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Elf Lady April 6th, 2004 04:16 AM

A signature image is a small graphic that you can insert into all your posts. You need to have an image hosting service so that you can link to the picture. Check the Free Image Hosting thread to see what services are available.

After you have your signature image (try to keep it around 200 pixels high and no more than 600 pixels wide), you'll need to put it into your signature line.


Go to your User CP link (it's on the upper left hand side on the blue navigation bar right under the board's banner) and click on it. Under Control Panel, click on Edit Signature. You will find the Signature area dialog box.

Click on this image http://elflady.com/orlandolove/images/insertimage.gif then enter the url of the image you want in the popup diaglog box. You can also insert text here either before or after your signature image.

Then scroll to the bottom and click on the button "Preview Signature" to view your sig image then click on "Save Signature" The next time you post, your signature image and line will appear.

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