC caps)

And especially for Nel
(Nel bring the little rascal in here, you know you want to )

I need a break now!

but not before a quickie with the brothas!!


btw if the page is getting too heavy to load *g* i'm going to put the caps under cut yeah?
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